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Chat log from R19 of 2015: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R19 of 2015

kangawalla: Brisbane by 16
dipstick: any changes and who are the subs? is stef martin a late out?
SaintsMan: No late changes and Boston and O’Brien the Subs
Wends: Pretty sure I’m going to lose my final anyway, so thinking Nic Nat-Martin, Steele- L Dawson, cash 4 double upgrade rd20
the worm: so annoyed about goldy
Dangermaus: whats wrong with Goldy ?
ReaperRage: Comon lions!!!
the worm: im mean, that i didnt take him from the start of the year, he has been great
ReaperRage: finally a winnable game
Wends: Alternative NN->Martin, Buddy->TMitch, in with a v long cooeee of winning final
Dangermaus: oh, haha, I thought you were saying he was a late out or something!
the worm: …yeah, wanted to see how many seconds it took for someone to have a panic attack 😀
Dangermaus: Need a big game from Rocky and Eski today
Dangermaus: lol 21 pts in 6 and half minutes, love your work Rockliff
JRedden: got rockliff captain this week, wowee
Buzz67: Captain Rocky today. Great start
Yelse: Is 129 from pendles Captain worthy??
deanie: Damn he really got scaled down?
AngryRyno: @yelse, i’m in the same boat and taking pendles as captain, yes
Dangermaus: 168 from Swannie is better
dipstick: when you have someone like goldy who avges more than pendles score then no you dont take pendles score
Chelskiman: Fyfe killed me. Was forced into playing Boston and now he’s started as sub.
banners87: Last minuite change of captain to Rocky from Swan. Big game T Rock, c’,mon!
Jukes82: 1292/10 so far, good times.
drapes15: pull ya finger out bennell
Solat: is 168 better than 129?
colin wood: 1360 from 10 for me jukes
colin wood: same chelks…
Pavalinco: Rocky medal
Jukes82: I forgot to add gray’s score so it’s 1381/10 my bad
tamoz: Need Stef Martin to do shit
Jukes82: why didn;y you ttrade fyfe? no trades huh
colin wood: kinda hoping for a gold coast injury as bad as that sounds just so boston can get on
colin wood: Jukes i lost Buddy, Wines and fyfe so only traded out wines for rocky this week
Jukes82: damn tough break
zadolinnyj: Massive scores coming this week if things keep going the way they are
AngryRyno: got no trades and 1m of players on the pine in the mid (wines, fyfe graham) all injured, 2 donuts & boston on field
tamoz: Get involved Redden!
wadaramus: Stef getting shafted in SC.
Jukes82: agree huge week for ppl. robbie gray is my worst score. Everyone else have tonned
colin wood: mine will come down though cos i have buddy.. so ill get daniels score
colin wood: sidey and gray both 87 for me my worst 🙁
Jukes82: Loopholed danger as my C tho.
eski_liddr: every guy in my league finals except the bloke im playing has doughnuts
Chelskiman: I hate Martin.
eski_liddr: should I take pendles score or go for GOLDy
itsduftime: Of course the week I trade rich he starts scoring well
shaker: which martin do you hate or just all of them
zadolinnyj: Same jukes
drapes15: May is a seriously good defender IMO
colmullet: Rocky still alive?
ryanbob: Take Daniels 50 or put on h Goddard ?
Wends: my sneaky opponent brought in Martin only straight after I did…
Wends: @Eski what’s the gut tell u?
tamoz: Piss off Martin
dipstick: welcome to my team POD 4% smartin with nicnat out for 2 weeks
JRedden: martin keep going you star
Dangermaus: Rockliff afraid to kick it today or what ?
barlow4pm: will nicnat miss next week as well?
zadolinnyj: I would go goldy eski but that’s me. Depends on what your opponents got
Wends: You’d think so barlow – how do u even get up after losing yr mum?
tamoz: Lift Hanley and Redden
zadolinnyj: Would assume Barlow. Funeral in Fiji during week
dipstick: wce have given time off for the funeral and he’ll be away for a bit
barlow4pm: didnt know the details but that’s rough…hope he’s ok
Wends: Anyone know Martin’s BE in RDT this week?
dipstick: he’ll come back firing for the finals
dipstick: it says 88
Dangermaus: Malceski only gets good scores when Ablett is playing… he’s useless without him
Wends: Thanks dipstick – might be out of reach the way he’s going.
Jukes82: damn didn’t know nicnat was out, no cover for him either. I’m killing my OP hope he’s right next week.
dipstick: his price will go up about 1k for each 3 points over his be
grossn: Feeling Buddy to Gawn… Especially cos then i can have Gawn in as cover for nicnat this week… thoughts?
zadolinnyj: Sounds good grossn
ScootD: Wake up Redden
Wends: Cover at this time of year always good grossn.
AngryRyno: gawn sounds good, but might struggle this week bc he has goldy
kangawalla: Redden has tonned up in his last 5. I captained him in Ultimate footy. Please lift!
JRedden: Malceski is just horrible
LuvIt74: Come on Bennell
AngryRyno: 1100 after 9 inc. no captain yet, shame i’ve got 2 donuts
Wends: This round doing my head in – missed Steele to Dawson to replace Boston on field for Fyfe.
