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Chat log from R20 of 2015: North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for North Melbourne vs St Kilda, R20 of 2015

Viscount: Hi guys, any thoughts appreciated. Have to field either Tarrant or Steele?
Viscount: Can’t wait for Tarrants score.
dipstick: that time of the week again for goldy to go KAPOW
dipstick: hobart? what hobart? where hobart? fuck- goldy better not be freezing his aggits orf!
carlton_99: Okay guys predictions for Goldy points
carlton_99: Im thinking 180 plus for Goldy in supercoach
RooBoyStu: Go Roos!
AngryRyno: quiet day for goldy i’m hoping
RooBoyStu: Goldy to get 300
iZander: who’s jacobs going to? 😛
carlton_99: goldy already on 8
AngryRyno: steven being tagged by jacobs is what i’m hearing
iZander: please be wrong angry haha
danmaio: its minus 3 @Viscount
carlton_99: in 8 min goldy on 20
Hadouken: lol newnes, off to a flyer
Hadouken: gotta have a beer with Gollddyyy
kangawalla: Newnes just off to his usual start. Go C Goldy!!
iZander: go jack you beast, break jacobs tag!
carlton_99: 34 points for goldy
Hadouken: @kangawalla, im with you, C Goldy ! opp doesnt have him either 🙂
Raspel31: Joey, quiet start. Come on lad !
mace485: goldy on 39SC already… lol
carlton_99: now 41
kangawalla: @Hadouken….no Goldmembers in any of my opposition. They don’t what they’re missin’!!
Hadouken: and also kangawalla, brought in martin to back up goldy 🙂
dipstick: hopefully a few have VC ed goldy and now realise they cant loop him
kangawalla: Glad I’m not playing you Hads!!!
RooBoyStu: should be 50+ win Roos
AngryRyno: why would that be the case @dipstick?
Woodie: @dipstick, why VC him if you can’t loophole
Hadouken: newnes starting to make a move, awesome 🙂
Hadouken: goldy having a break or something ?
dipstick: gees if it isnt montagna one week its armitage the other. faack
carlton_99: did anyones foxtel stop
Raspel31: Coming alive Joey-finally.
JDolling69: @carlton, mine did, switched to other game haah
carlton_99: its back
poolboybob: Goldy icicle
RooBoyStu: lift North!
wadaramus: Goldy put the cue in the rack already?
RooBoyStu: Goldy having a hot dog, will come good
dipstick: wtf higgo? is higgo done for the day or what? thats all i need
wadaramus: Smoko over Goldy, get back to it!
iZander: “will come good” sitting at 38 at 3q time…geez you guys are hard on him
Hadouken: lol, goldy having a hotdog
RooBoyStu: Goldy for PM
RooBoyStu: this is worrying, we need to switch on
Raspel31: Had a feeling Sainters would be competitive.
Redraptor: half ton for Goldy
Apachecats: Is Higgins done for the day anyone watching?
iZander: its because they sent their tag to steven haha, he’s not exactly very damaging
dipstick: so has higgins been subbed or what?
RooBoyStu: @Apachecats watching but no news, didn’t look bad though
RooBoyStu: back on
Apachecats: Thanks RBS
Redraptor: Higgins had a knee twinge coming into the game and he has a history of hamstings and he has had a knock
Hadouken: carn goldy, get moving mate
RooBoyStu: knock was to the upper body, not lower
Apachecats: Higgins injury list runs to two volumes redrap
zadolinnyj: Higgs on
RooBoyStu: because at Dogs he had shower medical at North no problems
casey22: Learnt years ago to never pick Missy, ever!
RooBoyStu: full pre season has helped too
zadolinnyj: Correct casey22
RooBoyStu: @casey22 you must be crying this year
poolboybob: North look pathetic
casey22: Not as much as teams with Higgins – 11; in a final
dipstick: @rooboy better meds at norf? i thought norf used a caravan as their medic rooms at arden st
auxDT: goldy has stopped
zadolinnyj: Goldy has not be on screen for last 10 min
RooBoyStu: @dipstick obviously you haven’t seen Arden st for 6 years or so
Redraptor: site looks great m0nty…well done
carlton_99: is goldy injured
Beast_Mode: north are rubbish
RooBoyStu: Minchington muppet
RooBoyStu: settle down, you only need to play 2 quarters to beat Saints
colin wood: goldy will come good settle guys…
johnoP: I tried to bring in higgins last minute, sc froze and couldnt. I figured it must be sign and left him alone!
Apachecats: Goldy 36 pts in first 15 minutes ,6pts in next 30 mins.
casey22: Not looking like 300 for captain Goldy this week!!!
Redraptor: Ziebell reported…SEN
auxDT: dynamic duo Higgo and Smith in my backline
poolboybob: Ziebell just went full Ziebell
Hadouken: wtf goldy ??????
Wends: Goldy back from the pie stand?
circle52: How serious is Ziebells report watching the other game.
Apachecats: Someone up there likes you Johno
dipstick: so whats that- 7 pts in 18 mins for goldy?
gdshifty: Is goldy injured?
heppelitis: iewoldt and newnes have got moving
zadolinnyj: Still not seen goldy on. Is he fforward
Raspel31: Groan-carn Sainters-kick straight
Jackina: Goldy must be full forward, surely put him on the ball so the kangas can get back into it!
auxDT: what’s happening to north..
zadolinnyj: Goldy was not forward then????
carlton_99: hes not forward
zadolinnyj: Goldy in ruck now
Apachecats: You’re told on Ziebel.
willywalks: at least my opp is rubbish and wont matter that goldy wont get his average this week with the C
zadolinnyj: Tackle for goldie
Jackina: Anyway, goldy will probs get 30 points in 10 mins at some point and end up with 130
Apachecats: Goldstein Lives !!
