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Chat log from R15 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Collingwood

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Collingwood, R15 of 2015

frenzy: grundy late in for williams
IHateChat: Any late changes?
willywalks: evening lads, opinions on the C this week? pendles, fyfe, dustbin, goldy, hodgey, tmitch or armo?
drapes15: VC on Gray/Pendles?
IHateChat: The pig over peddles or Gray for VC. Better against Port.
wadaramus: Think I am gonna stick the VC on Pendles.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
mijg: Reckon the pig will go huge but playing safe with pendles vc
IHateChat: oink oink
wadaramus: Evening.
ballbag: is little piggy going to town or is the little piggy gonna stay home
mijg: Think swan loves the big games Dt yes sc maybe not
pies13: well done swanny carn pies!
luked98: carn swanny
johnoP: Jelwood VC into Fyfe
AngryRyno: power look hot early, carn wines & gray
pies13: where is the scores?
Bazza2014: wines good start
auxDT: Clurey on track for his massive 20 points
dibbydobby: stay down ebert
berniebern: wines much cleaner tonight
Heizenberg: Hi guys, how is everyone???
Bazza2014: wines is smokin!
berniebern: wines generally has the most possess..just really innefective
Bazza2014: dont care his in my age team and DT
Heizenberg: Oh fuck offi tippedpies
drapes15: Well i think the C is going on fyfe now
vamos77: LMFAO Surely Monty taking the psss Jesse white ith the flame
berniebern: does boak ever break a tag?!
AngryRyno: gray 35sc already, gun
dibbydobby: It always was @drapes15 😛
Raspel31: Evening ladies-just on line. Well, I picked Port but think Pendles goes off the loop hole.
J.Worrall: let’s go Dave!
dibbydobby: pendles needs a rest after last week
mijg: Haha pendles can still get 150 from here
ballbag: did everyone go gray VC
RooBoyStu: hope it’s another Thursday night loss for the skunks like round 13, nothing better to go into the weekend
ballbag: nah pendles wont score over 120. hasnt scored over 120 2 weeks in a row all year
pies13: wow love your comedy rooboy havnt heard that b4 ya spud
AngryRyno: went pendles sc instead of gray, too early to call it yet
Raspel31: I doubt it ballbag-many better choices.
pies13: carn pies!
jakem1717: lel @ pendles haters
AngryRyno: boom, there we go, carn pendles
willywalks: get in pendles, not that it matters since my opp has him captain as well..
Bazza2014: wines for 140 tonight
tamoz: Lift Pittard!
RooBoyStu: if this rain hits, can see Cloke getting vested
LuvIt74: @willywalks Captain or VC?
AngryRyno: planned to trade ox this week, but had to trade saad due to injuries down back
AngryRyno: frost subbed eh
Grazz: Frost subbed
Torz: Brock Lesnar subbed.
RooBoyStu: Frost Melted subbed
pies13: frost sub degoo on
Redraptor: Frost subbed
SubOptimal: They just trying to get another quick small on ground?
pies13: doubt it @sub
3rdstriker: Dont think anyone’s ever been subbed in the first qtr for match up reasons
Redraptor: No ice on Frost posible conc
Raspel31: Some high scores looming-lot of touches
SubOptimal: Clearly I think they need to do something desperate 😛
N.Fyfe: Frost possibly not vested. Maybe 20 min.
pies13: flower me lift pies! power hav bin shower of late new this would happen lift pies!!!
AngryRyno: he wore the vest momentarily, if the enforce it properly he can’t come back on
RooBoyStu: Good to see Travis ‘Spud’ Cloke back in usual form a donut qtr.
LuvIt74: Pies looking crap, keep it up skunks.
mr gor: they missed an Amon mark
jakem1717: @ryno he never had the vest on just held it in his hands
wadaramus: Looking like a good dose of rain is on the way shortly.
