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Chat log from R16 of 2015: St Kilda vs Richmond

Chat log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R16 of 2015

SaintsMan: Sinclair and Gordon the Subs!
drapes15: Take Steele 75 or risk Lambert ?
drapes15: and Goddard or Buddy’s 71
Apachecats: Bird in the hand rule.
Chelskiman: If the Saints were playing any other team I’d be cheering them on. Big game for us, I think the Saints will be tough.
SaintsMan: Lets Go Boys!
Hadouken: deledio+newnes vs armitage and roughly 100 points at the end of power/crow game. who wins?
ReaperRage: captain montagna and houli this game. fyfe vc didnt work out again :/
Raspel31: Yep, Fyfe wasn’t a great loop.
Woodie: Saints to get up here
dipstick: purple names for Maddy?
ReaperRage: what a crap 3 weeks from him. i dont have ablett but i should have VC’d goldy :/
Apachecats: Goldy loop of the century.
Cotts: 2244 still with armitage, newnes, d/field and dustin to go.. how’s everyone else this week?
RooBoyStu: Come on Billy Boy Longer!
Monger: 2002 with halfs from Gray and BSmith.. then Deledio, Martin, Steven Newnes to go
Apachecats: You’re looking at 2600 plus there Cotts .Well done.
dipstick: @reaper yep. goldy 150 three round avge
ReaperRage: 1711, with gray, wines, thompson, smith, houli and the C on montagna
Cotts: yeah hopefully apache, team is finally coming together after bye rounds..
dipstick: jake king on triple M got aggits in his mouth when he talks. that guy is a drip imo
zadolinnyj: I’ll be around 2500 plus again. Should have been more considering goldy leg up
Monger: is Jack Steven wanting to play today?
zadolinnyj: Respect Monty the purple names. Have not missed a beat this year
ReaperRage: Hurry up and get the ball Monta and Houli -_-
zadolinnyj: Then again if Stevens keeps going you can take a hundred off
Bazza2014: purple looks good the guernseys
Apachecats: I will end up around 2400 with Nichols and McGovern subbed off ,could have been etc etc
RooBoyStu: Richmond’s sash should be purple
tommyc5: anyone know what happened to Longer?
Monger: JSteven must be trying to tie his laces or something….
daics1990: Is Steven playing? 13 mins in still 0?
Raspel31: OMG-Stevens and Montagna. Eeek.
Monger: Jsteven didn’t want to wear purple?
banta: i actually hate you so much houli you mole
heppelitis: steven busy admiring the capital C next to his name
Cotts: someone to break the 3k mark this week? surely there will be a few very close to it
AngryRyno: we want dustbin to beat houli by 50sc boys
OnTheRocks: don’t think we’ll see a 3k, too many low 100 scores from previous games for premos
heppelitis: Hampson fn thief stealing Marics points
OnTheRocks: lol @ all those who picked up Rance
banta: pathetic maric, stay suspended. would be better than this rubbish
Raspel31: Rance looking good to surpass last week’s score.
_wato: What is Steven doing? Jacking himself?
Cotts: montagna starting strong
Chelskiman: Saints all over us at the moment.
Chelskiman: Houli is in spud mode again.
Raspel31: Gawd, Fyfe, Mitchell, Danger, Montagna, Rance-can’t get any worse
RooBoyStu: Tigers smashing Saints in hit outs
ReaperRage: c monta for the first time working out amazing ayy -_-
poolboybob: So many icicles…. Montagna, Steven, Maric, Houli, Rance
RooBoyStu: 6 disposals in a qtr is no icicle
banta: pathetic miles
Chelskiman: First half of that quater we were good. Second half we were shit.
itsduftime: riewoldts should have a heart each
Ben_Gogos: Great call @itsdufftime done
Raspel31: SC and tipping aside-carn Sainters !
Raspel31: Good call and well done
Chelskiman: Nice work, Lennon! Not sure about that haircut thought, lol.
