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Chat log from R19 of 2015: Collingwood vs Carlton

Chat log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R19 of 2015

AngryRyno: pendles VC to go large & the pies to win by 43
man0005: murphy VC to go large & the blues to win by 43
AngryRyno: as a blues fan, i hope for that to be that case
desmondo: LOL I like your sense of humour man0005
desmondo: Blues couldn`t win if they stared now lol
Redraptor: I reckon Blues are a chance…not much of a chance but still a chance
Yelse: why aren’t they previewing the pies vs blues game
AngryRyno: looks like white will be following pendles
grossn: Good kick from Swan
poolboybob: Swan with the ultimate clanger
happytimes: Go blues
AngryRyno: faultless pre season under his belt and i’ll be taking kreuz next year
Ben_Gogos: Not a hard tag on Pendlebury, more focussed around stoppages
the worm: blues really miss the class of liam jones up forward
poolboybob: lol you can already hear how disgusted the commentators are with the poor skills.
pies13: carn pies!
grossn: Agreed AngryRyno Goldstein and Kruezer as my rucks next year it looks like
happytimes: Boo pies
dipstick: @grossn come onnn? goldy will cost about 2.6million at the start off next year the way he’s goin
Yelse: If gold worth 850K next year would you pick him up??
AngryRyno: goldy will cost as much as gold itself
AngryRyno: pig & pendles 39sc each
drapes15: cant afford to get goldy next year if hes 800+
grossn: No wouldnt take an 800k player hahaha
kangawalla: Greenwood proving to be a great “player of difference”.
Ben_Gogos: Adams playing more of a HFF role today
happytimes: Any danger bell
dipstick: wtf is with steele sidealps lately. lift ya fucken game! its finals time sunshine!
pies13: lift pies!
SubOptimal: is that germophobia comment true? wtf?
Yelse: why would penddles spend 5 mins on the bench
happytimes: No it’s not sub. He’s just a different unit
RooBoyStu: @Yelse to put his Flemington Quaddie on
carlton_99: these commenattors on foxtel havent had one good thing to say about us, everythjing we do they find a way to make it loo
SubOptimal: ty for clarifying lol. @yelse he’s not playing at 100% fitness afaik
carlton_99: k bad
RooBoyStu: how does Cameron Wood keep getting a game, such a spud
drapes15: McEvoy as a potential option next year SC?
AngryRyno: agreed, there isn’t room to have wood & kreuz together
carlton_99: they should not ahve tim watson commentating our games, we just kicked a goal and he states thgat thusnis why we arent i
SubOptimal: for a second I thought Pies had Cam Wood again then realised it’s this new bloke Marsh
grossn: Have all blues goals been off clangers?
poolboybob: Pies have been hopeless with set shots
carlton_99: in the eight
SubOptimal: @c_99 tim watson is still one of the more sensible commentators, albeit the overall list is hopelessly bad
carlton_99: why wa staht a free got all ball no man
dipstick: seriously go a fuck yaself sidebottom. im fed up with your mediocrity ya lazy plow
carlton_99: that was not a free
pies13: go pies!
happytimes: @sub. You can have cam wood back if you want
SubOptimal: @HT pretty happy with (almost) everyone we’ve gotten rid of in the last five years
Buzz67: Coco Crisp has been handy this year
dipstick: @sub so when are the pies gonna start their rebuild? the fans actually believe they have a good team. lol
SubOptimal: @buzz yeh quite versatile and a reliable kick
SubOptimal: @dipstick I know u don’t want/don’t care about the answer so I won’t bother providing one
grossn: @dipstick the entire AFL know they have a good team, they’re just young and need a couple of years.
Yelse: maynard looks like pendles
pies13: @dipstick when will carl start 2 rebuild there list is shower
carlton_99: are yous erious ump uve cost us another how was taht deliberate
pies13: hang on you r now haha
Yelse: @dipstick on SEN today they said they have the best team if it was cut to under 23 year olds
dipstick: 2pies your joking right? carlton will never be successful again.. not with 10 rich flog board members screwing everythin
DTmuppet: pies 1 up in free kick count, must be why they are winning
the worm: need ratts back as captain coach
dipstick: @yelse SEN said did they?
pies13: wow u sounds like you hate your club dip thats depressing go 4 2teams like luvit that semms the norm these days haha
carlton_99: not abotu the free kick count but 2 frees that werent frees have become two goals
drapes15: probably the dogs though….
pies13: didnt mean 2type u
dipstick: nah dont hate the club. but mediocrity is pathetic in any field
DTmuppet: “not about the free kick count” I’ll quote you on that 99
carlton_99: ye but taht smith free and the kreuzer deliberate wernt frees
Jukes82: learn the rules, kruezer’s was. Ruckmen can’t hit it directly out of bounds
the worm: Is anyone here not aware that the umpires make mistakes sometimes?….every single week?
carlton_99: nooo tehre was a similar incident with the colligwood palyer and deliberate not palyed
Dangermaus: I love you Pig – Dave!
