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Chat log from R15 of 2015: Essendon vs Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs Melbourne, R15 of 2015

frenzy: hey hey welcome
frenzy: Vince to take Goddard would be devine
OnTheRocks: Goddard to bounce back with 120+ to make up for 35 last week. TMac to got 120+ too
OnTheRocks: get*
knickers: lol my opponent has harry o’lubumba as vc
wadaramus: Vince to Heppell…not Goddard!
Woosha 73: I’m with you Frenzy. Want Goddard to be a dud again
deanie: Have Goddard against me in a close round, he will go big today, lol
knickers: viney to heppell
eski_liddr: this is going to be another ugly game
Raspel31: God this Dons team is full of young chappies
eski_liddr: omg that was a goal? umpire called it a goal and it wasnt conclusive
carlton_99: taht was a tough one but imo the ball did not clearly go over as tehre was still like a cm on the line
Raspel31: That was a goal.
LeFtBehinD: I hate the video review, they get it wrong so many times its laughable
mijg: lots of zeros for 5min of play
colmullet: if it was carlton you’d be whinging
carlton_99: if u got the calls we got yesterday u would be whinging
eski_liddr: gawn about to get a monster score by his standards
LeFtBehinD: God this is going to be a horrible game
bigsandi: who is captain for the bombers today
eski_liddr: lol yep a slog sloppy fest reminiscent of watching a juniors game
carlton_99: is edwards on
mijg: Edwards doing a lot to hold his spot.
eski_liddr: melb should destroy essendon today..unless their playing for picks
Yelse: wheres mckernan get on the field and get on your bike
ryanbob: Goddard on track to beat his 9 disposals last week, get excited
johnoP: BG has already surpassed his last sc score
LeFtBehinD: Conditions are really helping Essendon, no clean possessions to Melbourne
auxDT: traded Hibberd in this week…better get me those 80 points
Torz: Goddard going to beat last weeks score already
circle52: Seems BJ wanted to get ahead of last weeks disposals in first term
Roksta: Gwilt one of essendons best players lol
Ben_Gogos: Hibbo is playing through the middle and this is not good for his scoring. Expect a poor day.
mijg: Gawny
frenzy: good boy Max
sammyj83: Jeez this game is terrible. Times like this I wish I actually had a life so I wouldn’t have to watch it.
myteamsuks: All 3 games this weekend not great.
LeFtBehinD: Gawn is in for 200 SC today for sure
SaintsMan: gawn 70sc
buttox: captain gawn. whoopyyyyyy
frenzy: one of my best trades, Belly fowered off and Max in
circle52: How far can you run without bouncing Vinney
Torz: How has Tyson had 3 clangers from 5 touches, but be going at 80%?
Carnster: Z merrit sc
myteamsuks: @frenzy you kept bellchbers for that long?
circle52: Z Merrett 21sc
circle52: Elex Browne conciusiion rule
LeFtBehinD: The pig has scintillating skills in this slop, get it in his hands Ess!
circle52: Another sling tackle by Howe on Browne
Carnster: Thanks circle
frenzy: had a plan for the byes that turned to shower
eski_liddr: danniher has to be dropped, maybe a start one day but this year his been shocking
circle52: My plans screwed by injury Frenzy
Hadouken: lets go dees
Heater: Hibberd = never ever again will you get anywhere near my SC side
ryanbob: What’s happened to Goddard ?
HawkTalker: Hibberd has deadset been a pile in my jocks all year
Chelskiman: Would love it if Hibberd stayed down.
Chelskiman: He’ll probably junk his way to 90 though.
Ben_Gogos: Hibbo will get going now, he’s moved to the backline
Heater: Junk it up Hibberd is all I can say!
auxDT: went away hoping hibberd would score a little more then I come back to this WTF
Ben_Gogos: Hird’s fault, Hibbo is not a winger
wadaramus: Browne subbed out, Edwards safe from vest!
meka100: How the fuck does Dawes get a game
auxDT: oh i’m not watching the game that’s wonder he has no marks
mijg: 100 SC by half time Gawny
circle52: Alex Browne officially subbed
eski_liddr: there will be a few players up for trade / hanging up the boots for essendon this year
circle52: bad luckfor him coming back after so long out
HawkTalker: I’m a simple man. I dont ask for much. bombers to win and Gawn to have 200 pls
circle52: Possibility mijg 84SC atm
Ben_Gogos: Vanders is such a beast, much love for his year!
