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Chat log from R15 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R15 of 2015

Carnster: Need dahlhaus to ton up in sc
Carnster: and rischitelli
drapes15: tip the dogs or suns?
Jukes82: fire up bont!
Carnster: doggies drapes
Heater: The Bont must get us a 100 plus this week.
rosty63: carn the umps do it for @carlton99
frenzy: your turn now Bont
Carnster: lol @rosty63 so true
drapes15: Bont and Dollhouse to go huge hopefully
SaintsMan: calm down gaz
Torz: No one near Gaz.
ReaperRage: hahaha Gary right off siren
RooBoyStu: Go Captain Gazza!
mijg: Gaj going for his 196 BE
circle52: Suns kicking with a 3 goal wind
Jukes82: Gazza > Fyfe. Still a fantasy genius!
colin wood: 199% trading in the gazman next week for wallis or cripps was tempted this week but held off at the last minute
Heater: Doing the same trade, Colin wood
RooBoyStu: i had to trade him in this week for Watson
carlton_99: pls dahlhus i need u to be kolojashni
mijg: Thinking Bennell out Gaj in next week
shaker: Slow down Gaz or I wont be able to afford you
Dangermaus: ok Malsexy, I need you to go well above your average. I expect it, now that GAJ is back
Carnster: yes rischitelli
colin wood: got rid of bennell last week for goddard 🙁
deanie: got Picken in for Saad, 🙂
Dangermaus: Macrae is like Jack Steven, does nothing for 15 minutes, then goes 30 pts in 5 minutes
ryanbob: bont pls do something for once
shaker: Cmon Dahlhaus pull your finger out this week
frenzy: Bennell’s getting splinters on the bench
SaintsMan: actually danger, steven is always involved
LuvIt74: That bloody Boyd needs to learn how to hold a mark
Dangermaus: im talking in fantasy terms
Apachecats: Macrae has achieved the first part -doing nothing for 15 minutes D mouse
colin wood: bonti just doesnt get enough of the pill. Needs to find ways to get in games more
drapes15: got sucked in by bonts good first 4 or so games
shaker: Bonti is a kid
Jukes82: knew i shoulda picked up daniel this week
Apachecats: Cripps plus 200k Gazza here I come.
ryanbob: he needs to do more than jog around the pitch, rarely see him break into a stride
ballbag: bonts? serves yourself right for having a 2nd 3rd year player and expecting tons.
RooBoyStu: Gazza!
carlton_99: cmon dahlhus pls
Apachecats: Khunt has done this mob a favour.They’re on fire.
ReaperRage: Daulhouse and Bont stil doing jackshhi… why did i bring you guys into my forward line. peaked a round before i got you
frenzy: looks like Bont > Gaz next week
shaker: Maybe the coast are a one man team
rosty63: the suns have white line fever I reckon.
sticky12: I know it depends on his score today but will Ablett bottom out next week? More than likely the week after the experts s
Apachecats: High BE this round sticky but who knows ,the way he’s going he could do it.
drapes15: How average has bont been wow
sticky12: I guess if he scores big today his be might only be 130 next week then best get him in
ryanbob: bont to bartel for me next week
AngryRyno: phew, was gonna pick easton wood this week..
ballbag: like the SC rule #1 states- its 2 trades to get GAJ in
OnTheRocks: Dahlhaus pls. I don’t have enough trades to get GaJ in as i have 1 more Def to upgrade
ballbag: GAJ wont go below 640K youd think
shaker: 2 if your lucky the way he is going
Apachecats: Can we have another icicle for Bont please Ben Gogos
Edders: very much regretting dropping Picken after the Hawks game.
ryanbob: bont isnt even hanging around contests, coach needs to get him involved
RooBoyStu: no way Gazza will drop under 600k like most predicted, will be lucky to drop another 30k at most
Dangermaus: Bont to N.Roo, and Cripps to Ablett, if I have enough cash after this weekend
Ben_Gogos: Most certainly Dave
shaker: Please can we lay off Bont his mum is getting upset
OnTheRocks: get Bont tagging someone like Titch was tagging last week
colin wood: bonti def not 100%
carlton_99: ablett on 55 sc points
RooBoyStu: last comment was sc statement
Torz: Caleb Daniel doing a solid job at F6.
OnTheRocks: GaJ for double ton on his second game back??
frenzy: icicle Sexton
ballbag: @rooboy of course. it says hes only 205K in DT. LOCK
AngryRyno: how does wood have 6sc he’s stat free
frenzy: *penguin, Lol
Apachecats: Appreciate that Ben Gogos
ballbag: 6sc pts for bringing a strawberry donut to the party
heppelitis: need an update on the umpiring @carlton_99 any good?
