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Chat log from R14 of 2015: Fremantle vs Brisbane

Chat log for Fremantle vs Brisbane, R14 of 2015

willywalks: i’m +72 with rich playing against beams and clancee pearce, might be in strife…
JDolling69: Need 60 from Mundy for 2300 DT, get me there son!
heppelitis: need 215 from mundy and ibbo for 2300 in dt lol
heppelitis: (60 from Mundy…156 from Ibbo…so i beat you JDolling69)
PLACEBOPIE: need fyfe to get what pendles got :/
JDolling69: Haha, id like to see that @heppelitis
heppelitis: lmao
LuvIt74: Got $17 to $1 for Walters
Derekcraig: Fyfe not interested
Derekcraig: Fyfe jogging around half pace
circle52: Taylor no time tio get rid of it BS Call
sticky12: Wow luvit was that for 1st goal scorer? That’s incredible, he was the favourite with most bookies around $8
circle52: Freo allow plenty of tyime but Brisbane not 2 calls already against Brisbane
zadolinnyj: Nice Luvit
JDolling69: Dont do this to me Mundy
man0005: Need 78 from Mundy for 2400 DT, get me there son!
the worm: many people have fyfe captain this wekk?
LuvIt74: @sticky get on Betfair m8 odds are much higher. It works like a exchange.
Derekcraig: Knew this would happen. Didn’t put C on Goldy or Pendles, went Fyfe on his rest day
zadolinnyj: Correct worm
LuvIt74: Fyfe & Mundy bloody quiet thus far. I jut brought Mundy in.
zadolinnyj: Would not ride Fyfe off yet people
LuvIt74: off course not, he can explode at any time.
LuvIt74: Just not looking promising for a 130+ score
luked98: fyfe i need a huge score to win
frenzy: at the minute he’s doing a goddard
circle52: Berger showing recruiters what he can do
LuvIt74: Fyfe on 9sc
dipstick: anyone know if current SC totals are all players or just the rolling 18?
LuvIt74: Cmon Fyfe pull ya bloody finger out
Derekcraig: Fyfe is having a rest day
cripdogs: rolling 18]
zadolinnyj: Last week dipstick it was all then changed at end
dipstick: thanks. need fyfe to ton for 14 tons. best week this year
circle52: Robinson on Fyfe
LuvIt74: I Have 12 players who have tonned up, with Fyfe as C, Mundy & Beams to play.
cripdogs: with montagna score of 133 mine only wen up by 87 so def rolling 18 dipstick
luked98: wow fyfe
dipstick: i just added it up. it is the rolling 18 only. cheers
LuvIt74: Fyfe on 10sc amazing
Derekcraig: Fyfe went with one hand. He’s not even trying
cripdogs: fyfe is aware that this round will be void of brownlow votes so he’s chillin out
auxDT: Mundy ruining a good fantasy weekend
carlton_99: so if im down by 70 but ahve fyfe and beams left do i lose and my oppponent has no one left
dipstick: gotta wait til last Q for DT to start going up aswell i guess
cripdogs: no it scores your best 18 carlton
desafinado: SC not updating on it’s Gameday page
LuvIt74: My lowest counting score so far is 61 from Hamling, Dahlhause let me down & todays game isn’t looking gr8
zadolinnyj: Depends how much beams and Fyfe beat your current 17th and 18th by @ carlton
Derekcraig: I’m loving Fremantle getting beat
dipstick: 22 players and 18th highest is 71 for bonts. cmon and overtake beamsy
LuvIt74: Josh Green highest SC scorer at quarter time on 42
Derekcraig: Fremantle not in same class as swans and hawks
casey22: Freo wont lose this game, they have a coach who can lift them as opposed to the bombers
LuvIt74: @Derekcraig, I wouldn’t be saying Hawks are any better thats for sure. I hope they do though coz we need some V teams
carlton_99: so do u think i would win or not
dipstick: you watch lyon destroy freo game when he brings in twin flogs dawson and crawley!