J.Worrall: Dave you beauty!
luked98: wow
Carnster: should i trade out dahlhaus for zorko or bont or keep dahl
IHateChat: oink oink
LuvIt74: @wardaramus how do ya know its about to rain? Do people live in Adelaide?
LuvIt74: lol
AngryRyno: i swear i saw him wearing it @jakem
mr gor: if they don’t add Amon’s mark on I’m gonna rage
DanBlack: @Rooboy So much hate!
LuvIt74: @Carnster you hold Dahlhaus m8, 1 crap game doesn’t mean u trade them unless you have unlimited trades
Bazza2014: easy to check BOM radar site dufus
AngryRyno: keep dahl, especially if trading for the spud zorko
pies13: bag a team that is higher on the ladder than you rooboy wow that hurts look in your own backyard mate wots up with that?
stakerz: bont is very frustrating..i wouldnt trade him in haha. keep dahl
LuvIt74: Carn port show Eddie how crap his side is…
Raspel31: No one lives in Adelaide. But nevertrade in Zorko-much better options. Strengthen your midfield.
RooBoyStu: lol Pies13 lets see who higher after rd23
Jukes82: swan 27, pendles 19
Jukes82: gray 46
LuvIt74: Sorry but it wont be the Kanga’s m8. I’d love any team to be above the pies.
ballbag: @roooboy look at your team norf. they are shit. who cares if you fluke wins over big teams
pies13: haha flower yeah rooboy lets see mate
Carnster: Thanks guys
RooBoyStu: same luvit74
LuvIt74: My Midfield is full premo. Fyfe, Pendles, Priddis, Beams, Mundy, Danger, JPK & Parker
wadaramus: Nice one LuvIt, yes, live in Adelaide, but watching radar!
Bazza2014: maynard looks to have the stuff
Bazza2014: wheres herom?
ballbag: ineed Electronic-Bert to crank
Bazza2014: where’s he from?
pies13: pretyy sure luv it is saying kangas r shower 2 rooboy why agree with him?? carn pies!
RooBoyStu: i agreed with his comment saying he wants any team above the skunks
Bazza2014: goal to Krispy creme
pies13: lets go pies!!
casey22: Bwuces constant reference to physical attributes of players has to be of concern!
LuvIt74: @wararamus nothing beats the BOM site hey, that radar is the BOM…lol
Redraptor: Looks like Frost is OK
sticky12: Who got rid of Oxley this week?
RooBoyStu: Bruce lifts when he calls Wingard lol
pies13: go you pies!!!
luked98: yes pies, we are back
wadaramus: Oh you’re on fire tonight man 🙂
luked98: adams what a gun
wadaramus: Not me sticky, king procrastinator here.
ballbag: hehehe brucey loves 50 shades of robbie gray
LuvIt74: Think the smelly skunks were just playing with ports Fallopian tubes…
RooBoyStu: Cloke still to kick it lol
zadolinnyj: Lol ballbag
pies13: haha ballbag
zadolinnyj: Dave doing well
ballbag: i kept you Brody. lift like mcavaneys reg grubdys
LuvIt74: Wonder why the Krak was dropped, he played awesome last week
ballbag: swanny 10the to play 250 for pies. hes a gun
Bazza2014: had a parole appointment,
zadolinnyj: Elliot can’t catch a cold right now
Hadouken: anyone have adams as vice? i ran with swanny. so far so good.
stakerz: schaz will debut next week. moore doing nothing
casey22: Worst free kick ever
Pokerface: hearts for the entire port team given what they are going through
DanBlack: Crisp on his way to a cape this qtr!!!
casey22: Lousy free kick
Bazza2014: did blair miss that goal?
LuvIt74: pendles 50 sc
pies13: yes go you pies!!!
LuvIt74: Swan 48sc
AngryRyno: the ox strikes!
casey22: Pendles my vice
SaintsMan: anyone know oxley sc?
tommy10: Cmon Ox yes!
RooBoyStu: Frost icon for Schulz?
auxDT: Where is Gray?
