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Chat log from R18 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Richmond

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Richmond, R18 of 2015

Chelskiman: Not looking forward to this. We needed to take our chance last week against Freo. Hawks will murder us.
frenzy: am I stupid to be using dusty as a loophole bench
wadaramus: Not if you have seven viable fwd options frenzy.
Bazza2014: have the C on Hodge, and the V on goldy
frenzy: have a gut feeling about dusty tonite
wadaramus: Is that back to front Bazza?!
Chelskiman: Unless it’s for DT. I have the V on Hodge in SC.
wadaramus: Hodge VC for me too Chelskiman.
cusch1: lewis vc for me
Bazza2014: dt
wadaramus: Tigers to give the Hawks a run tonight.
wadaramus: Understood Bazza & Chelskiman.
Heizenberg: Hi guys, how is everyone?
IHateChat: Booooo.
Heizenberg: Boo who?
Chelskiman: Should I start Steele or Lambert to cover for Fyfe?
IHateChat: Just seeing if it is banned here also.
wadaramus: No booing.
Heizenberg: Hahahahhaa good one
ronburgndy: lets change it to GOOOOOOdes
willywalks: how good were the ins/outs for me, gaz, fyfe and ox out with no mid bench cover and only edwards in the backline…
willywalks: i was saying boourns… boo-boourns!
Heizenberg: Goodes beinga bit too dramtic this time imo
Heizenberg: Theres no way all thise ppl booing are racists etc
FlagDog: same outs, flicked ox to gibbo, ablett to adams and fyfe on bech, lambert on field :/
willywalks: im playing edwards and moved gaz and fyfe to lewis & jelwood and keep 150k
IHateChat: We officially now live in a nanny state. Don’t boo.
ronburgndy: maybe we should all be quiet when he touches the ball as not to offend
zadolinnyj: Evening
FlagDog: Shaun Edwards from the bombers? He isn’t playing…
willywalks: i reckon they should cheer jetta now just to prove its not racially motivated, every time he touches the leather
thommoae: Maybe they ain’t all racists … but if you do as the racists do …?
Grazz: Hello all, whats with the scores
wadaramus: Shouldn’t we be talking about this game?
Grazz: haha fixed as i typed
willywalks: listed as an emergency flagdog, didn’t have any mids to cover unfortunately and had to make the other trades
IHateChat: Racists boo do they. Perhaps racists pretend to throw spears at people.
Heizenberg: Anyway hes full of shit when he said his war cry wasnt directed at blues chher squad he was looking right at them
SubOptimal: mod get the ban hammer out, focus on game pls
IHateChat: Glut of possessions to the tigers so far.
FlagDog: that sux, i almost got stuck too, had to play a bencher in the mnids, will cost me
boo!: have 9 players tonight…half on 0
willywalks: worst toyota ad with michael long and the plane…
FlagDog: How did I know captaining Hiodge for the second time this year would ruin me, can see where this is going…
LuvIt74: Hodge doing nohing
LuvIt74: *nothing
Heizenberg: What a kick rioli
willywalks: at least my opp is taking a donut this round…
Heizenberg: Hmmm not so much gunstons lol
Chelskiman: Ended up going Hodge C in DT. Awful decision so far.
J_Pinkman: I actually don’t understand captaining someone on a friday night, unless u have no possibility to loophole
Raspel31: Same Chesk- -no Fyfe-aargh.
Heizenberg: I know pinkman
J_Pinkman: so i guess i just answered my own question
Raspel31: Lambert has been a find
DirtyDawn: Evening all
FlagDog: DT you have to choose one, youn cant cheat like in SC :/
Heizenberg: Hi dd
wadaramus: Good evening.
Heizenberg: Anyone else here have selwood vc?
J_Pinkman: ah thats right, havent played DT for a while, I forgot
FlagDog: DIdn’t do SC this year cos no one at work does it, miss it. Defs next year
johnoP: Maric is going much better without hampson 🙂
frenzy: been a while since no hawk flamed
rickyb80: well done hodge ya flog
Bazza2014: hawks flat, tigers will score heavily
LuvIt74: Hawks looked absolutely stuffed
cusch1: Why didnt i VC Deledo
Heizenberg: Clarko gonna lose his shit at qr time
FlagDog: at least my game day team is looking awesome :/
wadaramus: Go Tigers.
IHateChat: Hodge having a mare.
