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Chat log from R18 of 2015: Fremantle vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Sydney, R18 of 2015

wadaramus: Bugger, Lambert on the bench in the fwd line, Steele sub.
casey22: Zac’s back? Thought he had retired
Torz: Injured Casey.
dipstick: @casey wasnt it dawson who’s living in lyons garage?
Torz: Walters having a field day so far.
casey22: What? He got injured in Lyon’s garage?
J.Worrall: Somethiong nasty in the woodshed
dipstick: cmon shaw mundy and neale. need some tasty scores to finish
wadaramus: Dawson’s elbow.
ryanbob: Typical, first time I verse someone with Walters and he dominates it
dashurg: How can Shaw have 1 mupoet as well as 100% DE?
m0nty: clangers include FA
auxDT: Steele as sub hurts a bit
DirtyDawn: Is Barlow DT relevant going into next year?
colmullet: not if he’s playing high half forward Dawn, been horrible this year
dashurg: ahh yeah makes sense
DirtyDawn: Agreed, but considering he’s prob moving into the back end of his career, his legs wont tolerate midfield 100%
Torz: Heath Shaw tombstone
Torz: Maybe not..
wadaramus: Shaw not done yet!
willywalks: great, needed shaw to play well today…
Andrew37: Ban Torz
colmullet: he’s only like 27 Dawn :p
Torz: As if Andrew. Are you even watching the game? Looked gone.
fshow: i have to change my undies now torz
willywalks: ward needs to get amongst more for my dt and the giants
Andrew37: “looked’ maube get some actual information before you try to be the first to reveal news
willywalks: and shaw is gone anyway…
Andrew37: it isn’t a tombstone…
willywalks: andrew37, get off your high horse, all the commentators said he had done his knee initially and he still may have
auxDT: Cmon get Steele on
Pantsman: It was a fair call by Torz.
willywalks: so who is subbed off if it isnt shaw, apparently steele is on
Andrew37: shaw is out there.
dipstick: if shaw is gome i am gone and he can pack his mockies and tell his story walkin
colmullet: Buntine concussion sub i think
Torz: It was a spur of the moment call.
3rdstriker: Thank fuck for that, go heater
Andrew37: this feed would be full of “tombstone” calls if we said it everytime a player went down and it “looked” bad
dipstick: fuck! fuck! first my opps sub colq comes early and now steele. fuck!
colin wood: come on ibbo…. get in the game boy
fshow: there’s just no journalistic integrity in the ff chat box anymore
Jukes82: buntine better come back on the ground
Pokerface: lol fshow
Torz: And would it matter? This chat is full of sensationalist comments. It’s not like it’s credible journalism.
m0nty: it did look very bad, to be fair
m0nty: pay attention to the icons, not the chat 🙂
fshow: put a rocket up him anyway.
gdshifty: another high scoring affair with the Shockers
3rdstriker: Heater clearly needed something to get him going, killing it since “the incident”
Torz: No, not the blood rule. Needed that badly for Griffo. Forced to play him on the ground this week.
AngryRyno: buntine was concussed two weeks back, they won’t risk him
Pantsman: Pretty close to a Muppet that kick by Pearce!
DirtyDawn: png?? Im an advocate
dipstick: well hopefully ‘the incident’ spurs him on to a 1 fitty
DirtyDawn: Did you guys see Michael Walters dance after his goal? I liked it, very celebratory. Good job.
willywalks: i’m down 9 with griff, ward, shaw and mundy vs pearco, ibbo and barlow, do i win?
willywalks: alex pearce that is
fshow: yeah willy. i’m down 39 with shaw and mundy v steele. what ya reckon?
SaintsMan: you’re joking fshow?
fshow: i mean yeah you’ll win willy
fshow: from now saint man
SaintsMan: Lets say steele gets 60 this quarter which he probably wont. You’re down 99. Shaw is on 60 and Mundy is on 59. You Win
Wends: What the Callan Ward?
fshow: like including their score up to this point in tije
fshow: i mean including everyones score up until this point in time
fshow: i know i will likely still win but hearing it from someone else is calming
Wends: Have missed the game – what was the “incident”?
Pokerface: it was broadcast in chat that he did his knee Wends
SaintsMan: Has butine been subbed?
Wends: Ah thanks Pokerface. And yes Buntine subbed Saintsman.
Raspel31: God-6 hit outs to 33-who would ruck against Sandilands?
fshow: nic nat beats him
frenzy: every points a bonus now A pearce, thanks bro
Wends: A Pearce now on a delicious 65SC.
colin wood: oh ibbo youve let me down my friend…
wadaramus: @Wends, it looked lie Shaw had done his knee, only to get up and play on!
RooBoyStu: McPharlin winding back the clock
frenzy: taken me past 2500sc @Wends
willywalks: griffin has vanished, why did i trade him in…
willywalks: and sure enough, he drops a handball in the goal square leading to a goal, muppet worthy m0nty
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Griffen drops a Shaw handball cold in the Freo goalsquare, the ball flips out to Walters for the easy goal.
Flanno: Griffen spud?
Jukes82: Mundy done fuck all this 1/4
Sloaneyyyy: what is this shit, Ward???
The39Steps: is this ZD’s highest ever DT score?
SaintsMan: Keep going shaw you gun
Wends: Like magic Wada! He’s a wiley old fox.
Wends: Exactly Sloaneyy. Think Ward must be having a personal day.
willywalks: seriously, its easy for ward and griffin to stand up against average competition, but when its a tough where are they?