AngryRyno: ox 41sc, they gave him about 13 for that goal
LuvIt74: If u have 3 to 4 top premo’s like Shaw, Hodge, Houli, Murphy then its pointless trading out Oxley & Saad
SaintsMan: cheers mate
LuvIt74: 3 players out of the top 4 ranked SC teams still hold Oxley & Saad
RooBoyStu: Frost on Westoff now
Bazza2014: go Taylor… woop woop
LuvIt74: Oxley on 47sc
RooBoyStu: *Westhoff
ballbag: @luvit oxley on notice. ill watch him and Tmac for next 2 weeks
Woosha 73: Cmon Ebert. Pass Grays score while he’s asleep
DirtyDawn: Good recovery this quarter Pendles
AngryRyno: i got macmillon, averaging 100 last 5
mijg: Agree luvit. Keeping ox
LuvIt74: pendles 58sc
casey22: Staggered at Westhoff’s possies, hardly noticed him compared to others.
wadaramus: I’m with you LuvIt, but I need their cash value to improve my midfield!
hodsey: Disagree luvit, hes no premium and i want full premo…
hodsey: Have hodge, picken, simmo, shaw, hibberd and newnes – better than oxley
mijg: Can see pies running away with this
ballbag: like tony greig said. its coming down in fuc kets bull
LuvIt74: @hodsey do u have Smith like so many others that claim him to be premo
pies13: there isnt any @hodsey
hodsey: No mate
hodsey: What pies?
mijg: Carn pendles quick 12
RooBoyStu: no Jack Frost icon?
pies13: premo backs mate hodge and then its lucky dip
LuvIt74: @hodsey pay for full premo in defence m8, theres no point paying that extra cash when there averaging around the same
hodsey: Supercoach there is mate if thats what ya talkin about
LuvIt74: @hodsey do u have Tom McDonald the highest scoring defender on SC so far?
Bazza2014: jake Neade muppet
hodsey: Oxley aint averaging the same as them though
J.Worrall: C’mon Dave!
IHateChat: The pig express.
stakerz: luvit74 do you have a life? everytime i look at scores you’re typing some dribble
pies13: nah sorry rdt i play backs r flowered
AngryRyno: ox on track for sc ton
Breezey: You’d have him everytime if he was a bit more consistent. Westhoff that is
pies13: haha @stakerz
RooBoyStu: geez going by the adelaide radar, it will be a wet 2nd half
J.Worrall: stakerz so charming!
frenzy: Moore the big job on Westhoff= fail
casey22: Maynaed looks the goods
dibbydobby: living in the UK, this chat makes me feel like im back in AUS lol
LuvIt74: Were u aware that McDonald has only avraged 78 in his last 6 games. The OX 77 & Saad 80 in there last 6 games
LuvIt74: @casey22 agree think he’s a gr8 DPP for SC
Raspel31: Game on in The Ashes-England posted good score. Only comment-don’t want to be irrelevant.
grossn: If Hodge is a Premo then so is Shaw, averaging 0.4 lower than Hodge in SC
LuvIt74: Weshoff 86sc & Langdon 72sc
LuvIt74: @grossn yeah Shaw & Hodge the top two defenders in my opinion
RooBoyStu: @raspel is Starc injured? Somebody was saying on fb he was still bowling but injured
dj9343: Carn the 3 lions
Raspel31: Okay-the mid field summary. Who you all got in the mid field-where games are won?.
hodsey: Luvit i dont have mcdonald cause hes a KPP nit saying hes bad but can have an off one
IHateChat: Line and length. That’s all they need to do.
J.Worrall: … won and lost, Raspel!
Raspel31: No DJ93-Starc still bowling but I can’t comment any more as not footy.
ryanbob: Wines a bit robbed?
LuvIt74: Hodsey who is in her defence m8?
hodsey: Fyfe, pendles, beams, priddis, steven, shiel, wines and selwood
IHateChat: Why don’t they bring Glenn McGrath on to finish off the tail?
