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Chat log from R15 of 2015: Richmond vs Carlton

Chat log for Richmond vs Carlton, R15 of 2015

SaintsMan: Lambert and Tutt the Subs!
Heizenberg: Hi fellows… How are we all?
frenzy: evening chaps
heppelitis: Hi all
Heizenberg: Hi frenzy
Heizenberg: You*
Heizenberg: Hi hepp
heppelitis: howdy Heixenberg…you seen Jesse Pinkman around fanfooty…lol
SaintsMan: Lets go Marttin
Jukes82: smash em richmond
Heizenberg: Hahaha yes i have actually
frenzy: carlton any chance?
heppelitis: Heizenberg*…sorry sitting in dark room
Grazz: Hello everyone
LuvIt74: ty riewoldt
LuvIt74: evening alll
rickyb80: get aboard the tiger train fellas;)
Tony9668: Good evening gents
Heizenberg: All good hepp 🙂
rickyb80: toot toot!
Tony9668: If Tigers are serious they should belt this mob
Chelskiman: Grigg on course for 200, lol.
knickers: is it wet tonight
heppelitis: theres rain on the radar..maybe after half time..windy though
Heizenberg: Hi ricky, gomthe blues!!!!!
rickyb80: not raining just cold n windy
rickyb80: hey heizen. im hoping not mate
knickers: can Fields really kick a goal from 90m?
Heizenberg: Ahahahahhahha
happytimes: The Blues are going to get up tonight
frenzy: vicky get a holiday
happytimes: I can feel it
rickyb80: lol i doubt it knickers
RooBoyStu: Vickery will be the first player to be reported via a head clash if he does
pekka: stay down cripps!!
Breezey: Actually looking forward to seeing Fields kick out from fullback
Heizenberg: Love when cripps creeps inside 50
Heizenberg: Ahhahaha pekka what a name…
Heizenberg: I wonder what lvl pekka ricky….
ballbag: it says vickery left him concusses
AngryRyno: now vickery could be concussed, deserves it
runt: I think Vickery thought he lost a tooth
frenzy: 20 mins for one goal, great
AngryRyno: great tackle wood, but why’d he lose the ball?
AngryRyno: argh, some pissy little contact
Heizenberg: I know wasbloody soft
Jukes82: carlton are flogs, don’t deserves any frees.
runt: Edwards picks up the ball, no-one between him and the goal and he passes backwards? WTF?
Karlpov: haha what a kick!!
AngryRyno: slams it 70m, great kick
tamoz: Stop with the FAs Cripps!
carlton_99: are these umps goig to call anything or just watch
Breezey: The umps are all over the not 15metres tonight
SaintsMan: Lift Martin
ballbag: so our new 80m kicker cant get a kick? so carlton
_wato: Rance must be on some huge SC score, has dominated this first term.
AngryRyno: murphy ribs wrist or shoulder it seems
Heizenberg: Im hungry….
pekka: rance on 43
3rdstriker: terrible decision making, many free players being ignored for kicks to contests, perplexing
tamoz: How bad is Murphy’s injury?
Tony9668: Too much “Man Buns” going on at Carlton
runt: Murphy will be back
knickers: can murphys beat fyfes poor de last week
3rdstriker: Didnt look super serious tamoz but hard to tell with that sort of thing, he ran off
frenzy: cold enough for penguins
Tony9668: Remember Hawks in early 2000’s when they were struggling – Too much hair Tinting
tamoz: Thanks 3rdstriker
3rdstriker: jamison subbed
frenzy: jamison subbed
poolboybob: Rance you beauty
Heizenberg: Shit jammo
runt: Murphy back but if he is injured I think his output will be severely compromised
colin wood: Can smell a cape for Cotch coming up here
Bothy: is Houli off fasting or what???
runt: Murphy is not severely compromised it appears
colin wood: Murph killing it
dipstick: yeh his fasting points…too quickly for me. hurry up and score houli
Heizenberg: Fuck carlton start converting fuck fuck fuck
tamoz: Get involved Dusty!
runt: Fields appears to flop as he runs
DirtyDawn: Evening Ladies and Gents
dipstick: @heizen ohhh you havent noticed we cant kick more gols than points in the last 10 years??
