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Chat log from R17 of 2015: Carlton vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Carlton vs Hawthorn, R17 of 2015

frenzy: evening chaps
Yelse: got a dilemma do i start lewis or griffen???
OnTheRocks: Cmon Hodge and vc SMitch, seriously destriy the Blues
p_terg: Brad Walsh the sub as per Twitter .. still waiting for Hawthorn’s choice
p_terg: Walsh the Carlton SUB. Still waiting to find Hawthorns
Yelse: who would u play and bench? lewis or griffen?
IHateChat: Menzel late out
ballbag: AFL site says pupolo is the hawks sub
Jukes82: Will fyfe play tomorrow?
circle52: Troy Menzell a late out
KelCO: Do I switch Mitchell to ablett this week or lonie to bartel?
ben31215: Who is in for Menzel?
Morts54: Blaine Johnson in for Menzel
circle52: Blaine Johnson in for Menzell
wadaramus: Puopolo.
zadolinnyj: Evening
wadaramus: Howdy.
zadolinnyj: Strange week with Fyfe a ? Mark. Have Steele to cover
RooBoyStu: Hawks are playing, no star, magnet, cherries and gun yet? lol
poolboybob: Why does Liam Jones keep getting a game, he is terrible
Apachecats: hope you went Lewis ,Yelse
RooBoyStu: just like last Friday 90% had Goldy vc, this week 90% vc Hodge
zadolinnyj: Good hodgy
3rdstriker: worst decision ever
zadolinnyj: I put vc on danger
ballbag: hodgey VC??? hes scored over 110 like 4 times. hardly a decent choice
circle52: BS free against Simpson
OnTheRocks: set SMitch vc as i thought Hodgey may get the tag
AngryRyno: sauce VC, playing GC who’ve no reputed ruckman
AngryRyno: rare to see blues not tagging actually
carlton_99: sometimes i just dont get what the umpires r seeing what a joke
RooBoyStu: @ballbag, last week Hodge 30 touches at 61% eff, this week v Carl easy choice
circle52: Yarran is switched on tonight
painkilla: yep that was bs against simpson, looked angry too lol
howeydamus: All this time on this site. Still think you know it all. You are still a goose.
OnTheRocks: Carltank usually tag half the opposition, this smells of a tank
Bazza2014: yarran is a turd
RooBoyStu: plus talking sc
zadolinnyj: Umpire was looking at his back @carlton_99 and guessed i think
Jukes82: looking at some massive 1/4 time scores at this rate.
carlton_99: u cat possibly pay tahtd elievarte he tripped
snake_p: Give tutt the tuttett
AngryRyno: deliberate rule should not apply around the ground, only for rushed behinds
Bazza2014: Breust getting the score involves
Bazza2014: is that english from Carltank?
zadolinnyj: We the crows hate u gunston
carlton_99: i meant you cant pay that deliberate as he tripped
RooBoyStu: lol bazza2014 Lygon st english
zadolinnyj: Great mark hodge
Apachecats: I knew what you meant Carlton
danmaio: Kreuzer is a terrible rover, maybe Barker should play him in the ruck
AngryRyno: why did i not just spend the extra cash and get danger instead of mitchell
howeydamus: Gibson running hot!
zadolinnyj: Someone please man up on Gibson. If jones is on him tonight, Gibson may get 200
RooBoyStu: Carlton should forfeit tonight and ask Mick to bring muffins for their supper
frenzy: start flowering tagging carltank muppets
Chelskiman: Birchall has come back to reality it seems.
casey22: Looks like 2 weeks to me
AngryRyno: great signs from holman that’s legend material. hawks do it to everyone else
zadolinnyj: Report?? That was a love tap @Carlto_99
runt: The old coat hanger coconut wrap
carlton_99: how can that be 50 if he hadnt taken the mark
bigbaddasa: traded Lewis to Ablett..serves me right!
3rdstriker: careless and low impact, most likely a fine
IHateChat: Superman in just 15 minutes
Jukes82: nothing in it
danmaio: is Birchall even out there
Bazza2014: 1 wekk, scum hit
howeydamus: Wont get any weeks for that. Low impact open hand. Careless. Fine it should be knowing them
OnTheRocks: Carlton aren’t even trying
Raspel31: Lewis hasn’t touched the pill for 30 secs-not happy.
casey22: Review, agree with fine.