Jukes82: bad luck, your spelling sucks.
Yelse: this slinging tackle bullshower needs to stop. they can’t get it right
pies13: well done pies!
SubOptimal: @yelse does seem like if the arms aren’t locked in and the movement appears singular that it should be allowed
AngryRyno: stay competitive blues
Jmachete: one sided umpiring is disgusting
Jmachete: umps love carlton
RooBoyStu: Marsh playing like the Marsh’s in the Australian Cricket Team shower
Jmachete: marc mufrey protected species
Jmachete: umps doing their best to keep carton in this
mijg: Wtf Adams. Get involved.
RooBoyStu: Hope we (north) organise finals tickets for Greenwood to watch us from the stands
Jukes82: simpson’s SC must be good
AngryRyno: talk about super sub, hot start from whiley
Escapist: @Rooboystu Dont you usually want to give out tickets to games you will win?
Jmachete: fuck off umps
AngryRyno: @Escapist, love it
RooBoyStu: be good to see him watching from the stands the money hungry shower
Hadouken: wow, kruezer got 2 points. awesome
Jmachete: this umpiring is a fucking joke
Jukes82: He can afford his own tickets with the money the Pies have him.
SubOptimal: @RBS when a guy has <10 years of earning prime in a sport, he shouldn't be money-hungry?
stakerz: an umpire will get stabbed soon..
Jmachete: perfect example of biased umpiring
spuditup: How bad can the umpires possibly get?!
SubOptimal: @RBS when a guy has less than 10 years of earning prime in a sport, he shouldn’t be money-hungry?
RooBoyStu: flower you sidebum, vc useless skunk
zadolinnyj: Do I bring in Martin for Nat or save the trade as my opponent has nat
RooBoyStu: @SubOptimal agree
SubOptimal: @zad if ur opp has nic nat seems like a clear hold
mijg: Not a touch this qtr Adams. Better not get subbed.
Yelse: can pendles get to 130-140 and will u take the loop hole
zadolinnyj: Ta sub. Got him covered other then that and bye next week
pies13: keep going grundy get the ton
carlton_99: good to see umps giving us something
mijg: Great ffs whats wrong with Adams?
carlton_99: quad injury subbed off t 3qtr time
RooBoyStu: skunks will lose this lol
grossn: Carlton have more free kicks what are you on @carlton_99
carlton_99: ye the first this yr and like u always say to me its not about the free kcik count
Ben_Gogos: Crisp has gone to Murphy now
carlton_99: whats the crowd like
poolboybob: carlton_99 is never happy unless every decision goes for Carlton. Must be a joy to sit by him at the match.
carlton_99: see taht shoudl have been a free for buckley caue hwe was inetrefred with
Jukes82: Good weekend, 10 players looking likely 10 tons!
tamoz: Please ton up Cripps and Simpson!
colin wood: Stop sooking Carlton69
AngryRyno: keen to watch this game, but don’t want to have to wait around for nearly two hours to watch it from this point
pies13: how much have you drunk 2day 99 flowere thought my typing was bad geez
deanie: keep going pendles. VC
ryanbob: Carlton 99 you complain about frees every single week even though Carlton always have more. Get over it sook
poolboybob: You guys know that Carlton would be undefeated if not for the umpires, right?
carlton_99: how wa sthat 50
the worm: he doesnt complain over and over about the same stuff every week, that’s a complete lie
carlton_99: carl;ton ahve never ahd more
carlton_99: carlton have never ahd more what are u on about
carlton_99: against ahwthron it was 30-17
the worm: oh, u mean carlton 99?…sorry, yes youre right, he does
grossn: Because he was late to the contest and punched him in the back of the head.
colin wood: Surely carlton99 is taking the piss
happylab: clearly this kid hasn’t past 3rd grade,the spelling is horenderous
carlton_99: he wasnt late he was in the air as he marked it he cant stop whilst he is in the air can he
colin wood: Murphy has stopped.. Come on sidey…
Jukes82: stfu and gtfo
colin wood: But he didn’t have to punch swan in the back of the head carlton69
the worm: thats very interesting, please tell me more
pies13: agree colin he obviously duznt realise his club is shower the free kicks wont help haha
ryanbob: Well maybe they should learn some discipline and they wouldn’t give away so many lol. Also work on your grammar please.
poolboybob: My 92 year old grandfather is better at typing than carlton99
meka100: carlton_99 stop whining and learn how to spell you pleb
AngryRyno: 15 CP and 10 clearances and CD refuse to reward him smh
carlton_99: Umpires need to learn the rules it cant be HTB if the opponent taps it out of his hand!
carlton_99: r u serious u guys cant say anything about me but my spelling, a bit immature dont u think
dipstick: thanks for nothing sidebottom ya super flog
Jukes82: cripps sc?
the worm: we have been saying stuff about ur complaining for the whole year….
ryanbob: Can someone mute Carlton99 please? There is too much bias sooking going on from his end.
the worm: i guess he’s criticizing the spelling just to change it up a bit
ryanbob: Also mate your spelling is as bad as the team you support
Apachecats: good afternoon all in the room.Got the VC on swan ,very happy.!!