Heizenberg: Thats better ffs blues
Heizenberg: Hi dawn
Bothy: Everitt needs to be scalped!!
Chelskiman: fuck off Carlton.
casey22: Think the blues have a pre match hairdresser, Hi DD
Heizenberg: @dipstick hahah yeah
Tony9668: Man Bun city 4 blues
Bothy: lol casey agree Hi DD
Heizenberg: Hampson inj
dipstick: theyre NOT man buns. theyre sheilas buns on blokes
Jmachete: So this is what umpire whistles sound like, I had forgotten since last nights game
3rdstriker: hampson limping off
Chelskiman: Houli having one of his spud games. Get moving!
Chelskiman: Cotch is a hack when it comes to set shots.
LuvIt74: how can u miss from 15 meters
Tony9668: I agree Dipstick, call me old school but not a good look
colin wood: Umpires loving the Tigers tonight
LuvIt74: so is martin
Raspel31: Evening all. 5 injuries this week-bummer. Rance looking good for Saad but carn Blues.
Bothy: is Saad going to be out long term?
drapes15: My mate is confident Deledio is better than Hodge, thoughts lads?
Jukes82: doubt hampson will come back on
DirtyDawn: Pastrick on the bench eating a packet of Cripps?? Where is he?
Raspel31: Didn’t want to trade him Bothy-but 5 out. Think 2 weeks.
runt: more like Antarctic blast. How does Melbourne get an Arctic blast?
carlton_99: well done umps niling us again
meka100: Yarran silly muppet
DanBlack: Your mate is wrong.
Bothy: I prefer Hodge.
SaintsMan: martin sc?
Tony9668: Typical Tigers, giving an inferior opponent a sniff
carlton_99: well done umps stuffing us up again
Chelskiman: Finally Cotchin drills a set shot. Needed that too.
God_: Nice 80m penalty there.
Jukes82: cometti is a tosser, can’t tell if its’ a goal or not. retire you flog
drapes15: exactly what i told him
LuvIt74: should be 35 if Cotchin kicked straight
DirtyDawn: *Patrick
Bothy: I prefer to keep Saad too…but depends if hes out long term
Heizenberg: Oh ffs thats a rough decision its a natural reaction to try getbthe ball
tamoz: Where are you Dusty?
DanBlack: @Carlton how is that the umps?
3rdstriker: Has BT stolen Dennis’ voice? Keeps calling goals behinds and behinds goals
colin wood: Had a gut feel tonight about Cripps so I put him on the bench as emg
Heizenberg: Hahahahbjukes i was thinking that
Tony9668: Why would Yarran do that?
carlton_99: not that everything everytime we get them holding the ball no whistle even colligwood is saying that
carlton_99: now tell me how taht was a push out
LuvIt74: @Carlton99 sorry mate but the blues are just crap, its just the truth. Don’t blame others for your crap.
auxDT: build a bridge and get over it carlton
carlton_99: tell me how in the name taht wasnt holding the ball or deliberate cmon umps blow ur bloody whistles
Bothy: Cometti has reached his “use by” date
zadolinnyj: Two hands pushing in the back makes that a push out pretty sure
Jukes82: you complain about the umps every game, the blues are just garbage.
LuvIt74: Carlton wont win a flag for minimum 10 years, they need to start from the start a recruit young kids with talent
DanBlack: We must be watching different games
dipstick: @colin if your mid name started with G id ask how many teeth you were missing
runt: The Bun Boys only have their hair to blame
Raspel31: Not a Carlton man at all-but well done-you showing some attacking flair again.
God_: Vickery a dead set spud. So poor at ground level.
Bothy: I agree Luvit they chose too many short term they have long term problems
willywalks: why wont they kick to cripps argh!
runt: Cripps plugging away
Heizenberg: Fuckin umps get your shit together. Youre killing the blues
Breezey: Very average half of football
AngryRyno: rance105sc
Tony9668: Rance a lock for all Australian
dipstick: cripps usually hass 7CP and 5 CL by now. whats the deal?
Bothy: game has been average at best
Raspel31: My mate reckons Yarran a better player than Pendles. Hodge all over Cotchin-not even a question.