3rdstriker: @ontherocks – how can you tell?
Bazza2014: wasnt the hand it was the forearm , open your eyes up
frenzy: blues won’t kick 5 goals for the game
Bazza2014: your as blind as the other Damus, must run in the family. is damus latin for “Dumb Ar5e”?
runt: Carlton not getting enough from their bottom 18 players
3rdstriker: open hand indicates lack of intent, hence careless, breust in fine, hence low impact
wadaramus: ramus or damus?
Costanza: last Thur/Fri night debacle for Blues. Already 0-5 avg 10 goal losses
RooBoyStu: Fat Lady in the building already
howeydamus: Yes big bad bazza i actually couldnt care less.
Bazza2014: sorry Wada, tainted you with the same paint, but you do talk crap every second game
3rdstriker: the fat lady sang during the warmup and has already left rooboy
heppelitis: RooBoyStu has a fat lady fetish!
mijg: Simpson 43sc Mitchell 20sc go figure
carlton_99: suck it up how wa sthat a free its footy
wadaramus: Apology accepted, but every second game…surely not!
RooBoyStu: Fat Lady eating Mick Malthouse muffins
AngryRyno: penguin
auxDT: ayyy carlton_99 lmao
wadaramus: Come on Carlton, just one game on a Friday, make it competitive.
RooBoyStu: carlton_99 needs a new keyboard and a new team
Chelskiman: Picked the Hawks by 65 points. Beginning to think that was very conservative.
carlton_99: r us erious ump it was a late advantage
carlton_99: thats it thes eumps r doing it again’]
Bazza2014: Lewis 145 tonight DT
danmaio: fuck you Murphy, get on him,
AngryRyno: is wayne carey serious
Raspel31: Bit late to cap Lewis ?
runt: Friday Night Slaughterhouse
poolboybob: Lewis = flat track bully
carlton_99: umps i dont hink teh hawks need helping atop givinign free kicks for touching them
willywalks: last time liam jones played he got the spud from my request, i think he deserves it again this early on m0nty
RooBoyStu: Rioli deserves an icicle only having 2 touches
zadolinnyj: Carey smoking the wacky I think
m0nty: Carey could be at CHF for Carlton tonight and not get a touch
coyote69: wayne carey, comment on Mitchell, the guys a moron
DTmuppet: the weekly whinge from carlton_99 right on time
Chelskiman: Please get involved, Birch!
danmaio: Thanks for 1 good week Birchall
RooBoyStu: same with Brereton m0nty
IHateChat: Carey contrarian point of view. Good for footy.
auxDT: m0nty getting defensive
cusch1: Carlton_99′ whinging is more consistent than Luke Hodge!!
Raspel31: Well, Carlton started well.
Fletch91: Thats it Gunston! Keep going
RooBoyStu: Carey did an amazing article on Boomer, have a look on the Age newspaper website
runt: Mitchell is basically the hub of the wheel, he doesn’t need pace, The modern day Greg Williams
myteamsuks: At carlton99 I’m
shaker: Carey has one thing in mind and that is Carey
meka100: Need something to make the game interesting, the game’s shithouse
myteamsuks: A blues supporter and let it go with the umpires it matters little
AngryRyno: docherty useless cow
IHateChat: That’s why he was a champion footy player
Bazza2014: gave my mate at work 8 goals in for $25 , i just messaged himand said scores are level…lmao
runt: Litherland sounds like a reptile park
ballbag: @carl99 stfu. we always kick more pts than goals. umps mean fuck all junior!!!
Disco DB: SURELY it’s time for the witches hats on Carlton.
shaker: Champion player dog of a person give me Bruce or Lingy anyday
zadolinnyj: He sound like a certain bottleshop runt
RooBoyStu: karma bus hitting Mitchell
rosty63: Litherland is a bottle shop for people with a lisp.
Bazza2014: Duck is a %uck stick, but could play
Pantsman: Liam Jones should get exclusive rights to the “spud” icon.
frenzy: need a mercy rule
DirtyDawn: Evening ladies and gents
Bazza2014: dog call rooboy
auxDT: this is a nailbiter
Bazza2014: the spud icon should be remaned the “LJ icon”
poolboybob: Will Carltank score a goal in this match? Yes or no
IHateChat: I watched Carey personally tear entire teams apart. He was peerless.
