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Chat log from R19 of 2015: Geelong vs Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Sydney, R19 of 2015

the worm: poor goldy
Yelse: why is that @the worm
SaintsMan: why?
dipstick: dont bury your head in the sand worm
zadolinnyj: You are stirring worm. Nice fishing though. Two bites
vartic: Opponent has Danger VC, Jake Kolodjashnij C. Must’ve thought he wasn’t playing
the worm: cos he will be beaten by gawn tonight…go dees
zadolinnyj: Lol vartic. Awful mistake
RooBoyStu: ffs scores
colin wood: Lol vartic unlucky hahaha
Redraptor: afl site has stats
SaintsMan: where are the scores?
RooBoyStu: monty only worried about the hawks game
m0nty: up now, sorry about that
RooBoyStu: flowerin muppets
the worm: kolodasnij will ton up
Jukes82: mitchell tagging ffs.
johnoP: Frig. nothing worse than one of your players tagging your own captain 🙁
zadolinnyj: Yep
Yelse: Rich better lift or he will get subbed. not tagging well on selwood
RooBoyStu: Mitchell go big
tamoz: Yes Jetta! Keep it up mate
mijg: Oh yeah got hanners this week. Sorry.
Bazza2014: cmon jetta burn it mate
thommoae: Longmire just never learns with TMitch – he’s a ball magnet, not a tagger or sub.
wadaramus: Mitchell tagging? What is it with that thickhead Horse?
Hadouken: i need blicavs to do a hammy. haha, just kidding.
mijg: Not watching. Is Goodes boo free?
zadolinnyj: Yes titch
Torz: Mitchell dominating in spite of Longmire.
heppelitis: break team rules titch…go get the ball..maybe they will trade you so you can play the game
dipstick: horse trying to break mitch but tagging jelwood he’ll be always around the ball. major tonnage!
tigerman28: Titchell!
auxDT: @mijg seems like it..didnt hear the boos when he touched the ball
poolboybob: wtf bartel
gobux4flag: boo the racist pig
casey22: Titch giving Jelwood a bath!
Jmachete: Goode’s found out how to avoid the boos… He just avoids possessions lol
zadolinnyj: Titch 24, jelwood 26
Torz: You can start playing at any time McVeigh.
JRedden: mcveigh and enright being useless
Andrew37: Casey22, its not al about DT points. Selwood has 7possies with 5CP @ 100% DE. Tag ain’t working.
auxDT: lol mcveigh wtf m8
J_Pinkman: selwood on 29sc. CD loving him at the moment
dipstick: dont you wanna get me a 1 fitty this week hanners? get in there
tigerman28: Here comes hanna
gobux4flag: he states that australia day is invasion day…he is the the racist
casey22: Did I hear some boos?
zadolinnyj: Where’s kermit
SaintsMan: mcveigh killong me once again
Jukes82: i’m not watching this game. is goodes getting booed?
Jmachete: Lets be real Goodes doesn’t look like a Giraffe
casey22: @Andrew37: my ONLY concern is DT points
grossn: @gobux4flag listen to his actual speech you bigot. He didn’t say he believes Aus day is Invasion day. Banhammer this guy
heppelitis: dont know jukes but im getting boozed
zadolinnyj: Gee Kolodjashnij looks alright
JRedden: piss of mcveigh, this is unbelievable
dipstick: the crowd should boo thug goodes and cheer all other indiginous players to prove everyone isnt racists
johnoP: he is powered by retard captain choice luck,
Jmachete: Ban grossn for being a politically correct hippy
zadolinnyj: Good idea dipstick.
the worm: it is invasion day, cmon selwood back to back tons for once
ronburgndy: I think if someone getting Booed is 1 of our biggest news stories then life in Aus is pretty good
zadolinnyj: Kolodjashnij 32sc.
Jmachete: It’s funny how racism is limited to skin colour not actual race
kangawalla: @gobux4flag….please read Goodes speech inits entirity before jumping to convenient conclusions about “invasion day”.
mickeytg: it’s amazing how many morons have not listened to his whole speech, invasion day….idiots!