RooBoyStu: ok cheers
RooBoyStu: did anybody trade in Ablett this week?
LuvIt74: @hodsey thats midfield ya nut, this whole topic has been about defence not midfield
Raspel31: Still Jelwood Hodsey-finally let him go,sigh.
hodsey: I already named my defence mate – shaw, hodge, picken, simpson, newnes and hibberd
wadaramus: No…not yet RooBoy!
IHateChat: Like I said, line and length.
hodsey: I wasnt replying to you luvit, was talkin to someone who hasnt been acting like they know all
LuvIt74: Selwood is far from a premium this season, he’s scoring crap.
SaintsMan: hey guys does anyone know any cheap defenders (under 280k) that gets at least over 60?
pies13: shiel smitch hepl grifn lewis pendles stevn parkr
Raspel31: England just gone for 430. Starc got 5. Don’t rate Shiels hodsey-reckon St Kilda will cut them apart.
hodsey: Raspel ill bugger him off for gaz next week
J.Worrall: Know 1 here is a no awl
LuvIt74: Fyfe, pendles, Priddis, Beams, Mundy, Dangerfield, JPK & Parker. Now that’s a midfield. lol
RooBoyStu: I reckon Round 1 next year 90% of sides will have Jabe Watson in them, will be cheap
tabs: @saintsman Maybe Byrne from Carlton. Should get a game soon
LuvIt74: @Saintsman u might wanna get Maynard mate hes doing ok & on the bubble next week
Raspel31: Fyfe, Pendles, Danger,Mundy, Lewis, Hodge for me.
mr gor: Amon should have 4 marks champion data you bunch of scrubs
Raspel31: Forgot Armitge.
frenzy: not if WADA still hanging around @ rooboystu
LuvIt74: @raspel is that DT your missing
wadaramus: I’m still here frenzy 🙂
RooBoyStu: lol Frenzy true
LuvIt74: 1 more…lol
Mad Doctor: rooboy bit confused, did u mean jab or jobe?
Raspel31: Still got Cripps Luvit
frenzy: Lol wada
J.Worrall: Maynard, you just need to do a little Moore if you want to get into my team …
RooBoyStu: Impey on
LuvIt74: Raspel why?
wtf???: Gee, plenty of empty seats.
Raspel31: Indeed Luvit.
tabs: has cripps been ruledout?
RooBoyStu: because it’s raining @wtf they have gone undercover
Raspel31: Not yet Tabs-we live in hope.
RooBoyStu: what an idiot Adams
SaintsMan: adams in trouble
J.Worrall: couple weeks for Adams
casey22: Adams 2 weeks?
SubOptimal: Taylor Adams be spending next week on the couch
tabs: Good, that will save me a trade
tabs: who got subbed?
SubOptimal: Jesus tonned up already
wadaramus: Broomhead got swept up in the red vest.
Carnster: westhoff sc
LuvIt74: I’m hoping Krakouer will be playing next week, I kept him as my bench cover for my F6 & M9.
LuvIt74: westoff 86sc
Bazza2014: 3 weeks for Adams, he kneed him at least 4 times
LuvIt74: Pendles 79sc
tamoz: Lift Pittard!
Carnster: thanks luvit
kangawalla: Super quarter so far Pendles. Keep it up VC!
Raspel31: Tab, Luvit’s whole point was you should have 8 guns midfield and Cripps not a gun. If he plays I’m happy.
RooBoyStu: 15 point lead is huge in these conditions
frenzy: swanny done jack this qtr
willywalks: port bombed that chance, 3 on 1 essentially…
thommoae: Why The Broom subbed? Moore surely in a tight game? TB injured?
RooBoyStu: @frenzy he doesn’t want to get his tatts wet
Bazza2014: shoulder to Broomhead
frenzy: shoulder for Broomhead
AngryRyno: shoulder injury for broom
J_Pinkman: looked like a shoulder for broomhead
LuvIt74: Wines 91sc
Raspel31: Can one politely say, so as not to offend any Pies-go Port !
