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Chat log from R14 of 2015: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, R14 of 2015

Chelskiman: McIntosh is our sub.
rickyb80: carn the tigers
rickyb80: lucky i traded him out then
rickyb80: been disappointing after a huge start
SaintsMan: c’mon shaw
Carnster: carn gws
Hadouken: come on cotchin first goal
Carnster: Lobbbbbb
gers: penciled in maric for 60 odd hit outs
Hadouken: phew still in the hunt first goal…lol
Hadouken: ahh feck
Chelskiman: There goes your bet, Hadouken.
spiggs: Big tackle game on here
circle52: Downie starting OK as my Martin sub
Hadouken: the one player i DIDNT do *rolls eyes*
Hadouken: not my week. i sacrificed parkers 112 VC for swans 85 C…..DOH
Chelskiman: This is a horrible start by us. Typical, we can beat Freo and Syd away but will prob lose to GWS at the G.
heppelitis: $ for lambert haha..peanut sign more appropriate
spiggs: touch the fucken ball ward
circle52: Stupid Cotch
RooBoyStu: glad I traded out Devon Smith for the Dollhouse last week.
dipstick: is Lambert even worse than Toumpas was?? The guy just cant get a touch at all in AFL. he has no idea
auxDT: wtf deledio
heppelitis: Thx Ben_Gogos…now hardwick sub him…and put me out of my misery
creeker: Cotch reported !
MIJG: New griif would come good once out of my team
spiggs: Wards being tagged by grigg
valkorum: Cotchin should have a tv symbol
AngryRyno: stay down deledio
Ben_Gogos: Ward!
heppelitis: Lambert on track to beat his average of 22
heppelitis: was…haha
willywalks: lambert deserves a spud if this form continues, held on to him from r1 for this!?
dipstick: @mijg griff has been great all year. when he hasnt been tagged he’s tonned up
Jukes82: ypu deserve a spud if you have lambert.
MIJG: Avg off 88 is not great
AngryRyno: deledio 1sc, shaw 35sc, martin 17sc
J_Pinkman: lol @Jukes82 Liked that 1
Jukes82: cotching won’t get suspended for that.
Jukes82: *cotchin
AngryRyno: the way 774 are speaking of the cotchin incident he could get 5-6 weeks
willywalks: good to see the keyboard warriors out in force jukes
dipstick: if martin is as good as lambert and doubles his score each Q its gonna be a 200 for dusty today
MIJG: Lambert on his way to a cape Qtr :p
snake_p: Lambert fanfooty whipping boy..only his 3rd game
RooBoyStu: Deledio lol
Karlpov: muppet for shaw
spiggs: Atta boy Cotchin
Karlpov: or Lobb rather
Ben_Gogos: Lambert on track for a 50~, very decent for a rook
Carnster: its downie @karlpov
Karlpov: @Carnster I’ll get it right one day…
Carnster: haha
johnoP: last week in my team for mr d smith i belive
Ben_Gogos: Devon Smith was never going to score well against the Tigers, but he’ll tackle his way to a decent score
KelCO: Martin in the rooms :S
ReaperRage: comon steele&ward get up!! solid stuff from shaw and houli
Ben_Gogos: Jack Steele will be one hell of a player!
ReaperRage: Gogos ive had steele on my mid bench all season, will be a great player!
spiggs: Hit some targets cotch you peanut
Ben_Gogos: @ReaperRage nice, I got him in before his first game
auxDT: martin 6 clangers lol
AngryRyno: jack steele promising all pre-season, he should play every game for the remainder of the year
Ben_Gogos: @AngryRyno if he sustains this form, he will
AngryRyno: giants unlikely to make finals, so they would be doing both steele and themselves good by giving him gametime
Dommy02: griffen off the half backline??
