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Chat log from R19 of 2015: Melbourne vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Melbourne vs North Melbourne, R19 of 2015

frenzy: m0nty dragging the chain again I see
frenzy: wouldn’t happen if it was his Hawks, would be ready hours ago
frenzy: mullet and AN-B subs
RooBoyStu: we should win easy today but MCG worries me as only our 2nd game there this year
desmondo: GOLDSTEIN A LATE OUT!!..injured during the warm-up apparently.
desmondo: not really 😉 I bet that caused a few heart flutters LOL
wadaramus: Banhammer!
ReaperRage: Can get and easy ban for feeding false information you know desmondo, just warning you. Got Tmac, Goldy and Gawn today
wadaramus: Goldy C & Gawn, passed on the Pendles 129 VC, carn Goldy!
ReaperRage: i took pendles wanted to play safe this week
wadaramus: All 4 of my opponents have Goldy C so I stuck with it as I am in front in all four.
mijg: Can Goldy and Gawn both go big?
wadaramus: Hope so mijg!
Ben_Gogos: Watts receives the muppet for his kick out error that went to the man on the mark!
drapes15: hope goldy wins the charlie
deanie: TMAC useless!!
heppelitis: tmac and jones for me..haha,,and goldy
wadaramus: Big Maxy struggling.
mijg: Was hoping tmac could finish the season like he started it. (:
banta: stop goldy, lift gawny put your knee into him
OnTheRocks: fking useless defender TMac
wadaramus: Goldy 35sc.
drapes15: people jumped the gun way too early on TMAC
kangawalla: Nate Jones. wtf????
_wato: Gawn and Ziebell sc @wadaramus?? Cheers mate!!
heppelitis: at least hi efficiency good kangawalla
Jukes: Gawn and T Mac SC pleaseeeee
banta: what are you doing jones!!??
the worm: afl needs fewer clubs
drapes15: GWS and GC should have never came in
wadaramus: Maxy lifting, 18sc.
heppelitis: tassie definately deserves a team
wadaramus: Goldy 42sc!
Jukes: T Mac SC please my brothers
the worm: expanding was inevitable, but the talent pool isnt there, fewer melb clubs will have to happen
wadaramus: I’m trying Jukes! T Mac 29sc.
heppelitis: may as well shut up shop at tullamarine atm
wadaramus: Jack Ziebell 29sc.
_wato: Saying Ziebell is on 38sc wada???
wadaramus: Whoops repeated TMac’s sc! JZ now on 42sc!
drapes15: talent pool is there if we didnt add 2 teams
mijg: Went to shops get back and things are looking better 🙂
the worm: agree drapes, but afl wants to be truly national
elk101: tassie and nt deserve teamsbut in a business sense afl will prob want 3rd syd & perth team
danmaio: Cmon Garner, keep up with Hogan
drapes15: trying to force it in western sydney and queensland when they’re rugby orientated
the worm: a foothold in sydey is about a 30 year project
elk101: gawn has been been dominated this qtr by goldy
mijg: Hogan don’t be a hero. Settle!
banta: get lost goldy, do your knee
heppelitis: haha…my son said to me…I heard goldy was out so Heppels my Capt…bogus info on FF lol
the worm: everytime ive wished a player to get hurt, he goes bananas
danmaio: Cmon Garner, just let me hear your name once this qt
danmaio: Why would u wish anyone gets injured
heppelitis: @the worm,,,I hope an atom bomb lands on Nat Jones head in a minute
heppelitis: he needs to get moving please
elk101: gawn needs to comeback next qtr to give melb a chance of getting closer for a tilt in the last
the worm: @hepp…or on urs for putting him in ur team 😀
heppelitis: lol
deanie: Goldy SC anyone?
elk101: 60 DT for goldy in a half would almost be a win for the teams that don’t have him
heppelitis: Tmac flaming…..useless
mijg: Goldys just getting warmed up. Second halves are usually better.
the worm: dont nth usually pack up after half time?
J_Pinkman: 71sc for Goldy
kano22: Banta you are a shit cunt
DanBlack: one of that Banta. Cuss yourself for being stupid enough not tohave him
DanBlack: None
the worm: choosing the right rucks is just dumb luck
tamoz: Cmon Higgins!
kano22: Wishing someone to do a knee is just douchebaggery
the worm: cmon goldy roll an ankle
poolboybob: Garlett muppet
auxDT: why does Garlett always get an icicle? hes never been fantasy relevant
kano22: Smoker
Ben_Gogos: @auxDT not to do with fantasy relevance, he got hot last 3 minutes, prior he’d had about 2 touches for the game
auxDT: ah fair enough
bigpens: Goldstein down arrow
Ben_Gogos: Incredible resurgence by the Dees!
poolboybob: haha North going full North
the worm: toumpas and salem arent even playing!!