OnTheRocks: stop being a fucking spectator Taylor
Jmachete: @mickeytg one of those overly sensitive people lol
heppelitis: knock me over with a feather…i got heeney on the park…woohoo
meka100: McVeigh fuck off cunt
dipstick: goodes said invasion day. trying to incite then backed off. but he still meant it. ohh and he’s half white
LuvIt74: Is Goodes being booed? Sorry haven’t been watching
zadolinnyj: Probably same people who believed Australia was in extreme dept. people believe headlines.
the worm: how are people still starting rookies at this stage of the season?
zadolinnyj: Little bit Luvit but smothered by cheers
zadolinnyj: Someone put Kolodjashnij on as C to loop hole danger. Didn’t realise he was playing. Be funny if he goes big
heppelitis: long story worm…but had no choice this week
SaintsMan: mcveigh killing me once again
kangawalla: @dipstick…you’re usually pretty level headed but this time??????
dipstick: @heppel and im playing 2 with heeney. who would thought
the worm: actually, it has been a hell week…beams deledio natanui fyfe etc
LuvIt74: I’m not racist at ALL, I have helped many native Africans financially -however if I was at this game I’d take a megaphon
the worm: to apologise? thats decent of you 🙂
heppelitis: @dipstick..traded him ages ago…but had to buy him back as i needed someone who was going to park some cash in someone
heppelitis: who was going to play
eski_liddr: @LuvIt74 – giving money to a charity doesnt make you racist proof
heppelitis: oops..that made no sense lol
gobux4flag: is he still humiliating 13yr old girls ??
kangawalla: @gobux….time you weren’t here you dullard!
LuvIt74: @eski I NEVER gave a cent to charity mate, I have hunted Africa many times and have given my trackers and there villages
AngryRyno: the kolo C is going very well
eski_liddr: i dont know whats worse..flogs going on about druggies when essendon play or goodes/racism banter on here
LuvIt74: More then you can imagine in cash directly in there hands not to mention tons of meat
dipstick: hahaha no sense at all
heppelitis: @eski_lidder…Carlton_99 complainig about umps takes the cake mate
colin wood: come on parker FFS…
the worm: why was that a free? these umpires shoud learn the rules 😀
Torz: Maybe I should’ve fielded Kolo instead of McVeigh.
gobux4flag: go the titch ll
HawkTalker: I’m watching the other game. What’s the boo situation down there?
LuvIt74: Gr8 touch Taylor
poolboybob: Kennedy lift your game
JRedden: this is ridiculous mcveigh, how are you this bad?
the worm: i hope starting kelly over saad was the right decision
mijg: No ones booing in fear of being labeled racist.
HawkTalker: no boos?
LuvIt74: @The worm kelly has almost scored as much as SAAD so how could it not be?
heppelitis: get involved dinglebery
burgz300: his last possession you could hear some very light boos
LuvIt74: @the worm That’s a stupid thing to say when you clearly can see Kelly has almost scored as much as Saad.
the worm: my players occasionally stop at half time….
OnTheRocks: Hanners = 🙁
tigerman28: jelwood and Mitchell – yes!
the worm: i htough saad got around 50
mijg: So how many traded in Hanners this week?
LuvIt74: JPK & Parker are killing me
heppelitis: me
colin wood: F off Selwood and Mitchell
mijg: Me too. Typical
johnoP: i traded in sinclair, then saw he was a late out 5 minutes later!
LuvIt74: @mijg I was going to about 20 times but chose Benell who didn’t do much, although Hanners is even quieter at thisstage.
auxDT: ffs McVeigh better lift in the 2nd half
LuvIt74: Wonder if Motlop will go & not much has been said about dangerfield going to cats since walsh’s passing which is intere.
heppelitis: nice spray for hanners…got him moving
gobux4flag: does the sydney runner have a box of tissues ??
LuvIt74: Hanners 41sc
eski_liddr: hanners will hit the ton – champion during bin time
Jackwatt$: Anyone got any nominations for Australian of the Year this year? Is Caitlin Jenner Australian?
the worm: probably used to be
gobux4flag: no
eski_liddr: god give it a rest..theres better sht to talk about than being passive aggressive about the goodes thing
eski_liddr: selwood on track for 120+ you would assume
the worm: cmon, he is australian of the year, we should be allowed to honour him at half time surely?
eski_liddr: isnt there a herald sun article that you folks can take the plss on?
Jackwatt$: Yes ease up lads FWIW I’m in the Goodes corner, I don’t like seeing any player booed for any reason
eski_liddr: actually i think he should be booed but i talk about this in the forums where this discussion belongs
the worm: has everyone here won weekly or yearly prizes in sc or dt?
the worm: well…i tried changing the subject 😀
heppelitis: haha the worm..been close but never
gobux4flag: has anyone here who has won a prize called australia day…invasion day ??
the worm: probably someone who got invaded i guess?