LuvIt74: Rance has a BE of 13 imagine his price increase
runt: Its actually been a crap game
frenzy: Tutt super sub??? cape him up monty
Tony9668: Dermie’s article in the sun today on the money
Bothy: Yarran better than Pendles??? does he use ice??
m0nty: it has been a great game… for me to poop on
drapes15: hes a one eyes tigers fan that cant fathom any player being better than a tigers one
runt: My mate thinks his wife is beautiful but she is a dog!
Tony9668: Lowest scoring for 48 years
Heizenberg: Yeah has been crappy game
Jukes82: this game has been fucking shit!
Heizenberg: It was too tony i heard them talk about it on sen
circle52: This has got to be the worst game of the year so far,
Bothy: agree Circles….just bad bad bad
circle52: may have to go back to the cricket but it is just as boring.
cobrakai00: i traded in Rance today and you didnt
Tony9668: How the hell did Carlton get 7 Friday nite games?
Bothy: Tour De Postcard better than this
rickyb80: aussies 8/304. in trouble big time
rickyb80: now thats a good question tony
runt: Looking forward to Tom Fields kicking some prodigious punts in the 2nd half
Tony9668: Haddin dropped the ashes 2 days ago
Raspel31: Paraphrasing an earlier silly post -my mate thinks-not serious Bothy.
runt: My mate thinks, that was the tip off! My mates are all bozos and cant think their way out of a roundabout
Raspel31: England going into 2nd innings with a handy lead. No probs there.
Bothy: np Raspel..just responding to the post
drapes15: Aussies in shower
colin wood: Watson plays.aussies lose said it all along
Raspel31: Interesting Tony9668-wasposited Haddin dropping Root could decide the series. Not one catch surely ?
Heizenberg: God these kid interviews are fucked
Raspel31: Australia out -trail by 122. Back to footy
Breezey: 3 votes A. Rance.
frenzy: morris will catch a cold
Heizenberg: Wow massive deficit
runt: Poms looking very happy with themselves, Mitch will bust them a new one in the 2nd innings
Tony9668: @Raspel31, confidence and momentum a big thing in sport
frenzy: ump goals, sorry grigg goals
AngryRyno: aussies tanking like kyrgios
runt: Murphy showing great intestinal fortitude since his injury
frenzy: Beaver stinking
3rdstriker: sums up dustys night
AngryRyno: let fields take the kick outs i want a 90m barrell
heppelitis: stinky beaver..haha gold
Torz: Cripps made a mess of that.
Breezey: I’m going to go as far as to say. Game Over
tamoz: Lift Simpson and Martin!
Heizenberg: Toomearly breey
Heizenberg: Fuck carlton cmon
Raspel31: I had the opportunity to spend a nightwith Miss Sweden or watch this game. Made a wrong decision. Step up Carlton.t
Breezey: What about now Heizenberg
runt: Cotchin held up by Wood? No hand pushups
carlton_99: I think you mean # Votes: Umpires
carlton_99: I think you mean 3 Votes: Umpires
Breezey: Miss Swedwn ended up being a dude
carlton_99: yess our first free cik for the half
Carnster: who or what is miss sweeden
Heizenberg: Well,i never give up hope breezey but its not looking good
3rdstriker: edwards limping off, might be in trouble
AngryRyno: carlton can’t get a mark inside 50, kudos rance
Breezey: Your right. You never know
Karlpov: edwards was copped a knock to the calf
Heizenberg: Damn it fuck unriewoldt
carlton_99: Well done umpires uve made ur point
Solat: hey monty, how many clangers gets the cleaver?
Chelskiman: The one time I have Dusty as a unique he spuds up.
Raspel31: Alas Heizenberg, not looking good.
carlton_99: how is that ball
Heizenberg: Yeah i know mate fuck this shit
Breezey: I think it’s Carltons poor play rather than the umps
Heizenberg: Yes hendo gonna kick one
frenzy: c’mon simmo lift muppet
carlton_99: Brezy r u actually serious all their goals have come from free kciks
Heizenberg: Unps been shit but blues been insipid i. Tne 3rd so far
carlton_99: i what universe is taht a mark
Chelskiman: Even as a I Tiger I’ll admit that wasn’t a mark to Vickery, lol.