Chelskiman: Fuck you, Birchall. Fuck you. 🙁
Jukes82: So many shit games on friday night ffs.
RooBoyStu: why? clearly kneeing players, hows a dog call when he gets injured?
Disco DB: @Bazza2014 hahaha, watta spud
carlton_99: woooo first free 14-7
J_Pinkman: Hawks slowing up here. Haven’t kicked a goal last 2 minutes
Disco DB: @poolboybob nek minnet
Bazza2014: hahhaah go Birchall, i’m hoping for 40 points, my opponent has him, lmao
danmaio: Just what I need Birchall, a fucken minus 3
colin wood: Where’s hodge gone?
howeydamus: Hodge houdini
Bazza2014: maybe we can call LJ the #onehandballhalfspud
Disco DB: @colin wood the pub
carlton_99: how is that a push i promise to Gog they are just picking frees from no wehre
The39Steps: it will be a brave board that gives Barker the job after this (lack of) performance.
carlton_99: that wasnt even a mark these uymps are just ridculous
3rdstriker: umpires have paid three ridiculous frees against kade simpson
zadolinnyj: Was a push for sure
colin wood: Everytime I come on here Carlton99 blames the umps lol
carlton_99: the jurphy one wasot a push
cusch1: Surely he is just trolling now
heppelitis: is there a broken record icon for Carlton_99?
AngryRyno: “promise to gog” is my new motto
carlton_99: and the simpson one was very soft
carlton_99: 16-7 frees
The39Steps: Well known that Hawks targeted this game as % boost – and he has done sfa to limit the damage.
frenzy: go to bed carlton99 log off buddy
Chelskiman: @Bazza2014, I’d take a 40 from him at this stage as he doesn’t look like getting anywhere near that right now.
runt: Hodge just nipped out for a bag of chips to enjoy while watching this shellacking
poolboybob: If you are not going to put the potato on Liam Jones then put it on carlton99
casey22: Thinking how bad blues are but maybe its how good hawks are!
howeydamus: Kleenex
carlton_99: if u were vesing hawthron now u would eb saying the same thing
Jodd: Yeah that’s what Carlton’s been missing, a few free kicks. If they can just get 3-4 calls that way they’ll kick ten.
RooBoyStu: hawks getting smashed in hit outs, not clearances though
AngryRyno: “not a loss to the fanfooty community in general” cmkn
colin wood: Carlton 99 your team is hopeless mate no offence but the umps are paying as per the rules.
zadolinnyj: I swear to gog this is a horrible game
Disco DB: “with Gog as my witness” this is a training drill.
carlton_99: says teh colingwood supporter
wadaramus: Gee whiz, come on Carlton, there is still a half to go.
Mcswains: cripps SC?
rosty63: good news @carlton99 Bunnings are having a special 4 carlton fans an adjustable chicken wire screen that you place in fr
Raspel31: Yarran’s defence-eek.
danmaio: should of left Schade on field, not Birchall
heppelitis: common Simpson..terrible Qtr
carlton_99: so was taht in the back
colin wood: Playing the bottom team in my oh and they have Lewis and Gibson… SMH..
runt: No Judd and Malthouse, Carlton still shithouse
IHateChat: Muppet.
rosty63: front of your telly
Bazza2014: Does Calton 99 have a speech impediment or NO thumbs?
willywalks: the spud scores!
wadaramus: In the back to Lake, bollocks!
myteamsuks: I can’t believe you go on like this carlton99 LET IT GO, every week You must be tired
3rdstriker: weird in the back being paid tonight
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Jones intercepts a Mitchell kick across the last line of defence to Spangher and runs into an open goal.
RooBoyStu: lol rosty63 less rope available too
Pantsman: Blue moon for LJ!
ballbag: is SC hack lewis on 45sc yet?
poolboybob: omg Liam Jones did something positive
colin wood: Go to bed mcswains
mijg: Lots of soft frees being paid but fucking funny.
zadolinnyj: Is that reportable on jones. I was hoping to get him in my side next wee.
Mcswains: lol WTF Colin wood?
rosty63: banned from razor blades to
Jukes82: kade simpson shit himself lmao
RooBoyStu: Burgoyne should get an icon icicle, magnifying glass etc
colin wood: Craven Moorhead
carlton_99: so ur saying the rioli tackle wasnt high
danmaio: If Murphy was a spud, wouldnt have to leave him in hot water too long to soften him up
willywalks: must admit that was high on simpson
God_: Umpire has given up aswell
meka100: Simpson having a mare
carlton_99: how was that not high
wadaramus: Simpson spud, kermit, whatever, loser!