Jukes82: give carlton_99 the tombstone.
zadolinnyj: It can be holding the ball if you break two previous tackles Carlton_99
SubOptimal: that HTB on crisp seems v sketchy
Jmachete: here comes the umps
casey22: Got the vc on Pendles, opponent has looped Danger
carlton_99: see that is 50 then
Bazza2014: that wasnt 50
deanie: Cmon pendles, A cheeky goal please
carlton_99: if u pay that 50 b4 u have to pay that one @jmachete
the worm: lets just all agree the umpires dont know the rules and they are bad at their profession
SubOptimal: lol that 50, just lol
dipper33: Cripps Star
pies13: 99 i would drop the umpires excuse 4your club being shower pretty sure thats what we are all trying 2say
carlton_99: ill agree to that @the worm
colmullet: must be tough living with one eye carton_99
SubOptimal: swan got punched in the head late, langdon was late to a mark but barely anything physical in it
grossn: carlton99 and Facebook23 should be best friends
zadolinnyj: The only person I’ve ever seen change direction in the air was Jordan. Not a 50 I think
the worm: I’d struggle to umpire a game without knowing the rules
the worm: @grossn facebook is intentionally dense and annoying
SubOptimal: Reid heart?
carlton_99: even tim watson said the faslao pass to reid was a throw
happytimes: I say it was a throw
ryanbob: Carlton can you shut the flower up you sook. You cry more than a girl on her period.
Jmachete: here come the umps
RooBoyStu: Fasalo kicks 4.1 gets target Reid 4.1 and nothing?
carlton_99: see machete that reid one should not have been a goal]
RooBoyStu: add Everitt as well
Bazza2014: game woo hoo
AngryRyno: useless last qtr docherty, needed some intercept marks and maybe even something on the scoreboard
Bazza2014: its in the book shut up and stop harping on something u cant change
carlton_99: well done carlton great effort today, wasnt looking for a win but a four qtr effort and that what u gave 🙂
SubOptimal: come on mods, Reid for heart
ryanbob: No one cares carlton
grossn: Reid deserves every icon
dipstick: youre a freeloader sidebottom. fuck you
casey22: Poor effort Buckley, teach you to wack Swan
Apachecats: Take swans score (SC) or wait for Goldy ?
the worm: go pies smasg that carlton garbage
pies13: its been 7weeks have 2say this collingwoooooood collingwooood bout time well done pies!!!
AngryRyno: pig gone large, should be my 3rd 150 of the round
SubOptimal: gawn has performed strongly and kept opponents low, take swan obv
Yelse: would you take pendles score for captain???
grossn: Goldstein v Gawn I would take Swan’s VC
carlton_99: ryanbob get over yourself, a good supporter rides the bumps of the team and i am ecstatic with what was shown today
HowI Rioli: Take swans IMO
drapes15: Take the score Apache
Torz: I was going to make Dave captain as well… Bugger.
AngryRyno: be daft to not take a guaranteed 300 as captain, regardless of how good goldy has been this year
pies13: wow typed more ooo than that monty wot da?
deanie: Think im going to take Pendles VC
Apachecats: Thanks SO and Drapes ,I thought so too.
SubOptimal: dunno if reid is X factor worthy but he needs an icon
colin wood: Swan 161sc my 4th player to score over 159 this weekend 🙂
colin wood: 150 sorry
AngryRyno: as am I @deanie
the worm: i was ecstatic with the astute umpiring
SubOptimal: hahahahaha that free, ump0irs pls
grossn: Losing to melbourne was attrocious but at least we didnt lose to carlton 😉
carlton_99: it was poor for both sides
carlton_99: he dragged it in
J.Worrall: is that your spud at the bottom of the Carton player list, Colin Wood?
colin wood: Was that a free kick carlton99? Lol
carlton_99: Well done carlton onlya three goal defeat with most opf our gun players out. well done,
casey22: Danger 120dt/145sc so Pendles 131 dt/?sc will be interesting
Fletch91: Im calling BS if Cripps doesnt get 100+. 35 Disp, 18 Contested, 11 Clearances, cmon!
Jukes82: cripps was on 66 at 3/4 time, it’ll be close
eski_liddr: carlton fans are happy their not not loosing as much as usual
deanie: think pendles will get scaled to 140?
carlton_99: no im happy we gave a four qtr effort

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