Heizenberg: Omg hows that a mark you fuckin stupid ump
runt: Blues in Malthouse mode. Drag him in and sack him again
Heizenberg: Fuckin umps go retire
carlton_99: in what universe is taht a mark
Breezey: That’s because they’re getting it inside 50. That’s when you get frees and shots at goal
Heizenberg: Yes 2 in a row
carlton_99: i dont get how they get specsavers to sponsor them when they cant see
Raspel31: Rance, you are very pretty and religiously confused but you are allowed to touch the ball this half.
Chelskiman: Good mark Vlastuin. 😛
Karlpov: that was a terrible umpiring decision. Should have been a mark to kreuzer and I’m a richmond fan
carlton_99: r u serious umpire how is tyaht mark in front if he didnt even touch it u stupid ref
Jukes82: yes! great decision umpires. don’t give these flogs anything!
colin wood: This is the worst umpiring I’ve seen in a long time
AngryRyno: worst call on that mark
Heizenberg: Omfg that says it all
Moona: Howler
kangawalla: You need Specsavers carlton99. Umps are sponsores by OPSM
casey22: Woops, what a bad call
Breezey: Oh my god. The man in front never touched it
Heizenberg: You gotta be fu kin kididng me
feralmong: That’s the irony of advertising carlton_99
circle52: and can nit see that was Kreuzers mark BS
carlton_99: same crap how wa sthat not a mark to kreuzer see what i mean that would have got us back into the game but noooooo
Tony9668: How bad is the umpiring tonite?
carlton_99: and like a mill free kicks for cotchin was a soft dud
3rdstriker: edwards finally subbed
runt: have to agree about the umpiring, weird
frenzy: umps making a game of it, Lol
carlton_99: umps are atrociou
casey22: Golden boy cripps has hit the wall
carlton_99: umps are atrocious
carlton_99: im gonna say it now when the umps want richmond to win we have no chance
Breezey: How does Armfield get a game.
Heizenberg: Its truly unbelievable that kruezer was not given that mark
Raspel31: Carrying a niggle casey22-gonna keep Cripps for another week or 2
colin wood: Dusty needs to lift and keep going Murph!
Torz: Armfield has kept Houli pretty quiet.
colin wood: Breezy I ask the same about Shane Watson.
carlton_99: its truly umbleievable taht im not seeing the umps wearing the tigers jumper
carlton_99: we could have been within 3 goals but noooo
Breezey: Stopping Houli isn’t exactly the key to stopping Richmond.
Ben_Gogos: Gibbs may have sustained a pec injury late in that term…
DirtyDawn: Thanks for the memories Cripps, you will morph into Jack Steven next week mate
Breezey: @Collinwood. I
ryanbob: How did rance get nearly 20 points that qtr from 1 disposal?
willywalks: when jason tutt is in your best few, you know your team is rubbish
frenzy: if UR good enough U’ll win carlton
Breezey: @colin wood. I live in Watsons hometown of Ipswich in Qld and no one here likes him either
LuvIt74: How serious did Edwards injury look?
colin wood: Ryno because the CD guys have him in their teams
feralmong: Lol ca razz effort equals why Carlton are losing
dipstick: and you wonder why no other country likes AFL. 20 million Aussies is as far as it will ever go
heppelitis: serious…does Menzel ever have a good fantasy game?..was in my team this year and was horrible week in week out
rickyb80: good kick carrots!! or maybe that was the umps fault too lol
Breezey: I’ve finally worked out why Bruce loves Carey so much. They have that one thing in common. That’s their mates wives
fshow: whinging about sc scoring should be a ba
LuvIt74: @carlton99 I have been gone a hour and are u still going on about the umps. give it a rest m8…lol
fshow: *ban
Fury: Well done, Carrazzo, you fucking spud
willywalks: cmon cripps, cape up!
carlton_99: its not jsut me evryone agrees
LuvIt74: @m0nty did Edwards injury look bad mate?
kangawalla: @carlton99, you’re chief protagonist.
