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Chat log from R18 of 2015: Sydney vs Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Adelaide, R18 of 2015

Monger: ….that scared me when you had Titch as sub…
Chelskiman: Picked the Swans but from a Tiger perspective I want the Crows to win.
Monger: need sloane to dominate
mjdub: yall got anymore of them stats?
Wends: CD crapping itself again?
J.Worrall: Glass Cheeks
Karlpov: All the NSW grounds are terrible for AFL
drapes15: love all the stats 🙂
JRedden: Chelskiman you know Richmond can still catch Sydney and make top 4 right
casey22: Titch not the sub: hooray
JRedden: Actually they are above Sydney after that win as it stands
luked98: Ben_Gogos, where are the stats
m0nty: supply issue further up the chain, nothing we can do
Ben_Gogos: @luked98 CD error, stats aren’t anywhere
Wends: Lights out at CD @Luked. They obviously stopped pedaling.
mjdub: I’ll supply for you guys
luked98: ah ok, do you know when youll get them back?
luked98: there we go
dipstick: CD is just straight fucked. again and again
RooBoyStu: yawn Sydney will thrash this mob, GC would have beaten crows if Ablett not injured
Yelse: omg i picked up danger for ablett what a FAIL
heppelitis: same yelse..and gave him the big C
RooBoyStu: last 2 times Syd have beaten Adel by more than 10 goals and both in Adel
Fury Ride: @yelse and heppelitis danger always starts off slow
mijg: Got Laird in for ox. Go son.
zadolinnyj: If crows smashed north, going on what your saying RooBoy, north might as well book holidays this september
heppelitis: seems you are right Fury Ride
RooBoyStu: @zadolinnyj that was round 1 mate
zadolinnyj: Sorry can only go by last time we played you. Only as good as your last game 🙂
Karlpov: Hahaha Tippet with the big FU @ Damien Barrett
Wends: Sloane going pretty good in SC but can’t go there again after double the Rocky.
Ben_Gogos: KT has been doing this with half his time spent in the ruck
mijg: Sc scores for the end of the pies game are stuffed too?
zadolinnyj: Makes me mad that tmac gets the sub. He is a great player. Won’t be in Sydney next year
Ben_Gogos: @mjig yep, SC scores haven’t come through yet
Ben_Gogos: In fact they’ve just gone live
pies13: can we not talk about the pies game please haha
Chelskiman: Come on Jacobs. Needed you to go big after my opponent had Martin and Maric.
gdshifty: swans a better team without Goodes
wadaramus: Tippett never kicked this straight at the Crows.
RooBoyStu: lol @gdshifty but true
Wends: @pies okay maaate
Yelse: come Danger and kennedy for the love of the game lifts
Wends: Buddy not kicking straight either.
RooBoyStu: Kennedy where are you?
frenzy: Why Oh why JPK why
mjdub: give buddy the burger
Wends: Buddy down the race.
Wends: And how back on.
RooBoyStu: fat lady sings: iiiiiiitttttttsssssssssss oooooooovvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Yelse: is danger playing in the middle?
eski_liddr: thoughts on saad to simpson?
Wends: Plenty of time for us to do our usual & blow a big lead Rooboy….
Ben_Gogos: 3 touches, 36 points for Buddy
ryanbob: Danger having a nap?
RooBoyStu: hope not wends took a multi Syd and North both over 39 and a half
Chelskiman: Jacobs is getting schooled by an absolute spud.
Wends: Well fortune favours the brave RooBoy, and that’s pretty brave!
dipstick: the way the league is setup there will prob always be 4-5 teams dominant over a long stretch
goes: Is issac Heeney alive
scud98: Brodie Smith wow…
Solat: why wow? pretty standard really
Ben_Gogos: Haha good point @Solat
colin wood: what a shit week for sc… Gaz out for sidey.. tmac sucked and now smith…
colin wood: is buddy done for the game?
Wends: Upgrade spud a) McDonald or spud b) Smith to Picken next wk?
Yelse: seriously danger u are gonna cost me a finals and a top 4 spot
scud98: @Solat just can’t believe how a player can just drop in the space of a year
Slashers: LOL! Pressure gauge!?