LuvIt74: Collingwood hould have won by 4+ goals if they converted in that last quarter although im glad they lost coz i cant stan
LuvIt74: cant stand Eddie and the pies
carlton_99: i think i neee 122 from beams and fyfe but 200 would be great to be certain
zadolinnyj: What are your 17th and 18th scores Carlton. If they are below 65 you need 100 from beams and 100 from Fyfe @calton
LuvIt74: If i knew it was wet I would have taken Priddis 116 points as my VC, I didn’t even think of the weather
LuvIt74: carn fyfe get it son
zadolinnyj: Basically you need beams and Fyfe as a combination to score 71 points more then your lowest two counted players @carlton
dipstick: AFL declared today there are brownlow votes this round
carlton_99: they are 30 and 22
Woodie: Fyfe 16sc
auxDT: lol Fyfe
happytimes: Fyfe Cape coming up
luked98: man i need fyfe to score 130+ to win
frenzy: fyfe de% pox
dipstick: fyfe 2 effective disposals. goals please nat
cripdogs: robinson is clearly the biggest nob in afl
carlton_99: fyfe going for goal
circle52: BS HTV against Adcock
carlton_99: on the full damn
SubOptimal: @cripdogs brian lake, lindsay thomas
dipstick: haha robbo. doesnt he have vegetable ears?
circle52: and then the next one not paid against Freo
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj what do u mean m8, its not combined scores. Example my lowest two r 61 & 78 although i have 2 lower scores.
LuvIt74: However if 2 of my remaing 3 players score higher then 61 & 78 then there points take over my current two lowest scores.
Woodie: Fyfe 19sc
cripdogs: well he pretands to be injured b4 a ball up
LuvIt74: Fyfe on 19sc
cripdogs: and then pretends to pick something up and throw it at a player whilst kicking for goal
dipstick: @luvit exactly. ineed beamsy to overtake bonts 71 in DT for more pts. hurry up beams
cripdogs: clearly biggest nob
LuvIt74: @dipstick i dont think u have a prob m8, beams should ton up
LuvIt74: can u believe fyfe i currently the lowest scorer on SC
carlton_99: so if my two players are goddard and dumont 30 and 22 should i win
circle52: Free Kick count 11 – 6 just saying
SaintsMan: livid what is mundy on in sc
LuvIt74: @Carlton how many players have scored first of all?
LuvIt74: mundy 29sc
Woodie: Mundy 29sc
carlton_99: how do i know
carlton_99: it says i have had 19 players palyed
SaintsMan: cheers
Pantsman: So many stat corrections happening in this game.
LuvIt74: @carlton are u serious, just count the players who have scored points in your side so far
frenzy: can you add
carlton_99: oh lol 17 players scored
dipstick: @carlton just keep checking your score when it goes up you have players scoring. its the top 18
auxDT: hahaha robbo got dropped
ben31215: fyfe sc?
dipstick: fyfey ya DE stinks
carlton_99: 17 players scored
Woodie: Fyfe 19sc
Woodie: Robo 45sc
cripdogs: so if pendles scored 184 and i don’t have him will i get his score in my 18??
carlton_99: 17 players scored so and down by 70 so what does that mean
dipstick: @carlton simply add up your top 18 scorers. cant explain it any other way
carlton_99: can soemone pls help me this isa must win game
LuvIt74: @carlton for example so far i have had 18 players, my lowest 2 scores r 49 & 58 so i eliminate those scores. that now le
LuvIt74: Now my lowest 2 scores r 61 & 78 Providing out of my remaining 3 players, they must score higher then 61 & 78 to count.
dipstick: obviously you need 1 player to score 71 this game
carlton_99: ok so i shoudl win yesss thx guys
Roksta: You can’t change the result Carlton so just wait ffs
carlton_99: ok calm down
frenzy: how’d ya get through the byes @carlton
LuvIt74: otherwise if my remaining 3 score lower then 49 & 58 ill have to count those 49 & 58 as my top 18
LuvIt74: It’s very simple really
Woodie: People with Fyfe C, whats your 4 lowest scores
Roksta: It’s best 18. Add up your best vs his best
LuvIt74: Rocksta is getting peved off coz he has Fyfe as his C like me.
SaintsMan: mundy sc please
auxDT: is it really that hard to grasp the bye scoring format?
Roksta: Pendles actually luvit lol
sticky12: Who was vice luvit?
Roksta: Traded in Mundy last minute though
Woodie: Mundy 55sc
LuvIt74: Fyfe on 35 sc & Mundy 52 omg my captain is gonna stuff me up big time
LuvIt74: @sticky i had priddis as my VC
miner4pts: leuey blue moon
Roksta: Add your best 18 then divide it by the Bulldogs Carlton free kick differential
PLACEBOPIE: if fyfe is your 19th best player and he’s captain what happens?
heppelitis: bluemoon for leuenberger
LuvIt74: Roksta u done well m8, wish i had the VC on him coz id then have a chance at winning the $6,000
Woodie: Only best 18 score, so if Fyfe is your C & isn’t in the best 18 he wont count
PLACEBOPIE: but will then my VC get the double points? thx luv74
PLACEBOPIE: sorry woodie
LuvIt74: Fyfe score will count guys its not even worth talking about his score is currently 70 as Captain.
