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Chat log from R19 of 2015: Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Adelaide vs Richmond, R19 of 2015

colin wood: will probably rub one out tonight if brodie smith tons up
dipstick: gees- dont seem like your night gonna have a happy ending then
snake_p: I wouldn’t hold your breath Colin. He’s been awful in recent weeks
Monger: Need Sloane to bounce back
Karlpov: Fire up Tigers need a big one tonight!
zadolinnyj: Evening gents
Monger: With deledio out I need Lambert to tonne
zadolinnyj: Go you crows
Heizenberg: Hi felows, how is everyone?
Heizenberg: Fellows*
Dangeroo: Up the crowies!
Heizenberg: Hi zad
zadolinnyj: Heiz
Heizenberg: Whats up zad? How r u?
danmaio: go Jroo, first goal please
zadolinnyj: How you doing Heisenberg?
Heizenberg: Yeah pretty good man
zadolinnyj: Maric first goal would have paid
danmaio: 50 on roo, and he starts in the fucken middle, what the fuck
Dangeroo: Filthy duck Grimesy
JRedden: got Lambert as F6 this week… going good so far
Bazza2014: richninth are the new duckers of the comp
zadolinnyj: Quack goes grimes
Bazza2014: Jredden one swallow doesnt make a spring
LuvIt74: Hope its a good game
wtf???: Typical Jenkins…useless
wtf???: Crows to bounce back tonight
LuvIt74: Using Lambert As my Mid bench
wtf???: Too many replays means missing live action
JRedden: hes been getting good scores, 80 from him and ill be happy
God_: Why is Vickey getting games again? There is nothing between the ears.
Costanza: perfect decoy
Raspel31: Evening all-no Fyfe and Buddy again-interesting round.
LuvIt74: Lever wtf are you
AngryRyno: sauce red hot tonight, up to 26sc already
wtf???: Composure from Danger…well played
wtf???: Danger on fire
SaintsMan: Ikr Luvit
LuvIt74: Dangerballs killin it atm
Dangeroo: Lever 100% defensive tonight, no chance for a good score
Grazz: couple of easy goals missed
AngryRyno: lever playing as a genuine defender, not going to find it much
Raspel31: We hope so wtf-go Danger.
OnTheRocks: go Sauce, Laird, Cotch and Martin!
Edders: am I the only one that thinks that defenders should get +1 for a spoil?
colin wood: Smiths laid 2 tackles in a quarter he’s on lads!!
Bazza2014: everyone loves a good sauce
auxDT: smith bluemoon
OnTheRocks: Defenders get a bit ripped off in the SC stakes
zadolinnyj: Smith was good there
wtf???: that looked on-the-full
colin wood: Except for Rance ontherocks
wtf???: Houli playing with no confidence
Bazza2014: where is too high on dusty?????
wtf???: Too high…charity goal to Tigers
Dangeroo: Gee whiz, bit rough on Brown there
Grazz: Martin threw it to Ellis there
zadolinnyj: How’s Browns head umpire
IHateChat: Are they booing?
Bazza2014: sucked in grimes dirty jelwood
zadolinnyj: IHateChat they are saying boo erns
Dangeroo: Lots of booing
wtf???: Lynch…take two
cobrakai00: Holding the ball everyday get over it
SaintsMan: My word lever. You uncho
Grazz: Thats better c;mon boys
Dangeroo: Dusty did throw it, that’s BS
cripdogs: everyone that’s booing is racist obviously
Bazza2014: sloane smokin
wtf???: What a pass from Sloane !!
zadolinnyj: Great to have Sloane back. Worm burner
LuvIt74: Sloppy game and I suggest Spec Savers use the umpires for one of their adverts…
Bazza2014: worms are now dead
Drak: Why doesn’t Goodes drink alcohol?
Heizenberg: Anyone here do stadium sport????
LuvIt74: Sloane on 60sc
Drak: Coz he can’t handle his Boo’ze
Bazza2014: Drak Goodes isnt involved in this game, keep racism out of it
Heizenberg: Hahahaha drak 🙂
Costanza: ha Drak the karD
Chelskiman: That was a shocking quarter. Ironically our straight kicking has kept us in the lead.