Chelskiman: This is what happens when Mitchell isn’t sub.
Slashers: Shut up commentators! Don’t wrap buddy up Sydney..
wadaramus: Holding the ball rule is a complete farce these days.
Wends: Lions’ tweeting Beams likely out for season.
wadaramus: A player as good as Mitchell should never be sub.
dipstick: @wends and if freo win their next 2 games i cant see fyfe coming back either
cripdogs: Swans are goin ape shit
J_Pinkman: Picked a good week to bring in danger
cripdogs: Adam goods refused a urine sample coz he reckons Ya can’t take the piss out of aborigines
Chelskiman: haha
dipstick: goods is aboriginal not an aborigine
Chelskiman: I’ll take a 39 from Jacobs considering his slow start. Needto match Maric though, so a big second half is needed.
cripdogs: Well change it to that then
colin wood: buddys going to be subbed lads
Wends: Dipstick finally got him in just as his scores went crap! @Cripdogs I think its past yr bedtime.
circle52: @ wends Leppa at press conference said highly unlikely Beams will play again this year
desmondo: What an I doing with Smith AND Walker in my team?? LOL both bloody spuds…no wonder I keep losing 🙁
mijg: Mitchell will probably be subbed. Just to piss him off
circle52: Due to injuries I am forced to hold Betts
Wends: Wonder how much cash he’ll lose in RDT @circle. On the bright side, Beams to Priddis next week.
Chelskiman: If Mitchell gets subbed from here then Longmire needs to be sacked.
dipstick: @mijg for sure. horse loves antagonising that boy just loves it
dipstick: yeh. i wasted 7 trades on injuries so far so have kept 4 for more injuries
circle52: @wends bein a Lions supporter I have him in all 3 comps
circle52: lucky dipstick I have had to use 14 on injured players
Wends: Ouch circle! How’s the trade situation?
mijg: So is buddy on ground?
dipstick: @circles no subs next year may need 40 trades
circle52: grim 2 in SC and 1 in DT which will go on Beams
Wends: Can see a figure in the distance strutting whilst pointing so I think so @mijg.
Wends: oh dear circle 😮 There probably needs to be an 1800 no. for DT’ers addicted to early trades.
dipstick: @wends is that figure also licking his fingers and rubbing his hands together when the ball heads forward?
Wends: I hope that’s where his hands are dipstick 🙂
Chelskiman: I traded hard early this year, which is something I don’t normally do. Been stuck on two trades left for the past
Chelskiman: couple of weeks.
dipstick: buddy eager for another couple goals
drapes15: i got 2 trades left with a pretty much set team
circle52: @wends Do not usually trade early but my injury ones forced the issue.
Chelskiman: Stop going backwards, Parker.
mijg: Lift Parker.
dipstick: nak keep going reverse park er
JDolling69: You’re lucky i have Brodie Smith in my team Parker!
Wends: Me too @circle. It’s definately sucked for anyone normally conservative with trades.
RooBoyStu: catch you guys tomorrow Go Roos tonight
dipstick: @chelks try not to trade til round 7 after round 3 fix ups
Yelse: ok seriously now danger u had your laugh start getting the ball
Wends: Good luck with your 39+ Rooboy
dipstick: having mcveigh, hodge, boyd and mundy in my DEF is awesome. go mcveigh
Torz: Sure is dipstick.
Chelskiman: 4 point quarter. I hate you, Jacobs.
thommoae: Rampe = yo yo icon Dunno whether to admire or certify those with him in their team!
Chelskiman: How was that touched? Lmao.
Wends: That was a goal, and that’s from a swans supporter.
Torz: Just when you thought umpiring couldn’t get worse. It does.
wadaramus: You are kidding me, clearly kicked it.
Costanza: Rampe it up
LeFtBehinD: Goal review is a blight on the game. What kind of blind moron is making these calls??
zadolinnyj: How was that not a goal. The game may be better if they select 4 random fans to umpire
wadaramus: Fair Dinkum, the HTB rule is just a nightmare.
dipstick: whos a better C this week- goldy v kreuz or priddis?
scaryness: Bit early to go Hanners as BOG. Hasn’t been that far ahead of others
dipstick: reported icon for mcglynn
Chelskiman: I know Jacobs has these games every so often, but they always come along at the wrong time for me.
mijg: Goldy has been my perma capt if vc fails. Last week was not great but besides that its been great. Go goldy..
circle52: Yep McGlyn reported for rough conduct on Danger
mijg: So is Buddy just staying put in the forward line?