Torz: Newnes going well after his usual slow start.
willywalks: good to see armo return for the finals though!
Hadouken: oh wow newnes.
Hawks_15: riewoldt has had a great quarter
zadolinnyj: Crazy goldy on 63 even though he went shopping for 3 quarters of this quarter
poolboybob: Give Ziebell the cleaver, 6 clangers in a half
auxDT: massive 2nd half pls higgins
RooBoyStu: Goldy robbed 19 hit outs, the most by a saint is 5 and total for saints 11
zadolinnyj: If Riewoldt had kicked goals last and this week his scores would have been huge
RooBoyStu: lol last week Riewoldt only had 2 shots at goal for 1.1
dipstick: so im guessin gthe sites crashed?
zadolinnyj: No. He could have had 5. He had 3 shanks that did not even score.
snake_p: same as AFL Live app
RooBoyStu: essendon game crashed, needs a jab
pies13: @rooboy wots going on with your team bud?
RooBoyStu: come on roos hit back
iZander: fuck you jacobs!
johnoP: wierd seeing someone other than goldy on the top of norths stat sheet
RooBoyStu: here we come!
dipstick: ohh fuck- just sub higgins off already. atleast that way i know hes down
tabs: Keep spudding it up Missy Higgins
Raspel31: Sainters aint done yet.
iZander: not watching but looking at higgins, waited, lindseys and browns scores the forward line isn’t working well?
dipstick: higgins is a fucken dud. made of chalk
zadolinnyj: Saints keeping north in it
iZander: waite needs an icon surly
SubOptimal: has there been any commentary on whether ziebell will get weeks off?
RooBoyStu: you don’t need to play 4 qtrs to beat saints
Hadouken: ahh goldy back up top now, thats how it should be
RooBoyStu: keep the negative icons going, we’ll win
RooBoyStu: Thomas a mare with 2 goals, want to see Rioli with a mare with 2 goals
dipstick: cmon j steven. great effort. youre gonna win the game with such effort
sticky12: so confident rooboy, north often lose when massive favourites
Raspel31: Pooh-carn Sainters and lify Joey
Beast_Mode: as long as saints can keep winning the contested footy like they are, will stay in this game
RooBoyStu: Namg Namg Rooboys!
RooBoyStu: *Bang
Escapist: @rooboy, at least you tried
RooBoyStu: never in doubt
RooBoyStu: Petrie sc will be huge
heppelitis: common steven..need some points mate
Beast_Mode: the cheating flog ducked!
Torz: Lift Steven!
iZander: have a ripper week till steven…whos my captain
willywalks: from mare to superman, how often does that happen
RooBoyStu: bury them kangas! what did i say you don’t need to play 4 qtrs to beat saints
AngryRyno: Higgins K:H ratio surely a sign his leg is not okay
jaxx: Thomas cape with 49 for the match lol
frenzy: jaxx shower Lol
RooBoyStu: fat lady in the building
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Robbie Nahas but the ump is wise to it and pays HTB.
RooBoyStu: Longer smashed today
RooBoyStu: icicle with 16 touches yep good call
RooBoyStu: 30 players need icicle then
auxDT: thats a fair call rooboy..everyone expects higgo to get at least 80+
Raspel31: Montagna and Steven-no touches this qtr ?.
iZander: steven 2 touches since halftime. ying yang?
RooBoyStu: well if every player who is expected to get 80+ doesn’t, they need icicle then
RooBoyStu: Higgins gonna get a goal too
iZander: there aren’t really any are expected to get 80+ lower than 36 @rooboy
DanBlack: Calm down rooboy.
Beast_Mode: stop having a sook, it’s about the fantasy score not the possessions
RooBoyStu: yeah agree iZander
iZander: did you really expect billy longer to score more than he is against goldy??
auxDT: Goldy icicle 50 points below his 5 game avg
gdshifty: Goldy been poo since 1/4 time
Beast_Mode: higgins bin
RooBoyStu: over 39.5 pts Roo Beauty!
iZander: which half was higgins on and which half was he off? cause he had more possessions in the first? yingyang? really?
the worm: awww…lets all complain when goldstein gets a 90…
JRedden: ffs goldstein come on.. got you captain
RooBoyStu: higgins heart
RooBoyStu: Higgins less touches this half
Beast_Mode: how many dt points did missy have in the first half? deserves the ying yang.
the worm: everyone who has higgins considers it a win that he played more than 8 games for the season
Hadouken: come on goldy, 3 quick goals would be nice
auxDT: I’d be happy to pick Newnes again next year
RooBoyStu: Hugh Goddard done nothing since half time
RooBoyStu: Boomer!
Yelse: just got home and onto footy… mmm is gold worth the loophole or should i go rocky?
Beast_Mode: good to see norf scrap over the line against a shower team. Rubbish team will lose 1st week of finals
AngryRyno: Goldy 115sc
Beast_Mode: *scrape
RooBoyStu: 40 points is a scrap
carlton_99: idt goldy deserves the star
sticky12: Agreed beast, and this is the year many predicted North could peak
RooBoyStu: 43 ponts is no scrape especially when we only need a win, dont need to burn ourselves out
iZander: yeah i reckon thats why they weren’t winning at halftime, didn’t want to burn themselves out
RooBoyStu: as i said prior to half time dont need to play 4 qtrs to beat saints, only 2
zadolinnyj: 28 scoring shots to 30. North were lucky game was not over early in 3rd
iZander: jack steven ting yang if higgins is
AngryRyno: who needed north by 39.5+ RIP
iZander: haha the thing is saints weren’t on in the first half either, if they were it was game over.
iZander: haha thats was rooboy @ryno

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