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Chat log from R20 of 2015: Essendon vs Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Adelaide, R20 of 2015

IHateChat: Danger better go big!
wadaramus: Carn the Crows.
poolboybob: Please put 5 taggers on Jacobs
auxDT: a 150 from Sauce would be alright
AngryRyno: took the C off sauce at the last minute, he will score 200 from here
tabs: Tex to kick 20+
colin wood: will rub one out again if smith tons up
WizMan: lol cw
Wends: TMI colinwood lol
Woodie: You a sick sick man Colin Wood 🙂
dipstick: 3weeks in a row, a delorean and you could circle jerk @colin
auxDT: @cw not looking good, how about if hibbo and smith get a total of 100
Wends: @angry hope so – brought him in for NN in RDT – too good value to pass up.
colin wood: chhers lads for all the good vibes can feel it coming on again here big game for Brodie again
dipstick: went blics over jacobs myself. better value and easier run home imo
AngryRyno: cmon crows
Redraptor: nice to have a week off and save the last trades for the prelim and hopefullt the grand final
JDolling69: Goddard in the rooms :'(
poolboybob: Play it safe Brendon, put on the red vest
Raspel31: Hmm-Sloane may have been a good trade for Steele. Oh, no, Goddard gone ?
Torz: Goddard incident didn’t look too bad. Hopefully gets back on.
wadaramus: Slight roll of the ankle, should be OK you’d think.
circle52: Goddard off with an ankle injury
dipstick: lol goddard. can you believe dis guy? king flog.
Torz: Brodie Smith. Haha. I remember when I owned you. Sad times.
Wends: Just closed my eyes & pressed trade button for him in for Sheed @Raspel. Not unhappy so far.
Pokerface: do i keep edwards score currently 24 or yeo? 2 mins to decide
colin wood: My run in the last since wines went down, treloar, parker, buddy and now goddard. im cursed
circle52: Goodard doing run throughs – right angle heavily strapped
dipstick: do clarko’s trick and LIE and pretend goddard is concussed for a 20 min break and rest
Hawks_15: he’ll play part of the 2nd quarter and then will get red vested
colin wood: brodie smith has a pulse
Wends: Weleathe Bwodie Campo!
wadaramus: Get back out there Goddard u spud.
dipstick: @wends severe lithp you hath there
Hadouken: my opp in finals has smith also. thank gaaaawd
Wends: ahh old Python line dipstick 🙂
Wends: Sloane going for cape this quarter.
iZander: i hope you’re right wends
DanBlack: Brought in sloane to M8 this week. Seems to be my first good decision this yr
Wends: Experienced PTSD flash hitting trade for Sloane, after Rocky/Sloane/GAJ disasters, but therapeutic so far.
Dasherman: Parker to Sloane nxt week looking good
Hadouken: yeah dasherman 🙂
poolboybob: Haha nice kick hooker
mace485: flower off sloane
gdshifty: goddard recovery <3
colin wood: FFS Brodie I wouldn’t mind another bat this week for that ton. God you’re a tosser (see what i did there)
eski_liddr: No wonder game attendances are down.. Too many one eyed footy experts
eski_liddr: Or maybe it’s just the feral section that I always find myself sitting in
danmaio: fuck you Goddard,
myteamsuks: This is a really high DT SCORING game
iZander: same as last night! some big scores this week id think
Raspel31: Sloaney-happy with picking you up.
myteamsuks: And I have a player that’s got the lowest 9
iZander: anyone know sloanes quarter time score?
iZander: so do i but not on the field haha
dipstick: you little rat heppell- i benched you this week for motlop you little turd
Apachecats: Used my last trade and all my cash to buy Sloane.
myteamsuks: Yeah I have knight covering for franklin but I also had h Goddard as a over too but chose knight. Stupid
heppelitis: settle dipstick
iZander: why the fuck would you bench heppel?
kangawalla: Geez Dipstick……must be doing well to have a premium like Hep on the bench. My bench is full of scrubbers!
iZander: I’m not how someone is doing that well but stupid enough to bench a star like heppel. its doesn’t add up
eski_liddr: Who would bench hep? Waste of coin leaving him on the bench
poolboybob: Goddard you seagull
dipstick: like i said i choes motlop over heppell. someone had to be benched and heps has been shite
Hawks_15: give goddard the heart symbol
heppelitis: Hepps been down ately..but the big bodies of Myers and Hocking are helping him today
iZander: sloane for cape???
