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Chat log from R19 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Essendon, R19 of 2015

mijg: Need shaw to have a crap game for a change
Hadouken: now stanton, repeat last week and im set 🙂
Dangermaus: need, shaw , ward, and greene to have big games today
poolboybob: Get a touch Heppell you flog
Torz: C’mon Treloar (c)!
Chelskiman: Need Shaw to go massive and Hepp/Hibb to have mares.
fshow: heppell goddard shaw and shainy edwards. that is all
fshow: *shauny
Torz: Edward has gone way past his usual score of 8. Lofty heights!
Torz: It’s lucky you can tackle Treloar.
poolboybob: Get it together GWS, I want a free whopper
N.Fyfe: Does the 50 against Griffen not count as an FA??
m0nty: 50m penalties are not FAs, but they are clangers IIRC.
dipstick: goddard couldnt get an auskick. too old to ton up anymore oldman
colmullet: when ya ready ward
N.Fyfe: Ah makes sense! Cheers Mont
fshow: i couldn’t bare to spend my last trade on wines until finals so tossed edwards into the mix and look at this
N.Fyfe: Flames everywhere!
Chelskiman: I turn away for a second and somehow Heppell and Hibberd scored 24 points between them. ffs
colmullet: might as well have taken the donut Devon!
the worm: goddard has tonned up 8 of 14 with 2 90+s as well
Dangermaus: Ward must be injured lately, he’s been woeful
fshow: is it just us ausies you seem to love sticking the knife in first sign of weakness?
_wato: How can Edwards score well this game? Someone stop him, plsssss lol
fshow: goddard has been a rock all year minus one shocker
dipstick: @fshow lol guess youve never been to the US or UK
dipstick: everyone says aussies are racist. go to UK and US. you say aussies stick the knife in? worse elsewhere also
m0nty: back on this game please
fshow: that’s why i asked lads. genuinely did not know. i feel better know that
meka100: Stanton is better when he doesn’t touch the ball
Chelskiman: Hibberd annoys me so much. Everytime I play someone who has him he goesinto beastmode.
Dangermaus: Giles a million times better than Bellchambers ever was
tamoz: Do something Dempsey!
dipstick: @chelks same. hibberd is killing me
WizMan: Hibberd sc pls
zadolinnyj: Loving hibberd
acroyale: whats
acroyale: what is Laverdes SC – may take his score over newnes
Hadouken: come on stants, keep going little guy
zadolinnyj: 38 hib
circle52: Laverde 32
fshow: got over 2 million running around and the bloke under 200k is top scorer.
SaintsMan: shaw sc
JDolling69: Does Goddard have feet?!?!
Chelskiman: Goldy got me right back into my match. Was 160 behind, but now it’s my Shaw vs Hepp/Hibb at the moment.
fshow: confirmed. two feet. 3 legs.
Chelskiman: I finish off with Armo so I can’t let Hepp/Hibb get too far in front. At the moment I’m 50 down.
heppelitis: worst 5 minutes by an afl there ever steinberg you peanut
fshow: make sure you keep us updated chelsk, we’re all super excited
zadolinnyj: Will be close chelskiman
Chelskiman: Yes, go Shaw!
fshow: Shaaauuun this is freakin awesome i am one lucky motherf$ka
wadaramus: I chose Hamling over Edwards for D6…doh!
snake_p: Edwards SC?
fshow: flipped a coin between him and goddard (saints) starting at CHF on team sheet so bang
leeroy81: I would of been quite content with 62 for a whole game from Edwards (forced to play him due to covering injuries)
tamoz: Dempsey in the fwd line is not good
the worm: ugh, im 290 behind with 3 players up my sleeve….tense
circle52: Edwards 54
casey22: Hooker hooked that one
danmaio: had beams issue, Fyfe issue, Buddy issue, then Deledio issue, forced to play spud Mccarthy, vest, McGovern then injured
acroyale: Circle – Laverde SC
snake_p: thanks Circle
dipstick: @worm why did you say poor goldy yesterday?
Hadouken: if stants gets 100, it will be my 123 points and barlow VS his armitage and neale. who wins?
leeroy81: Hadouken: flip a coin
Hadouken: the coin landed on the edge.
the worm: @dip because i imagined he would have a shocker
OnTheRocks: so many high scores littered among shit scores this round
yorgis: got buddy,fyfe,nic [no cover], and stevie on bench and olaying naynard, lambert and knight.
Dangermaus: other game has started
yorgis: saved my 2 trades for next week, at least had GOLDman as c
sticky12: I reckon you hadouken. I think Neale has dropped off???
Dangermaus: get one of these flogs off who can’t kick straight, and get McCarthy on
OnTheRocks: i had Sauce as vc
circle52: @acroyale 39
tamoz: Please Dempsey y r u so shit
Dangermaus: Heppell needs to push Cooney out of the way and get on the ball more
acroyale: staying with newnes on field – thanks circle
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Floggard & Shaw have lost points since half time.
Dangermaus: @tamoz, because his name is Courtenay
LuvIt74: I had pendles as VC and i would take his 129 every week but this week my opponents had Goldy so i followed.
Beast_Mode: 246 d.pearce, steven vs mundy, ibbo, stanton, goddard. who wins?