Hadouken: i need goldy to beat rockys 123 yesterday to have any chance this week lol
auxDT: Goldy probably will beat Rocky at this rate
Woosha 73: Flower I hate Goldstein. Go Melbourne, just to power him off
jasonjjh: Soo much Goldy hate, he was an obvious pick to start the year if not you should have him by now
Mcswains: gee i love Goldy 🙂 lift tmac 🙁
Woosha 73: Thanks Mr Hindsight
the worm: how was goldy obvious?
jasonjjh: He was injured at the start of last year which dragged his average down. He averaged 115 in the second half of the seaso
auxDT: i think Goldy had the highest HO to advantage last year, and he wasnt as expensive as martin/mummy
jasonjjh: I expected 115 from him not 130. either way was a no brainer
the worm: true, just that there were more than a few rucks in that category
jasonjjh: who though? 2 prior 110+ season to his name, young and sole ruck
auxDT: Goldy’s breakout year i guess
the worm: ah, sc avg…i dont do sc
the worm: i had kruex, bellch minson, maric, goldy all shortlisted in my comps…
jasonjjh: not picking Goldy in DT is fair enough. I did but it wasnt a no brainer like SC
deanie: Im not complaining since i have him, but how is TMAC on 76?
jasonjjh: What SC is Tmac on. He finally showed something late
Roksta: Tmac 76 sc
poolboybob: Hahahaha looks like the people at Champion Data have TMac in their sides
jasonjjh: Tmac on 76 as SC love contested marks and possesions
mijg: So tmac can ton up. Lol good stuff
J_Pinkman: need more from please, 30 pts this quarter will do
ryanbob: Tmac score a joke, should be on 50 max
Hadouken: stay down higgins and ziebell
poolboybob: Wait kicks a goal like that, then misses the lot from 10 metres
drapes15: Goldy SC and Higgins?
Arch: Tmac 11 possesions 1 tackle 3 clangers. Champion Data is corrupt
poolboybob: McDonald mark and kick, probably just tonned up in SC
mijg: Cmon Gawny catch up mate
tamoz: Lets go Higgy, back to back tons!
Roksta: Love how people get butthurt when players they don’t have score well
jasonjjh: there are more stats. Tmac 4th in comp in Rebound 50s, 5th in 1 percenters
auxDT: Goldy has massive hops
ryanbob: Lol roksta it’s a different story when a player doesn’t deserve the score he has
J_Pinkman: max getting towelled up by big goldy
jasonjjh: Champion data have lots more stats where Tmac excels in.
Bothy: Goldie has towelled most other ruckman this year
jasonjjh: Tmac has 7 1% and 3 rebound 50s. The most in the game in both
dipstick: goldy POD of 2016. whos gonna pay 800K to start with?
Hadouken: mancrush on Todd. who’s with me?
colin wood: Star for Higgins
Mcswains: im with ya Hadouken….. up there with Hugh Jackman lol
Dangermaus: Cunnington = the magnet for sure, 17 CP’s!
qiu333: no one, because he won’t start at 800k
fshow: higgins has exceeded my most optimistic expectations this year
Ben_Gogos: Goldy is in a league of his own this season
J_Pinkman: yeah true, maxy battling away though. needed a few more points from him
auxDT: whats Goldy up to in SC?
poolboybob: McDonald witches hat. Well beaten by Hogan.
23rookie23: @qiu333 yeah he could fopr sure as players always start at higher prices than they finish if the play more than 6 games
fshow: bellchambers went sour at the tail end of goldy’s little form slump, i spent extra 50k to get Jacobs. ruined my year
Dangermaus: crazy when your ruckman has the most tackles in the team!
_wato: @23rookie23, you have no idea how the system works to evaluate players starting prices.
the worm: ive never understood why people give waite no respect
Dangermaus: I will most likely start the year with Grundy and Blicavs, in the hope I can upgrade to Martin and Goldy later on
drapes15: because most weeks he’s shower @worm
fshow: i respect waite’s ability to consistently get injured.
Ben_Gogos: @the worm why don’t we make that call when he’s having one of his five touch games champ
23rookie23: @Wata been playing this game since you were in nappies boy and finished top 50 in SC twice. I know what I am doing
dipstick: @wato do you. starting price is a little over 5 times their avge
drapes15: i reckon McEvoy might be a go next year
the worm: who was the last ruck to win the rucks in fantasy 2 years in a row?
Dangermaus: Waite is overdue for a brain-snap and 3 game suspension
Mcswains: i would pay a million for Goldy love the big bugger
23rookie23: @worm I believe Cox
Dangermaus: just give Goldstein the superman already, he’s gonna top 50 for sure this quarter
auxDT: @Danger lol so true
Dangermaus: thw worm: probably Cox
jasonjjh: Whats Goldy’s SC up to?
the worm: @23 or maybe sandi…but a long time ago. i will bet goldy isnt the best ruck next year
drapes15: who won the rucks last year?
poolboybob: Fyfe had better hurry up and come back, Goldy is gonna pass him for the Brownlow
colin wood: I repeat star for Higgins guys killed it
Karlpov: How does Jack Watts still get a game?
fshow: melbourne recruitors must cry when they watch nic nat. assuming they didn’t top themselves already
J_Pinkman: onya maxy, that helps
dipstick: higgins with an iced knee. done for the day
the worm: jacobs i think…depends in comp maybe
mijg: The Dees at least showed something today.
auxDT: lol TMac’s SC score what a difference
poolboybob: TMac’s score is the funniest one I have seen all year
Ben_Gogos: How did McDonald score 101 SC!
poolboybob: Would anybody who watched the match say that TMac was 4th best for the Dees? Come on.
grossn: I wish I could score 101sc with 15 disposals and 1 tackle…
jasonjjh: Tmac got 8 1% (1st) 4 rebound 50s (1st) 2 I50 (8th) there are more stats you need to count
dipstick: goldy has equiv CP CL more tackles and marks than higging plus 50 HO. why scores so similar?

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