Raspel31: I’ll agreewith both of those Hawk.
Jukes82: 75 average is beasting?
Carnster: Z merret sc
carlton_99: i thoguht edwards would be on a higher sc score only 19
DTmuppet: lift hogan
mijg: Just as well Heppell can tackle hs DE is terrible today
Chelskiman: Even the sub is beating Hibbo now. 😀
wadaramus: Gee whiz, Hibbo stinks.
myteamsuks: @jukes82 he was averaging mid 80s before he went down in his last game early
Ben_Gogos: @Jukes82 for what we paid, absolutely…
auxDT: Bombers premos taking turns of having shit games
myteamsuks: Tom McDonald sc 63. I’ll take that
buttox: gawn sc?
ryanbob: hibbo on 24 sc? done absolutely nothing
auxDT: gawn 90 sc
buttox: thnks auxdt
frenzy: make ya wonder how Heppell is 60sc
mijg: Heppell on 60sc is a bit rich
luked98: whats with hibberd?
myteamsuks: Shit yeah 3 effective disposals
rosty63: jessie playing more like ho than gun, F.F.s.
Pokerface: essendon in trouble if they rely on goddard and stanton to be top 2 contested ball winners
SaintsMan: gawn gonna reach 110 sc this qtr hopefully
Apachecats: Good one Rosty 63
myteamsuks: Gawn should be 120+ by end this qtr
LeFtBehinD: lol Derm takes sooo long to make a point Eddie just has to interrupt him
Chelskiman: Daniher gets so excited when he kicks a goal. It’s like he just won the lottery, haha.
frenzy: Derm would make a good coach, just ask him
Chelskiman: Slow down, Hibberd. Already 7 points this quarter.
Ben_Gogos: Hibbo getting some nice junk
Chelskiman: Here comes Hibberd. Really needed him to stay down after Houli and Dusty went into spud mode last night.
Ben_Gogos: @Chelskiman all about where he plays, in the backline he’ll rack them up
LeFtBehinD: “Hogan almost! Jones, almost! Dawes!.. Almost!” classic commentary
colin wood: chelsck im with u stay down hibberd!
myteamsuks: The dees are throwing this game away
Chelskiman: Get him out of the backline then. Last thing I need is an 80 point second half from him.
colin wood: tmac 97sc thanks for the return to form bud!
frenzy: lift Max ffs
colin wood: goddards sc is rubbsih 8 clearances and 11 contested for 56 pts?? joke
Carnster: Z merret sc
sticky12: Howdy all, for fuck sake when did Edwards come in? I’m down 2 defenders and he’s on my bench but not reserve…fuck it!
mijg: well Im happy then. Gawn and Tmac be 200sc between em so far
frenzy: blue moon Joe
ryanbob: goddard never gets rewarded for his efforts properly
colin wood: meanwhile their still scaling up rances score lol
sticky12: That’s good Mijg I’ve got them both too
carlton_99: why is goddard only on 61 CD must have traded him out this week
meka100: Sucked in Viney you moonfaced motherfucker
colin wood: ur onto them carlton_99
Roksta: He’s only on 64dt
carlton_99: its just annoying yet rance did nothing in the second half but got like 50 pts
frenzy: hold up the bat Max
fshow: whinging about sc scoring should be a ban
Raspel31: Yep-happy with Rance for Saad Colin wood. Go Dons
colin wood: good trade there rasp well done mate
carlton_99: its not a whinge just an observation
colin wood: whinging about people discussing SC should be a ban
fshow: an observation constantly made borders on a whinge
Hadouken: come on melb, jeez
Torz: Shauny MacK start tackling or marking!