Bazza2014: Root out
cripdogs: hahah good one drak.. how is that racist bazza??
wtf???: @Bazza…130 runs too late
LuvIt74: Drak great one mate. lol I cant wait to see the Swans vs Cats game.
Drak: How is that racist?
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Bazza2014: making a joke of a blackman that has been the centre of a racist row, maybe you should look up the definition
m0nty: back on the game please
wtf???: Jenkins will be good trade bait…some sucker club will grab him
IHateChat: Have a kit kat, bazza.
cripdogs: you shoud refuse o come on here til ppl stop making funnyjokes coz its racist
boo!: smith on fire…lol
iZander: dang, i swear adelaide only tackle lambert haha
wtf???: what a mark
Grazz: Smith actually scoring ok, someone pinch me
colin wood: Smith still not using the ball well but
Grazz: Onya Tex
dipstick: @grazz youre living in fantasy land
Dangeroo: Good to see VB making good decisions again
Bazza2014: Carn the Cows!
Chelskiman: Adelaide are gonna roll us. I can already tell.
tigerman28: get a touch Martin!
dipstick: when hunts your best- yeh it aint look good
Grazz: Twilight zone Dipstick
Bazza2014: Best of the Thompson! woo hoo
LuvIt74: Carn the crows
wtf???: should be another 2-3 goals further ahead, but getting value now
J.Worrall: not being a loss to the FF community in general. This also covers racism,
tigerman28: A week is a long time in footy. This game is over. I’m switching over to the cricket.
dipstick: hahaha tigerman. the crickets a joke
colin wood: What a sadsack tiger man
Jukes82: lol, you sound like a pussy
iZander: you’d think a richmond supporter would be able to cope with losing pretty well, your down by 5 points not 50 @tigerman
sticky12: Ge’ez tiger an, if u only care about the result just read it in the paper tomorrow
happytimes: I like pussy
tigerman28: Cannot believe Mr Megan Gale is in the ruck instead of Ivan. Geez boys, lighten up. I was only joking about the cricket.
sticky12: Haha
Karlpov: Hahaha these umps are clueless
Chelskiman: How was that not a push in the back against Betts. fucking bullshit.
SubOptimal: rarely happytimes without it
wtf???: Danger desparate…terrific
sticky12: Bazza Thompson nailing it. One of my favourite pod in my team
dipstick: with freo wanting to lose to wce so hawks miss 2nd, anyone reckon fyfe back within 2 wks?
wtf???: Both teams just lifted…great footy
Dangeroo: Chucked the C on Thommo, lovin it!
happytimes: Looks like Sloan is back
colin wood: Tez looks ominous tonight despite that kick lol
sticky12: Nice dangeroo. Free won’t risk losing to we…not after saints roll them this weekend dipstick
iZander: chucking captain on a person vs richmond is pretty brave, they are the stingiest club for points (assuming in dt or af)
Chelskiman: Finally, Dusty!
zadolinnyj: Hartigan should not be playing afl
LuvIt74: Comedy of errors. Very sloppy game
zadolinnyj: Key defender and full forward on next years shopping list
dipstick: if hawks beat WCE guaranteed freo lose to WCE next week
zadolinnyj: Otten must be close to return
Bazza2014: keep going scotty
casey22: Lever is the Crows version of Zac Dawson: identical!
Dangeroo: Not a problem for Thommo! Loves the tiges
zadolinnyj: Bit harsh on lever. He has had some big return for a first year player
dipstick: @colin wood your yank is lookin ominous later aswell
auxDT: Chris Pratt playing for tigers as no. 33?
wtf???: Crows always to the pocket…WHY?
Bazza2014: geezus i just noticed the texan. go tex
wtf???: OK…that’s why…nice goal Tex
Bazza2014: top 3 scorers for crows, giggling a little bit
Chelskiman: Dimma needs to give the boys one of his famous sprays. We are extremely lucky to be this close.
dipstick: why have hampson and maric? ridiculous! why have hampson? lol
tigerman28: Hampton has a webcam set up in his shower. Only reason any team would employ him
colin wood: Smith 53 at half time.. I stand by it Klein one out tonight if he tons up!
mijg: Houli lambert smith and laird. Ill take that so far.