Heizenberg: Hi ricky
IHateChat: Clarko not going to be happy at qtime.
Breezey: Gotta love all the Hawks sooks when things aren’t going their way
Heizenberg: Yeah hawks really poor defensiveltpy so far
rickyb80: hey heizen. sup mate
FlagDog: Had to put Lambert on the field happy so far…
boo!: lol birchall highest scorer
wtf???: hopefully goalless at quarter time
mace485: deledio 55 SC
Heizenberg: Not much ricky, you?
Heizenberg: U at the game ricky or just watching???
wtf???: last time that happened?
auxDT: i like Rance’s old hair more
danmaio: Birchall was always gonna score better with Suckling out
J_Pinkman: Lambert the find of the year, had him at the start and pissed him off early. i such a loser
SubOptimal: maric really playing a lot quicker today
LuvIt74: I stuffed up by moving Hodge to my Midfield and lambert as my emergency. I sould of had SAAD in my mid just in case lamb
Heizenberg: I did same pinkman
LuvIt74: scores well
Chelskiman: Should have went Lambert over Steele. Fuck!
willywalks: played lambert by choice 😀
Heizenberg: My opp has lambert 🙁
wtf???: LOL…TV ad “Swisse, the choice of the Hawks”…not great timing
LuvIt74: Now i cannot really utilize Lamberts score.
casey22: Got Lambert on the field & Fyfe on the bench, nearly traded him, luck
Heizenberg: Lol
Raspel31: Gablett and Fyfe gone missing-go Lambert.
Heizenberg: Whens last time hawks went goalless i a term?
LuvIt74: I got VC on bloody hodge and he’s having a shocker
circle52: Loopholing Lambert and Steele so keep going Lambert
Grazz: Get a grip umpire
frenzy: ump has no idea, muppet
Grazz: no way thats reportable, laughable but not reportable
J_Pinkman: now that was holding the ball against Gibbo, had it for 3 hours
carlton_99: apparantly deliebarte has gone outside the window
Raspel31: We all know Hawks coming back.
J_Pinkman: huge by Ivan, that was good
Karlpov: Rance just set that up perfectly
carlton_99: wasnt taht touched
circle52: No review surprises
carlton_99: replay inconclusive so it would have been a goal anyway
dipstick: with lyon saying if fyfe needs to be out for 3wks so be it, i traded him out
FlagDog: Go hodge, settle this shit down
casey22: Lennon is a very strong mark
Raspel31: Anyone betting on Richmond-not me.
carlton_99: c
dipstick: lift yaself lewis. sick off this week after week
Chelskiman: Here come the Hawks. It was fun while it lasted.
Heizenberg: Hawks stepping up,now now
wtf???: Fyfe out for 3? Really?
frenzy: has dids had a touch this QTR
J_Pinkman: yeah we can all sense it, hawks just sayin, na that’s enough, time to go bang
carlton_99: Cmon deledio and ellis pls dont stop now
Raspel31: Wtf-yeah-so we’re told. Doesn’t matter in DT but Super Coach-after Gablett-game over.
danmaio: missed grubber from birchall
Heizenberg: I wonde why houli not kicking down the middle tonight……
willywalks: i think deledio can lose the cape now…
FlagDog: Hodge ruined me once fool on me, ruin me twice NEVER shall you captain again
J_Pinkman: reckon fyfe will be back for wst cst game, likely miss the saints next week
willywalks: aussies are doin ok after the carnage of yesterday if anyone cares
boo!: it touched vickerys hair
Bazza2014: Chipper isnt reported FYI!
happylab: why would you captain hodge, shouldnt you loophole for an early game
mace485: cursed us willywalks
FlagDog: DT league, not SC.
Chelskiman: Why does everyone assume when they captain someone they mean SC?
casey22: Is Lambeert dead?
carlton_99: so the tigers wont see the lead for the rest of the game
cusch1: Gunston has kicked 12 goals ever since I traded him in three weeks ago #Winning
happylab: you can still loophole in DT cant you?
RooBoyStu: tiges gone missing this qtr, magnifying glass the team
Chelskiman: Can’t even turn it over to the cricket as we just lost a wicket. Worst night of sport ever.