Chelskiman: Tipping has gone to shit this week. Picked the Pies and Dees.
carlton_99: its not often i agree with a collingwood supporter but theres a first time for everything well done mate
ryanbob: goddard shoul;d be 70+ , dominated clearances this qurater
drapes15: whenever i play a guy with Gawn he kills it ahhh
Edders: loving Gawny’s performance here, just wish that it was more of a contest
mijg: hopefully Edwards dong enough to hold his spot this time
Chelskiman: I at least need Hibberd to slow down enough that Houli beats him.
the worm: I’m guessing a few people will boycott SC next year, seeing as it is rigged
zadolinnyj: Good boy tmac
luked98: thank you hibberd, a decent qtr
myteamsuks: Tmac must have hit 100 on sc
rosty63: who’s been subbed for the dees
carlton_99: tmac on 112
fshow: lol @ the worm. hopefully. either that or put up and shut up
mijg: Heppell SC?
frenzy: Harmes subbed
rosty63: cheers @frenzy
circle52: Heppell 95SC
mijg: Cheers. not what I wanted too hear though
Mozza42: Gawn sc please
the worm: @fshow well nobody sane would re-enter and then complain for another 12 months
frenzy: 114sc Gawn
myteamsuks: Was that a superman cape qtr for Daniher?
zadolinnyj: Lol worm
Mozza42: Cheers frenzy you bloody beauty
drapes15: if hibberd can get to 75+ it’ll be a win
Edders: another quarter like that from Gawn please. That’ll kill off my game for the weekend
myteamsuks: Daniher went from 33 to 96sc points
Roksta: Stef Martin suspension blessing in disguise
fshow: @ the worm. yeah, every week, every year for 10 years we have been hearing about CD and their biases. god it blows
zadolinnyj: Hibberd 66 now drapes
the worm: has anyone blamed the umpires yet? i havent been paying attention, but it happens so rarely i’d hate to have missed it
fshow: amusing and poignant stuff from the worm.
frenzy: carlton99 has the umps under control today
carlton_99: i agve them a talking to last night after yesterdays disaster
mijg: Gawn going for Goldys record
the worm: @fshow its like clockwork, why’d i bench…?Q2 wish ..was capt, q3 sc rigged, q4 bad umpires
Ball_Hog15: Time to junk it up Hibberd!
fshow: living breathing cliches in here worm. multiple southern cross tattoos i’d reckon
shaker: Anyone that has not worked out that umpires are not always right and Sc scoring is hard to understand somtimes put there
circle52: bad kicking hurting demonss
shaker: hand up
shaker: hand up haha
the worm: true, a bit hard to work out aqfter only every single game this century
Carnster: Merret sc
colin wood: keep climbing tmac and goddard!
drapes15: how does Gwilt a defender not have 1 tackle..
Ball_Hog15: Prices have Gawn up! Who’ s Gawn to get Gawn next week?
eski_liddr: gwilt is terrible
frenzy: muppet ambrose
drapes15: Is Vince a genuine POD?
fshow: ton up dyson then start on my carpets
ryanbob: not a muppet, poor bounce made it awkward
Shiri: all essendon players for the muppet. totally hoepless
mijg: Dees catching up 1 point at a time
myteamsuks: TMac sc will go up big now
shaker: Could the dees pull this off with skocking kicking
meka100: Come on Heppell
carlton_99: finally mcdonald
colin wood: massive sc score coming up for tmac!
carlton_99: Great move by Roos to Put Tmac Forward
RooBoyStu: and Hird is safe lol
zadolinnyj: To all the people who bagged tmac recently. Hello
mijg: woohoo Tmac
auxDT: what TMac kicking goals?!
myteamsuks: Hird being outcoached , but definitely “not his fault”
shaker: Can anyone tell me why Gawn has not played all year injured?
Roksta: Cmon dees kick Hird to the curb
zadolinnyj: Star tmac
Ben_Gogos: That was weak from Lumumba
fshow: dyson sucking…zero loss of suction though
pies13: how long left?
stakerz: i wouldnt want the bombers to win if i was a bomber supporter. hird has got to go
mijg: good to see heppell dong nothing this qtr
zadolinnyj: Blouse for labamba
mijg: cmon dees
frenzy: Liz Hurley breakout year
meka100: Hurley star
drapes15: Travis Cloke star
sticky12: Game over
RooBoyStu: no Jabe Watson and they win
frenzy: you are a flowering star today Max
kangawalla: Goodbye demons
Torz: Hurley should get the rock.
myteamsuks: Makes me feel ill.
zadolinnyj: Never seen a team so happy to beat Melbourne by 9 points
meka100: Melbourne should never be favourites, bunch of spuds
shaker: Bad loss for the demons because the bombers are not very good Atm
mijg: Cant complain with near on 300sc points from 2 dees players lol
auxDT: 1 ton for the bombers against teh dees lol
AngryRyno: if cloke is a confidence player, what is daniher?
frenzy: my new hero Maxy Gawn

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