Apachecats: Doggies will come out fighting this quarter.
circle52: Dixon subbed
Carnster: rischitelli sc
carlton_99: better then yesterday’s disaster
Roksta: Lol Heppell
AngryRyno: bontcicle could catch on
Dangermaus: ok bont, the joke;s over, you can start playing now, you too please Macrae
shaker: Jeez Dixon injured again that is a surprise
heppelitis: haha….just teasing..all in good fun
SaintsMan: 31 sc rischitelli
Jair: Stay down Ablett I havnt brought you in yet
Carnster: thanks @saintsman
Jukes82: bont is alive!
colin wood: At a boy Bonts keep climbing bud
circle52: Swallow may be gone for the day now as well.
ballbag: bonts is good for about 70-75
Jukes82: where is liber?
ReaperRage: Get up Dhouse
frenzy: bonti on fire
happytimes: Will Picken still be a defender next year?
Carnster: injured @jukes82
Apachecats: Bont Mum gave him a good talking to at quarter time.Is E Wood mum up there today ?
shaker: Saw liber was on a holiday and ha
Jukes82: bont from no where!
RooBoyStu: Dixon had a pre game wine out of a goon bag and not a bottle, could have contributed.
frenzy: at the bar in Bali @ jukes82
circle52: Swallow doing some running so may be back.
Apachecats: Bont will go from icicle to flame in 10 min at this rate.
AngryRyno: whats up with gazzas k-to-h ratio? hurt the shoulder too much does it?
shaker: Looks like Gaz is cooked
Ben_Gogos: I think Caleb Daniel is playing himself well and truly into the best 22, not put a foot wrong so far, using it well
Carnster: yes dahl
ScootD: Any chance of a touch Johannisen?! I got you in for draft this week, genius move that was….
Apachecats: Well spooted Angry -most unusual.
Apachecats: *spotted
RooBoyStu: Gaz going ok, nowhere near cooked.
Woodie: Get the ball Miller
myteamsuks: I think it’s time for Gerard Healy to retire. He tries too hard to make something of nothing
Apachecats: The lower he goes today the better the buy he is RBS
poolboybob: Dixon hurts his ankle so frequently he should start every game with a band aid
heppelitis: gee picken is a beast
RooBoyStu: like i said i got him this week for Watson
RooBoyStu: and put the c on him
shaker: Ha ha Roo stew I will reel you in now
Carnster: come on rischitelli
Apachecats: Sorry missed that communication RBS
Torz: I reckon Boyd’s skills have gone to a new level this year.
rosty63: @myteamsucks, a bit like his career
willywalks: should have started daniel, if bont doesn’t lift i can use his cash elsewhere!
myteamsuks: Kolij is definitely a premo defender now
colin wood: Lift abit here Wallis FFS
Apachecats: Talia , career goals anyone?
cusch1: How many games has daniel played?
AngryRyno: agree colin, wallis does this all the time, big start then jack all
Dangermaus: this is his 2nd game cusch1
AngryRyno: this is daniel’s 2nd game, and his first full game @cusch1
drapes15: daniel has played 2
cusch1: Cheers Ryno & Danger
circle52: Koby Stevens subbed
Apachecats: Go Nichols you wee ripper !!
circle52: 2nd Career Goal for Talia
Jukes82: gaj gone cold!
Andrew37: Stevens gone to Hospital with chest pains. Not good.
Apachecats: Thanks C 52 knew it would be a fair novilty for him.
RooBoyStu: koby gone
shaker: Yeah he is cooked come back to early
myteamsuks: What was that you saying about kolij Gerard Healy idiot
frenzy: KKays good
AngryRyno: need a sleepy icon for when a player dozes off mid match!
Jukes82: give all the gcs players a crack-pipe icon
happytimes: Pickens sc?
willywalks: liam picken is my new favourite player, traded him in week 3 and nothing but gold
casey22: Kolod close to one of the best pick ups for the year
drapes15: Like a nanna or something ryno
colin wood: 1 off a cape for Bont!!