Jukes82: it was holding the balll first, then the high tackle.
ryanbob: Umps wearing hawk goggles, clearly way too high on simpson
heppelitis: minus 50 sc points for that effort…simpson…you donkey
zadolinnyj: Tackle was high. Give you that
willywalks: clangher subbed
Disco DB: Spanga off with a case of the CBF’s.
colin wood: Someone press the reset button on the Carlton football club what a mess
ballbag: ronaldo is playing at the G and is worth more than the whole AFL salary cap
danmaio: they paid the free for holding ball just before the arms slipped up over simpsons head
myteamsuks: Simpson shouldn’t have dropped his mark, holding the ball first
colin wood: Throw Carlton in the bin
wadaramus: Mercy rule.
ryanbob: The initial tackle was over his shoulders to begin with so the whole tackle was high
poolboybob: Good move putting Carltank on so many Friday nights, AFL
Mcswains: crisp Shazzle lol
The39Steps: Could be the last Friday night game for the filth this century.
3rdstriker: bells in trouble
myteamsuks: Does everyone know that CARLTON have hawthorn in round 23 and they are saying it will be Friday night too.
3rdstriker: sore arm
runt: Murphy in fine fettle
ballbag: hodge and smith bending me over the DT barrel. thnx flogs
DirtyDawn: Yarran has had a shocker!!
danmaio: toll on bell
heppelitis: Bombers against Carlton on a Friday night would be a ripper…could the AFL fuk it up anymore?
Disco DB: Demanding at least 1 witches hat.
runt: The number of Murphys and cripps handballs indicative of the pressure from Hawks mids
cobrakai00: this ch7/umpire Rioli love can fuck off
3rdstriker: kade 59sc, at least cd is loving him more than the umpires!
ballbag: @runt not really. cripps doesnt know how to kick and rarely does
heppelitis: woder how many have switched to the soccer tonight
Bazza2014: did yarran have 39 points @qtr time?
colin wood: Picked murph up a month ago been a great pickup one of the only blues players having a crack tonight
Bazza2014: witches hat
DirtyDawn: Hodge 1 tackle, Lewis zero tackles!! Too easy
SaintsMan: bullshower kad simpson is on 59sc, they dont know how to score this game
heppelitis: wonder*
ballbag: @heppel prob about 500 million round the world
frenzy: icicle birchall
Carnster: what channel is the soccer on
mijg: Simpson went up 16 sc in that qtr bull
RooBoyStu: Hodgey
3rdstriker: Surely we need a down hill skier icon for Lewis, where’s he been lately
RooBoyStu: @Carnster who cares
heppelitis: lets hope simpson has a rubbish second half…that SC score is tasty
Carnster: true @rooboystu spud question by me
RooBoyStu: Lewis always beats up on the low sides
myteamsuks: Real Madrid more goals at half time than carlton
The39Steps: If you had carte blanche and were assembling a squad of 40 for a 19th AFL team in city X, Cripps only fifth player.
ballbag: frees against dont mean squat in SC unless goal is given away. go simmo
mijg: Mitchell 37 sc hes been one of their best.
runt: I have to say I have liked Carltons dirty stuff, makes a change
The39Steps: * filth
mijg: Goal was given away ballbag
Mcswains: traded Cripps for Ablett. hope Ablett goes large lol
RooBoyStu: ballbag name is a good thing although gelding would suit more
Bazza2014: wayne carey is getting caned on twitter from danger
mijg: Pretty sure simpson gave away three frees 1 resultingvin a goal and 2 touches. Should of gone backwards
ballbag: @rooboy maybe. but if i was gelded id still have bigger aggits than you
RooBoyStu: lol ok
myteamsuks: I like Hodge sc score
ballbag: actually 5 muppets, 4FA and same possies and DE dunno how simmo same SC as hodge
RooBoyStu: Danger and Jaensch also having a go at Boomer, lol not even in his shadow both of them.
