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Chat log from R18 of 2015: Carlton vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs North Melbourne, R18 of 2015

dipstick: leigh adams retired effective immediately just told
frenzy: was always gunna happen @ dipstik
Jukes82: juddy ended leigh adam’s career
carlton_99: Carn the Blues!!! Through good and bad I will always bleed blue!!!!!!
Jukes82: look forward to carlton getting zero from the umpires tonight hopefully.
Chelskiman: Huuuuuuuge one from you Goldy, please.
Chelskiman: Not a good start…
carlton_99: Do kangaroos have an acting academy?
LuvIt74: oh here we go
heppelitis: no game blog…quick guys…cover the ff team
heppelitis: oh..mattyz has it under control
kangawalla: Carlton99…..we need to send YOU to an objectivity academy!!!
boo!: is goldy on 120sc already?
MattyZ: kangawalla you scared the hell out of me thinking i had it on delay or something
the worm: i used to barrack for carlton
auxDT: fat lady in the building
kangawalla: Sorry Matty, how’d I do that? Only made one comment this game.
Chelskiman: This is better, Goldy!
Torz: There’s the kickstart Goldy needed.
LuvIt74: Yup carn Goldy
heppelitis: might have thought carlton was on 99 points kanga
kangawalla: Good last 5 min Captain Goldmember!
LuvIt74: Goldy 30sc
Chelskiman: If Norf click tonight Carlton could get done by over 100 again.
LuvIt74: Blues are gonna get smashed by 60+
kangawalla: Yes Hepp….I confess, I totally misread that. I’m usually pretty good at that style of gag, but this time……:)
Torz: Waite looking like a handy match day captain so far.
tamoz: Lift Simpson!
carlton_99: he played on!!!!
LuvIt74: Carlton99 not looking good, looks like Carlton will be feeling the blues
LuvIt74: Yeah lucky Petrie got away with that
The39Steps: Carlton must be bad – Waite and Petrie are topping the count.
LuvIt74: Carlton & Colliwobles are BAD, cannot believe how crap the pies looked today, they hit the great wall of china.
auxDT: carlton has 99 problems right now
LuvIt74: lmao@auxDT
thommoae: Carlton msut be bad – Robbie Tarrant has 22 DT points!
ryanbob: Come on simpson you spud!
carlton_99: what was wrong with that tackle
heppelitis: old man harvey destroying carlton
dipstick: @luvit the way the league is there will now always be 4-5 long term dominant teams
AngryRyno: that free is a joke, and they’re saying buckley reported? absolute joke
LuvIt74: The blues are back
carlton_99: footy is becoming soft, thomas’s head did not even hit the ground
heppelitis: my steak was delicious
wadaramus: Carn Goldy, steak for me too Hepp.
beg4mercy: whats wrong with cunnighton?
The39Steps: Qtr time break – i am sick of all the usual beers. Can someone suggest a great new ‘craft’ beer?
LuvIt74: sounds like 99 of us are on Goldy as VC or C
LuvIt74: I was seriously contemplating taking Hodge’s 113 as my VC
wadaramus: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, delicious!
deanie: I took Duckwood as VC
heppelitis: nice deanie
tamoz: Get involved Higgins!
Hadouken: i def need to move brodie smith on lol
kangawalla: 39 steps….Hawkers craft beer. Look ’em up on the net. Nothing to do with the unsociable FC!!
LuvIt74: @deanie you would be crazy not too. He scored massive
LuvIt74: @hodouken u should have done it this week and get Goddard
The39Steps: Will try @wadaramus and @kangawalla. Tks.
LuvIt74: Likes his scotch. Although don’t mind a froffy in summer
frenzy: HTB that time muppet ump
AngryRyno: chose motlop over goddard this week, happy thus far
wadaramus: Bright green label, Californan import beer.
kangawalla: If we’re not talking footy then beer is a good alternative!:)
heppelitis: Heppelitis home brew ok…although its a bit frothy at times lol
m0nty: back on the game please
LuvIt74: missy higgins replys
beg4mercy: whats wrong with cunnighton?
man0005: back on the game please
AngryRyno: better blues, stay in the contest
kangawalla: Monty is obviously a spirts man. 🙂
Torz: Goldy needs to lift.
Fury Ride: Who’s duckworth @deanie
wadaramus: Lol kanga!
LuvIt74: I really liked the Goodes but dont respect him like I used to. I’m over this Goodes crap.
LuvIt74: @deanie you mean Selwood right
tamoz: Lift Goldy!
AngryRyno: that is incorrect disposal, not holding the man, be reasonable
dipstick: @luvit same. i think when footy is over goodes will have regrets and a lot of sadness.