Bazza2014: dusty 66sc
colin wood: Rub one out’
colmullet: Bloody hampson ruining Maric
heppelitis: agreed colmullet
dipstick: @colin wood sit on ya hand for half hour and give yaself a stranger if he tons up
man0005: agreed colmullet
wtf???: My opponent has Rance…LOL
wtf???: Then again, I have Lever : (
OnTheRocks: Rance for mare symbol?
dipstick: its final time boys. whos lookin good?
OnTheRocks: @Colin wood: should make that twice if Australia survive the Ashes 🙂
Jukes82: rance mare? lol muppets.
zadolinnyj: I’m looking good Dipstick. Week off next week I would think
frenzy: let me guess Rance must be 45sc still
Bazza2014: Alex Rance 28
zadolinnyj: 30 frenzy and still way too much. He is being smashed
wtf???: AUS to make 600 in 2nd innings and win…yeah!!!
eski_liddr: why is rane rated? not a bombers man but god hurley can run rings around that bloke
Jukes82: who subbed out? lloyd is on the ground
OnTheRocks: that’s the spirit wtf!
eski_liddr: *rance
frenzy: gets over inflated weekly
Jukes82: must be grimes
OnTheRocks: we got the Ashes in the bag
dipstick: @wtf check the stats! home teams win 90% of crickets series. never bet on the away team!!
Edders: can someone please get a truck and run over jacobs. Guy is killing me
colin wood: Ontherocks done deal mate
tigerman28: You are killing me, Maric!
wtf???: @Dipstick…appologies if I sounded serious.
colin wood: Elders hope that truck get a flat tyre! Keep hook Jacobs!!’
happytimes: Danger just wants the ball
eski_liddr: danger climbing going to be a decent score ffs
happytimes: Cotchin gets pushed out of the way with a feather
OnTheRocks: then take the ball to Geelong 😛
LuvIt74: crows should be at least 5 goals in front, if they kicked straight.
colin wood: How aren’t the crows 5 goals in front?
eski_liddr: danger settle down mate you leather hog
colin wood: Great minds think alike luvit lol
wtf???: @Colin…because they persist in kicking to the pockets
LuvIt74: @Colin cant kick straight?
LuvIt74: 9 more scoring shots yet only 10 point margin…
dipstick: i need the scores close so danger houli and martin get inflated sc
colin wood: Brodie smith is back to his normal role…
Edders: thats better Jacobs, running over the ball and leaving it to Maric
eski_liddr: Ellis as a POD has done me an ashes job
Buzz67: This is what I hoped Walker would do all year – turn into a new Nick Riewoldt
frenzy: c’mon Smith the 2nd half have started without you
gdshifty: do something sloan
casey22: Bloody Lever; nearly got a kick, nearly got a mark; nearly got a tackle etc etc
tigerman28: Absolute carnage at the cricket – embarrassing
eski_liddr: its winter boys lets not think or talk about cricket..ever happened
danmaio: cmon Jacobs, still a game to be played out
casey22: England 325 in front like Crows should be
FlagDog: C’mon Lambert get some more ball
Bazza2014: catch smudge
LuvIt74: Id love Lambert to get 80 or so.
FlagDog: Dusty!!
colin wood: Richmond will win
danmaio: soft kick
FlagDog: Yes Loveit, played him as F6 tonight
Jukes82: smith sc?
LuvIt74: Crows 6 points in the 3rd to Richmonds 1 Goal…lol
colin wood: Climbing jukes!!!
J.Worrall: lever nearly ever rarely
LuvIt74: Smith 67sc
wtf???: Thats Jenkins 1 good thing so he gets a game next week
SaintsMan: danger sc and lever sc?
LuvIt74: ok nice to see crows quick answer
colin wood: Smith 71sc
Bazza2014: jerker
LuvIt74: danger 89 & lever 36sc
dipstick: time for clarke to pack his bags and fuck off from the cricket team
LuvIt74: Smith 76sc
Dangeroo: Least JJ can kick a goal tonight
mijg: Lambert gone cold
Chelskiman: fuck this, I’m going to watch the cricket. That’s more interesting at the moment and that’s saying something.