Bazza2014: pffft @rooboy
RooBoyStu: Boomer Premiership player and EJ Whitten medalist
wadaramus: Twitter…twatter.
ryanbob: What did carey say?
shaker: Quite that is what Carey wants for rubbish that flows from his big mouth
ballbag: @rooboy if boomer doesnt play for norf next year you know he’ll play elsewhere
zadolinnyj: Mark murphy meow! Scared
3rdstriker: carlton might want to stop kicking short to hawthorn in the D50
frenzy: you lazy flower Hodgey
RooBoyStu: Boomer is staying said so today
The39Steps: Guessitrmates final score – 180:43
casey22: Everyone knows where Careys brain is
carlton_99: r u serious u idiot umpire u shocking
zadolinnyj: Ok Carlton_99 yes that was a bad call
carlton_99: these umps are shocking that was holding the ball not high
AngryRyno: now thats BS, holding the ball
myteamsuks: Carey said Mitchell wouldn’t get a game at any other club
DirtyDawn: Any chance of the purple name game making a come back Monty?
Roksta: Lol Carlton at it again
carlton_99: u keep saying oh yeh tahtw as a bad call but theres been liek a dozen
SaintsMan: doesn’t matter carlton, you’ve kicked 2 goals
Roksta: Loves the attention
howeydamus: That WAS ridiculous and thats why the games ruined and the only reason i watch is SC points. Pitiful
Bazza2014: hahahah@carlton 99
RooBoyStu: where’s Hodge? having a hot dog?
ballbag: @carlton99 lets pretend the umps give blues 10 goals. then what?? we’d still lose dropkick
carlton_99: if u are watching this game then u can see what im talking about
zadolinnyj: As a neutral I’ve seen about 4
wadaramus: What did you say? 50 metres punk.
cusch1: Puopolo draws high frees like that at least 3 times a game…opponents should know by now
heppelitis: Carlton_99 would make a great flathead fisherman…he gets lots of bites
Chelskiman: Get to 70 at least Birch.
Roksta: It’s sad actually hepp… Needs the attention
RooBoyStu: Birchall escapes a negative icon as a hawk
Bazza2014: i like heppellitis
ballbag: wtf smith. couldnt get a possie in your own jocks ya slacker
3rdstriker: umpires obviously instructed to pay a lot of frees to avoid congestion tonight
zadolinnyj: Just saw hodge buying an ice cream. Who would blame him at 90s prices
heppelitis: $5 beers is good
RooBoyStu: @zadolinnyj roughy would chase him for the spinkles
zadolinnyj: Sure is
cobrakai00: Puopolo draws high frees?? it wasnt a free duh
wadaramus: Umps definitely on the hawks side tonight.
zadolinnyj: Lol
zadolinnyj: There is poo all over this ball at the moment. On fire
goodxx: birchall escapes the negative icon because he was never a good dt’er to begin with
ronl: Is Lewis on the ground, he seems to have disappeared
zadolinnyj: 11 Carlton players with a lower score the Puopolo
myteamsuks: Can’t wait til Yarran leaves out club he does nothing at all
the worm: hows the umpiring?
Jukes82: spanger needs the red cross for his hammy.
Chelskiman: @goodxx, Birch has averaged in the 80’s for the past five years. Hardly bad for a defender.
myteamsuks: Hodge will be on 100 sc at 3/4 time
frenzy: would’nt happen if Mick was coaching
ballbag: yarran is an arrogant sourpuss who can go and get fucked. needed to be traded years ago
goodxx: no fantasy coach who rates himself would ever consider birchall
DirtyDawn: Lewis stopped!! 22 points since quarter time…
willywalks: time to break out the witches hats and spuds m0nty, take your pick!
willywalks: tom bell can have the pumpkin too
RooBoyStu: Burgoyne quiet
Roksta: Give them all L plates “rookies”
ballbag: blues pumpkins, spuds. if they had carrots you get them a blue bus home
frenzy: icicle birdpoo
zadolinnyj: Good mark
heppelitis: nice grab
heppelitis: nice shank
RooBoyStu: There’s only one negative on Hawthorn and that’s their rucks
myteamsuks: LING, kicks like that only make him better referring to Casboult out on the full. These guys are on it
zadolinnyj: Kreuzer has done his job
wadaramus: Mercy!!!
TasDevil: vultures/witches hats
zadolinnyj: Surely Gibbs is thinking a return to Adelaide looks good
meka100: Give Norman the vulture, he’s feasting on the carcass
howeydamus: This is a train wreck.
