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Chat log from R18 of 2015: Geelong vs Brisbane

Chat log for Geelong vs Brisbane, R18 of 2015

drevil: Big one today Beams
frenzy: half expected a late out in this game
circle52: Nah Reckon while Beam,s shoulder stands up Lions will play him especially next 2 games against Suns and Dlues
Fletch91: Cmon, Rocky, Stefan Blicavs and Kolo!
Pokerface: why play beams? leppitsch has said its better to lose the last 6 than win them
circle52: Beams wants to play which is being respected
JRedden: go christensen get 100
circle52: Gee hot on HTB hope they are consistent for whole game
Rebuild: One more to go Stevie J
Jukes82: stevie j blue moon
Chelskiman: Rocky has gone to the pack lately.
RooBoyStu: Leuy just like Mumford injury prone
Chelskiman: Can’t rely on 17 tackles every week to stumble over the line.
drapes15: Rocky will come good.. hopefully
Ben_Gogos: That didn’t look good for Leuey
m0nty: hyperextension if he’s lucky, ligament tear if he’s not… he’s rarely lucky
drapes15: Not good for the lions, especially if they want to trade him
Ben_Gogos: He’s back on the park now
m0nty: he got lucky, allegedly
zadolinnyj: Brisbane close considering they are getting smashed in play
Fletch91: Thats it Big Stefan! Keep going!
JRedden: martin is going crazy… this is why you get him
Ben_Gogos: @JRedden correlation between Leuey missing and him scoring
circle52: Is wind favouring any side or is it blowing acroos ground
drapes15: love seeing selwood get up and about again
colin wood: 49 is cape worthy now??
zadolinnyj: He got 50 Colin wood but it looks like 49 because he ducked
drapes15: lol @zado
3rdstriker: Give beams the heart
circle52: Bundy being booed
Jackina: bundy?
circle52: Allen Christensens nik name
Jackina: ahk, but that’s to be expected
willywalks: first look at the game today, glad i traded in jelwood and to see stef back doing the bulk of the ruck work
Heizenberg: Yeah baby go selwood go
Heizenberg: Yeah baby go selwood goGo
Heizenberg: Go
Heizenberg: Selwood sc plz
willywalks: but i did captain pendles and he is struggling…
frenzy: Stefan is just a flowering big midfielder
circle52: Selwood 81SC
Heizenberg: Plz boys
Pokerface: 80 heizenberg
circle52: muppet for Zorko getting freekick reversed leading to Goal
Heizenberg: Thnx circle and poker face
eski_liddr: just got online wow selwood! is he lucky with that score or genuinely red hot today
Pokerface: tackling machine eski
circle52: Genuinely hot today and not being tagged
eski_liddr: ahhh k thanks poker
Chelskiman: Christ, slow down Martin, you’re murdering me.
circle52: Tossed up 2 choices for VC Loophole Hodge and Selwood guess which one I did not take.
eski_liddr: hmm im tossing up getting rid of Saad for Simpson or Picken – thoughts fellas?
drapes15: picken
drapes15: missed a selwood tackle i reckon
carlton_99: and stevie takes billy brownless spot
zadolinnyj: Picken
Chelskiman: I give up. Martin is too good.
J.Worrall: picken?
eski_liddr: Thanks fellas 🙂
Chelskiman: Opponent has MArtin AND Selwood. I picked the wrong week to play him as it’s 1st v 2nd.
Chelskiman: Looks as though I’ll be losing top spot, especially as I went Hodge C and he has Priddis C who will get 150+ against GC.
JRedden: yep i got priddis C, and all top 4 scorers for brisbane + selwood looking good
Jogr: should i captian priddis or goldstein
myteamsuks: Go Goldstein against CARLTON will smash em
colin wood: Target for walker
drapes15: Either, both will be 120+ Jogr
myteamsuks: So Beams been put forward 1 possie , must be heading toward the end this year
eski_liddr: if sekwiid gets 125+ ill keep it…dont want to gamble n loose like i did last week with GAZ
Ben_Gogos: @myteamsuks it appears so
Grazz: Martins gone nuts since Luet was subbed
Grazz: Luey*
Chelskiman: A big +17 for Bewick, lol. I wish Rocky would get a +17.
circle52: Andrews will be great for brisbane when he puts some weight on.
circle52: Shows Brisbane can not play both
circle52: Cockatoo on for Thurlow
circle52: Do not stop tackling Selwood 0 for quarter
eski_liddr: selwood on track for 125+ u would assume
Heizenberg: Selwood sc plz boys
circle52: Beams done for the day
Ben_Gogos: Beams done
Heizenberg: Plz someone
circle52: Dubious Free to Selwood for anothger goal
Pokerface: 134 walt
Heizenberg: Hahahaha walt
Heizenberg: Thnx mate 🙂
drapes15: he should get 150+
Heizenberg: Hope he gets 150
Heizenberg: Maybe even 160
Heizenberg: Yeah drapes
drapes15: I VC him so lets hope so will probs take 134 anyway if he didnt improve
Chelskiman: Come on, Rocky, don’t stop now. 🙁
Woodie: Selwood 146sc atm
Pokerface: i took 18.00 about him topping sweet 16. go joel.
luked98: whats with beames
drapes15: shoulder that he has been struggling with looks like it will end season luke
luked98: far out
drapes15: im surprised he played this week tbh
luked98: i traded selwood for ablett 2 weeks ago, wow
Chelskiman: At least get to 120, Rocky.
Heizenberg: I have Selwood VC too drapes
Woodie: Rocky 120sc atm
drapes15: i traded selwood in for ablett this week in AF
Heizenberg: Go Selwood get 160 plz
Jukes82: selwood will porbably lay an egg next week
iZander: jelwoo doesn’t play brisbane every week guys, remember that
Woodie: Selwood 160+sc atm
Pokerface: we don’t put the vc on him every week Zander 🙂
Heizenberg: Vince goal
mijg: Give bartel the bin.
Heizenberg: Dawes lining up
Heizenberg: Shit wrong game so sorry
Heizenberg: Honest mistake Monty sorry
tabs: SJ takes over Brownless
heppelitis: quack goes Heizenberg as he ducks for cover lol
Heizenberg: Ahahahhahahaha
Heizenberg: Good one hep omg plz
Heizenberg: Plz don’t ban me
mijg: Beams 94sc what a crock.
Pokerface: lol hepp

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