LuvIt74: @dipstick The Aussies should of got rid of oth Ponting & Clark at least 2 years prior.
wtf???: Who the flower wants to take their WAG on a cricket tour?
frenzy: no deledio, no tigers
Bazza2014: cows cows cows
LuvIt74: Its the Dangermouse
colin wood: Danger vc has paid off I think
cripdogs: thats racist bazza
OnTheRocks: Tigers are Gawn
LuvIt74: Carn the Cows…
Bazza2014: fuckoff crip
LuvIt74: Danger 103sc
colin wood: Rance has been given a bath tonight. Overrated
Bazza2014: your obviously too young crip for the camry cows
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
J.Worrall: camry camry camry
eski_liddr: stay down danger u flog
Jukes82: lol won 8 from last 10.
Bazza2014: is there kids on this site? makes sense with the attitudes and demeanour ..
LuvIt74: good old Prince Albert hotel
eski_liddr: hurley over rance – duno why his rated above that silly haircut bloke
Raspel31: Call me a naysayer but I never believed Richmond was anywhere near being a contender.
willywalks: captained tex in my dt matchday, had i picked jacobs over maric i’d be nearly getting the 10k…
eski_liddr: 9thmond for 7th
wtf???: Crows didn’t turn up in Sydney coz they knew this was the game they HAVE to win
dipstick: @colin really need smith to pull his finger out so you can pull the meat and potatas out. lift smith!!
Raspel31: You captained Tex ?. Really. Brave-but might just pay off.
tigerman28: Bazza, don’t reckon kids would be able to have the brainpower for fantasy footballl.
J.Worrall: Kids with silly haircuts frequent this site
frenzy: me dad lets me, Lol
eski_liddr: i have a respectable haircut an im an immature nutcase with a senior job
cripdogs: how dare you racially slur me bazza
willywalks: thats why i did it raspel, so many would have gone danger, need a point of difference for a chance at winning
LuvIt74: akamartin…
heppelitis: ellis gone awol
OnTheRocks: vc Sauce thankyou very much
tigerman28: Aussies have to bat for 10 mins before lunch. How many wickets can they lose?
Raspel31: Got Tex and danger willy-capped danger-interesting
LuvIt74: Rance u idiot…lol
Bazza2014: rance muppet
dipstick: martin with 3 goals and 94% de needs an atlas
Jackina: Rance heard footsteps!
zadolinnyj: Rance will get 20sc points for the dropped mark
colin wood: Come on smith get around him
frenzy: nic nat out of tomorrow nite team
eski_liddr: rance is so overrated ..that missed mark proves it
Raspel31: Trail by only 327 tigerman -Clarke willwin this-smirk.
wtf???: @Frenzy…really?…good for me.
eski_liddr: bogus info alert
OnTheRocks: where’d you hear about nicnat?
colin wood: In for a big night danger VC, jacobs, smith and dusty
LuvIt74: Martin & Danger both on 120sc
danmaio: source frenzy
wtf???: mCrows need a goal to regain momentum
OnTheRocks: @Tiger: we survived the first over without losing 2 wickets so we’re well on our way
wtf???: or suff out any threat
Bazza2014: rocks jinx
frenzy: FanFooty live tweet, fox footy live
Bazza2014: wtf NIc nat?
colin wood: Tigers far from premiership contenders
cripdogs: crows flag favourites
banta: worst decision of the year (bar the kreuz non mark). that ump should be sacked
Raspel31: As a Pom I hope Australia makes 70. Back to the footy.
FlagDog: Killing me Lambert…
Bazza2014: crouch has been good
OnTheRocks: fox footy alive in the tweet box confirmed nicnat out
zadolinnyj: Opponent has nicnat and no trades so fine
Bazza2014: woo hoo nic nat out
tigerman28: If the nic nat info is bs then ban please m0nty
Dangeroo: no-one within 20m of where the ball first bounced, not too unfair
eski_liddr: lets hope australia makes more than the essendon average score this year
danmaio: isnt that racist Bazza
JRedden: this win is awesome for the dogs… if we beat port tomorrow we go a game ahead of richmond
wtf???: @Zad…my opponent to. : )
Raspel31: Lol eski-sad.
cripdogs: ya cant cheer about a black mans misfortune bazza tut tut
colmullet: Hampson deserves a symbol monty
OnTheRocks: Cotchin has the Max Payne haircut happening
Bazza2014: your a dog crip, im a hawks member for 32 yrs. lmao
colin wood: Lift Brodie I want this ton
happylab: nic nat out
LuvIt74: Sloane looked like he was limping
cripdogs: wtf has that got to do with anything ?