Fletch91: GUNSTON! Good start to the weekend for me!
Buzz67: LING, Carlton won’t play finals this year …
myteamsuks: Happy 200th Murphy, could be the margin
zadolinnyj: Everit hungry
J_Pinkman: Thankfully Blues have Jones otherwise they would b getting smashed
OnTheRocks: witches hats for Carlton?
zadolinnyj: Love how they are giving it to duck
wtf???: @Zad…please don’t wish Gibbs on to us Crows.
zadolinnyj: I’m a crows fan. Be a good half back
zadolinnyj: Courage doch
jfitty: Gibson for seagul? 1 contested possession out of 23..
ballbag: blues should let gibbs and his eyeliner and man bun go to adelaide
meka100: Have a rest Roughy, no need to be out there against these turds
ballbag: LOL blues still doing a twatter feed. flogs. how embaressing
zadolinnyj: For the last quarter hawthorn should rest 10 to make the last qrt even
howeydamus: Gibbs is an australian caitlyn jenner. Just have the operation son and become a “hero”
heppelitis: haha ballbag
DTmuppet: gunstom in this week best trade of the season
Disco DB: stack up the witches hats!!!!!
Roksta: Real Madrid have more goals than Carlton lol
Bazza2014: wayne Carey biggest spastic ever
SaintsMan: gibson has better efficiency yet is lower on score, yet lewis has lower efficiency and is 37 more on score. Makes no sen
Roksta: Lewis has 2 goals also saintsman
ballbag: @howey Bruce Alnighty. theyre releasing a film soon
frenzy: contested ball @ saintsman
ballbag: *bruce all nightey
ballbag: holy shit. lewis 137 sc so far. what a fluke
J_Pinkman: We shouldn’t joke, Wayne Hughes and Rodgers have compiled a damn good VFL side
Bazza2014: can i have a bit of yankee doodle dandy please #now
mijg: Mitchell getting ripped in sc. Flogs
danmaio: Harris well suited at hawks, a fucken cockhead
ballbag: heart mitchell? is his heartbone connected to his kneebone?
3rdstriker: Bring back Ratten!
Jukes82: lmao, gibson the rock? lol. I haven’t seen him in the backline all night. Getting cheap kicks along the wing
wadaramus: Hawks He-Man attitude is tiring.
God_: Hodge muppet
zadolinnyj: Tarrant is on the dave swan diet I think. Chubbing up
zadolinnyj: Yarran. Why did it change to taarant?
colin wood: Bin for Mitchell
colin wood: Lol at Gibson rock just got out marked by boekhurst
danmaio: any chance getting a seagull or bin next to your name Birchall
zadolinnyj: Someone said Carlton will only kick 5 earlier. Not a bad call
ryanbob: Simpson dead ?
danmaio: You should see what hero was @zad
ballbag: are the blues playing with 23 or did they sub-a-hack?
the worm: carlton needs ratten back…on the ball
mijg: If simpson ends with mor SC than Mitchell then they can go fuck themselves
God_: gibson “the rock” drops a sitter
ballbag: ohh. ohh. ohhh. oh fuck. im plying someone with gunston
zadolinnyj: Muppet lake and murphy. Double muppet
danmaio: That was a fucken captains effort Murphy, you uninspirational spud
hbui35493: Kade Simpson, more like Homer simpson
zadolinnyj: Has Monty fallen asleep?
auxDT: Lewis and Gunston SC anyone?
RooBoyStu: Come on Hodge
m0nty: just about
wadaramus: Carlton are extremely embarrassing.
heppelitis: m)nty busy like a teenager with a girlie mag
heppelitis: m0nty*
Roksta: Can Hawks get to 200?