AngryRyno: can’t be unhappy with jacobs, doing a lot more than most of the other crow fools
wadaramus: Sydney have just gone around virtually unchecked.
Chelskiman: I can when my opponent already has 237 from his two rucks.
dipstick: @mijg yeh have goldy C but vs kreuz was thinking priddis
Torz: Ffs I hate the sub rule.
frenzy: danger 53sc, get the flower
Ben_Gogos: @frenzy it is ridiculous
wadaramus: On the positive side, TMitch 92sc!
luked98: comon sauce
ryanbob: Lol how is danger only 53 sc
auxDT: If only Smith does something in the first half of his matches
J.Worrall: Traded Gazza to Danger – fine!
mijg: Both should do well dipstick. Toss a coin
Jukes82: Smith getting some serious bin time.
mijg: Move your ass Parker catch tmitch
casey22: Glad I read the article about NOT trading Gaz for Danger
dipstick: @jukes i know. smith always seems to get up to 80 DT from nowhere
Torz: Titch to McVeigh to Parker. Beautiful.
Roksta: Went Selwood over danger for Ablett. And put bc on him! Lucky break
wtf???: I’m watching Sydney Vs Keystone Cops
SydneyRox: bout time for buddy to get vested
wtf???: Josh Jenkins must have taken training this week
mijg: How are adel in th 8. Dismal performance.
mijg: 1 more goal Luke and you had a good game.
SydneyRox: Mcveigh is a deaqdset Gun
Wends: Theyre prob still struggling @ mijg, and will for a fair while yet.
casey22: Titch hasn’t had any Hit Outs, sure to get vest next week
Chelskiman: I’ll accept an 80 from you Sauce.
ScootD: They just lost their coach Ming, you twat
SydneyRox: Titch all good, reckon last week was a little about management
mijg: Yeah spose so Wends. A lot to play for though.
colin wood: come on buddy a couple more please
Wends: Got the luxury of bringing in Priddis tonight, or waiting for Hanners next wk at abt $30k off this wk’s price.
SydneyRox: buddy is done colin
Ben_Gogos: Just be thankful Buddy stayed on after HT
Wends: Easy 2 forget the month they’ve had @mijg. This game always wldve been tough even if they didn’t lose Walsh too.
SydneyRox: exactly ben, not sure why swans did that
wtf???: Adelaide not ‘up’ for this game. Saving themselves for Friday night footy Vs Richmond
SydneyRox: loving rampe today fantasy wise, has butchered it a bit though
wtf???: @ home
Chelskiman: Anyone have Hannebery’s SC?
Costanza: 32+ disposals at 80% eff is hardly butchered
dipstick: ree-view complete. . . . . ump-ires caaallll
rotated: hanners 115sc
mijg: Parker heading for a cape this qtr.
SydneyRox: that 80% seems very high, the ones he missed though were shockers
Yelse: would you take hanners SC as captain or would u go goldstein
Chelskiman: I went Goldy as C after passing Hodge’s SC score.
Costanza: take them cherries anyway – great score
casey22: JPK tons up
Yelse: hanners is on 120 before scaling so maybe 130?
SydneyRox: yeah no doubt, he is my fantasy boy
grossn: this is why you dont sub Mitchell
dipstick: @yelse good man for updates. what about goldy v priddis?
Ben_Gogos: Exactly @grossn
casey22: Sydney have just about the best mid field of any team
Yelse: pridis had a huge one v GC last time so potentially. Goldy not usually good v blues
SydneyRox: on their day casey, no doubt
mijg: Damn you Mitchell
gdshifty: sif give buddy the heart on sub 65…
Costanza: last week’s 1 point loss on the back of Titch hurts more now – FUHorse
ryanbob: lol danger only 69? very harsh
mijg: Very poor sc all round for crows.
frenzy: jetta is a goodes thing

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