Ben_Gogos: My bad guys, Griffiths not Griffen with the shoulder injury
Karlpov: greene spat on miles b4
LeFtBehinD: Can you get suspended for spitting? lol
Ben_Gogos: Yea, he’ll get weeks for that @Karlpov, really poor incident
AngryRyno: c’mon greene, your better than that
Ben_Gogos: Greene has a growing history of stupid incidents
ReaperRage: heath shaw 72 dt and not a single handball. thats the way!
Woosha 73: Shaw is powering me off.
J_Pinkman: yeah i like steele, that spitting incident was bad news
AngryRyno: he does indeed ben, but knowing the family it’s only begun simultaneously with his career at the giants
heppelitis: i know the family too
ReaperRage: low half time score. looks like QTR time scores
AngryRyno: shaw 67sc, martin 45sc, maric 41sc, steele 40sc
Ben_Gogos: Interesting to note fellas
KelCO: Really glad I switched Kamdyn for Houli
frenzy: is Dustin Beaver likely to ton up, or is it a bridge too far
johnoP: id back him in, he can crank out huge quarters and game is close so bonus points on offer
heppelitis: im on the beaver!
KingPetrie: how’s cotches sc score looking?
ReaperRage: 66 sc at halftim for cotch
Carnster: How about Ellis @reaper
Redraptor: Griffen seems to be a natural half back flanker
frenzy: kangas killen Dumont with the sub vest
Chelskiman: Umpires are a joke.
ReaperRage: @carnster 56sc half time for ellis
Carnster: thanks
Ben_Gogos: No one taking there chances this term
dipstick: martin knows the deal now. i’ll be cracking the whip if he aint on 90 at 3qt
circle52: Maric reported
AngryRyno: big ivan reported
Redraptor: Maric reported…SEN
dipstick: drop lambert from the team already. so much more valuable as a donut loophole. flowering my SC 2 wks in a row
creeker: The Mullet could get a move on. Extract the digit big fella.
Ben_Gogos: It may give owners a good reason to offload Ivan now
zadolinnyj: Maric should be ok. Wreck less at best 1 week
Bazza2014: Maric gone from the vision, dirtier elbow than tippets
Redraptor: Griffiths subbed
Chelskiman: We are useless in Melbourne. We need to play all our games away from now on.
zadolinnyj: No way worse the tippets. He was rucking and Steele 3rd up. It was high but ruckman can stand ground
J_Pinkman: lokks like my vc special Ward hasn’t quite worked out. Fyfe it is
ReaperRage: houli abandoned the game? get some stats for fuck sake
AngryRyno: kmac on
circle52: Griffiths subbed for McIntosh
zadolinnyj: Palmer reminds me of the sloth from ice age movies
LeFtBehinD: Griffen 18 disposals at 94%. He must be on about 120 SC??
AngryRyno: griff 89sc
LeFtBehinD: Oh. lol
frenzy: gee lambert no good
brunckka: too many short kicks keeps griff at a moderate score. Is he was kicking long effective kiks they are worth more.
Ben_Gogos: Fantastic stuff from Devon
Alka: deeeeeevon
kangawalla: Geez….Cotch has finally ditched his fairy wings
Redraptor: Griffen’s been playing in the wrong position all his career
Chelskiman: I can’t watch this shit. We’re a joke when we’re considered favourites.
J_Pinkman: Maric can go sit on my bottom 4 players. don’t need ya Ruski, go away.
dipstick: @chelski at least you admit it. Norf fans cant admit how shit they are and live in dream land
frenzy: luv the tigers eating their own
auxDT: @dipstick so true about norf fans
LuvIt74: Would love to see Martin, Houli, Edwards & Shaw all ton up
wadaramus: Tigers are playing OK, just not converting.
Ben_Gogos: This is going to be one hell of a quarter, we’ll learn a klot
frenzy: safe to say next goal wins
Chelskiman: We need at least 3 goals to win. We’ve scored 5 for the day. We’re done.
Redraptor: SEN reporting massive spray by Dimma at 3qtr time
wadaramus: C’mon Dusty, be effective!
Carnster: carn gws
TheDookers: is chris newman still playing AFL?
