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Chat log from R20 of 2015: Geelong vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Geelong vs Hawthorn, R20 of 2015

Torz: C’mon Lewis as captain!
Jmachete: Goodes is a flog
zadolinnyj: Bit rough Enright kicks it 50 to a contest and gets 0 effectiveness. Team mate shafted him
Drummo: Let’s go hodgey
bigbaddasa: lewis as Capt? good choice early in the year…but not now
Torz: Starting to regain form the last few weeks.
Grazz: Niether of tonights game on in SA tonight. The AFL can go flower themselves. Flogs.
Torz: And something a bit unique.
dipstick: hows ya hair gibson? is it nice looking good? feeling good? flog
zadolinnyj: That’s amazing grazz. Bet u there is shower on instead
poolboybob: Do something bartel
m0nty: bit harsh on Gibbo IMO
meka100: Bartel is having a mare
mijg: Hodgy what a champ
Bruce: Special by Cyril Rioli, the crumb, spin and goal!
poolboybob: This game’s over.
Torz: Hodgey going for a bag tonight
Grazz: @zadol we get the amazing spiderman haha
Bazza2014: Hodgey! woop woop
poolboybob: Hodge star, Shiels x-factor, Bruest target
casey22: Jelwood going to kill me
gdshifty: can Hodge get 2 superman capes in 1 quarter?
heppelitis: like it gdshifty
gdshifty: Selwood kicked that! Gimme +6
AngryRyno: happy with my choice of hodge as captain thus far
zadolinnyj: Lol grazz
tabs: how amazing is he tho grazz?
tabs: Hodge as 1st goal scorer must have paid a bit
Raspel31: Well, just happy I might finally win a burger
zadolinnyj: 5 goals for the year before this @tabs so must have paid well
AngryRyno: hit a target, mitchell
tabs: Dunstall will blow up about that one
Drummo: Motlop shouldn’t of dribbled that
auxDT: Selwood’s back boys
Grazz: Think i’ll watch Madagascar instead lol.
Grazz: To amazing for me Tabs.
Raspel31: Never drink toomuch on a Friday night as I totally stuffed the loop
casey22: That’s why I used to have Stevie J in my team
zadolinnyj: Hodge gone to the bar?
AngryRyno: hodge camping down forward?
gdshifty: cmon Hodge get involved
casey22: This Lang is not up to this standard
AngryRyno: hodge useless qtr, lift
Raspel31: Captain picks tough this week-why did I lose Danger on the Loop. Carn Lewis
mijg: Did I just see hodge grab his hammy
Jackina: he’s fine haha
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Joel Selwood to draw a free on Hodge and goal from the pocket.
Raspel31: The curse of Super Coach- so hate Hawthorn but have Hodge and Lewis-aarrgh.
casey22: I think Lang read my earlier comment
dipstick: hey relax lewis. its not like youve touched it in 20 mins
Raspel31: Lewis has issues dipstick.
zadolinnyj: Isn’t it the time of year where Cyril does the hammy
casey22: Watching game on TV & there seems to be another whistle
mijg: How often do you play someone with ceril. Geez
dipstick: bruce must be drained of energy and exhausted.thanks to cyril
Torz: That would’ve won easily!
Raspel31: Koladjachiuesnzsskk- good to have on the bench.
zadolinnyj: Lol Steve J just faked giving Mitchell a corky.
Beast_Mode: Give b.hill the icicle! Oh I forgot hawks don’t get negative icons.
auxDT: b.hill gonna get the star
dipstick: give gibbo the cactus icon. hes smoked and needs a break
AngryRyno: what’s the chance ch7 says something about cyril having such an influence with only 10 disposals
Torz: Keep junking Lewis
Bazza2014: he kicked 4 goaLs dumb sheisse
dipstick: and give taylor a roast pumpkin coz thats softer than mashed potato and not what my team needed
auxDT: gunston ying yang m0nty pls
Bazza2014: 5 now so suck it
casey22: Commentators are talkimg “me” crap instead of commentating, ffs
Bazza2014: make it sixxxxx xxxx xxxxx
AngryRyno: one more hodge pleaseeee
Torz: That’d be one of the lower scores for a 6 goal game.
dipstick: gees if they werent getting rid of the sub rule rioli coulda played till he was 40
casey22: Cyril a long way down the list to get the “X”

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