RooBoyStu: m0nthy with a goon bag more like it
ballbag: m0nty more excited than mcavaney. a 3peat bulging
RooBoyStu: *m0nty
the worm: how many clubs would give a second round pick to carlton for…anyone?
zadolinnyj: You missed the muppet movie starring lake and murphy Monty. Box office hit
danmaio: please think of Birchall when sharing the ball around hawks
RooBoyStu: Hawks biggest trouble is ruck
ballbag: as a blue i look at our list and it is just sad and pathetic. 10 years off. 2 a graders is a joke
zadolinnyj: That smother had to hurt. You could here the slap
wtf???: Breaking News: Carlton offices have been burgled and all applications for the coaching job have been stolen.
wtf???: Cops are looking for about 10 suspects.
heppelitis: I put Menxel in my teams this year…what an epic fail,,,1 good game this year
3rdstriker: blues players must really want barker to be coach
danmaio: who are the 2 A graders
The39Steps: hawks won a flag in the 80s without a ruck – coach said rove to the opposition ruck.
ballbag: who is this barker they speak of? hawks going for a darts score 1 HUNDRED AND EIGHTY
Raspel31: Carlton had the best of the opening 3 minutes
the worm: 2 a-graders? cripps and…?
casey22: Pity about the smirk on Mick’s face!!!
Roksta: 2 A graders is generous
heppelitis: God,,,spelling getting bad
The39Steps: What was my predicted score two hours ago? 180-143?
ballbag: no- murphy and simpson. kreuz if he stays fit
RooBoyStu: good junk hodge
zadolinnyj: You mean gog @heppelitus
howeydamus: Scintillating junk from lucas hodgett
heppelitis: yes lol
zadolinnyj: Duck sucking up to Mitchell now
cusch1: Fuck me that was brilliant
TasDevil: witches hats for whole team
the worm: i wonder how many clubs are thinking “gee, wish we could have murphy!”
casey22: I think we’re watching this years premiers
ballbag: ouch 99,000 at the G tonight
RooBoyStu: Can we just give Hawthorn a 100 point margin for Round 23, give Carlton an early footy trip & play Richmond-North on Fri
myteamsuks: Massive quarter by hodge
zadolinnyj: Hawthorn are scary at the moment. Can’t wait to see them vs Eagles. Will be good
mijg: Hodge going sick
RooBoyStu: last post Ralphy’s tweet
colin wood: Whose better the lions from 01-04 or Carltons 2015 team? Too hard to pick..
heppelitis: suckling pigging it up
Roksta: Hodge 7 points till Cape
uw0tm8: carlton with as many goals as real madrd tonight. abysmal
ballbag: carlton 95 still the best team
zadolinnyj: Bruce! That’s not a phone number up there it’s hawthorns score
AngryRyno: first night as a hodge owner, if only i had the guts to drop him the VC
Fury: Carlton are amazing
DTmuppet: call 000 carlton_99 gone missing
AngryRyno: people complain about the low scoring games, this must be a classic! 207 points between the two teams!
RooBoyStu: Carlton shouldn’t get another Friday night game for 20 years
cusch1: As an Essendon supporter, at least I can say at least we are not in the same position as carlton
ballbag: @zado LOL i thought it was an IP address
h a mm e r: I think Carlton wld struggle to beat Manchester City tonight
frenzy: who was the legend that said carlton won’t kick 5 goals? Lol
andy59: 13 Hawks to ton up tonight in SC!
KingPetrie: another ripper friday night fixture by the afl
zadolinnyj: I think curnow has improved as a player.
Bazza2014: Cusch you might not think you are , but you are son
TasDevil: @DTmuppett, If only the frees were more even!
wadaramus: Thank goodness that is over.
Edders: As a Carlton fan, I’m not sure what anyone else expected going in to this game.
AngryRyno: at least carlton has a coach that can ride a bike, bombers fans
DTmuppet: banter
myteamsuks: @cusch yeah you are. You lost to saints by 100+
the worm: im glad the blues recruiters made up for all past mistakes by getting liam jones
Fletch91: Thanks Gunston!
casey22: I went Hawks by 23: should have said goals not points
3rdstriker: cant believe mitchell beat simpson, ridiculous
Edders: This is a team that was beating fellow flag favourites by 10 goals.
heppelitis: hmm…not sure if to take hodges sc as vc
Bazza2014: freekicks@tasdevil bahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahah
RooBoyStu: Carlton 30 tackles lol
howeydamus: Carlton99 reported as down bunnings buying rope. Hope everythings ok
RooBoyStu: Fevola was at the soccer lol
cusch1: angryryno you have an interim coach rn….technically no coach
wtf???: There’ll be a lot of coaching applications withdrawn on Monday.
TasDevil: He’ll be fine. Razor Ray has gone into witness protection yhough
mijg: Haha 3rdstricker. Simpson sucked how he got 97 is a joke. All carlton team should of got 50s at best
heppelitis: lol

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