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Chat log from R18 of 2015: Essendon vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Essendon vs Western Bulldogs, R18 of 2015

MattyZ: This is my tip to be the most 50-50 game this year
Pavalinco: Put the c on Boyd. Do me proud.
m0nty: Dogs by plenty IMO
drapes15: i should have tipped the dons reckon theyll get up
Torz: Biggs has somewhat taken Boyd’s sweeping half back role.
mijg: Another ton for fyfe NOB
drapes15: just waiting for hibberd to drop off now
willywalks: cmon picken, of all the weeks i need you to score, this is the one…
FlagDog: Stanton and Hibbo, get stuffed.
beg4mercy: i need daulhaus to have more possies than stanton to win my multi
drapes15: goodluck beg stanton is a seagull
dj9343: @beg 4 mercy – Stanton is a possession pig – you went for a high impact fwd over a low impact rack-em-up mid?
gdshifty: shortest quarter ever?
AngryRyno: that multi is in some serious strife already
dipstick: @gdshifty GREAT guess. second shortest qtr since 1916 they said
Bazza2014: how long?
zadolinnyj: 23 mins
JDolling69: sorry guys, traded in goddard
AngryRyno: crameri lighting it up against his old mob
gdshifty: wow. Cheers @dipstick. Seemed like only 3 minutes of time on
drapes15: chose selwood over goddard this week (Y)
willywalks: stanton u muppet, empty possessions…
dipstick: his name is floggard. and he…. is a flog
willywalks: only took the best part of 40min to score a goal, goin well boys…
eski_liddr: wouldnt b surprised to hear most don supporters wanting to loose..n look for a draft pick
willywalks: we might as well currently, im pulling for bonts and picken in my dt side i know!
zadolinnyj: Bomber players lose to abuse each other
zadolinnyj: They would like to inject more talent into their squad eski
zadolinnyj: Love to abuse each other
eski_liddr: jezze the hate is strong with you kiddo
Fury: 100 point win coming right up…
eski_liddr: what a mark!
eski_liddr: some exciting young doggies about! imagine when libba is back in the squad
zadolinnyj: Be more selfish bonts. Hit those goals
deanie: Cmon Wallis get some touches mate
poolboybob: They should sack Hird at half time
willywalks: still think this will be a 50-50 game MattyZ haha
dipstick: if goddard doesnt lift my team will stink like a james hird
eski_liddr: been overseas for a few years and could honestly say essendon has to be the most hated team – would be brutal to b a fan
poolboybob: Melksham is a crab. Should be delisted.
eski_liddr: would think theres about 5 or 6 players that have past their prime too slow too old
MattyZ: Collingwood by a mile eski surely
pies13: ya think mattyz? haha
eski_liddr: all year ive been active on forums and chat (both on here n a few others) essendon looks to be a sure thing
Jukes82: bont sc?
eski_liddr: but then again MattyZ – collingwood is a given – think its just a massive shift in public opinion
pies13: not here eski my mob most hated by far!
MattyZ: shush you dirty pies fan pies13 😉
MattyZ: it’s not an on field hatred eski, the essendon thing is all of field stuff that we dont discuss here 😉
ryanbob: Macrae only 39 sc ? Why is his score so low for his stats
eski_liddr: haha say no more. Anyone have Goddard SC?
pies13: par rdt score thnis week?
pies13: this
dipstick: at pies 1900 with bonts goddard neale mundy in top 100. about 2200+
fshow: par will be 2150 for top 5000 imo
rickyb80: i got no problem with Collingwood. hawthorns the team i truly hate
rickyb80: makes beating them friday night even sweeter. 3 out of 4 i believe
pies13: im 2000 wiv heple bont n heater 2 come rankd 2k every year never can krak it always 2k!
pies13: sorry 2ooo wiv bont n heps playing wiv heater 2 play
wadaramus: Goddard 43sc.
Pokerface: why do you hate hawks fans ricky. we aren’t arrogant…
Pokerface: we’ve had to go through our peaks and troughs like everyone else. like friday. that was a trough
Shiri: finally melksham recognised for the complete spud he is.
LuvIt74: Evening m0nty and all
eski_liddr: @Shiri = wpuld have to agree
LuvIt74: Dogs defence impeccable…
LuvIt74: 2095 with Goddard, Murphy, Dahlhaus, Mundy, Shaw
eski_liddr: essendon has way too many passengers – their issue is that no free agents would want to come there either.
pies13: im logn off luvit is here
pies13: haha
LuvIt74: Later Pies you guys should follow the doggies m8…lol
J.Worrall: weak as, pies13
pies13: cya all next pies game
dipstick: @eski free agency will keep 4 or so teams at the top for a long time. wonder who freo will get for pav
pies13: it was a joke worrall
LuvIt74: Take care Pies13 just remember to bring the tissues with ya when ya come next pies game. lol
zadolinnyj: Dahlhaus closing on stanton
eski_liddr: agreed dipstick it clearly needs work
J.Worrall: i know
LuvIt74: Pav to old so they wont get anyone decent surly. The teams to watc in the future are GWS & Dogs
LuvIt74: If you look at GWS list of players its bloody scary.
dipstick: @luvit talking free agency mate. im sure pav is on big $$
dipstick: yeh but GWS will thin out when the boys want their $$ they have a window of the next 3 years i reckon
pies13: yeah i will luvit gone threw a few boxes last 6weeks
LuvIt74: @dipstick ya reckon he’s on $400k+?
