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Chat log from R17 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Geelong

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Geelong, R17 of 2015

frenzy: today Jelwood
poolboybob: Jelwood seems to be missing a kick disposal
AngryRyno: blicavs huge start
carlton_99: I would love it if Taylor beats Shaw
RooBoyStu: if GWS lose today they have hit the wall
luked98: wow selwood i got rid of you
heppelitis: i rage traded motlop not long ago…spewin
Pantsman: Coniglio. That escalated quickly.
poolboybob: Giants are being dominated. Lucky to not be down by more.
the worm: its the umpire’s fault
elk101: 9th, 10th, 11th will replace the current 6th 7th and 8th
elk101: imo giants will slowly drop out of the 8 inevitable they’ll start losing
elk101: Where was Blicavs for the last 20 mins of that qtr?
Woosha 73: I need Steele to score somewhere between not too high, and not getting dropped
johnoP: running with selwood VC
johnoP: unfortunately im also fielding d smith ove rmotlop 🙁
carlton_99: anyone know the scores for taylor selwood and shaw thx in advance
circle52: SC Live scoring stuffed atm
circle52: also of interest Ablett looks like he has hyperextended knee in Crows match
Redraptor: Taylor 42, Jelwood 57 Shaw 48 and Motlop 80 go motlop
colmullet: come on ward get into it!
LeFtBehinD: Stevie J SC anyone?
ballbag: GAJ only in rooms. wouldnt think he will be subbed for a knee
stakerz: cmon blicavs.
carlton_99: cmon taylor
mijg: Heath Shaw piss off.
AngryRyno: steele no longer F6 material
hipnsholda: jack steele… it’s red and has sherrin written on it.
pies13: hi ballbag ugly result lastnight
Raspel31: Think that article in The Age went to Steele’s head-certainly not his feet
ballbag: steele is a my M9/F7 swing for bonts
Redraptor: not allowed to give anymore sc scores for some reason
pies13: wheres smith playing on ball or 4ward?
AngryRyno: shaw 71sc, i’m loving it
ballbag: @pies well it was our worse loss in our history so yeah- yeah you gotta say it was pretty ugly
Yelse: ablett gone for the year
circle52: Gazz subbed in other game and gone for 3/4 weeks
ballbag: but GAJ seems done for the year and was subbed so could be worse if i had him. nasty tweet that
pies13: dodge a bullet not making gaj c but now will have 2trade havnt got many left
pies13: is smith playing mid this week?
ReaperRage: need ward to score more sc than griffen and jacksteele to pick up his game
pies13: will fyfe play?
OnTheRocks: I was > < this close to trading Joelwood for GaJ
OnTheRocks: if Fyfe doesn’t play i’ll be getting Steele’s score…..
G-Mo77: Fyfe is playing
Jukes82: yeah dockers no change
BoredSaint: Been waiting a long time for Selwood to do this but now everyone will jump on for GAJ 🙁
Redraptor: Motlop tons up in sc!
Torz: Wouldn’t touch Selwood with a barge pole.
poolboybob: Shaw is killing it, must be close to SC ton
Dangermaus: GAJ -> Hannebery or Rockliff
carlton_99: cmon pls taylor ton up
ballbag: DONT bring in rocky- the glass cannon WILL NOT play the rest of the games
RooBoyStu: wall all GWS, they are gone and WILL miss the 8
Dangermaus: great to see those 4 names at the top of the Cats list again
Dangermaus: This must be Heath Shaw’s most consistent fantasy scoring year ever… of course the one year I refuse to get him
myteamsuks: Steele bit more please
willywalks: duncan injured with a foot injury of sorts
Wends: What’s with Ward today?
Dangermaus: come on Greene-dog you’re my M8, and I want you to go up in value
carlton_99: damn typical taylor second half fade out
_wato: Motlop & Jelwood & Heaters supercoach please??
BoredSaint: motlop 121, jelwood 94,heater 103
_wato: That is such music to my ears BS, why thankyou.
Dangermaus: lay a tackle Motlop – ffs
ballbag: lay an egg motlop
scud98: Every time Harry
roo boys!: Catches win matches??
Ben_Gogos: Hahah @rooboys! he forgot what sport he was involved in
carlton_99: why does htaylor always do this
Ben_Gogos: @carlton_99 Taylor’s main role is not to win the ball, so his scoring will always be largely sporadic
AngryRyno: blicavs: rubbish, steele: rubbish, shaw: dependable
Dangermaus: Come on Ward…. do something
myteamsuks: If you got Harry Taylor it’s your own fault
Rebuild: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Corr beat a key forward
the worm: its a ball not a pill, and a goal, not a major, there i said it, been bottling that up for years 🙂
Bazza2014: straight through the high diddle diddle
Ben_Gogos: It’s unfair on Corr, clearly doesn’t have the strength to go with these guys
meka100: Wake up Shaw
meka100: Thank you Shaw
rosty63: back in ya hole @the worm
facebook23: is rhys palmer going to be ok?!?! OMG
Woosha 73: Hope this means Selwoods back to be my DT hero at the business end of the year
Dangermaus: FFS Greene – done nothing since half time
Ben_Gogos: The wind has kept the Cats percentage boosting potential down today
stakerz: get to 8 blic
the worm: @bazza high diddle diddle is completely fine 🙂
myteamsuks: Cameron needs more strength
Bazza2014: @worm Sausage roll?
Jukes82: harry taylor bin
ReaperRage: whitfield 8 clangers most ive seen this yeah hahaha
Wends: Was Ward tagged today?
Bazza2014: two of taylors handballs went no more than a foot
the worm: @baz rhyming slang and colloquialisms yes… pill, major, minor, no…its just wrong
dipstick: wth motlop??? you were on like 80 at HT
J.Worrall: two of taylors footballs went no more than a handt
J.Worrall: Welcome back Jelwood!

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