Torz: Dawson’s highest DT score is 89. Round 10, 2009
willywalks: giants in big trouble, lobb and WHE are gone for the day by the looks…
Wends: That free kick a/g Giants for OOF a few minutes ago was diabolical.
willywalks: sorry, downie, not lobb
J.Worrall: Liiffffttt Wardy!
poolboybob: McPharlin blue moon
wadaramus: Was looking very dire if Shaw had done his knee, only one trade left!
boydshow: sandi v ward + steele + 9, and I might be a chance 😀
Ermaz: Ward sc please?
The39Steps: RDT 2222 with Neale, Shaw and Barlow qtr to come.
Wends: SC cape for Ward this quarter, can feel it in my pouch.
The39Steps: Should read RDT 2222 with Neale, Shaw and Barlow last qtr to come.
dipstick: @39 yeh thats what it said. you said the same thing again
frenzy: Nooooo Ross Lyon U flog not sub him
Jukes82: well done ross lyon you legend, sub the cunt out!
colin wood: Come on ibbo…
frenzy: c’mon GWS teach that muppet a lesson
dipstick: cmon shaw triple combo bogan poer up
poolboybob: Can’t believe Cameron doesn’t have a band aid considering that his nose has been gushing the whole game
dipstick: *power
wadaramus: Ward 49sc.
J.Worrall: furl
casey22: 33 & Mundy in DT vs Barlow & Griffen; I’m worried
boo!: neale and mundy sc please if anyone has it
wadaramus: furl?
colin wood: Ibbo drops from 43 to 34?? Sc is a joke
wadaramus: Neale 81sc.
wadaramus: Mundy 87sc.
boo!: thanks @wadaramus
pharace: Know what you mean Woody – I’m not going to do SC next season – seems too manipulated
Jukes82: d.pearce sc?
dipstick: @boo names like yours are considered racist to goodesy
wadaramus: Ibbo 42sc.
Hawks_15: anyone know what barlows sc score is?
the worm: @pharace I abandoned sc years ago…
dipstick: piss off for pearce off lyon
Torz: Loving your work Neale.
frenzy: ya just need to select the players that CD select
wadaramus: Pearce 81sc.
wadaramus: DT vs SC argument again?
colin wood: True pharace I don’t think the scoring system is fair
colin wood: Ibbo should be well over 50 he’s been prett good this last q
JDolling69: Do something Mundy ffs
boo!: do something mundy
the worm: SC…where fwds kick 7 and get 90, defenders get 130 form 15 touches…
J.Worrall: Yep you bet, frenzy
casey22: Get the ball Mundy, ffs
Ermaz: Ward sc? In a very tight match
Andrew37: scoring system is fine. The scaling however…
dipstick: we all know SC scoring is laughable and ridicluos but its the same for evryone
RooBoyStu: Barlow you beauty!
wadaramus: SC is awesome if you have Goldy in your team.
Torz: Great stuff Treloar.
Hawks_15: sc scoring is exactly like the way footy is played. There is no set rule in footy just like sc
AngryRyno: neale going large
wadaramus: Heath Shaw you bloody ripper.
Wends: Took the C off him wada at last min, due to poor past record v Blues 🙁
RooBoyStu: sc would be better if no scaling imo
AngryRyno: as corrupt as sc can be, surely it’s preferable to DT
Sloaneyyyy: impressive quarter for Weller
the worm: if u turn ur opponent inside out and completely lose himand win possesion, is it contested?
dipstick: @hawks yeh right SC where goldy can be the 2nd best in the league and having no chance of brownlow.
wadaramus: Doh! Did you get on Jelwood?
rooboypete: Treloar v Mundy & Neale. Finger nail stuff
RooBoyStu: Dawson needs a spud to go with the tv
wadaramus: Scaling just distributes the leftover points?
dipstick: @rooboy there has to be scaling. its based on 75pts per 44 players
Wends: Held him thru the famine in RDT; missed the boat this week – got Priddis!
rooboypete: up by four….
frenzy: heater sc Pls?
wadaramus: He might poll well for a ruckman dipstick?
The39Steps: Would Dockers be upset at losing Dawson and Crozier. Only help them I think.
Wends: This new fulla Loob tho, doing alright!
RooBoyStu: if Goldy doesn’t finish top 5 in Brownlow, the umps are blind
rooboypete: Neale stop handballing
wadaramus: Hot Heater 137sc!
pharace: @andrew37 – agree scaling a problem, but like waiting for the lottery numbers
rooboypete: down by four….
frenzy: cheers wadaramus
wadaramus: He is just so dominant, it would be a shame if he wasn’t recognised at Brownlow level.
willywalks: legendary shaw, great work in getting me the W, unlike griffin..
RooBoyStu: wish fan footy had a brownlow post with live votes and chat
wadaramus: Great idea RooBoy! Get on it m0nty!
johnoP: looks like im headed for my first 2500+ sc score. happy dayz
willywalks: too many flogs on here for that roo
rooboypete: still down by 1. waiting/hoping for adjustments…
johnoP: jake steele will have hurt many ppls score
RooBoyStu: lol would add to the night
DTmuppet: 2300 dt solid score
Wends: @Frenzy was it u who was going to hit 2500 with A Pearce??
boydshow: @rooboy 3196 before scaling so 3.3% up
wadaramus: Heater deserves 150!
dipstick: rooboy on 3196 before scaling my alps

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