Hadouken: was there much in adams report? will he be ok ?
tamoz: Stop giving away frees Pittard
Carnster: grundy sc
LuvIt74: Ah Chee Bless you son…
Slashers: Shittard getting started early
J.Worrall: C’mon Dave
Chelskiman: Ebert is killing me in the last two weeks.
Hadouken: sorry not report, MRP screen thing there next to his name
willywalks: amon on the field or what, gone missing…
LuvIt74: Ah Chee needs a sneezing icon… Gesundheit
Bazza2014: Adams straight to tribunal
Slashers: Adams dropped 2 or 3 knees into the Hoff who was on his back
N.Fyfe: Adams kneed Westhoff in the face @Hadouken. 2-3 weeks probably.
LuvIt74: grundy 49sc
tabs: Hoff just toned it up in SC
Slashers: The Hoffs HEAD sorry
tabs: Wines 99 no
frenzy: right the 1st time @ hadouken… 2-3 weeks
tabs: Taylor might be ok as a port player drags him on to Hoff and thats when his knee gets him
CamT: Adams will go. I counted three but the commentators said 4 x knees to the head.
tabs: Cloke didnt even want to mark that. Hands were pointed down
frenzy: triple m said adams strike with fist aswell
RooBoyStu: Port should sub Lobbe
Slashers: tabs… Your joking right?
ballbag: 3-4 knees to the head? what is he a fucken octopus
Slashers: He also done the dirty on Boak shortly after too.
LuvIt74: wth pendles gettin possessions but loosing points on sc live scoring.
Bazza2014: delusional @tabs
tabs: i thought he might get weeks but just saw it from another angle and a port guy grabs Adams and pulls him on to Hoff
LuvIt74: pendeles showing only 76sc on live scoring
BigDog1002: Of course the week I trade in Taylor Adams he looks like he’ll get suspended. Great. May as well have stuck with Dahl.
tabs: Watch the game bazza
RooBoyStu: Boak sc?
myteamsuks: You’re joking @tabs. His knee went into his head when he chose to knee him in the head again and again,
frenzy: crab @ ballbag
LuvIt74: boak 91sc
tabs: @myteamsuks watch it again. His knee does that as the port player is grabbing him
J.Worrall: Elliot
Slashers: I’d love to watch the game, but some wanker keeps kneeing players in the head!
pies13: gr8 goal pies come on!!!
RooBoyStu: cheers luvit74 Go vc Boaky!
J.Worrall: here shld b more octopods in footy!
casey22: You would think Elliot would go & thank Varcoe for the gift goal first
BigDog1002: Should I trade Adams depending on how much he’s out for even though I just got him in this week. Or use bench cover?
willywalks: ox doing his best yin-yang impression…
LuvIt74: have no idea why pendles sc score dropped dramatically to 77sc now
myteamsuks: @tabs he had him by the jumper with his hands shoving him into ground then drops his knee into is face forcefully
LuvIt74: @bigdog how many trades left?
monkebuket: i noticed that too @casey…rude elliott
Fury Ride: Got swan ands pendles couldn’t get better
Raspel31: Cloke is a bit of a pussy-for a big bloke his contested possession is always poor.
Slashers: You rarely trade on report in SC, only injury.
RooBoyStu: Pendles 69% disposal eff
BigDog1002: @LuvIt AFL Fantasy so I don’t have to worry about trades.
myteamsuks: Anyway who knows what rabbit the MRP pull out on this one
Fury Ride: Frost got subbed off then came back on how?It wasn’t even concouison rule
tabs: Wait and see after tribunnal Bigdog
Havacrack: Ebert lays 2 tackles in a row, gets nothing. Pendles 5m from a contest = +4.