Wends: My oppt C Danger vs my C Goldy….
iZander: and you think motlop is a better choice vs hawks??? srsly dude
heppelitis: sloaney was about 36 at qtr time
dipstick: @izander considering he got 120+ against them round 1 yeah srsly duude
demonhell: Wends, r u playing me?
colin wood: have a look at brodie smith go…
iZander: we will see which ones works out better. dude.
bonez1: good to see pears back its been a long time
elk101: wow blink and goddard goes bananas!
dipstick: gees goldy only 8 points in 2nd qtr. danger looking the goods for those who C him
Costanza: been stewing on Pears return
Wends: Steele the sub for anyone taking the punt.
Wends: @demonhell, what’s yr team name?
Wends: Hopefully he peels off a bit more @Costanza.
Torz: Hate having to play Knight on the ground.
willywalks: spuds for all the bombers i think
dipstick: whats going on? wasnt danger on 75 18 mins ago?
circle52: Langford subbed
casey22: This is Bombers v Saints a month ago. Totally gone missing: amazing
willywalks: we’re back!
Raspel31: Well picked willywalks
meka100: Stanton Astronaut again
Torz: Heart for Goddard
Ben_Gogos: Star for Danger*
Ben_Gogos: Agreed, Stanton is deserving of the astronaut and thus he shall receive!
Beast_Mode: surely james turd won’t survive
shaker: what are the odds Hird will be coaching next year
Torz: Ben, does FanFooty have stats of how many times a player has received an icon? Stanton = perms-astronaut.
dipstick: lucky bombers fans have stood strong behind hird. imagine how crap theyd be without him. total disarray
shaker: can you get any more crap?
snake_p: bomber footy dept review = window dressing for Hird sacking
circle52: Lever subbed
circle52: Meyers done for day and Giles down the race limping
willywalks: melksham needs to be taken out the back and shot
auxDT: spud melksham
Raspel31: Cruel willywalks-only after torturing for several hours
willywalks: how he keeps getting a gig raspel is beyond me
johnoP: whats levers SC score?
Ben_Gogos: @Torz unfortunately I don’t believe so mate
upweydons: edwards , laverde , zach merrett the future
Torz: Would be cool if there was a leaderboard of sorts. You could see who has received the most stars for example.
AngryRyno: Laird 70sc, always gets dogged by CD
AngryRyno: Lever finishes with 50sc pre scaling
IHateChat: Lucky the Bombers have Hird.
Ben_Gogos: This has been such an abysmal game. Bombers are pathetic.
auxDT: LOL Smith goals
AngryRyno: share it around crows, and please make it a 100 point drumming!
willywalks: have 1 rotation and now ruck left in the ranks is salt in the wound too, long 4th for the boys…
IHateChat: Hird’s last game. Surely.
Raspel31: All credit to Goddard-10 minutesoff with a dodgy ankle-but carn Sloane
snake_p: its amazing how much everyone enjoys seeing the bombers getting smashed
willywalks: suprising, ess are winning most of the team stat categories, can’t work that out…
uw0tm8: if Hird is still coach in a weeks time i no longer support Essendon.
casey22: Crows coaching box: glasses compulsory
torres: daniher is easily the worst big forward in the comp
iZander: it would be almost pointless to change coaches this close to the end of the season. so choose a new team now
Raspel31: Dons making Laird look like Gazza-sad
eski_liddr: Surprises me to see people getting a kick out it
auxDT: Smith starts trying when the games already over
iZander: brodie smith bin! love it
Raspel31: Yep-bit tired of it eski
AngryRyno: Laird no SC reward, a puny 84SC in comparison to his huge DT
casey22: Bombers have no heart: ripped out by asada etc. Damn shame!
iZander: you’re a joke torres lmfao
uw0tm8: no ‘professional’ team should lose by 100 points simple as that
iZander: yeah, can’t believe it, its never happened before @uw0
AngryRyno: how long left on the clock
auxDT: smith deserves the bin
Costanza: who said rucks aren’t important these days?
snake_p: Hird gone by next Wednesday?
Buzz67: Well done Hird. U have destroyed Bombers. Selfish
poolboybob: Potato on every Bombers player
Costanza: only one way for Bombers – up up – hang in
snake_p: yes Buzz, you didn’t think he could take them any lower
zadolinnyj: Go crows
Raspel31: Bravo Costanzo
AngryRyno: Sauce has Goldy matched, if not covered today, should have thrown the VC on him after all

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