Torz: Lift Wallis
frenzy: flame up bont, chance at a cape
Dangermaus: thanks for listening Bont and Macrae
shaker: Cmon jukes that is a bit harsh just a rolled up note would do
Tony9668: One more point for a bont cape
Jukes82: bont! yes, never doubted you for a second
Tony9668: Beat me to it Colin wood
Apachecats: Bont gets his sunshine !! 49 point quarter so far
colin wood: All good Tony we’re on the ball lol
RooBoyStu: cape is shower Lambert gets one last night and nothing
cusch1: traded out bont this week too :/
RooBoyStu: no icon for him
colin wood: Wallis 24sc… Lift buddy
ryanbob: picken only 63sc? surely 75+ been everywhere
colin wood: Bonti 46sc at 1/2 I’ll take it lol
Dangermaus: how much better do the suns play with GAJ… such a difference
Tony9668: Got Picken 4 about 500k a few weeks back, been worth it
Roksta: Cape is 50 pt quarter… Certainly not nothing
happytimes: Thanks bob
RooBoyStu: @Roksta i know but so many times they dont post icons
Dangermaus: what happened to Stevens ?
zadolinnyj: Gaj not going to get the 196 break even me thinks
Roksta: Fair enough
Roksta: How many points for gaz that q
RooBoyStu: Last night Lambert needed a $ sign or a cape and got nothing
colin wood: Good zado!
circle52: Stevens was taken away in an ambulance for tests – Not sure whether Shoulder or ribs.
Chelskiman: Was happy at 1/4 looking at Bont’s score. Now, not so much. 🙁
Apachecats: See who can get nearest the pin on Gazza SC I’ll go 114
Roksta: Never underestimate a star Chelsea
zadolinnyj: I agree Colin wood. I think 2 weeks till purchase at around 60k cheaper.
zadolinnyj: Give me a chance to see if shoulder lasts
shaker: I think Gaz’s season over sore shoulder
zadolinnyj: I’ll take 111 Apachecats
OnTheRocks: destroy those suns Dahlhaus
ballbag: 1in 6 teams has GAJ in fantasy. he’ll get 138sc
drapes15: 125 apachecats
circle52: Stevens confirmed taken to hospital for Rib injury
OnTheRocks: 109 for Gazza, he’ll be much quieter now due to match fitness
frenzy: 123 for me
RooBoyStu: 197 for me lol
ballbag: wheres me fecken FF coins? i wanna cash em in this week
fshow: sh!t a d!ck
circle52: If Wallis stays on him 110 but if not then 130. Wallis restrictd him to 3 possessions that quarter
frenzy: still waiting for me toaster @ ballbag
OnTheRocks: lol @ Boomer being sub tonight
Apachecats: Sorry C52 only one entry per person
zadolinnyj: What? Boomer sub?
heppelitis: haha ballbag..we certainly got ripped off with those
colin wood: Zado I’m going Wallis to fax next week too many pts to miss out on in my books
Carnster: Wat do ff coins do
colin wood: 118 for gas
heppelitis: suck ppl in carnster…nothing else apparently
happytimes: Just have 2 picks then circle. I will take 108
ballbag: FF coins set your future up but m0nty laundered them through us and pow theyre gone
Carnster: Ok @heppel
OnTheRocks: do you have him Zado?
Dangermaus: double that score malceski and I’ll be happy
J.Worrall: C’mon DogHouse
RooBoyStu: off to the game tonight boys Go Roos! Catch you tomorrow.
circle52: Picken now running with Ablett
shaker: 137 for gaz
ballbag: @frenzy your toaster?
OnTheRocks: yell at Joelwood to go big from me RooBoyStu
zadolinnyj: I don’t have him but will in the next two weeks. Ur probably right Colin wood but if shoulder goes?
frenzy: 10000 minty monies buys a toaster
Apachecats: Entries closed .Will post winner in next game.
zadolinnyj: I don’t have boomer
J.Worrall: i dont have toast
zadolinnyj: Did j grant steal Ray martins hair?
ballbag: toaster are worth $50 ea. i had enough for 10000 toasters
Dangermaus: macrae is everywhere now !
OnTheRocks: Touch the fking pill Dollhouse
colin wood: I’ll take the chance zado sitting in top 3k for sc so wanna stay in touch!!
frenzy: Minty monies is like flybyes, ya get flowerall for em
zadolinnyj: I’m in a paid league which pay top 6. $360 for first. I’m top so may wait.
heppelitis: I tried to spend my FF coins at COugars For Life…all I got was a ban from that place
ballbag: *ten thousand
ballbag: @apache just make the cheque out to ballbag
tamoz: Lets go Bont!
zadolinnyj: Would like to go to the bank with you ballbag and laugh as you try to cash it. You may have to show ur sack as id
shaker: After a lot of bitchin and good talking by his mum the Bont has come good
ballbag: @zado no worries. as long as they cash out
Carnster: Dahl and Rischitelli sc
heppelitis: Gablett looks better with a beard
shaker: As for ballbags and banks I think you might need more to open an account or deposit
ReaperRage: Bont 12 Cont possesions,
Yelse: fyfe JPK or gold for captain??