LuvIt74: Goldy done nothing for a full quarter now. Still on 43sc
heppelitis: brad scott…luna park clown you put table tennis balls into his mouth
dipstick: @heppell haha i said the same thing months ago and rooboy lost it and teared up
heppelitis: lol
frenzy: Lift your game Goldy
carlton_99: what was taht 50 for?
J_Pinkman: crippsy gunna be a good player, but gee he can’t kick
The39Steps: Carlton have a bright future – in 2036 when Boekhorst’s son joins under father-son rule.
heppelitis: carlton having a crack at least
carlton_99: guys not complaining or anything but can someone tell me what taht 50 was for b4
LuvIt74: The Blues are back told ya…
Jukes82: whats goldy’s sc?
dipstick: gees i wish juddy would hurry up and have 4 more sons
Jukes82: are you pissed? or can’t you spell mate?
LuvIt74: @99 Stop complaining. lol
LuvIt74: goldy on 45sc
carlton_99: no really doe anyone know
Jukes82: thanks
AngryRyno: this is good footy, carn blues
LuvIt74: gr8 mark
heppelitis: nice grab
LuvIt74: Yeah carn blues
eski_liddr: not sure if north are playing sht or carlton is actually playing good footy
LuvIt74: goldy 56sc
heppelitis: geepers..just saw carlron_99 on tv…giving it to the umpires
MattyZ: Boekhorst has actually been really good if you take away that not holding the ball
AngryRyno: good to see Boekhurst taking the game on, been great tonight
LuvIt74: Glad I kept Saad so far
dipstick: @carlton99 stfu already. you live in free kick land which is only 1% of the game
LuvIt74: Got Goldy, Simpson, Priddis & Saad tonight
eski_liddr: saturday night grump alert
carlton_99: i didnt say anything justa sked what ir was for not complaining@dipstick, get ur facts sraight
LuvIt74: @dipstick Relax mate. I think Carlton99 is just a 15 or 16 year old kid.
Hadouken: goldy can still have a crack at 100 from here
LuvIt74: Cripps looks the real deal, he wont stay at the blues, someone will pay big for him in a few years.
mijg: Big second half needed Goldy to get at least 1w0 for capt
dipstick: time for blues to free up 125 bucks and trade out tutt and jones
frenzy: Roo mids need a kick in the alps
howeydamus: Higgings 52 ziebell 48
dipstick: yep ziebell 1 touch 2qtr
AngryRyno: i must be sounding like a certain carlton99 but that was HTB against higgins surely
LuvIt74: Goldy 75sc
dipstick: @luvit ohhh i just got a bruce moment. keep updating
tamoz: Lift Kade!
Hadouken: 7 mins in and goldy an extra 18 points. keep that up mate
dipstick: i think rooboy put 50cents on syd and norf 39+. go blues
heppelitis: dear me yarran
AngryRyno: cripps could definitely miss from here
heppelitis: haha ryno
zadolinnyj: Just need goldy to beat priddis and the round is mine
AngryRyno: hmmm there it is
FlagDog: Killing me here Kade… Gimme something!
zadolinnyj: Good call AngryRyno
J_Pinkman: trade menzel out carlton, terrible!
AngryRyno: simmo 59sc
zadolinnyj: I would rather watch neighbours then Lindsay Thomas play football. Although he is a better actor
dipstick: yeh cripps couldnt kick a bull in the aggits. shame coz he gets a lotta pill
J_Pinkman: @dipstick i’ve watched cripps a bit, and yeah couldn’t kick for goal to save himself
J.Worrall: Krooooooze
AngryRyno: cripps any good on the snap? not unreasonable to kick a snap from every set shot nowadays
J.Worrall: haha Waite
J.Worrall: Goldy, yes!
LuvIt74: lets go Goldy lets go
zadolinnyj: Good goldy
LuvIt74: Goldy 115sc
LuvIt74: The Golden Delicious delivers
Torz: Big Goldy has just gone bang.
zadolinnyj: Ta Luvit74. Love ur work
J_Pinkman: havent seen cripps do it at all this year@ryno
wadaramus: Goldy 125sc,go big big man!!!
Redraptor: I luv Goldy
colmullet: Goldy cape just about?
dipstick: yeehar goldystein perma C now
AngryRyno: neither, but maybe he should be, young players generally have the snap mastered. if not, a lesson with sav rocca please
Slashers: Goldy tip goal!
LuvIt74: Oh poor blues now there getting hammered as north step up to another gear, think the blues blew a gearbox
wadaramus: Goldy 135sc.
LuvIt74: Sav Rocca was a cloak he was a mule of a kick, e was only good at kicking goals 50+ meters
boo!: goldy should make is sc gold predicted 167sc
heppelitis: goldy a brownlow chance?