Chelskiman: *though
daics1990: Gotta love Steven. 15 points in a quarter then 15 points in 4 minutes. Keep it up!!
banta: houli needs to be dropped. does nothing
Ben_Gogos: The rotation has been crazy today
Raspel31: Rance has warmed up with 1 point this qtr already
RooBoyStu: Houli having a mare
Chelskiman: Weller is really starting to annoy me.
RooBoyStu: Good to see Eli Templeton has had his hair cut
OnTheRocks: i’m going to name it Shithouse Sunday for all the awful scores
ReaperRage: houli 5 kicks hit one on target. round of applause its hard to be that shower accidentally
RooBoyStu: the walking kane kicks a goal
poolboybob: Technicalliy Houli hit a target 4 times. But 3 of those times the target played for St Kilda.
dipstick: get in flame mode montags and steven. do it. now ffs
Raspel31: Steven already 30 this qtr Dip-he’s on his way.
SaintsMan: Once again. We can’t kick straight
heppelitis: moses maric there…the water parted for him
RooBoyStu: shocking game skill wise
SaintsMan: Disgusting Saints
Chelskiman: Jesus that was sloppy. Lucky to get a goal out of that in the end.
Chelskiman: Been impressed with
Chelskiman: Been impressed with Hammer these past two games.
poolboybob: Longer getting destroyed. How bad is McKernan that he let Longer score 130 SC against him?
OnTheRocks: yes, Cotch finally getting into it
Chelskiman: Well done, Jack. Very much deserved. <3
Jukes82: hammer is a solid 1st ruck, shithouse forward.
heppelitis: delicious beaver
ryanbob: How is rance 27 from 3 touches ? I swear he gets free points
AngryRyno: houli 8sc, pls stay there
wadaramus: Houli U spud.
elk101: houli will start to bounce back over the coming weeks ramadan is over
DirtyDawn: What ndid Gerard Healy say about Richmond? They need to “pound the meat”????
AngryRyno: dustbin 36sc, i don’t understand
SaintsMan: no he’s not ryno he’s on about 60 or 70
RooBoyStu: disgraceful performance from Saints
Chelskiman: Houli starting to get a little bit more of it at least. Need a 90+ second half from him.
AngryRyno: *UnNameableApp* is broken, my bad
elk101: what’s happened to the supporter flag next each name on the last game of the round?
Chelskiman: 60 points behind with just Houli in play. Can I win?
poolboybob: Let NRoo score a goal
kangawalla: Chelsk…..nup!
Chelskiman: Thought so. 🙁
Raspel31: Nup nup
kangawalla: Chelsk…what score do u need from him? We can channel the DT/SC gods for you!
Ben_Gogos: You’ll need a cape @Chelski
zadolinnyj: Fine chelskiman
sticky12: no rooboy,disgraceful is north being thrashed by Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago when favourites
Chelskiman: Fiddy cents, hahaha.
Brent007: Sorry, not happening Chelsk 🙁
poolboybob: lol “fitty cents”
myteamsuks: Shouldn’t have picked gold coast , I cost myself some $ for not getting 9
Brent007: Martin+Steven+Armitage need less than another 145 for me to win.
myteamsuks: @chelski . 60 from now or in total for the match?
Raspel31: Tough Brent-might just but doubtful.
Chelskiman: Need 45 now from Houli.
CamT: 2,462sc with Martin & Houli to come 🙂
auxDT: 11 points ahead..I have Newnes + nRoo vsing Maric + Houli, gonna be so close..
johnoP: Hampson has flowered Marics scoring
myteamsuks: I’ll say no Chelski, although the he has had a big 3rd
myteamsuks: Looking at 2300 with only 5 players getting 100 so far, I’ll take that, crap round after good start
SaintsMan: We have been so bad since the Essendon Game. Disgusting
Raspel31: Sad, sad Saints.
kangawalla: So basivally Houli needs to ton up & you win Chelsk?
Ben_Gogos: Riewoldt is certainly playing injured, massive effort from Nick!
cartz411: 2699 with martin, armo and newnes to come in SC!!
poolboybob: Lonie brick wall
colin wood: 2503 with dusty to go for sc
SaintsMan: Bullshower cartz
zadolinnyj: If that’s correct cartz411 you may have the cash
Chelskiman: So I need 43 from Houli in the last. Could happen if he can get in on some junk, but not looking likely at this stage.
