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Chat log from R20 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R20 of 2015

MattyZ: Tipping a close game, which obviously means it’ll be a smashing
AngryRyno: Giants could do with a touch
heppelitis: lol
MattyZ: jesus this game has been fast
AngryRyno: nice one Matty, you might have killed this one already
MattyZ: Cheers Rhyno 😉
iZander: go ebert! 150 today please 😛
wadaramus: Go Heater!
MattyZ: Dunstall shut up
colmullet: someone wake Devon up please
zadolinnyj: Cmon port. I hate u normally but need you to win for crows
poolboybob: Bogan Port supporters fired up
RooBoyStu: flower off Shaw my opponent has C on you
AngryRyno: was very tempted to drop the C on shaw
MattyZ: what’s the record on 50 metre penalties in a quarter
AngryRyno: not sure, we’re up to 6 now are we not?
RooBoyStu: record would be when it was 15m not 50m i would say
AngryRyno: Phillips is a very handy ruck bench cover, up to 25sc and i don’t even need him on field
FlowerTime: How is Wingard only 8 SC?
tabs: @flowertime because he is shit
FlowerTime: 8th highest averaging fwd, definitely shower…
tabs: im glad you agree
MattyZ: man i love how hombsch plays
Elephant: There were 5 50m penalties in the 1st quarter, maybe there was 1 against him
AngryRyno: Time to Activate Steele, and Time for R. Gray to Reactivate Himself
poolboybob: MRP going to be busy with this one
RooBoyStu: Devon Smith should win a Logie for that
Costanza: like a friday night down the Alberton Hotel
AngryRyno: carn the giants, i’m smelling a whopper this week
RooBoyStu: Shaw gone quiet
RooBoyStu: Davis shot, hamstring, Steele to come on
RooBoyStu: Davis subbed
AngryRyno: it’s go time jack
auxDT: bogan port fans quiet
Yelse: rockliff or gold as C????
frenzy: why do I have devon shower still
poolboybob: Butcher is a crab
AngryRyno: gray still going at 100% and CD is rewarding him, he has 71SC
MattyZ: Subs can’t roughouse with the players can they
Beast_Mode: butcher has turned into the biggest 10 top draft pick spud since tambling!
the worm: no need to say “since tambling”…he surpasses tambling
korza: O’h Jack it’s a ball just touch it once
Hadouken: stay right there shaw
frenzy: who is Ah Chee?
MattyZ: Talks up Kane mitchell – immediately gives away a free
rossdodd: wingard SC?
frenzy: if ah chee doesn’t earn a bluemoon, then chuck that icon in the trash
MattyZ: Bluemoon for now but he’s in the running for star
tamoz: Yes Pittard keep going mate!
frenzy: gee, thanks for that Mattyz, Lol
the worm: not sure if one good game out of 7 counts as a blue moon does it?
Elephant: Hope Ebert does something this quarter
MattyZ: does he play anything like this ever though
MattyZ: it’s like bailey dale kicking 8
the worm: hard to tell from a 7 game sample size when he is always the sub…
zadolinnyj: Port sub activated
the worm: ryan griffin getting 30 touches is more of a blue moon
auxDT: is Griffen playing on ball?
MattyZ: Griffen is on ball
gdshifty: ebert u turd…..
zadolinnyj: Here comes bin ebert
feralmong: lol a blue moon for a first year player. Well done Einstein.
the worm: see, even the feralmong agrees with me 😀
m0nty: Ah Chee is 22 and has been in the system a while
Vich: been in the system for years you spaztik
Beast_Mode: Lol, classic mattyz
gdshifty: ah chees 8th game of AFL…
m0nty: good call MattyZ, brave call, right call
spudaroos: Losing Mumford really killed GWS, any competent ruck tends to have a field day against him.
zadolinnyj: Have to agree with mattyz
feralmong: blue moon is for Dawson when he scores 60 lol
MattyZ: <3 m0nty
spudaroos: *them
zadolinnyj: Every time they have played him he has done nothing to hold a spot
zadolinnyj: Muppet
uw0tm8: gray and griffen sc?
MattyZ: chances the mrp ping wingard for concussing Whitfield after he got rid of it
the worm: oh dear
zadolinnyj: Westhoff will get holiday for that sling
zadolinnyj: Low scores in this game
MattyZ: that’s a week for hoff
rossdodd: wingard sc?
poolboybob: Why do these ferals boo every time a GWS player runs the ball over the line? Learn the rules you flogs.
willywalks: of course griff tonnes up after everyone traded him out, muppet
poolboybob: Slap the star on Wingard
Beast_Mode: wingard xfactor
spudaroos: Ah Chee Star, Ryder X-factor, Wingard gun
poolboybob: Butcher is just so useless. A key forward who can’t kick.
Pokerface: griff gun …
gdshifty: ebert 18 points in 2nd half….
Torz: Ebert never again

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