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Chat log from R19 of 2015: West Coast vs Hawthorn

Chat log for West Coast vs Hawthorn, R19 of 2015

dipstick: good ridance m clarke. dont let the door hit your alps on the way out!!
kangawalla: Hawks can’t win in that guernsey! Looks like someone’s chundered over it!
frenzy: Lol @ dipstick, back on the game
Torz: I thought you traded out Mitch Clark for the a second there @dipstick. Haha.
OnTheRocks: lol priddis
JRedden: what the fuck is priddis doing?
tigerman28: Burgoyne – ffs!
drapes15: huge breeze going with the eagles
dipstick: priddis is crapping all over my team thats what. @torz that bird flew along time ago lol
zadolinnyj: Hawks jumper straight out of 70s roller disco
zadolinnyj: Would have been better if the afl let them use sequens and glitter like they originally wanted
TasDevil: GoGo Power Rangers
AngryRyno: gibson useless turd
TasDevil: Brooooooost
eski_liddr: just watched that replay from a diff angle…hit the post lol
eski_liddr: honestly whoever has IQ have a look at it from the other angle theyve shown
eski_liddr: (hawks goal that is)
poolboybob: Yeo feel free to join the game whenever you like
eski_liddr: im sure ive seen priddis tacle at least twice?
Chelskiman: fucking here we go again Birchall.
burgz300: gibson injury look serious?
eski_liddr: he’ll try go back on
burgz300: hawks need him
Apachecats: Anyone want Burgoyne or McGovern? Free to good home.
JRedden: wtf lewis, not 1 touch this quarter
Apachecats: Hodge anchored on31.
badjelly: Wc fans…….a bunch of booooofheads
colin wood: come on hodge find that pill
badjelly: Sorry….I meant boo heads
badjelly: Bye bye Le crap
casey22: 2 weeks for Lecras
weca: lecras fine. had one step to avoid collision
Bazza2014: 12 weeks lecras
Jukes82: frawley is a pussy, should get suspended for diving
casey22: Anyone seen hodge?
OnTheRocks: and there goes the Ashes
wadaramus: One week Frenchy.
wadaramus: Pathetic Australia.
tigerman28: Burgoyne is a sheepdog. Does not get involved when the heat is on.
Raspel31: My lips are sealed ontherocks
OnTheRocks: too many swear words would come out Raspel?
johnoP: damn you lycett! those should be sinclairs points!
Raspel31: No-I’m a Pom ontherocks
OnTheRocks: so am i in a way 🙂
h a mm e r: Frawley subbed again…for concussion? Lol! I said it last week and the week before, but they Hawks keep playing him lol
Raspel31: Why you gone missing Hodgie-capatained you instead of Danger.
jalapenoh: Jukes your a flog mate
heppelitis: suffer in you jocks raspel you pommy bugger lol
Raspel31: Lol heppelitis-ha ha
h a mm e r: Gaff SC score so far?
Raspel31: Great night for sport-2 good Afl games, Oz v Allblacks and opening of Epl. Pig in shit.
dipstick: @raspel tell me- is siggurdson starting this week? where do i get epl teams?
Raspel31: dipstick-google epl team sheets and The Guardian gives you best info on all line ups. Think he playing-good luck.
the worm: man u game starts in 42 minutes…better hurry
the worm: closer to gamre time checkout premierleaguedotcom
Raspel31: Orjust before the game starts the official Barclay site good-but only for 1st game. Guardian better. Two great and close
Raspel31: Good to see two cracker and close Afl games on a Friday night.
Bazza2014: saturday??
willywalks: why is yeo struggling this week?
Solat: who gives a shit about man u game
m0nty: back on the footy please
GJayBee: Yeo’s totem animal is the Mare
Raspel31: Sorry Monty-agreed.
Bazza2014: agreed M0nty Man U are sheisee hausen
eski_liddr: umpire was in the way!! wtf
eski_liddr: god thats going to be highlighted post game
eski_liddr: game has stepped up – great footy
Bazza2014: score review?
Dasherman: The ball touched Yeos hand after siren, see thats what leather feels like
HawkTalker: Thi is it. Bring it home, Hawkers
dipstick: @bazza top 4. rooney 2 goals tonight. priddis zero goals tonight
Dasherman: Yeo lives
Bazza2014: calm down dip
eski_liddr: BT is a horrible commentator
frenzy: billy the kid hartung is a star
dipstick: gees if hawks win watch freo tank next week so hawks dont leap wce for 2nd
meziare: Gifted goal
dipstick: @bazza rooney 26sc pts priddis 125 sc pts 🙂
Bazza2014: lol
eski_liddr: whats the go with sc scores in the geelong syd game
RooBoyStu: no Nic Nat = no worries
dipstick: @m0nty +1 from my partner. she thinks your censoring like arse, fuck, plow, shit is cute hehehe
the worm: I tokk a shower in the flower shop on the alps. refreshing 😀
dipstick: she wants to know what the word for tits is? i dun even know
RooBoyStu: Gibbo lol
RooBoyStu: like i’ve said before keep your name dipstick lol
m0nty: back on this game please
dipstick: put your pocket money on freo getting beaten by freo next week. sure thing its lookin like.
thommoae: I think your partner’s a little too close for concentration, dip…
dipstick: *beaten by wce
frenzy: freo playing with itself, like U dipstick
RooBoyStu: bin it Yeo
dipstick: hawks just too good. threepeat for mine
KingPetrie: fkn wce
RooBoyStu: lol frenzy
Bazza2014: HAWKS! you beauty
dipstick: @rooboy lol. hows 9th?
RooBoyStu: missed LeCras report how bad was it?
RooBoyStu: dipstick not after tomorrow
Redraptor: Go Hawks…well done
zadolinnyj: Lecras will get 2 would think
Bazza2014: 2 weeks rooboy
dipstick: theres a surprise in store for norf tomorrow. thats norf. with an eff
HawkTalker: You little ripper. Come on hawks
Redraptor: We’re a happy team at Hawthorn
Bazza2014: we’re the mighty fighting Hwks!

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