BigDog1002: It’s a shame though I was choosing between Crisp and Adams and I choose the one who goes and knees players in the head
tabs: Swan lifting helps my matchday team
runt: Cloke running out as wide on the wings as he can, he appears to be trying to get as far away from the goals as possible
mijg: Big qtr for pig and pendles coming up. Smell the pies
IHateChat: 36 Dane Swan 89 8 Tom Langdon 87 22 Steele Sidebottom 82 10 Scott Pendlebury 76
Yelse: pendles went from 85 to 77 while everyone else went up
RooBoyStu: MRP will depend on the force, so many times they say insufficient force etc
frenzy: reckon emerg ump booked him
myteamsuks: Goals will score big this qtr in SC
tabs: lobbe subbed
CamT: The Adams incident is up on the AFL website.
RooBoyStu: Lobbe subbed, good call, said it earlier they should.
J.Worrall: sobbe lubbed
ballbag: time for varcoe to dislocate someone
IHateChat: Oink oink.
LuvIt74: Pendles down to 75sc
Raspel31: Sure everyone on this site wants Port to win so raise the voices lads
Slashers: Take a screen grab, ‘Pittard with the goal saver’ —>
wadaramus: WTF is going on with Pendles SC??
LuvIt74: @wadaramus tell me about it, its been doing this since half time ffs
thommoae: The Clokegonemissing theory just gained cried. He just ran away from the ball and allowed Hombsch an uncontested mark!
wadaramus: Just desserts there Gray.
wtf???: Gray 105sc
thommoae: We, cried that is …
RooBoyStu: Pies fans gone quiet
J.Worrall: Let’s go Pigman!
Slashers: Toovey acted!
thommoae: Damn auto correct – cred!
willywalks: need an irrelevant icon for cloke
tabs: @willywalks maybe clokes melon??
ballbag: geees fat lady was about to sing but she hoked on another pie
kangawalla: Aussies none for at lunch. Well done boys
tabs: haha white, so glad the Swans traded him for nothing
Slashers: Great from O’Shea
lozdaleg: gray sc ???
tabs: cloke got a kick!!!
LuvIt74: I’ll be the fat lady and my lungs are seriously warming up, and im about to let loose like never before…
runt: Cloke seems to be everywhere but doing fuck all
myteamsuks: Oh Cloke was relevant , for me getting my tip right!
LuvIt74: Gray 112sc
wtf???: Buckleys phone just shat itself
Roflcake: Get a touch pendles…
kangawalla: How about a downhill skier icon for Cloke. 7 against the Dee’s & neff all Against better quality sides.
LuvIt74: Swan tones up on sc while pendles scores nothing since half time, back to 79 which is where he was at HT
Slashers: Wonder why it shat itself! LOL
auxDT: RIP phone
wtf???: for good reason
ballbag: pies couldnt beat a one legged man in an arse kicking competition. abysmal
RooBoyStu: 3 losses in a row now for the skunks
Slashers: Do you think Bucks’ iPhone has a cracked screen?
pies13: come on pies get the next goal!!
Raspel31: Cloke has absolutely no biff factor-a wee bit of a pussy for a big lad.
J.Worrall: JdG, make me somw coin baby!
drapes15: Carn pendles touch the pill
zadolinnyj: Elliot the sook not happy for degoey
Hadouken: @slashers lol mate
myteamsuks: And BT called him calm earlier
Raspel31: But game far from over.
Roflcake: Pendles and Ebert killing me…
Hadouken: think ill take swanny vc tyvm
mijg: Swan so quick with hands foot
wtf???: Port need to kep the foot to the floor
dibbydobby: lol that commentary
pies13: adams!!!!
myteamsuks: Game on
wadaramus: Not yet RooBoy!
J.Worrall: Is this ?game-on?