LuvIt74: Desaster tonight I had Edwards, Martin, Houli & Simpson and not one of them will come close to tonning up
heppelitis: @carlton_99 you were banging on about it last week too
ballbag: @m0nty give me the spud for having martin, houli, cripps and martin in the same team
carlton_99: pls tell me taht im wrong
carlton_99: if im wrong say something
frenzy: bed time buddy
fshow: umps are doing their job better then carlton players
ballbag: @carlton our problem is we kick 2 points for every fucken goal for 10 yrs buddy
LuvIt74: That’s how crap carlton are did u see that kick in, that resulted in a Vickery goal. Its laughable
rosty63: something
kangawalla: Just goes to show after last weeks chat, Cripps is not premium & will need to be upgraded
tamoz: Please Dusty!
LuvIt74: @carlton your very wrong, im afraid your side is ordinary at best. Very ordinary.
feralmong: Your wrong 26 v 20 frees isn’t massive
carlton_99: mate when the umps want soemone to win 99% of the time they will win
rickyb80: not necessarily wrong. but highly annoying. im sure ur fellow blues supporters would agree
fshow: your problem ballbag is institutionalised sh!tness.
Jukes82: its hammer time!!!
carlton_99: u must be watching a different game
AngryRyno: some websites have mute buttons. mute buttons are useful. i like mute buttons. i hate whingers
ballbag: its been said earlier and i toally agree. blues cant kick goals
LuvIt74: Off course Cripps is no premium midfielder. With all the opportunities around why wouldn’t u upgrade him to a JPK
3rdstriker: agree ryno, very irritating
fshow: carlton that is an overly simplistic viewpoint. they do a great job
RooBoyStu: Dusty as useful as the holes in swiss cheese
Edders: good call jukes
Raspel31: Luvit-no Carlton man myself. Why you hate them so much. They coming back.
Breezey: Carltons poor skills is the reason not the Umps. So shhhhhhh. No more
casey22: Fields wont be playing again
Edders: @carlton, you can’t win a game when you kick 4.10 and that has nothing to do with the umpires.
rosty63: how long ago was it when blues were actually any good?
Torz: Cripps should end up with a decent score here.
feralmong: Tigers by no means top notch either. But harder at it.
LuvIt74: @Raspel i don’t hate carlton at all, im just stating the obvious that they are crap.
RooBoyStu: @edders most of Carlton’s shots have been from tough angles though
AngryRyno: as a blues fan, i agree patches of umpiring has been poor, i think we can all agred with that, but not THAT bad
circle52: Can not blame umpires for bad kicking though 4.11 is disgusting
LuvIt74: U cannot keep continuing to blame the umps, i was gone a hour and came back with carlton99 still blaming the umps.
heppelitis: Lambert going ok today
kangawalla: @Rooboy. Dusty as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike
fshow: i think its a pretty solid consensys, carlton99 is a douche bag
Raspel31: Have to give it to young Lambert-hardly been on the pitch and 30 points already.
AngryRyno: if 4.11 was 11.4 we’d have had a game on our hands
LuvIt74: Granted some ump decisions were wrong but bloody hell, it happens every game. i just call it as i see it.
Breezey: I understood Carlton99’s views on the umps after the 7th post. Now it’s just tooooo much.
frenzy: ya know ya shower when fields outs scores ya Beaver
3rdstriker: at least the ashtray is useful at stoppages
carlton_99: what do u ahve to say about the ellis free and the rance apparent high tackle cmon
ballbag: youre a fucken toad houli ya lazy flogstick.
the worm: does anyone remember a game where the umps havent been blamed for costing someone the game?