J_Pinkman: just another 20 points from simmo this quarter and i’d be happy with that
Slashers: 15 minutes ago I was doubting goldy as C
mijg: Thankyou Goldy…..again
Hadouken: i walk away for 4 mins and goldy on 88. awesome
Redraptor: Goldy just went BANG!
MattyZ: heppeltitis – there was a guy who put $100 on him at the start of the year
Hadouken: so that must mean that was a 51 point qtr for goldy
mijg: I recon he could be smokey hepp
Slashers: Gooooold finger… Da naaaa na
MattyZ: at one point goldy was 1001 to brownlow, he could topple fyfe even with the media fyfe circlejerk
heppelitis: fyfe maybe out for a few…good chance i think
Fletch91: 82SC point quarter for Goldy!
mijg: Ithought about chucking some $$ on a few weeks back paying $21. Think the odds not so good anymore
heppelitis: it would be nice for a ruck/fwd/back to win 4 a change
Hawks_15: Dont waste your money on goldy even though i like him, fyfe is home and they are paying out already
dipstick: i chucked 50 on blicavs most geelong votes @$8 then jelwood dominates today
dipstick: @hawks fyfe is one fine away from being ineligible
Hawks_15: ive heard he wont be playing many more games till the finals so i think hes safe
J.Worrall: Godly Goldy Gumdrops
Jackina: Seems the data refresh has frozen again…
dipstick: true. i think fyfe has 3 weeks off til the west coast game
Torz: Zeh-bell with a Heath Shaw-like kick to handball ratio.
Chelskiman: Christ, my opponent has fucking everyone this weekend. It’s thefirst time I’ve faced anyone with Ziebell and this
Chelskiman: happens.
dipstick: great CD has crashed and will fuck the rest of the scoring for the night
tamoz: Lets get Higgy!
Jackina: CD has been freaking out the whole day
dipstick: heard higgins name 5 times since its crashed
LuvIt74: Cmon Simpson
LuvIt74: Carn norff need to win by 10 goals or more
boo!: missy +16….lol
LuvIt74: @Carlton99 I forgot to mention im the fat lady singing, I have been singing for an hour.
FlagDog: Goldy winning it for me vs Nic Nat. GOLDY!!!!
Jukes82: higgins bin
LuvIt74: there we go norff another 2 or 3 would be gr8
J.Worrall: Go Kouta!
LuvIt74: goldy 151
the worm: umpies cost carlton, 50s poor frees so unfair
the worm: i dunno why i bother complaining about the umps every week…it seems pointless
LuvIt74: If GCS beat WCE imagine what the odds would have been to tip all 9
wadaramus: Goldy, my goodness you legend!!
The39Steps: it seems pointless…Most sensible thing you have said @the worm.
LuvIt74: @The worm have u seen the score, Carlton could have had 20 50’s and still get hammered. They are crabs
Jackina: I’m not sure goldy needs the cape anymore…
Bazza2014: carltank are gimps
LuvIt74: @the worm, not to mention complaining on here isn’t going to change anything so it is pointless. Write a letter to UMPS
MattyZ: i hate when i leave the cape on 🙁 OK who gets the icons?????
Bazza2014: more to the point write a letter to god
the worm: @sarcasm guys… every single game of every rd its umpies this, umpies that…
LuvIt74: lol@bazza
3rdstriker: Havent seen the game but would like to see higgins get the bin, seagull or vulture
Jackina: give goldy the gun
AngryRyno: goldy star, higgins cherries, ziebell gun, petrie x factor?
LuvIt74: @the worm exactly, look in the mirror ffs
boo!: give missy gun
LuvIt74: Goldy deserves Jet Fuel…
zadolinnyj: Can’t help you Mattyz
Hawks_15: come on goldy, dont stop now
stew42: McDonald needs the superman, 14 touches this quarter according to NM Twitter account
LuvIt74: Damn it kick a point or goal norff
AngryRyno: @stew they’d be right too, i remember seeing him on less than 8 or 9 at 3QT
zadolinnyj: Goldy star?? Maybe Ziebell X and Higgy magnet
Bazza2014: give all carltank players the gimp icon
LuvIt74: Come on siren
zadolinnyj: My round 7 SuperCoach team would have had a great week this week
LuvIt74: Show me the Cashola
The39Steps: Cunnington = garbage.
LuvIt74: Simpson 94sc so far my only player not to ton up from Goldy, Priddis, Saad & Simpson
frenzy: Murph heart
MattyZ: double yin yang symbols, I’m guessing that’s a FanFooty first 😉
Jackina: I like it
LuvIt74: Bloody draw against GCs & Wce
AngryRyno: if buckley gets suspended ill shout everyone here FF premium & SC gold
boo!: blues for thw flag
eski_liddr: AngryRyno – hope you got some coin mate

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