Woodie: Thats when his score is doubled
HappyDEZ: Captain counts I think.
LuvIt74: So Fyfe wil score around 75 hoping higher but doubtful
HappyDEZ: If (C) is not in best 18 he will take the place of the 18th player.
Woodie: If Fyfe’s doubled score isn’t in your best 18 he wont count & your VC score wont double
PLACEBOPIE: Happy 😉 ok so he’s auto in
LuvIt74: @Woodie thats basically imposable as he is on 34 now so his score is 68 as C, so he will score 100+ as C so its goin to
LuvIt74: I doubt anyone has 18 current players scoring 100+
frenzy: fyfe still scoring at 1/2 time
Woodie: That’s champion data for ya 🙂
LuvIt74: Serves me right for beeing greedy, i should have taken Priddis 116 as VC
Woodie: @Luvit, just seen a post on BF where some bloke has 15 100’s
Woodie: @Luvit, was just replying to someone who wanted to know the rules about the C scoring thing
LuvIt74: I cannot believe one of my opponents had the VC on Goldy but didn’t take it, he kept the C on fyfe. Madness
Woodie: That is mad
LuvIt74: @Woodie yeah thats 15 not 18 to think Fyfe wont score 100+ as a C is absurd.
Woodie: Your right, fyfe will count for everyone
Torz: Good comeback for Mundy, considering he was on the bottom for most of the first Q.
Woodie: Taberner subbed
frenzy: fyfe de% is disgraceful
circle52: Deboer on for Taberner
LuvIt74: Mundy 66sc
heppelitis: Ibbo..please get some touches
circle52: Umps lettimng a lot go for both sides
wadaramus: Fyfe possessions going up DE going down!
heppelitis: has any player ever been on top of ranking with such a low effiecency
m0nty: this is the Fyfiest game Fyfe has ever fyfed a fyfe
circle52: $ for Beasley
auxDT: m0nty’s fyfed
heppelitis: its something swan might do,,,surely not fyfey
rosty63: stick to blogging m0nty, lol.
LuvIt74: @heppelitis if your referring to Fyfe DT score, I got no idea that score is BS It has me stumped.
LuvIt74: Fyfe on 50 sc
SaintsMan: mundy sc please
LuvIt74: Fyfe is doing bloody stupid moves. Unbelievable
heppelitis: yeah..dt
willywalks: much chance rich scores more than beams and pearce combined for the rest of the game #clutchingatstraws
LuvIt74: Mundy 78sc highest of Freos 22
LuvIt74: Note to self when wet slippery conditions do not have Fyfe as C
circle52: Staker subbed for Mayes
LuvIt74: Mundy 87 sc
LuvIt74: I’m glad i went sloane to Mundy at the last minute.
LuvIt74: Fyfe 64sc
J_Pinkman: Omg, Fyfe efficiency just went up for the first time this whole game
Roksta: I went rocky to Mundy to gaurantee a league win in my money league
luked98: fyfe only 65 sc 🙁
LuvIt74: Roksta whats your current score if u play SC M8
wadaramus: When you get down to 18% DE it has to start going up at some time!
LuvIt74: I should have a total of 15 100+ this week, Fyfe as C will cost me a ton coz i would of been in top 1000
LuvIt74: @wadaramus Concur totally
J_Pinkman: I think it actually got down to 15% eff. Never seen that b4
Mozza42: Beams sc please
circle52: Beams 84
LuvIt74: Those who don’t have Steele like myself, r u getting him or will u get Caleb Daniel in, he looked awesome in half a game
myteamsuks: @luvit74 how can you know if you’ll be in top 1000
LuvIt74: Scored 65 in a half of footy
Roksta: 1717 with Fyfe Mundy and pendles bc loop (184)
frenzy: leuey towelling sandi
LuvIt74: @myteamsucks i wont be m8 coz fyfe as my C has hurt my overall score as this week many will score big
wadaramus: If I put Fyfe on the bench with E (McKenzie C) to get Goldy VC, will I get his score?
myteamsuks: Ah I see sorry thought you meant for the week
auxDT: ibbo SC?