Bazza2014: pissoff willwalks
Jogr: thanks willie walks u just jinxed it nevill out
FlagDog: no.
danmaio: thanks for the 4 points this qt birchall
dipstick: likes been said many times. richmond just isnt a good or top team. will never win a final
willywalks: hmm, yep…
J_Pinkman: lol chelskiman, aussies can’t bat for crap
FlagDog: Lambert zero this qtr?
axe9: Geez willei walks fuck
willywalks: i have faith in starc!
mace485: thanks for coming richmond
J_Pinkman: frawley ‘s been a good pick up for the hawks, gets injured every week
circle52: Soft 50 there
Raspel31: Indeed Mace-incredibly presumptuous.
Bazza2014: these umps are flogs
carlton_99: umps just love the tigers
Heizenberg: Softest fifty ever
SubOptimal: would be cool if commentators could agree on a consistent way to say Vlastuin
RooBoyStu: AFL needs bums on seats with no skunks or blues, or bombers in finals so they will do everything to get tigers there
SubOptimal: vloss-stone vloss-tin vlass-too-in
ryanbob: Frawley made of glass
Bazza2014: concussion chips
cusch1: Frawley out again…wow
mijg: Not in my team but I love Maric such a unit.
mace485: issac.. just relax
boo!: has lambert had a touch this qtr?
Karlpov: how is that a free he fell over.. what’s newman supposed to do
J_Pinkman: crap free kick, he fell
3rdstriker: What a pathetic free kick, you shouldnt be rewarded for falling over
cusch1: Why wasnt that fiddy?
Jukes82: lol joke of a decision
ryanbob: Lol cyril gets so many soft frees half his goals are probably results of those frees. Should be richmond free
carlton_99: wait they r booing at cyril… is that racist?
Chelskiman: How that’s a free is beyond me. If you trip you shouldn’t get rewarded. It’s basically a duck.
cmcg1960: lambert where he gone still on 38
boo!: delicious
Raspel31: Was there ever a doubt?
casey22: Hope they were booing the umpy & not Cyril
Breezey: I hope the crowd weren’t
Heizenberg: That should have been play on there
mace485: are they booing?
Breezey: I hope the crowd weren’t booing Cyril. That’ll be front page
IHateChat: Tigers got too much gel in their hair to be any good.
thommoae: Let’s ee if it’s every time Cyril touches it, very game, Carl …
J_Pinkman: everyone that saw that, knows that wasn’t a free kick, why not the umpire. be smart umpy, don’t be a dumb arse
thommoae: *every
IHateChat: Don’t pick on the umpires. They are a minority out there.
luked98: traded maric this week, my luck 🙁
Bazza2014: umpireing is shocking
Bazza2014: #drop the e
RooBoyStu: Sydney are a joke, does anybody remember round 3 in 2001 the ‘boo a roo’ campaign they ordered. hypocrites
mijg: Poor umps should have some time out to reflect on being booed for the last 100 years
tigerman28: Hope the umps don’t sook it up because they’re getting booed
the worm: yeah its ridiculous, its not as if there are racists at footy doing monkey chants or anything
J_Pinkman: umps should threaten to walk off the field
h a mm e r: Still don’t understand why the Hawks keep bringing in Frawley. The dude keeps breaking down.
Pokerface: hardly the same thing rooboystu
tigerman28: Reckon all the AFL captains get together and support the umps
Pokerface: boo a roo was due to the team they followed, not for standing up for indigenous issues…
ronburgndy: love it RooBoy great work
colmullet: seems to be plenty of flogs in the fanfooty woodwork
Bazza2014: hammer it was unlucky he got hit by dusty and concussed, give chipper a break
RooBoyStu: well champions get booed, Wayne Carey got booed week in week out and you never saw his mum on tv
the worm: omg
Pokerface: are you pretending its not because he stands up for indigenous issues rooboy?
Bazza2014: led by the mullet
J_Pinkman: like it tigerman
Bazza2014: issues are for politocs, not on the footy field, #winmar
h a mm e r: Ahh that’s know excuse Bazza! He needs to harden up…and take a leaf out of Dermies book
ronburgndy: bombers fans used to boo stanton he didn’t cry he tried harder and earned their respect
RooBoyStu: @Pokerface Goode’ Australian of the Year speech started the disrespect not the 13yo girl issue
Pokerface: #winmar #long
wtf???: in case you were wondering
tigerman28: No Pokerface. He gets booed because he’s an unlikeable flog
cobrakai00: whos goodes waging a war against? nobody is oppressing indigenous australians.. racists get outed on soc media all time
wtf???: no one getting booed either
johnoP: why does he get booed if its not racism? usually players get booed because they play on the dirty side, goodes isnt that
RooBoyStu: *Goodes’
Pokerface: keep telling yourself that tigerman.
