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Chat log from W2 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs Melbourne

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Melbourne, W2 of 2016

Jackwatt$: Sooooo many fantasy guns playing today!
Jackwatt$: I’ve got my eye on Gawn, Viney, Dyson, McDonald, Grimes, Hogan, Watt$, VBerg, Brayshaw, Salem, Bugg, Stretch
Jackwatt$: And frost, Oliver, Hunt and Kennedy for value
Jackwatt$: And maybe Lobbe too but not sure
colmullet: what do melbourne look like they are going to do with Bugg?
Jackwatt$: He might tag a bit this year to free up Viney
colmullet: hmm was hoping they might free him up a bit, quality player if given the chance
m0nty: new icon
AngryRyno: what is it m0nty? can’t hover over it on the iPad
colmullet: what is it?
Pokerface: are we meant to ask what is it before you say?
Pokerface: wheres sam gray playing?
m0nty: new icon added to the Legend
colmullet: like the concept monty…..but your spearhead needs a little work :p
m0nty: yeah, still working on it
shaker: can you make it a different colour mOnty maybe dripping with blood
m0nty: there you go, a bit different
m0nty: spot of red on the tip just for you, shaker 🙂
shaker: haha cheers m0nty
frenzy: has Wines been on all game?
shaker: all you people thinking of going with Lobbe still on board Gawn smashing him
frenzy: Lobb will be fine, Shaker
shaker: Well frenzy better you than me
frenzy: almost $200k better, Lol
shaker: Oh look frenzy Lobbe gave away afree kick , get used to that hehe
Rebuild: Gawn in beast mode!
snake_p: has ben kennedy played full game?
shaker: Either the Dees have improved or Port are shower like last year

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