OnTheRocks: @Worm: my players all seem to have this habit of spudding it up when the rest of my team do well
the worm: i used to do really well at fantasy footy…last few years….just horrible
the worm: i always screw up my captain….
Darius: Think the Mitchell tag has been released.
Bazza2014: i have Caddy, Jelwood, Mackie, Jetta, Parker and Rampe, sheesh, and i hate both teams
zadolinnyj: 2nd the best I’ve done in weekly SC two years ago
poolboybob: JPK you should be ashamed of yourself
OnTheRocks: highest score i’ve ever had was 2816, top score that round was 3000+
eski_liddr: has anyone on FF ever get the weeks top score?
the worm: sc has been the one comp i have eternally sucked at playing
the worm: which comp eski?
dipstick: i got top score on sportsbet fantasy and got $200 bet if that counts
h a mm e r: JPK keep playing crap and get subbed. Need you out so I can beat my opponent ;P
eski_liddr: either would be interested to see which site has the best fantasy coaches
CamT: I ws ranked 1st at the Round 15 mark in 2010. It’s been all downhill from there.
eski_liddr: @dipstick – i’d pay that mate well done
the worm: sportsbet, wide world of sports and dt
colin wood: Muppet for hannaberry
Bazza2014: i got 4th once, name in herald sun page
dipstick: cheers. it was grand final round too so i won all my leagues 🙂
the worm: latest i ever lead was rd 17 🙁
dipstick: @bazza hope you cut it out and kept it
Bazza2014: yeah for sure, kept the whole herald, few and far between now
Bazza2014: actually good to here you muppets actually achieve something instead of bagging out ppl and players for not scoring
Bazza2014: in all due respectg!
colin wood: Where’s Parker.. Get a touch
ScootD: got 2nd in grand final round a few years back, 2010 I think. 3 points off first place
Cyberdyne: carn cats. show me the money
eski_liddr: i got 2nd in the superfooty tipping 4 years ago 🙁 otherwise i have dun shtall
Bazza2014: wasting ops the cats
eski_liddr: cats still look like taking this out
Raspel31: Hannebery-pull thy proverbial finger out.
ryanbob: Parker you spud
casey22: Another 2 week holiday
casey22: Video review; 1 week
Torz: Lol, nothing in it
Redraptor: Jelwood tons up in sc
Raspel31: They keep writing Jelwood off-what a heart.
the worm: hope the cats win, but i think swans have the goodes
eski_liddr: anyone seen JPK playing? anything wrong there or just a quiet game
the worm: jpk is the swans leading possession getter…
eski_liddr: sorry am out and about n just wondering about his score – so his doing well 🙂
GJayBee: jpk handpasses in his sleep
GJayBee: JPK wouldn’t kick in a fight, he’d handpass
zadolinnyj: Titch sc? Mine saying 59. Can’t be right
Bazza2014: kicking in a fight is low as
auxDT: star selwood
Yelse: what is this skill the displaying
Darius: I think Jetta’s in the conversation as well.
LuvIt74: very sloppy game
Bazza2014: lovin Jettas work have only had him in for 5 weeks
LuvIt74: Titch 65sc
zadolinnyj: Selwood 134
tigerman28: Traded selwood in this week – happy days
LuvIt74: parker & JPK may as well have a snooze and the ball might rebound of there foot while sleeping & get possessions that wa
the worm: selwood always seems to finish the season strong
auxDT: longmire’s brother must be working for CD
zadolinnyj: The week off helped selwoods body recover
colin wood: Wtf Parker…
Bazza2014: 5/5 with hawks weagles to come
the worm: if kelly tons upand the swans mids do nothing…will be very happy
Costanza: Jimmy says
Brown*Dog: Well done in Game 200 Selwood, Motlop has found a new gear in past month.
AngryRyno: motlop hard done by in sc
LuvIt74: Who would have thought the puppies could be a genuine chance of finishing top4
willywalks: junk it up bartell!
frenzy: not unlike jelwood to get a bandaid
dipstick: Puke Larker. Great game. thanks
RooBoyStu: agree dipstick
frenzy: suspense is killing me
johnoP: bartel and kelly identical stats

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