AngryRyno: tipped tigers but happy if giants get up, oh the bandwagon…
Ben_Gogos: Big miss by Lambert there
wadaramus: Lambert U spud.
Ben_Gogos: It was massive @RedRaptor
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
dipstick: why microscope for lambert? this is he highest score ever- his ceiling is still increasing
J_Pinkman: tigers come out pumped. tip em from here
AngryRyno: shaw is relentless, kick to hb ratio non existant
dipstick: what happened to the half time and quarter time spray? third quarter a bit late isnt it?
auxDT: heath shaw about to hit someone real soon
Chelskiman: Huge by Jack.
KelCO: I can hear Malloy yelling from here
circle52: Razor Ray asserting his influence from 70 metres
Ben_Gogos: Riewoldt so clutch
Carnster: stewart on
RooBoyStu: Fat lady sings iiiittttssss oooovvvaaaaaa
heppelitis: Wakey Wakey Ellis
dipstick: hahaha molloy- his prob coked off his manboobs
zadolinnyj: Go go gadget leg Cameron. Almost kicked himself in the face. Great goal
Chelskiman: Now that’s a clearance!
wadaramus: Not quite RooBoy!
auxDT: massive from edwards!
circle52: Stewart on for Marchbank
zadolinnyj: Miles very underrated I think
KelCO: @dipstick, he has to be to think Tigs will win the granny
dipstick: tons god dmamit griffen, shaw, houli, and martin.
RooBoyStu: $ steele
J_Pinkman: all richmond, should win from here. i say should!!!
AngryRyno: cotch BOG
Chelskiman: Captain’s goal!
Rebuild: Wow this game got exciting all of a sudden
LeFtBehinD: Stewart as sub… that’ll prob cost them the game right now
MIJG: Carn GWS love seeing tigers get beat
ReaperRage: how longs left? 5mins?
J_Pinkman: hey tigers supporters, you got a good one there in Rance. he’s a beauty
LuvIt74: Cmon Martin, Edwards, Shaw & Houli score me 100 or more
SaintsMan: yup 5.30 left
Ben_Gogos: Great tackle by Lambert
LeFtBehinD: A great big Lobb!!
zadolinnyj: Lobb went to the josh Kennedy school of kicking
the worm: vickery so clutch
Ben_Gogos: Lobb takes another brilliant grab
colin wood: Lol @ rances sc score what a joke
LeFtBehinD: What’s he on?
willywalks: excellent spoil by buntine
the worm: still. moff all the various comp sroring systems, sc is the best hands down
frenzy: ump influence again
circle52: 7 1 free kicks to Richmond so far this quarter
Ben_Gogos: Shocking miss
wadaramus: No excuse for missing from there.
willywalks: haha, i wonder what hardwick said after Miles’ miss
ryanbob: Miles is the new selwood, more high frees than him
luked98: muppet
colin wood: 96 it keeps going up by the minute pathetic
danmaio: Deledio out there?
LeFtBehinD: Why is that pathetic? Are you watching the game? He’s intercepting everything this half
wadaramus: Great last quarter Richmond.
colin wood: Left behind its going up when he’s not even near the pill
Carnster: umps are crap
AngryRyno: obviously not watching the game @danmario, he’s had a huge secomd half
circle52: Tigers can thank umps for the win
Chelskiman: Huge win! GWS were really good today. We had to really dig deep in that last quarter.
J_Pinkman: giants top four next year,
LuvIt74: Bloody awesome had Matin, Houli, Edwards & Shaw who have all toned up thank god
JDolling69: Ying Yang Ellis, pathetic
the worm: i think lamberts second half turned the game
LuvIt74: 11 played and on 1303 without Captain
LuvIt74: I’m not sure if I should bother trading out Sloan this week, ill wait untill the very end.
Chelskiman: 1372/13 for me. Birch and Ebert letting me down so far. I’ve got Goldy as captain too, huge risk but could go big.

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