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Chat log from W2 of 2016: Geelong vs Collingwood

Chat log for Geelong vs Collingwood, W2 of 2016

Jogr: thanks
stew42: Is it weird that during NAB games my biggest thought is “Please smokey, don’t score too well!”
stew42: Also, where the heck did Josh Smith spring from?!
frenzy: its a shootout at GHB stadium
m0nty: if there’s a fight you can call it GBH stadium
stew42: And big Sam Menegola starts getting into it.
shaker: Why would you bother tagging Danger in a NAB game , does the Pies think that this is there only chance of winning
m0nty: taggers have to practice too
stew42: Hey Monty, what does MB mean?
shaker: Haha mOnty ok
frenzy: m0nty ball
m0nty: Moneyball, one of the new type of fantasy operators
stew42: Funky
TheLegend6: Anyone else thinking of taking Menzel this season?
preki1: pretty good game, this. the best nab game by far…
Jogr: isn’t josh smiths injury a kn injury
shaker: Big Cox mark II is looking ok
Rebuild: Is Cox gonna get his own special player icon?
m0nty: hell no
frenzy: danger dealing with the tag now
McRooster: Watching Paddy play for the Cats us like watching a wedding between cousins…it ain’t right and it’s hard to look at 😢
McRooster: *is
snake_p: like looking at the Collingwood cheer squad McRooster
frenzy: c’mon Aish, wanna see you in everybody’s team that knows the caper
rosty63: Mc rooster, crows fans do go to a lot cousins weddings, right
frenzy: cape gault
Ash777: muppet mackie
Ash777: muppet mackie lol
Bulky: Dwayne Russell you jerk. Geelong have kicked 2 goals for the quarter not 1. Pay attention.
FlagDog: Jessie White, you’re a potato.
Jackwatt$: Will Cockatoo be getting his own personal icon?
FlagDog: Will it be a cock or two?
frenzy: who will be pies no1 ruck witts or grundy?
FlagDog: Grundy for sure. More mobile, better kick, slot him in.
GJayBee: I went to a lot of the Pies VFL games last year and Cox was amazing. Won games.
GJayBee: He keeps his mouth guard on his ear at quarter breaks though. Yanks hahahah

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