Jukes82: lol bomber fans hate stanton.
Pokerface: cobrakai good grief. 20 years lower life expectancy. 5 times more likely to be incarcerated. educate yourself
cobrakai00: goodes needs to get on with it.. he gets booed coz he hates it.. suck it up its a footy game
johnoP: e.g crowley
RooBoyStu: so what happens if an aboriginal booes or swears at a white player? nothing
tigerman28: Will do, champ
Pokerface: should winmar and long just ‘have gotten on with it’ cobra?
Bazza2014: hated goodes all my life, booed him all my life, no one else just, goodes, oh and jelwood
cobrakai00: nobody cares about racism or politics at the footy.. media beatup
J_Pinkman: man us carlton supporters boo our own players all the time, do you see them quitting? wait! oh hang on!
Bazza2014: starc 51* no jinx
cobrakai00: pokerface- TOTALLY different situation
Pokerface: lol pinkman
h a mm e r: Stants is a perfect example! With Goodes, it’s nothing to do with racism. It’s because he reacts to the taunts.
Pokerface: no its not cobra
m0nty: back on this game please
h a mm e r: If he didn’t react to it, people wld stop booing him and move onto someone else
wtf???: thanks monty…fed up with it
Bazza2014: its half time MOnty!
MacPack: A question. If I boo a poor umpire decision, i.e.. pavlich/Rance free kick last week. Will I be evicted from the MCG ?
Raspel31: Oz 9 for 245. Looking grim.
Pokerface: m0nty why is one of the ads on this page trying to sell me a watch worth $4,799? who is your target audience??
wtf???: wicket…9 for 245
the worm: anyone else loopholing hodge?
h a mm e r: Yeah, it’s half time m0nty. We need something to talk about. Cricket scores?
the worm: maybe we could pass the hat around and then raffle the watch?
wtf???: lead 100
RooBoyStu: @the worm depends on score
ronburgndy: I think it could be a conspiracy from ess to get the media off their backs well done Sheedy
the worm: @roo, well, i meant as v.c i guess
Raspel31: It’s half time and I love my footy and I’m a Pom and will be hated. Carn England.
Heizenberg: Yeah lead 100
Pokerface: lol worm
RooBoyStu: got 2 tvs side by side @wtf one on footy the other on cricket cheers
cobrakai00: seriously doesnt everyone have an ad blocker on?
Karlpov: roughie with a push on vlastuin there
Pokerface: the ads keep this site going
h a mm e r: How come there aren’t any hot chicks on chat here?
wtf???: @Roo…sounds like paradise
kangawalla: Boo Raspel!!!! er…sorry, that time my in words slipped out!
DirtyDawn: Cmon Lambert, you havent seen it since the first quarter!!
RooBoyStu: @Pokerface I know running the website you get bugger all from ads as you need clicks and purchases for comission
h a mm e r: Oh taking about add’s, don’t play Game of War. I wasted $50k on that s***
cobrakai00: how many times you clicked em? ads are for chumps
RooBoyStu: *running a website should read
the worm: who did everyone bring in for GAZ? i went with sidebottom
Raspel31: Ha ha kanga-snuck that in. Carn Hawks.
3rdstriker: another ordinary decision
3rdstriker: will do the same the worm, just favoured sidey over bartel
boo!: @theworm i went gaff..
J_Pinkman: no free kick but that’s a pay back for rioli one
Bazza2014: booooooooooooooooooooo
h a mm e r: I don’t like going in sidebottom so I went for some gaff
zadolinnyj: Went danger vc with goldy c
kangawalla: Raspel….both your beloveds playing at once. Poms & Hawks. I’d settle for a Hawks win & an England loss.
Raspel31: Fyfe resting, Gablett gone and Armitage uncertain-hmm-there goes my midfield.
Jukes82: frawley is on the ground, take the vest off him
RooBoyStu: Lake has more brain fades than Abbott and Hockey
wtf???: AUS just went from $15 to $13.50…lead by 112…someone thinks there a chance.