AngryRyno: donuts are yet to come of course
LuvIt74: I had Pendles as my VC so im gonna take his 129 as VC im tempted to risk Goldy
dipstick: im going goldy and pendles was my vc also
poolboybob: Martin only on 54 SC, F off
tigerman28: Rocky sc?
vamos77: Im trading out Nic Nat. Blicavs or Sandilands?
Dangermaus: where the heck did Zorko come from… I turned away for 10 minutes, and come back to this
the worm: if sandi is a late withdrawal u will be annoyed….
Dangermaus: vamos, I’d go Blicavs or Grundy
Wends: Would be tempted by Sandi, but any risk of general soreness vamos?
snake_p: dipstick, I think Gawn will reduce Goldy’s hitouts to advantage
vamos77: Sandi definitely a risk of a rest, Blicavs form seems to be on a bit of a decline, spewin missed the boat on Martin
dipstick: goldy will still get 40 hit outs and 15 possies vs gawn. just needs a goal or 2
dipstick: yay. tmitch not the sub
Torz: Malceski looks likely to be subbed. Limping around.
GJayBee: GC keep getting in the old boys! They were desperate to get Malceski!!!
Ben_Gogos: That was a very average attempt at the mark from Stef
Chelskiman: Please bring Boston on, Martin is killing me at the moment!
GJayBee: It’s great to see GC’s team made by a committee start to loose sight of the dream.
tamoz: Lift Hanley!
poolboybob: Hahaha classic Merrett, what an idiot
Ben_Gogos: Merrett receives the first muppet of todays game after going past the mark and giving away a 50 and goal
johnoP: Is rockys kicking foot busted or something? 🙂
Wends: Agreed Chelski, didn’t get him off the field in time arggh!
dipstick: gees richi has turned into a dud pretty quickly like ebert
GJayBee: loving this week, go Zorko and Rocky! Kick to each other you studs!
poolboybob: McGuane is a crab
Jukes82: no mcguane is a spud
Torz: Yes Ceski. Needed that badly.
Choke: anyone have rocky’s sc? my opponent VC’d danger, I need a huge one from rocky!
Choke: anyone have rocky’s sc?
Choke: sorry may have double posted, first time in chat
RooBoyStu: Saad lol
heppelitis: common billy get your first kick mate before subbage
dipstick: rischi youre a dud like ebert
Roflcake: Rocky 80sc
Roflcake: 86sc
LuvIt74: Does anyone here know who has the youngest side currently in the AFL?
Wends: Nite all, hopefully can shake it off – my dud trading & KK heading south today. Cmon swannies!
mijg: Carn Harley big last qtr.
johnoP: pies isnt it?
LuvIt74: no defiantly not the pies
zadolinnyj: Thought it was Brisbane. Pies maybe this week
colin wood: Come on Boston give us a cape
eski_liddr: Kolodjashnij needs to pull his finger out
Mcswains: no way Colin wood i want Saad to lift lol
mijg: Some low dt scores for suns.
zadolinnyj: Low sc scores across board. Get ready for scaling
CamT: The youngest side atm is GC – 22yrs 11months ave
Terlob: Rockliff needs to use his feet
wadaramus: Martin 20 possessions, 9 marks 29 hit outs, 11 contested possessions, 91sc?
Roksta: Gc must be sharking hitouts wada
J_Pinkman: Only 7 pts difference between bennell
zadolinnyj: Agree wadaramus
tamoz: Stop Martin!
J_Pinkman: And Rockliff
poolboybob: yep Stef Martin getting the shaft from CD this match
LuvIt74: Come on Bennell ton up son. I wanted to get Hanneberry but i have JPK & Parker so went Bennell.
Roksta: I think it’s too much to lose 5 points for hitout to disadvantage
zadolinnyj: Rocky 93
meziare: Thinking Gray down to Hall next week, he seems to playing mainly mid
RooBoyStu: Malceski first player with 15 touches having the magnifying glass
Torz: McGuane proving to be not the worst 120K downgrade.
wadaramus: Come on Stef, smash it up man!
zadolinnyj: That’s the 100 for Martin and rocky would say
the worm: 2 draws in a row for gold coast…wow
wadaramus: Possibly Roksta, not watching the game ATM!
dipstick: game over. finally clarke has retired from the cricket team and and win to the suns without gaj
zadolinnyj: Want rocky to kick winning goal
dipstick: ohh yeah and fuck you grandpa rischitelli ya spud
GJayBee: with a zorko assist
RooBoyStu: Rocky sc?
Solat: amazing rocky has 23 hb but only 7 CP
kangawalla: Good recovery captain Redden. 6th ton in a row coming up!!
GJayBee: Come on zorko, finish with a goal and an assist to rocky
GJayBee: Redden becoming Mr Reliable again.
Redraptor: well done Zorko
frenzy: get sum junk harley
RooBoyStu: saad donut this qtr
wadaramus: Anychance we can get a Hit Outs to Advantage column?
Chelskiman: I’ve gone from like 50 up to 50 down in this match, and both my opponent and I have one player each. Martin v Boston…
tamoz: Ton up Redden please
Yelse: do you take caleb 50 SC or put in goddard H vs freo
mijg: Looking at dt scores its hard to blieve GC won
zadolinnyj: 107 rocky, 110 martin
dipstick: saints will beat freo!!! they always do
Hadouken: so glad rocky on got in the 120s
zadolinnyj: Sorry RooBoy wrote it 3 times and did not come through
GJayBee: zork sc? please
Hadouken: go captain goldy haha

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