Dangermaus: i effing love you Macrae
zadolinnyj: One day bongs will stop jogging and star running and score 200 points
zadolinnyj: Bonts not bongs
Apachecats: Have you used up you’re VC yet Yelse ?
colin wood: Bongs! Lol
rosty63: @zadolinnyj, if your bongs running mate time to stop smokin.
Yelse: yeah had peddles @apachecats
Dangermaus: malceski, 8 pts in 20 minutes… not great 🙁
zadolinnyj: Cue the Benny hill soundtrack for stringer
ballbag: who everyones C choice?
Chelskiman: Bont killing me here.
zadolinnyj: Lol @Rosty63
Apachecats: Sexton just went out the back door.
J.Worrall: Dodhouse!
luked98: kolo you legend
cartz411: KK and Murphy SC please guys?
J.Worrall: bong has 2 ends
Sincity: Mare for Stringer honestly
Apachecats: BB I’ve VC for Goldy and opton for Fyfe or Syd Kennedy for Capt
J.Worrall: right end and wrong end
sticky12: I’ve got goldy ballbag but opp has Fyfe. Even scores projected I’m not sure though…u?
ballbag: penguin for sexton
Chelskiman: @ballbag, I went Armitage in DT and Fyfe in SC.
Apachecats: * option
Torz: Love Boyd. Gets so much junk.
ballbag: i have goldy
tamoz: Great comeback Bont, keep it up!
Yelse: thinking goldy as he will get a lot of taps to adv
sticky12: I blew my vc chance with pendles. U think armitage aye chelski?
poolboybob: Go Bont go, 14 contested possessions
rosty63: I have woody, lol
thommoae: Went Bont > darling this week. Hmmm…
LuvIt74: What a crap game
zadolinnyj: Dangerfield a tempting c
sticky12: Dogs will win this…with a bit of luck.
Woosha 73: Go McCrazy and score 150 please
Chelskiman: @sticky, I probably went a week too late, but think he can back up his good score from last week.
LuvIt74: dogs looking as bad as Carlton.
Apachecats: Nearly everyone I’m playing blew their VC on Pendles
thommoae: Can’t believe 11% of DT-ers still own the TomBoyd …
ballbag: GAJ needs the atlas!! they dont win without him
rosty63: k, hunt will line the boys up at 3 quarter time
ryanbob: I’m gonna win my cash leagues easy so gonna take Danger, could go big against west coast
LuvIt74: lol @ rosty63
Apachecats: CEY the sub
AngryRyno: does young caleb daniel have the legs to run out a game? their pretty bloody short
HawkTalker: who wrote the “Dons less good at losing than dees” headline? The word is ‘worse’
frenzy: Hutch sub for coasters
fshow: worse would have been a more good word
HawkTalker: lol
OnTheRocks: fuck watching any games e AFL Live app. Worst streaming app ever
Apachecats: At least it’s better than worser
ballbag: @ontherocks its the worsest
Dangermaus: Wait till O’Meara
frenzy: Danger or Goldy for VC
OnTheRocks: @ballbag Less good than other apps
LuvIt74: @frenzy Flip a coin
zadolinnyj: Danger frenzy
LuvIt74: I’m going danger although im thinking of going priddis
Apachecats: Go for Goldy Frenzy
happytimes: Danger for me
ballbag: exactlys
frenzy: cheers peoples
zadolinnyj: Morris minor
zadolinnyj: Bongs goals
casey22: The bont fires, big time
ballbag: guitar picken
zadolinnyj: Ball like an IceCube out there
ballbag: whats with the mashed potata effort rischi? you and ebert killing me
Chelskiman: I swear every week I seem to play players that were out of form into form.
luked98: comon bont
zadolinnyj: Raise the bat bonts
Apachecats: Bont needs to bring his Mum EVERY week
Jukes82: welcome back bont, well done
ReaperRage: comonn daulhouse
Tony9668: Dogs a chance here
rosty63: bong is just burning it up now
luked98: yeah dogs
casey22: KK & Bonts doing well for me but all my opponents have them as well
Carnster: Come on Rischitelli
zadolinnyj: The Ablett score contest getting interesting
ballbag: @rosty if dogs win he may get a tokin’ blow vote
ballbag: cmon GAJ atlas up
rosty63: if he did @ballbag I would get all choked up.
Apachecats: Certainly is Zadyj 110 – 120 to be in the money I think.