Heizenberg: Would take a miracle wtf
LuvIt74: Gr8 to see Hodge pick up allot by half time
wtf???: agrred H
kangawalla: wtf….Beefy Botham got the Poms in front in similar style to this & then Aussies got dismissed for 113 & lost. We need
wtf???: *agreed
LuvIt74: wtf lmao ummmmm not likely m8.
cusch1: Cotchin would fit in at Hawthorn…unsociable
RooBoyStu: Poms should have their batting order in reverse just to give us a chance lol open 11 and 10
Heizenberg: Thnx wtf
Raspel31: Kanga-back to the footy. I can not possibly comment.
3rdstriker: tiggers wasting their dominance here
kangawalla: Raspel..keep a lid on it!! 🙂
wtf???: @Roo…that would be worth watching
RooBoyStu: lol wtf
Yelse: why are the SC so low
SubOptimal: SC prob low cause of how few possies/marks etc there have been, will get scaled up
Yelse: how does the scaling actually work?
3rdstriker: should pay that deliberate if serious about reducing stoppages
SubOptimal: all matches have to reach a total of xxxx points, matches below that get proportionally scaled up
LuvIt74: cmon houli
kangawalla: Jimmy Anderson subbed out of next test!:)
J_Pinkman: onya bachar
Heizenberg: Even not about the stoppages its just delib imo that was
Chelskiman: Well done, Houli!
Chelskiman: Great for his confidence and great for my DT.
3rdstriker: roughy having a bit of a mare
Bazza2014: umpires fuckheads
RooBoyStu: Roughead having a mare tonight 3 fa
Heizenberg: God roughy copping it from umps tonight
LuvIt74: roughy neahhhhhh
3rdstriker: sportsbet would have to be feeling a little sick right now
willywalks: stratton wont get another game again this year, spud worthy
kangawalla: Chelski….Bachar went missing in action for you 2 weeks ago. Let you down badly last week too.
willywalks: then takes that good mark, going well on my calls tonight
willywalks: anyone still think the hawks are going to win still?
SubOptimal: sweet intercept, similar to dane swan’s last week
RooBoyStu: Punt Rd end the scoring end and hawks going that way next
Heizenberg: I can see hawks getting in fromt again but who knows after that
myteamsuks: Mitchell DE is good today usually around 50%
SubOptimal: seems ironic to refer to a scoring end when hawks prob average the combined score by 3QT heh
Chelskiman: @kangawalla, yeah couldn’t quite get me over the line two weeks ago, but did ton up last week despite that horror kick.
Heizenberg: Exactky roo boy stu
3rdstriker: poms need 121 to win
Pokerface: what a cracker. isnt it great to have a friday night without carlton
Raspel31: Lambert-go you good thing.
SubOptimal: lol pokerface so true #spuds
Heizenberg: Wonder if aus can give them a litle scare?
Raspel31: Waiting for that 3rd striker-bad as we are, we’ll get that.Game on !
Chelskiman: How’s the cricket going? Are we all out yet?
RooBoyStu: wonder what odds you’d get hawks into Aussies for $5
heppelitis: good thing hampson out from a maria point of view..i mean..maric
Pokerface: will titchell be sub? i can loophole lambert onto the field, but wont know before sydney announced
Raspel31: Gooorn Chelsk.
Jukes82: all out, 120 lead
3rdstriker: you would hope so raspel, dont know how you guys are with small targets, id be nervous as hell if it was us though
Heizenberg: Yeah england need 121 for victory
Raspel31: Just a bit 3rd.
Chelskiman: Can defend 121. Those small run chases have a history of being tricky, and we’ve already bowled them out for 103 in
Chelskiman: the series.
heppelitis: pitch has got easier to bat on though
Raspel31: Indeed game on-the ball swinging. Back to footy or I’ll get banned again.
Jukes82: but it’s only a day 3 pitch, and the pitch is good for batting
Torz: How did Moeen Ali get to the MCG so quickly?
carlton_99: these umps want the tigers to win
dipstick: clark an idiot for bating first on that type of pitch
Bazza2014: racist TORZ
zadolinnyj: Hopefully Starc gets confidence from his batting
berniebern: ladies and gentleman, i give you torz, tonights fuckwit
Bazza2014: ban him 4 a month
Torz: Haha. Pretty harsh. It’s a beard joke. :/
J_Pinkman: bradman scored 300’s on pitches worse than this one
dipstick: well done tiges. hawks are no chance
berniebern: a joke??? hardi ha ha
3rdstriker: great chase houli
Raspel31: Torzwas just having a larff-nothing racist.
heppelitis: bit sensitive there fellas..whats wrong with lookalikes?