RooBoyStu: in a richmond win, there is still a Toothless Tiger = Vickery
AngryRyno: #YouKnowYourShitWhen kmac outscores you, dustbin
cusch1: Who is beaver?
kangawalla: @angryryno. If your Aunty had nuts she’d be your Uncle! 🙂
zadolinnyj: Just putting it out there for tomorrow if the crows lose and I’m not on here. Was definitely the umps
frenzy: Dustin Beaver cut
willywalks: i nearly captained dustbin too *phew*
Breezey: He’s baaaaaack
feralmong: Kmac will be a very good player with more improvement.
rosty63: how long ago was it when blues were actually any good?
tamoz: Murphy nowhere to be seen this qtr
heppelitis: Dustin Beaver
RooBoyStu: @agryryno even Fields has outscored Dusty
Raspel31: In soccer and sometimes rugger umps can decide the game-in AFL-just an excuse.
cusch1: Cheers hepp
feralmong: Carlton u tool dance was in the back.
ballbag: houli as useless as nuts on kangawallas aunty. same for dustin
heppelitis: that bit of hair on his head resembles a beaver tail
AngryRyno: that she would kanga, and im not saying blues should be winning – we shouldn’t, it’d just be a better game to watch
feralmong: Damn I hate iOS autocorrect
3rdstriker: mare time for dusty
heppelitis: or a bush
willywalks: free kick against for good measure
berniebern: I’m pretty sure houli is in ramadan…lay off the bloke
cusch1: Bahaha that strangely makes a lot of sense
RooBoyStu: mare Dusty 3 frees against etc
kangawalla: @ballbag. So you’ve met my aunty!
ryanbob: Typical, first week I verse someone without martin and he spuds it up
RooBoyStu: 4 now
heppelitis: dustin cleaver
Slashers: Wish this was another best 18 round so Dustys score didn’t count… For everyone!
LuvIt74: Here comes Dusty
Heizenberg: Lol kangawalla
willywalks: 12 points coming at least
AngryRyno: don’t deserve this goal beaver, but im bloody glad im getting the points
RooBoyStu: Dusty bins it for a goal
carlton_99: since when did thirdman up become a block
drapes15: wish lambert scored like this when he started
Slightly01: Dance 2 touche in this half Him/Simmo both 21 @90% will probs be 60 sc dif
Heizenberg: Off to bed now night all
LuvIt74: *Sings* Hey there Dusty Boy
frenzy: lol hepp
Chelskiman: I feel your pain, ryanbob. Could cost me my second loss in a row in one of my leagues. A league in which I won the
heppelitis: lambert on track for his first cape
Chelskiman: first 12 games.
feralmong: 34 hit outs hampson, not bad.
Slightly01: Bloody auto correct😡
Raspel31: Rance-we are in awe of your 3 touches in the 2nd half
willywalks: lambert looking good, cape worthy!
zadolinnyj: Don’t worry about the bin. Give dusty the dumpster
grossn: If only Lambert played all game =(
Torz: Lambert certainly done as much as humanly possible as the sub.
Breezey: Give it up Carltonsucks99
kangawalla: I’m off to see my Demons v Hepp’s Bombers. Don’t know what to expect at all.
RooBoyStu: cape Lambert
frenzy: the hairy cleaver wound
AngryRyno: lambert cape
willywalks: bell with the pumpkin after his last couple outings m0nty
Raspel31: Rance-wearein awe of your 3touches in a half of football. Why Richmond will go no-where-lack of killer instinct.
drapes15: Pretty poor game fantasy wise
heppelitis: oh dear frenzy..we are clearly on the wrong site
RooBoyStu: $ and cape Lambert
ryanbob: Thought rance might get Ying yang, touched it 3 times in second half
feralmong: Gws and Blues were the types of games tigers used to lose. Times are changing.
colin wood: Still went up plus 43sc ryno what a joke!
frenzy: rance sc guessing 136
AngryRyno: cripps 87, surely thats acceptable
kangawalla: Respectable score for Cripps in the end. Well done him!
frenzy: rance sc Lol joke
heppelitis: Dees easiyt Kangawalla
grossn: How does Rance get so much SC? He did shower all in the 2nd half.
AngryRyno: fields 72 decent
Slashers: Rance SC bit unfair.
ryanbob: Yeah lol Colin. No idea how he got 50 points from 4 cheap touches. Absolutely crazy. 120 would have been a fair score
Slightly01: Get fed sc rance 2nd half so joke
cusch1: As long as you go big hepp I went for a risky captain since I need a miracle to win
Jukes82: who said cripps hit the wall? lol.
AngryRyno: tim watson has a tooth fetish
colin wood: CD boys have him in their team my only guess? Happens every week
heppelitis: consider it done Cusch1

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