Jackina: This is easily the most complete performance by the crows this year, bar the goal kicking
eski_liddr: im sad raspel
RooBoyStu: Should have had Carlton on tonight
wtf???: Who says men can’t multi-task…
LuvIt74: Who ever said Nic Nat was out is talking crap
eski_liddr: ellis needs to be reported to missing persons his parents are worried
wtf???: I’m watching footy, commenting on here, keeping an eye on the cricket, playing online poker, and drinking
m0nty: NicNat is actually out
RooBoyStu: Tigers ain’t winning their first flag since 1980, lol $13 they were
wtf???: #manheaven
LuvIt74: If onlythe crows kicked straight then the tigers percentage would have suffered
circle52: fou you luv AFL advises Nic Naitanui has withdrawn from WCoast team v Hawthorn. Scott Lycett comes into the 22. Brant Co
banta: umpires having a mare. disgraceful.
happylab: Lol rekt @luvit74
Edders: 14 runs down, another 600 runs and we have a shot
banta: game over tigs and so are your top 4 chances
Karlpov: hahahaha who’s this bald umpire.. blokes got no clue
heppelitis: what a crazy free
Raspel31: Indeed Luvit-29 scoring shots to 11. Says it all.
Dangeroo: umps giving richmond what they usually give to their opponents
FlagDog: FFS Lambert. Sigh.
sticky12: Funny people writing off the Tigers after 1 off game. They’ve won more games than lost against top 4 teams.
carlton_99: richmond are 1st for frees this yr by a clear margin
Bazza2014: take that richninth, back to earth
tigerman28: Thanks, m0nty
wtf???: Tiges a threat in Melbourne…hard to back-up on the road.
frenzy: how did tigers last finals appearance go again?
heppelitis: lmfao
FlagDog: Walker is the X factor by kicking 2 goals?
LuvIt74: All my 4 opponents have Nic Nat well that helps me heaps…
colin wood: Come on Brodie
sticky12: That’s irrelevant frenzy
cripdogs: could have something todo wih his 21 possies and 10 marks flagdog
Raspel31: We are all fond of Richmond Tiges-we just can’t take them seriously
FlagDog: Missing 5 shots should remove you of anything as a forward…
RooBoyStu: Sloane ying yang done f all 2nd half
carlton_99: august may be big boy month
frenzy: back to earth for the wood grubs
Bazza2014: houli two muppets in 3 weeks
gdshifty: sloan had a good first quarter. Dunno how you figure ying yang…
wtf???: Danger sc please?
RooBoyStu: who’s sloan?
circle52: Danger 144
zadolinnyj: Sloane has not got the match fitness. Only way is up from here for him
danmaio: another slur Bazza, you on fire
Karlpov: Tex coulda had 10
Bazza2014: children
zadolinnyj: Sloan is ferris Buelars girlfriend
3rdstriker: Sloane 49 points first half 48 second, not a ying yang
colin wood: Smith 96 one more touch will do it
cripdogs: got something against muslims baz ??/
Bazza2014: killing richninth p% loving it
RooBoyStu: lol
Bazza2014: i got something about you DOG
LuvIt74: I wont take Levers 58sc score, I’ll risk playing Alex Pearce.
frenzy: beaver atlas LMFAO
wtf???: think I’ll thake Dangers 144 as VC…thanks
cripdogs: oh ok now youre slurring my asian heritage ?? can you ban this racist monty ?
casey22: I’m positive Jack has an mood problem, just not interested
OnTheRocks: fking Cotch has been a passenger tonight
LuvIt74: This loss could be massive for the doggies
Bazza2014: $$$$$$ tastes good
danmaio: Careful LuvIt, He is under a cloud
zadolinnyj: Danger with ice on the calf. Hopefully a knock only
Bazza2014: dogs top4 when cats win
Yelse: omg did you see danger calf iced?
Raspel31: And so the mud crabs begin their slide down.
mijg: Laird ripped bastards
Bazza2014: shud have been 70 pts
the worm: a respectable 9th
heppelitis: wonder how long b4 tigers selectors work out..maric/hampson combo hurts them
frenzy: gee Laird got dik’d
kano22: Adelaide Crows crowd a massive collection of flogs
AngryRyno: always laird gets the short end of the straw

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