LuvIt74: 2057 with Fyfe, Mundy & Beams
LuvIt74: ibbo 70sc
LuvIt74: going to eat dinner im famished will be back soon
auxDT: @Luvit thanks..he had a massive 10 point qtr
wadaramus: Thanks for the update LuvIt.
rosty63: ducking out for a quick ciggie wont be long.
wadaramus: Thanks for letting us know rosty.
heppelitis: Fyfes hitting targets will CD the excuse to give him 127 sc points
circle52: gee I hate that deliberate out of bounds when ball goes 50 metres
Jukes82: cancer sticks will kill ya
dipstick: couple goals fyfe
zadolinnyj: Agree circles
the worm: if its deliberate, its deliberate….doesnt matter how far it travels
rickyb80: i need c pearce and mundy to outscore barlow by 10pts from here. getting nervous
Roksta: I forgot beams too luvit
CamT: Is Ballantyne worth a spot in Freo’s team ?
AngryRyno: was losing by 7 points so threw neale c against fyfe, cmon son
willywalks: gun for beams, zombie for l’berger
LuvIt74: Mundy 100, Beams 91 & Fyfe the Fluff on 76sc
ben31215: fyfe sc?
LuvIt74: 77sc ben
willywalks: wow, m0nty listened to me haha
JDolling69: Whats the lowest amount of touches for a DT ton?
LuvIt74: Winner will score around 2500 this week on sc
qiu333: with only 18 players? theyd have to average 130?
Roksta: Not with 18 players luvit
Solat: 2500 from 18 would be impressive
m0nty: Lobbe scored 101 in round 11 vs HAW with 5 disposals.
AngryRyno: have a ton on bench and donuts on field down back…
sammyo7: anyone have ibbo SC?
dipstick: @qei 19 players really coz of C score
heppelitis: ibbo 87
AngryRyno: ibbo 87sc
LuvIt74: @rocksta yeah it would be close m8, im currently on 2124 imagine those with Pendles as C
heppelitis: fyfe 78
LuvIt74: Ibbo 87sc
sammyo7: thanks guys
sticky12: Why with only 18 players? It’s not a bye round
Roksta: Shite that’s decent
AngryRyno: how many players you counting luvit? your top 18 or all?
zadolinnyj: Yes it is sticky.
circle52: Pay that one umps and miss about 100m before it gift goal
SaintsMan: fyfe and mundy sc
AngryRyno: fyfe jumped up 11sc after his last kick
dipstick: fyfe struggling to make my best 18
sticky12: Which teams haven’t played this round zad?
AngryRyno: mundy 109, fyfe 82 sc
LuvIt74: @sticky Geelong & Adelaide are u living under a rock m8…lol
qiu333: if you have pendles captain, u would need ur other 17 players to average 125 to get 2500
frenzy: great game from Beams
AngryRyno: check the icon next to your name sticky
ben31215: fyfe sc
zadolinnyj: Geelong and Adelaide not playing has meant sc goes to bye rules. DT is normal
heppelitis: fyfe 84
sticky12: True luvit you know it all but it isn’t a designated bye round like the previous 3 weeks.
dipstick: !zado DT is top 18 aswell. Only AF is 22
zadolinnyj: I will get 2200 I think with 18 including peddles as captain. 2400 to 2500 will win it
AngryRyno: i thought DT was season averages for cats & crows players
the worm: i was pretty sure real dream team was best 18 too
frenzy: power off fyfe, don’t ton up buddy
Solat: 20 cp for mundy what a hero
zadolinnyj: Really dipstick. That makes me happy as I benched Geelong and Adelaide players before they said average
dipstick: only fantasy is avges. DT is top 18 like SC
sticky12: Oops sorry guys I heard Geelong and Adelaide players were getting their season averages…not top 18 scorers. My bad
zadolinnyj: Whoever took Neill over Fyfe as captain… Master stroke
heppelitis: 14 tackles by mayne not bad
dipstick: who C neale over fyfe? there you go
AngryRyno: thats me dipstick, happy lad
Nuffman: Neale SC please?
LuvIt74: i wont make 2200 m8, around 2170 ill score, if i had pendles as C id score 2350’s to 2400
AngryRyno: neale 96sc
zadolinnyj: Great call Angry
LuvIt74: Neale 93sc
heppelitis: neale 96
Nuffman: Thanks Angry
LuvIt74: Fyfe 85sc
ben31215: Neale always robbed in SC
LuvIt74: neal 104sc sorry
frenzy: nothing fancy now champ data, don’t burn me
dipstick: everyone who tonned got crap DE. SC should be interesting
heppelitis: sad weekend of footy…great to share some of it with you guys…cheers until next weekend
auxDT: i lost by 5 points in SC..needed 98 from ibbo 🙁
LuvIt74: Thanks m0nty, RIP Walshy, you will be sadly missed mate. Keep close to your loved ones all, were lucky people. Cheers
shooter43: Before we finish. Being captain of our own hair is strength without measure

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