Chelskiman: Please do something, Shaw.
circle52: McCathy on for Scully
J_Pinkman: my usual sunday arvo crap, bar Goldy. thx man
colmullet: please ward wth
Hadouken: thats it stants, 100 by 3qtr time would be nice
Dangermaus: go Giants, but seriously Ward, this is crapola
Hadouken: edwards to get a nice price rise this week one would think
mijg: Nice having efwards on the bench at finals time 🙁
J_Pinkman: Ward doing nothing for me
willywalks: i expected this crap from griffen, but ward u need to lift your shower
Chelskiman: ffs shaw, get the ball!
fshow: sobering to see heppell cancelling out my edwards joy
willywalks: trading in greene this week paid off though!
colin wood: How’s Treleor only on 64sc… Has 9 tackles, 15possys at 80% and 6 of them contested…
the worm: how are you surprised?
Beast_Mode: 6 contested is hardly any thats why plus 2 clangers
LuvIt74: Very disappointing Shaw & Goddard they have only gone up 15 points between them since Half time
colin wood: I’m looking at 2600 this week so I’m cursing the CD guys.. Scoring is making no sense…
colin wood: 6 score involvements too beast mode but nah your right he should be on about 9
LuvIt74: @colin wood is that DT or SC and who do u have playing. I was hoping for 2500 but its not looking good
the worm: u should come here more often, there are guys who go on about sc scoring allthe time
colin wood: Luvit – SC don’t ask about DT I had 4 premiums out in that crap…
auxDT: that’s definitely not DT
J_Pinkman: agree @colin. thought the score for Cripps yesterday was bizarre considering the stats.
colin wood: I’m here often worm.. And I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no real scoring system for SC
LuvIt74: collin ok m8 same here. I have live SC scoring if ya need to know.
the worm: you dont say
colin wood: Luvit – cheers same here 🙂
colin wood: Pink man – chuck in McDonald for the dees today..
LuvIt74: Floggard & shaw killing me
drapes15: hibberd luvit?
circle52: CD has favourites look at the stats for Stef Martin compared with Goldy and try and tell me Goldy was 40% better.
dipstick: SC in aust. the only thing in the world you can gamble on and noone knows the rules or how the result is achieved. corru
FlagDog: Whats the deal with Heppell?
tamoz: Please Dempsey at least get to 70
fshow: dyson u better junk it hard.
auxDT: @tamoz you have Dempsey in your team?!
redwallis: What about those markets for royals baby names
tamoz: I picked him up from free agency in ultimate footy, thought he would score more playing in the fwd line
willywalks: geez, bombers have lost all heart, giants will put on a few more yet…
fshow: dyson is perfect vaccumm cleaner salesman – has the name for it and he really sucks
Chelskiman: haha
FlagDog: Going to lose on the back of this Heppell you fuck face!
LuvIt74: Gotta read this what a laugh. I will have to type it in sections guys..
LuvIt74: Collingwood FC practice was delayed nearly 2 hours today after a player reported finding an unknown powdery substance on
LuvIt74: the practice field. Head coach Buckley immediately suspended practice & called the police & the federal investigators.
LuvIt74: After a complete analysis, AFP forensic experts determined that the white substance unknown to players was the GOAL LINE
Beast_Mode: goddard, stanton sc pls?
LuvIt74: Practice resumed after special agents decided the team was unlikely to encounter the substance again this season.
gusjojo: wow Heppell
AngryRyno: phillips 75sc and my nic nat cover, v handy
AngryRyno: floggard 108sc
AngryRyno: stanton 81sc
LuvIt74: No wonder i thought Goddard & Shaw were not scoring, my live SC scoring wasn’t updating.
Beast_Mode: thanks mate.
RooBoyStu: when will the bombers win another game?
Raspel31: This is really, really sad.
AngryRyno: shaw 112sc
happytimes: Considering no one goes within 20m of Heppell
Chelskiman: -4 for Shaw, noooo.
happytimes: Hopefully never rooboy
drapes15: hibberd SC pls
h a mm e r: Swan dropped it out of his back pocket but wld swear it wasn’t his
dipstick: heppell always proving he cant be the number 1 man. struggles always without other decent players
AngryRyno: hibbert 84sc
LuvIt74: Essendon will obviously be getting rid of Hird and the sooner the better. Bommer Thompson will be back next year
LuvIt74: or more likely next week
RooBoyStu: wont be this year happytimes, even GC will beat them
circle52: Cooney in strife
AngryRyno: cooney flog
willywalks: cooney wanted an early finish to the year…
zadolinnyj: Good call Luvit
dipstick: no watson no heppell
AngryRyno: does a report get extra points off from CD?
AngryRyno: no nick kommer no essendon
Beast_Mode: heppell isn’t a good captain, not much choice though
RooBoyStu: Scully what a spud lol
Chelskiman: How was that a tackle to Heppell? He barely got a fingernail on it.
frenzy: geez devon smith is useless
RooBoyStu: blue moon Baguley
AngryRyno: 4 frees against phillips, killed a possible sc ton
frenzy: trash pack giles
dipstick: heppel 1 DT ton in 5 weeks flog
poolboybob: Pretty sure Heppell has just stopped trying this year.

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