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Chat log from R19 of 2015: St Kilda vs Fremantle

Chat log for St Kilda vs Fremantle, R19 of 2015

Dangermaus: c’mon Rooboy
OnTheRocks: cmon Neale and Newnes you useless fucks
wadaramus: C’mon Newnes!
Dangermaus: would be good if Steven pumps out a solid 120 too
nicw98: i did fyfe to get a big score if im gonna win
zadolinnyj: If Stevens and Riewoldt get hundreds I’ll be 2600 plus
OnTheRocks: if Newnes and Neale do something i could be looking at 2700+
zadolinnyj: Need 2618 to get highest score in paid league worth $180
SaintsMan: I’m sure zado
zadolinnyj: Jebus ontherocks
homemade: barlow once again having a great start
Dangermaus: i’m probably around 2400 this week, still happy with that though
tamoz: Get involved Barlow!
OnTheRocks: is newnes on the field?!
Dangermaus: Newnes and NRoo are playing footsies while picking daisies
mossssssy: Mundy and newnes in this….. Wrapped
J_Pinkman: omg Newnes, hello, when your ready
auxDT: Rage trading Newnes if he doesnt get 75+ this game
OnTheRocks: Newnes needs a stint in the 2s
Hadouken: well then, freo started well. come on barlow, get amongst it. you will make or break me and cost me me finals spot
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
mijg: Was spewing I had edwards on the bench and Pearce on ground. Not so bad maybe
drapes15: Armo has stopped since i bought him in like a month or so ago
Torz: Sandilands is going to have a field day against Hickey.
J_Pinkman: just realised, cause i’m actually looking for him, i still don’t know what Newnes looks like
Beast_Mode: newnes is number 16.
Torz: Newnes is the giant potato running around.
OnTheRocks: someone go punch some football sense into Neale
J_Pinkman: ah right, thought i saw a spud run past
zadolinnyj: Wish we could add photos. Newnes would be mr potato head
Ben_Gogos: The Dockers defensive setup and rotation system is something to behold
NewFreoFan: Loving Newnes and Neale. Yipee how good is fantasy footy
drapes15: newnes will score 70
RooBoyStu: Neale having a shocker
Beast_Mode: whats d.pearce, mundy, steven sc?
tamoz: Please Barlow lift!
Apachecats: Seen Newnes start slowly before I’ll go for 85 drapes
RooBoyStu: Sinclair concussion sub not Lonie, Lonie back on
drapes15: yea ill be happy anything 70+ tbh got my league won comfortably
tamoz: Joey you beauty, keep it up!
Buzz67: Roberton underrated
OnTheRocks: hahaha, my opposition has D.McKenzie as the emergency for Fyfe
Ben_Gogos: It appears Lonie has come back from the dead!
Ben_Gogos: Riewoldt did not bring his kicking boots today! Missing by miles!
OnTheRocks: super shank
The39Steps: Crazy world – Poms beat us in cricket, we beat kiwis in rugby, kiwis beat us in netball and dockers kick 100+!
the worm: his kiscking has always been dodgy…he runs too much
Hadouken: ffs barlow ya flog, get up.
Beast_Mode: wtf you talking about we’ve lost 4 staright ashes in england. hardly a surprise.
drapes15: Armo SC? please
the worm: i bet againjst australia in everything
Raspel31: Well said 39steps-lol
Beast_Mode: good to sheridan go alright, im mates with his cousin
Beast_Mode: *see
LuvIt74: Mundy is killing me. I’m on 2424 with Mundy I need him to score 76 points in half a game to reach 2500
LuvIt74: Armo 50sc
The39Steps: You mean you are “inmates with his cousin” @Beast_Mode?
Chelskiman: Need Armitage to score 28 in the second half. Considering the form he’s been in lately that’s no guarantee.
Beast_Mode: not at all, good family. I live in Victoria. Flog.
leeroy81: Griffin has been handy for me as a back up ruck/cash cow
zadolinnyj: Need 207 total from Stevens and Riewoldt. Riewoldt kicking killin me
the worm: need sandi/barlow/ibbo/arm to beat neale by 290 🙁
danmaio: A Pearce plus 296 V Sandi, Armitage, Bruce, Steven, Newnes, D Pearce
dipstick: need steven to go apeshit this half
the worm: please please go huge sandi
Hadouken: 65 and barlow VS neale and armitage. could be close.
Apachecats: Me too Dipper ,I’ve got Newnes v Opponent Steven
the worm: @hadouken the barlow team will get smashed
dipstick: ffs get a touch steven
Hadouken: yep, that would be me. and if i lose im out of top 8, i win i finish like 4 or 5. playing top spot…. next year 🙁
J_Pinkman: 13 pts down and have newnes and neale. he has mundy. arghhhh