LuvIt74: Pendles has scored a single point since half time, hes on 80 now.
willywalks: fair goal adams…
zadolinnyj: He was trying to centre it and accidentally scored
frenzy: get a flowering kick pendles
Slashers: Sh1t just got real!
luked98: carn de pies, adams witha lucky one
meka100: Fuck off Ebert you shitpickle
thommoae: Fat lady + Cloke = icicle
mijg: Adams next year?
ballbag: told ya the greedy fat lady choked on another pie
tabs: cmon piggy!!
wadaramus: Go Collingwood!
casey22: Pendles stopped!
Jukes82: Monfries blue moon!
frenzy: get serious pendlebury
J.Worrall: Go Dave
runt: Bucks needs to smash the phone again just to make sure of this one
dibbydobby: like i said, pendles needs a break from last week lol
Slashers: Paint Bucks green and who would he be?
runt: Collingwood don’t need another gallant loss
casey22: Should have swan forward & Pendles on the ball, ffs
myteamsuks: Port panicking
Slashers: How many players have the pies got out there FFS!
Raspel31: Runt-Collingwood deserve a great many gallant losses.
LuvIt74: gallant that was nothing but a comedy of errors
runt: Classic game in the wet
wadaramus: The Hulk?
mijg: Frantic
pies13: carn pies!
wadaramus: Bruce Banner?
Chelskiman: Ebert finally gets the ball and he runs it over the line. Fuck head.
Slashers: Wet game…Pie Floaters!
ballbag: will be a 32 min qtr. heaps of time
J.Worrall: Go Quadz
LuvIt74: 4 minutes to go
drapes15: pendles sc?
LuvIt74: @wadaramus do u know how many clangers Pendles got?
Carnster: grundy sc
J_Pinkman: ebert been a big flop last coupla weeks…ah well, ebbs and flows, and he’s ebbing
IHateChat: sc for swan?
LuvIt74: Pendles 100sc
runt: Would like to see Westhoff turn Wines into a frog
pies13: flower
LuvIt74: swan 119sc
J.Worrall: he ebs now, he erts next week
Raspel31: Cracking game !
wadaramus: Superfooty stats says Pendles 7 clangers Swan 10!
Chelskiman: Ebert is either huge or shit. No inbetween.
LuvIt74: Wines 143sc
pies13: come on pies!!
drapes15: pendles winner and ill be happy with his sc
J.Worrall: llie bay you little ‘zilla
ballbag: more like clearance than clangers
willywalks: cloke is a waste of space, doesn’t even want it, give him the spud m0nty
runt: Hail marys from Collingwood not working
myteamsuks: That must be the game
Slashers: Broady huge SC.
LuvIt74: Pies are crap if they think there top 4 well they have another thing coming.
RooBoyStu: Thursday Night and another Skunk loss, what a way to go into the weekend.
frenzy: wow
meka100: Sucked in Bucks you ugly flog
LuvIt74: carn port beat the skunks
RooBoyStu: Cop That Skunks!
Pedrominat: what a game
pies13: thats flowered FLOWER!!!!!
tabs: Cloke finally gets the ball but after the siren
willywalks: was that swanny dropping the mark on the 50?
Slashers: Now, fuck off Adams!
runt: season still alive said Bruce
RooBoyStu: 8-3 nek minnit 8-6 lol
LuvIt74: pendles sc back to 92 wtf
jesseboy: elliot wasnt it?
zadolinnyj: Elliot
J_Pinkman: ebert been a big flop last coupla weeks…ah well, ebbs and flows, and he’s ebbing
Raspel31: Pies need a forward who can contest the ball-Cloke crap.
LuvIt74: Cloke is the biggest forward flog in the game
willywalks: wines star, hoff cherries, adams atlas
frenzy: gee pendles sc sux
LuvIt74: my weekend is complete now that the skunks lost.
ballbag: fuck you ebert!!!!
LuvIt74: pendles sc changed over like ive never seen b4 on sc
RooBoyStu: same LuvIt7
pies13: wow luvit you get your material from rooboy? very original ya spud good tribute port!
Jukes82: Tiges in the top 4!!

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