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Chat log from W2 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, W2 of 2016

nbartos: hello
frenzy: I have no life, Lol
nbartos: any rookies on the radar here Monty? & frenzy?
m0nty: Collins for SC maybe
m0nty: Reid would be a longshot
shaker: Jake Barrett ?
m0nty: I wouldn’t trust Cameron to play the kids consistently, GIants are shooting for finals
frenzy: Grass Hopper was in a squillion pre season teams?
m0nty: fair to say Hopper not lighting up the fantasy scoresheet
jfitty: Who isn’t playing tonight that could take Collins’ spot? Hamling? Fletcher Roberts?
mardo23: hi neville
frenzy: who’s missing on the doggies team sheet m0nty only 24 men
AngryRyno: doggies only playing 24 men
frenzy: really? my bad then
David: Is Stringer spending any time in the midfield?
gavin12: Where is Kelly playing?
Grazz: Hey all
LeFtBehinD: How many times is that moron Derm going to call him Jesse Stringer and no one says anything
frenzy: dogs 1st ruck possi anybody’s this year
frenzy: Grass Hopper jumped up off the canvas
Roksta: Caleb Daniel looking ok?

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