the worm: for both our sakes i hope barlow goes berzerk
Rebuild: Probably the most efficient Neale has been all season
tamoz: I also need Barlow to improve
Mcswains: come on Mundy…. massive junk
Chelskiman: C’mon, Armo, just four more points.
Sloaneyyyy: geez, get a move on Riewoldt!
Raspel31: Joey a hero-most possessions by far.
zadolinnyj: Need superman quarters from roo and Stevens to get the cash
Apachecats: Anyone got Newnes /Stevens SC ?
dipstick: fucken hack steven. thanks for nuthin tool!!!
Raspel31: Fat lady not singing yet dipstick
ronl: I don’t think Barlow touched it that quarter, did he?
Ben_Gogos: Wow Hill had 67 that term
dipstick: fat lady has already sung and on her way home to get a burger
Hadouken: ok, leading into last qtr now i think it barlow and 29 points VS neale and armitage. put me out of my misery pleaaaseee
Ben_Gogos: @ronl he had 6 touches lol
Raspel31: Low fat without cheese I hope dipstick
Beast_Mode: steven, d.pearce sc?
OnTheRocks: neale – 93SC, Newnes – 75SC, bring it home boyz
Mcswains: need a couple goals from Mundy to help his SC
RooBoyStu: heart Sinclair and Lonie
WizMan: Someone said Newnes would come good after a quiet start and score at least 75 – well played that man.
Raspel31: Has Mayne gone to get a haircut-wtf ?
Solat: why is mundy sc low, 75% de, 14 CP is most on ground?
JRedden: got neale in this week, kids a star
auxDT: another massive scoring week in AF
J_Pinkman: yes please @ontherocks my game is close as and i don’t need mundy to score goals thx
Chelskiman: And that +4 from Armo has put me four points ahead!
j_dem12: what’s happened to barlow? he has lost me too many matchups this season
Solat: hey ben, monty and hill are doing their best in our UF matchup
zadolinnyj: Two more Riewoldt
Raspel31: Sainters can take it from here.
RooBoyStu: Josh Bruce has lost all form, going down in price again
zadolinnyj: Riewoldt has cost me $180 in paid league for highest score. Can still win the $360 though
cripdogs: anyone know a.pearce sc ??
eski_liddr: just got infront of a p.c – savage is off for rest of game?
zadolinnyj: What’s ur score look like RooboyStu
RooBoyStu: shower zadolinnyj
dipstick: armo and steven have been uselss this half
G-Mo77: 73 for A. Pearce
casey22: You bastard, how dare you hit Chelsea
cripdogs: thanks g mo
RooBoyStu: don’t really care, just happy the RooBoys are in 6th 😀
Hadouken: awww dammit, only 11 points up now with spud barlow
zadolinnyj: Easily won 1st final. Week off next week. Guaranteed $100
RooBoyStu: Sandi took forever to get the ton, after fast start
dipstick: sheesh all i needed was 120 C steven
Mcswains: gunna score 2600 and lose 2 games 🙁
Hadouken: you ahole barlow
G-Mo77: Did McKenzie get injured?
G-Mo77: Yeah, sorry, seeing stars. Missed the kabow logo
Hadouken: where did newnes come from ?? ha
mijg: Pretty sure my seasons over.
dipstick: help help call the cops. steven is killing me
RooBoyStu: if Barlow gets down arrow surely Bruce does with higher be
zadolinnyj: Basically need Riewoldt to goal and I’m close
Raspel31: Fyfe and Gazza didn’t help me today mijg
JRedden: wow just missed that tackle by neale… and now ill lose
fshow: is gilbert back?
zadolinnyj: 120 would have got me there dipstick
eski_liddr: need newnes above armitage
leeroy81: if 105 from Steven isn’t enough, it’s your team thats killing you, not Steven
Dasherman: Armitage, Neale and Newnes SC Please
Hadouken: wish barlow would get his thumb out of his behind
zadolinnyj: Newnes 92, armitage 90
Beast_Mode: has steven tonned up in sc?
dipstick: @leeroy on 2346 and gonna lose my eliminator coz C steven cant get 120
gdshifty: junk time Mundy!!!
Dasherman: Thx@Zado
fshow: shoulda gone on with it mundy
casey22: Gor Mundy & Joey in this game & very pleased
fshow: thats better
Hadouken: going to finish 9th now i thin by like .05%. sucks to have barlow
dipstick: oh well top 16 in eliminator. damn i already spent the winnings
frenzy: too close for comfort, but a chicken dinner all round
grossn: Mundy robbed big time
wadaramus: Thanks Newnes, should scale up to the 100 in SC.
eski_liddr: rolled the dice with barlow and lost
OnTheRocks: ~2600 if neale and newnes get scaled up
frenzy: scale up sandi just 2 more Lol please
simsovic: mundy where are his points at the end?

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