ReaperRage: monta you have shower timing to have an off game,
cusch1: Scores even, I have Deledio, he has Maric, Bruce and McIntosh. Thought I had no chance
kangawalla: Cmon Bachar! 112 is the magic number!
Hadouken: typical afl fantasy site wont load lol
sticky12: Woohoo I’m gonna beat top spot in my league
sticky12: Thanks to s Thompson, and wines/Cotchin having bad days
sticky12: For you too kanga or u supporting chelski
Chelskiman: Well done, Roo. *claps*
kangawalla: Golf clap’ll do fellas
Raspel31: Well said Chels
kangawalla: Deledio got to raise the bat at 102 & then gave it back! -4, back to 98
runt: Saints going crazy!!!
OnTheRocks: Cotch+85 vs Houli+newnes
cusch1: Can we all just appreciate the StKilda social media teams…all class
Chelskiman: Come on Houli, time is starting to become a factor now!
myteamsuks: Goddard on 58sc at 3/4 time. Nice
OnTheRocks: Cotch you useless scum
Nocash: Cartz – u only double Goldy’s score, not multiply it by 4. The Navara is yours if true. But think you have put some Mayo
kangawalla: Hopefully this Goddard at StKilda is different to his cousin Floggard at Essendon.
DirtyDawn: Thougfhts with the Riewoldt Family. Have a good week all and see you next weekend.
Chelskiman: It’s over now. It was my own fault. If I had backed in Goldy as captain instead of going Rocky I would have won.
kangawalla: Seconded DD
Chelskiman: Saints might win this. =/
DirtyDawn: *Thoughts
RooBoyStu: Dunstan blue moon
SaintsMan: We won’t. But proud that we have fought back
kangawalla: Is there a prayer room at Etihad? I think Bachar’s in there!
Ben_Gogos: Well done McCartin!
Costanza: yeah bench the kid wtf – someone pls explain why this happens
dipstick: team son sons has been desatched
Raspel31: Won’t win from here but brave work sainters.
RooBoyStu: come on Steven bin it
sticky12: Cmon raspel 15 mins ago you said they were disgraceful! Ppl should wait till the end before passing judgement
Chelskiman: Seriously, we will lose this.
pants42: any1 got martin, cotch, roberton sc?
frenzy: potato entire tiger team
kangawalla: +7 with Deledio & Newnes vs Armitage. Armo having a big Q4 too! Yikes!!!
RooBoyStu: magnet Steven most disposals
zadolinnyj: What a goal
Chelskiman: fuck
auxDT: what a goal
zadolinnyj: Gordon on
dipstick: even if tiges win still shows they aint anywhere near a top team
Raspel31: Sainters-6.39 to go. Go for it.
SaintsMan: These umpires!!!!
zadolinnyj: Agree with RooboyStu
SaintsMan: Its over now
rosty63: flash icon 4 gordon
RooBoyStu: good comeback Longer
runt: Tigers actively trying to lose this
Chelskiman: Shit quarter, but another 4 points banked.
Raspel31: Over the line by 3 points-phew
frenzy: CD taking their time, c’mon
zadolinnyj: Respect again for the purple names this week Monty and the crows logos a few weeks ago. Have a good week boys
dipstick: youre a champ nroo. best wishes and you too jroo
frenzy: flower me, c’mon
Chelskiman: Yeah, the purple names were a nice touch. Thoughts go out to the Riewoldt family. I can’t imagine what they must be
Chelskiman: going through.
RooBoyStu: come on sc
dipstick: theyre coming… like brucey frenzy. chill
goes: I need rance to make 20 more sc than newnes
OnTheRocks: holy crap, i may have just won the impossible
frenzy: wasn’t worth the wait
ryanbob: Lol rance and maric over scaled
Chelskiman: Scored 2,388 in RDT and still lost.
frenzy: and still scaling 150 to come

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