DTmuppet: big quarter already from the haus
LuvIt74: Carn Crameri
LuvIt74: Dahlhaus 72sc
dipstick: well titch is supoosedly on 500K+ so youd think so
auxDT: witches hat steinberg
Pokerface: giles doing enough to hold his spot
Jukes82: bont sc??
LuvIt74: Bont 80sc
Jukes82: thanks
deanie: Wallis SC?
JDolling69: do something goddard you are killing me
colin wood: Wallis 83sc
LuvIt74: Hate to say it but dogs play better without Tom Boyd, he needs to learn how to mark.
LuvIt74: Floggard 57sc
LuvIt74: Wallis 77sc
deanie: Thanks for that Colin wood
colmullet: Murphy asleep today?
LuvIt74: We need percentage hope they can sustain this margin
Ben_Gogos: JJ is a beast
auxDT: the package does it again
poolboybob: Raise your game Heppell
LuvIt74: @colmullet unfortunately it seems that way, same with Goddard and i got both ffs
J.Worrall: Ball of string = package … thanks BT p
colmullet: yeah same here Luvit, had to be one bad game this weekend
DTmuppet: haus cape
Raspel31: Sometimes Goddard just seems to throw in the towel.
RooBoyStu: Great Quarter Dahlhaus!
LuvIt74: Dogs percentage 112.02% right now
J.Worrall: C’mon, DogHouse, more more more
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
Torz: Need some Boyd junk time.
ryanbob: You’re killing me macrae
Fury: Pls witches hat for Spudberg
LuvIt74: Afternoon Dirty
LuvIt74: Murphy & Goddard are killing me, i hope they can hit around 70
dipstick: ffs goddard stand up. watson is out ya slacker
wadaramus: Dahlhaus DE killing his SC.
LuvIt74: Murphy isn’t doing much for SC but playing a great game in defence
Lionheart: Dahlhaus is killing it!!! He was my trade up this week!
LuvIt74: Keeping Saad was my smartest move so far. Saved a trade & he is a genuine 80 point scorer…
LuvIt74: Wish I put A Pearce on in my defence, doing well so far..
drapes15: whats Dahl SC?
dipstick: whats with bont? is he off?
fshow: goddard u gotta do something now. really focus on yur fantasy score now the game is lost
MattyZ: Send your votes for icons boys!
dipstick: goddard for alpshole icon
Pokerface: seagull for goddard
Pokerface: crameri easily star
willywalks: stanton is the biggest seagul going around
Pokerface: dahl x factor
Fury: Maybe magnet for Stants or, sure, seagull.
willywalks: haus the x factor
dipstick: matty boyd subbed sheesh
drapes15: Goddard 3 votes
Apachecats: who had the haus /stanton possesion bet.Looking a chance.
rooboypete: WHAT!! Boyd subbed!!! Nooooo
RooBoyStu: Ambrose no wood icon?
RooBoyStu: just refreshed all good
rooboypete: Boyd & Browne being subbed has ruined my chance of winning this weekend
RooBoyStu: tough game for votes
dipstick: you 2 rooboys typing on the same PC?
Pavalinco: Captain Boyd. Awesome.
rooboypete: us rooboys need to stick together
fshow: carn picken and wallis haven’t touch it this qtr
fshow: bang
RooBoyStu: lol no dipstick
colin wood: come on wallis keep going mate please
rooboypete: had the choice of ABrowne or APearce to put on the field
rooboypete: I choose poorly….
WizMan: Bronwyn Bishop to coach the bombers next year
MattyZ: Melksham is actually worse than bad
drapes15: wonder if hibberd can crack the tonne
dipper33: Junk it up O’brien
MattyZ: i need some sort of double spud icon for his type
colin wood: bin for murphy..
dipstick: re-view complete. confirm umpy flog
RooBoyStu: you can put 2 icons on a player put 2 spuds on him lol
willywalks: you can have two icons per player, why not?
willywalks: cmon bonts and picken, get all oscar the grouch and junk it up!
drapes15: Caleb Daniel needs a helmet icon
rooboypete: $ sign for C Daniel??
rooboypete: Couldn’t agree more willywalks
rooboypete: $ for Prudden too?
Jukes82: bont sc ?
drapes15: hibberd is just teasing with the ton
fshow: fricken picken, i picked him for winnin
dipstick: poor tiges fans. doggies just overtook you
Torz: Daniel generating some really good $$
MattyZ: some icons aren’t on both icon tabs, it’s very annoying sometimes 🙁
Raspel31: Whoops-88 pointball game.
fshow: finally heppell. been a while between drinks
MattyZ: get on m0nty to make a helmet icon for daniel, great idea
fshow: how long left?
jfitty: Yin Yang for Daniel? He didn’t do a lot in the first half
poolboybob: Daniel loving that rubbish bin
auxDT: cheers Hibberd
RooBoyStu: use the +1 icon so spud +1 lol
Pokerface: any microwave burning membershps on youtube yet?
fshow: time left?
m0nty: my call of Dogs by plenty is looking decent
fshow: never mind
MattyZ: wait for it…
J.Worrall: so clever, m0nty!
gdshifty: Prudden with $ symbol?
MattyZ: double spud for a little bit while we calm down from that massive slaughter
ryanbob: why did macrae get scored so little? 27 disposals at 74 de is surely worth more than 83
Planking: genius m0nty 😐
Number 8: Essendon is a shell of a club
jfitty: Are Dahl and Bonts SC around the wrong way?
frenzy: must be sack Hird time
MattyZ: Lachie hunter was actually so good, if he does this for the rest of the season I’m on him next year
Jukes82: Na, the difference Bont is all class.
Roksta: Lol Essendon go dogs!!!

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