Jukes82: game over muppets!
dipstick: @bazza call someona racist on the street and you’d get ya head smashed in flog
Bazza2014: thats a racist comment saying that they all lookalike, in the environment we are in it wasnt necessary
Bazza2014: dipstick, another one
RooBoyStu: it is Richmond jukes82 too early lol
RooBoyStu: @bazza2014 what if you said Roughy looked like a redhead cricketer? same bloody thing
frenzy: hawks are tanking
Raspel31: Well, let’s show we’re bigger than this and leave racismalone.
Torz: You’re the only one making it about race Bazza.
Jukes82: maybe but hawks need 4 goals, only kicked 5 in the game.
danmaio: the environment has not changed in 200 years
berniebern: wasn’t racist…just moronic
Raspel31: Back to the footy lads.
ryanbob: Come on riewoldt get a goal, so inaccurate lately
Karlpov: hahahaha HTB? wtf
RooBoyStu: @jukes82 4 of those in 2nd qtr
sammyo7: What a ridiculous call
Torz: This could be an interesting finish.
heppelitis: lewis moving along nicely
Jukes82: 3 of 5 goals from the umpires
Bazza2014: you guys need to take a look in the mirror and then read what racism means.
Chelskiman: What was Miles meant to do? Was gang tackled instantly.
Torz: Touched!
Raspel31: Bazza-this is not the forum.
J_Pinkman: come on bazza,calm down mate, this is just about a footy game and a bit of light hearted banter
dipstick: bazza goodes isnt a race idiot. dont see any other indigenous getting booed.
casey22: Crowd getting a bit ugly after that: make that uglier!
dipstick: need hodgey to lift hawks
SubOptimal: the world needs educating, this forum is not the place to start. footy plssss
Bazza2014: breust mark??
casey22: Magic man;-Cyril
Dommy02: martin robbed of about 3 tackles
Raspel31: There goes another burger-jeez.
Torz: “He’s tugged it”. Something on your mind Bruce?
heppelitis: quack
RooBoyStu: here comes the hawks, only 13 down now
3rdstriker: when will the afl stop encouraging head high contact, dropping your knees is the same as ducking
meka100: Give Hunt the spud, he’s fucken useless
Raspel31: Game on !
danmaio: Carefull Torz, you will be accused of being homaphobic
kangawalla: Well called Bruce. “He’s a VERY good kick!
Torz: I’m a monster @danmaio. 😛
Bazza2014: razor worst umpire ever
3rdstriker: strange one again
DanBlack: The decision….
SubOptimal: lol the one call that SHOULD have been HTB, wasn’t
DanBlack: Horrid
Raspel31: Ban Torz forfour months because he’s confused.
kangawalla: Seconded Baz
RooBoyStu: Roughy has had a shocker
Bazza2014: this shit umpiring effort will set the tone for the rest of the weekend being shit
itsduftime: rioli – reverse x-factor
danmaio: bruce is a soft as that football
heppelitis: whens the fat lady gonna start stu?
Chelskiman: Muppet for Vickery, lmao.
heppelitis: baha side show bob comedy gold
Jukes82: vickery the muppet cape
meka100: That passage of play by Vickery sums him up perfectly
ronburgndy: Bruce is never soft when Rioli’s on field
3rdstriker: someone call the engravers
SubOptimal: reminds me of when Tyrone reverses into the car on Lock Stock
Raspel31: I have nothing to say beyond may The Sainters beat Port. Goodnight ladies.
Hadouken: will vickery be on almost footy legends this week ?
Torz: Ton up Lewis!
RooBoyStu: Roughy needs a negative icon, oh wait he’s a hawk
casey22: Bit late to put Lake up forward?
mijg: Bazza dont be racist againts the white maggots
Chelskiman: Huge win for us. If only we could have held on last week we would be firmly in the top 4.
meka100: Lewis seagull
RooBoyStu: Deledio x factor
zadolinnyj: It’s going to n
zadolinnyj: It’s going to be tough to finish 9th from here richmond
zadolinnyj: Low scores
kangawalla: congrats Chelskiman & Tiger fans. Go Dee’s!!
Karlpov: Go Tigers!
Hadouken: shipoopi
Dommy02: couldn’t of let it off a bit earlier could you cotch
Chelskiman: Thanks, kanga! 😀
frenzy: inflation to come still

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