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Chat log from R18 of 2015: Collingwood vs Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs Melbourne, R18 of 2015

frenzy: arvo peoples
Fletch91: Afternoon
Fletch91: Whats the chances of Pendles, Swan and Gawn all having shockers? Slim to none? lol
RooBoyStu: Go Dees
pies13: carn pies!! whats with the nissan promo over the login?
3rdstriker: Is melbourbe genuinely not tagging anyone? I don’t believe it
RooBoyStu: Press Red for Ed and hear him sook
frenzy: Any chance swanny, or too much to ask
mijg: Gawny on track.
willywalks: cmon pendles, i did captain u after all…
SubOptimal: awesome, every time someone slips over they get a free kick this weekend
pies13: carn pies turn your form around lift!!
Jackina: have you guys noticed the afl fantasy fanfooty scores are different to that on afl fantasy?
pies13: go pies!!
Jackina: for last nights game that is
willywalks: pendles is alive at least
pies13: well done keep going!
Jukes82: geez the pies are rubbish
Jukes82: t.michell is not the sub yes!
Wends: Dave waking up. Captained him in a RDT dead rubber just for the heart palpitations..
colin wood: Lol how good is the standard of umpiring in this game.. For both sides
drapes15: should switch to the cats game umps are having a mare
pies13: move pies
pies13: carn pies!!
Chelskiman: I’m sick of Taylor Adams.
stakerz: collingwood are putrid
Fletch91: Cmon McDonald. Get moving!
Chelskiman: I have Swan vs opponent’s Adams and Swan keeps giving it to Adams. ><
RooBoyStu: lol 6 losses in a row coming up
dipper33: Cmon Mcdonald
pies13: im listening 2 rex hunt wow wee boy oh boy he gets kean
pies13: come on faz
pies13: come on pies lift!!!!
pies13: go pies keep going!!!
Chelskiman: fuck off Adams. ffs. Teams need to tag him, he’s pissing me the fuck off.
Heizenberg: What station pies plz?
Heizenberg: I love Rex hunt
mijg: Traded in Adams this week. Was doubting myself but happy now.
pies13: its 1197am in adelaide he is a gun
Heizenberg: Ahhh okay damn I’m
Heizenberg: I’m from Melbourne
Heizenberg: Yes he is mate, one of the best
pies13: carn pies!
RooBoyStu: Heinz I think he’s on AFL Live the online broadcast
Heizenberg: Buddy
mjdub: why are they booing watts?
Chelskiman: Fuck you, Adams. That was close to a superman.
Heizenberg: lol Heinz beans
Heizenberg: Thnx rooboy
RooBoyStu: lol meant Heizen lol
kangawalla: lift demons
Heizenberg: How do u find that rooboy?
nkoutsou: come on pies, keep the pressure up, melbourne are getting tired
Heizenberg: Hahahaha
Heizenberg: Yeah I almost called u robot thanks to predictive
Heizenberg: Gonna watch this last qr now
RooBoyStu: lol too funny
Jukes82: who said greenwood was rubbish? lol muppets
mijg: Pies should win from here?
Jukes82: pies gone
pies13: move pies!!!!
stakerz: teams dont tag adams because he is a spud
Heizenberg: Damn Vince looking dangerous
drapes15: why would you honestly tag adams when the other mids the pies have
RooBoyStu: Adams has 11 contested possessions and is a spud, what a stupid comment
Wends: For a minute there was cursing missing Sidey. Seems to be another shocker v Melb tho.
RooBoyStu: Go Dees!
stakerz: he doesnt use the ball… is what i meant
Woodie: Spud with all the toppings…sour cream @stakerz
stakerz: someone said earlier that they should tag adams haha
tabs: lift sidey
kangawalla: yes!
pies13: heiz its a catch 22 got rex but hav 2 listen 2robert walls bullshower!
Heizenberg: Pies in big trouble
Heizenberg: Ahhhh okay
Heizenberg: Yeah Walsy not that good
Heizenberg: Quarters was an awesome commentator
pies13: lift pies!
dipstick: pies in trouble? theyre only a bottom 6 team so wheres the trouble?
dipstick: seriously. pies fans actually think buckleys building a great team. im mean seriously delirious they are!
Heizenberg: Hi dipstick
Heizenberg: Lubumbashi lining up
Heizenberg: Lumumumba*
Heizenberg: Fuckin predictive
RooBoyStu: Great to see Pies out of Finals
pies13: dipstick your a blues supporter arnt u?
casey22: Pies have major key postion issues: too many smalls
Fletch91: Whats happened to McDonald?
dipstick: yeh i am. and weve had no hope for 15+yrs
RooBoyStu: how long since skunks have lost 6 in a row?
pies13: will be better 2c the roos loose a knockout final rooboy if you get there
RooBoyStu: @pies13 you laughed at me 5 weeks ago when I said we (North) would finish higher than Pies
dipstick: buckleys just a hack. great bloke i’ll admit but a shit coach
Chelskiman: Tombstone for the Pies.
RooBoyStu: fat lady sings: iiiiiiitttttttsssssssssss oooooooovvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
pies13: true i did rooboy i got nothing bag me as much as you want least im loyal week in week out
dipstick: teams like norf, tigers, port are just fillers. no chance to even make the GF
pies13: i disagree dipstick but thats your opinion
RooBoyStu: same here mate I’m loyal too
casey22: Pies: no key forwards/rucks or defenders
pies13: 2014 2015 repeat 4the pies disapointing
Jukes82: who cares, both teams are shit
RooBoyStu: Pies need to play Mason Cox
pies13: grundy will be a gun need another agree with that casey
pies13: 4ward
LuvIt74: The pies are playing like crabs, m0nty each player needs a crab icon mate.
pies13: who you go4 jukes?
casey22: How many of these Demons would you play in the Pies side? 6 to 8?
LuvIt74: Actually should make a new icon of a sloth
kangawalla: Go Demons!!! Couldn’t go to the G today & just logged in. Where the hell did this form come from? 🙂
pies13: u need a crab icon luvit
dipstick: bucks plays witts and buckley and wonder why you have half arsed ruckes?
dipstick: *grundy
LuvIt74: @Jukes82 I think the Pies make Shit look stunning at this stage.
Chelskiman: Are the scores up to date?
Jukes82: clokey hurts their structure though
LuvIt74: Buckly is a Dud along with Eddie I gotta have my finger in every pie. no pun intended.
kangawalla: Chelsk…its been 17 min for last 5 min!
gdshifty: all scores been frozen for about 15 minutes
pies13: luvit is a spud supports 2teams obviously not a ozi
Grazz: scores behind are they
LuvIt74: Gawn would have been gr8 to have when he was cheap.
Hawks_15: anyone for scores
LuvIt74: Imagine if Cloak was playing that score would read 4-22-46
Jukes82: lol
dipstick: nice win for the dees though. time to rebuild collingwood LOL
frenzy: Nice comeback there swanny
Jukes82: Bucks gone!
LuvIt74: Carn the Dee’s

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