AngryRyno: scpaige could be right lmao
bigbaddasa: Dahlhaus in a real DT slump…..and bleeding $$$
carlton_99: cmon dahlhaus junk it up
LuvIt74: hall’s goal was delisious
AngryRyno: went macmillan over easton wood, not sure how im looking so far
LuvIt74: the package
J.Worrall: Stringer “the package”
Andrew37: Give Bont the star.
tamoz: Bulldogs from here
ballbag: sounds like youd be stoked
AngryRyno: needed that wallis, how bout one more
SaintsMan: joking right? andrew
colin wood: Good boy Wallis!!!!
cartz411: KK and Murphy SC please guys?
LuvIt74: Wood 89sc
Tony9668: Bont on the charge
SaintsMan: macrame the star easy
Fletch91: Knock knock Dahlhaus, you home?
rosty63: absolutely blown away
heppelitis: what a goal!
Andrew37: I am serious. Most score assists, clearnces, CP and had a huge 3rd to keep them in it too.
LuvIt74: where the hell were the dogs for 2.5 quarters
cripdogs: why’d the nose cross road ??
carlton_99: pllllllllllssssssssssssssss dahlhaus
LuvIt74: carn the doggies
casey22: Go Bont
luked98: the bont!
frenzy: bong on
IHateChat: Murphy cutting them up
LuvIt74: the bontemsmelli niceeee
Andrew37: Empty tanks for all of GC. X-Factor for Bob Murph
lozdaleg: botempelli and picken supercoach ???
Tony9668: Go Bont, some serious up scaling coming
casey22: Bont Sc should be good
Bazza2014: the BONT is back
Bazza2014: lovin the BONT!
Dangermaus: macrae sc should be insane
rosty63: so happy I’ve got the bong
zadolinnyj: Bong deserves star. Playing on gaz
auxDT: junk it up boyd
happytimes: The bonts is life
LuvIt74: what was the biggest margin in the game, anyone know?
zadolinnyj: Lighting up the bong
Tony9668: Got Bont’n’Picken, lovin it
ballbag: and i thought the bonts was all smoked out
LuvIt74: nice caleb
rosty63: now see what you’ve started,@zadolinnyj
zadolinnyj: 27 I think Luvit
fshow: beyond why only 1 in 10 sides have picken in RDT
mijg: Bong on
zadolinnyj: Auto correct changes all words to drug references when GC plays. I put in ice cube and it made it IceCube.
rosty63: the bong was just bubling erly then he shotgunned.
colin wood: Time left??
Dangermaus: Had Gawn, McDonald, and now Macrae, big weekend hopefullly
J.Worrall: cubical or cubicle?
LuvIt74: id be watching it guys, theres 13 year olds so just stop. its getting old now
luked98: comon kk get some more points please
Tony9668: Game over
mijg: To think Macrae used to be in my side
IHateChat: Murphy setting every foray forward up from the backline.
LuvIt74: Gr8 come back dogs
zadolinnyj: GC season up in smoke thanks to the bong
lozdaleg: Pickens Sc ???
fshow: i think you’ll find the av 13 yr old is well aware of the existence of bongs
LuvIt74: Dogs defence as to be one of the best in the league
Andrew37: bob murphy x-factor
zadolinnyj: Fair enough Luvit.
poolboybob: Picken star
J.Worrall: sure fshow, but is that how we want things to be?
Dangermaus: keep going malsexki
zadolinnyj: You would be mad the output of Malceski for the money. Same with Sydney and Tippett. Free agency crazy
Torz: Stop holding him Wallis.
Andrew37: bin for david swallow and star for the bont
zadolinnyj: Good call bob as x factor
Roksta: Hey Carlton you can lose the free kick count and still win the game
pies13: rosty a rasta? been there done that
LuvIt74: 36 points down in the 3rd
zadolinnyj: No way. Apach who called the Gaz challenge got it spot on I think
Tony9668: Bont X factor
carlton_99: sorry @roksta but i wasnt arguing about the free kcik count just the umps one sidenedness
Andrew37: cant give he star to macrae…. Willing to bet $$ that Bont gets > votes than Macrae
pies13: so powered off tipd gc wot da flower? soft!
LuvIt74: Son’s of the west
Apachecats: Have to wait Z it was on SC score
zadolinnyj: Oh ok
pies13: luvit sons of na b!##ch more like it
colin wood: Great last half from Wallis and bonti got em back in the game
Bazza2014: lovin the BONT!
frenzy: champ data bought in gaz this week
colin wood: Has to drop 34k this week!
J.Worrall: Gary baby!

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