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Chat log from R14 of 2015: Collingwood vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Collingwood vs Hawthorn, R14 of 2015

frenzy: sad day RIP Walshey
Bazza2014: tear in my eye watchin foxfooty now.
casey22: This great game reels from one crisis to another yet still thrives; now another major blow. RIP Phil Walsh
pies13: RIP walsh
419er: What a shame RIP Phil Walsh
Kernahan: Times like these when the best of the footy community comes out. RIP PHIL Walsh
heppelitis: RIP Phil Walsh….nice tribute m0nty making us all crows and footy supporters tonight
sammyo7: RIP Phil Walsh
frenzy: Hey get well soon Roughy, hope that shit turns out all good
bradluma: SC seems very irrelevant this weekend now. Sad day for footy.
Mad Doctor: m0nty, do me a fav & delete thte last comment in the swans port game, tks
Mad Doctor: much obliged
Bazza2014: im a mad Hawks member, but just can’t get myself up for this game, have a good night fellas i’m off.
Heizenberg: Hi guys, how is everyone?
Heizenberg: Yeah extremely sad day, no
Heizenberg: Nice touch on the home page monty
Bazza2014: keep the crap to a minimum in respect #ripwalshy
Heizenberg: Hopefully they do bazza
pies13: @bazza im with ya mad pies fan not kean 2nite from adelaide sad day
Heizenberg: I saw ot on tv at work today im still in shock
Heizenberg: By his own son its just terrible
SaintsMan: Evening Lads. RIP Phil Walsh
Heizenberg: Hi saints
SaintsMan: Tonight I’m an AdelaideMan
SaintsMan: G’day heizenburg
Heizenberg: Ahh yeah
travo: feels like a nab cup game, not that important
Heizenberg: Ill be on and off chat im watching game
colin wood: Hey guys really hard to get into this tonight 🙁
casey22: Stand by earlier comment & thats it for the night from me
Heizenberg: Yeah not in the mood really
circle52: Night lads really hard to get into this game
zadolinnyj: Today makes you really remember what matters in life. Washy would want the game he loved so much to continue. hope he is
zadolinnyj: Watching from the best seat in the house. Will be missed
wadaramus: It’s just such a tragic shame. He had so much to give.
Tony9668: A mate told me today mid morn and I thought he was taking the piss, very surreal
rosty63: yea not really interested in game.Vale Walshman.
berniebern: great work with the icons FF. Respect
gdshifty: reckon the game wll heat up the longer it goes.
heppelitis: great respect shown..minute of silence..kudos supporters
Tony9668: Got the scarf hanging out of the letterbox for the weekend
berniebern: unlike the league scum who shouted during the SOO
Grazz: Jumper is hanging in the window
daniel87: Rip Walsh
kangawalla: Great idea Tony. My Demon scarf is going out right now.
Tony9668: Bit late Kanga, those went out years ago
Tony9668: Sorry, couldn’t help myself
rickyb80: what a crappy day
kangawalla: Homour in the face of adversity. Good therapy Tone.
runt: Hawks slighty more sociable tonight
kangawalla: *humour
Kernahan: Missed a mark and kick for Pendles
heppelitis: agreed kernahan
Tony9668: Will remain respectful in the 1st qtr Kanga, then cut loose in the 2nd qtr to lift moral
rickyb80: i noticed that kernahan
frenzy: i like broomhead
runt: Broomhead sweeps in and nails one
Kernahan: Cheers – it wasn’t the red wine then!
Tony9668: Nice one Runt
rickyb80: ahh good old clokey. love ya big guy
ryanbob: Also missed a free against for Lewis I think
SubOptimal: nothing I like better than Fatso Lake getting toweled up by a fwd
colmullet: Lewis back in form?
The39Steps: Discrepancy in free kicks looking at stats.
heppelitis: Runts good for about 10 quality gags per night
auxDT: day just got worse after seeing kyriigos’ face or however you spell his name
rickyb80: would appear so mullet
J.Worrall: oops
danmaio: Lewis getting the cheap plus 6
kangawalla: Tony, I think you’re a Crows fan right? If so, you call the shots tonight.
Kernahan: Yeah – why are our young tennis players such arrogant knobs?
berniebern: kyrgios is the best thing to happen in tennis for years
rickyb80: cant believe jock Reynolds has pulled the pin 🙁
wadaramus: Good to see the blog starting to tick over!
kangawalla: Whadd’ya mean Ricky? Has he retired/quit?
Tony9668: You’re right Kanga but I might get banned with my 2nd qtr gag, don’t worry not today related
J.Worrall: Who’s booing Mitchell?
heppelitis: it takes an amount of arrogance to succeed in sport..hes young..will learn hopefully
rickyb80: no more podcasts kanga. family/work commitments
The39Steps: Hawks have two Fs for, two Ag. Pies 2 F, 1 Ag. Shouldn’t they balance?
rickyb80: plus a lack of funds. website will still be operational till the end of the year tho. didnt u hear sundays podcast?
Tony9668: For now good to see the Suns have made the right decision….
ryanbob: Missed a hodge tackle on pendles
J.Worrall: Totally, FAGs should balance at all times
Tony9668: Put Harley on Ice
heppelitis: common swanny get more involved
J.Worrall: *FandAgs
BennyCuzzy: Where’s Mitchell ?
J.Worrall: Go Dave
gdshifty: game is really getting going now
runt: auto correct is the greatest gift to comedy
auxDT: lewis might actually reach his BE
J.Worrall: my auto correct doesn’t work on ur name, runt!
travo: daves not here man….
J.Worrall: Yeah he is, Dave Swanny!
frenzy: Norman Gunstan
Chelskiman: I seem to say this every week, but lift Birch!
J.Worrall: Jason Gunstall!
J.Worrall: Go Bloke!
wadaramus: WOW, top goal Cloke.
cusch1: That fend off was higher than Harley Bennell
wadaramus: Agreed cusch!
auxDT: @cusch1 LOL good one
runt: Embarrassingly for Cloke but he really does do his best work when he doesn’t have to think
auxDT: good effort Sane Dwan
frenzy: Dependlebury
RooBoyStu: Can’t have Jack Crisp, the guy looks a million dollars loose, but under pressure looks like a Greece ATM
fshow: solid frenzy.
travo: cloke u flog
J.Worrall: nasty eyeball
cusch1: Only solid contact that Cloke has had besides that shot form boundary
cusch1: My new favourite insult is Greek atm
LuvIt74: Evening m0nty and all… Love the crows gesture m0nty. Cheers mate.
SaintsMan: Evening LuvIt
J.Worrall: Cyril Selwood!
cusch1: Would you say that you luvit?
LuvIt74: Swan doing Feet Frig all
ryanbob: Lol how is that a high for cyril
J.Worrall: Lift, Dave!
LuvIt74: pendles 71sc
LuvIt74: Sweet
Tony9668: That’s the Selwood Duck
wadaramus: Coz he’s short!
OnTheRocks: Hodge is heating up
circle52: one of these days all my prems will play and not Spud – Swans turn tonight
J.Worrall: You beauty Dave!
auxDT: good Dave!
wadaramus: Daaavveee!!!
Kernahan: Swanny!!
heppelitis: thx for the swanny rev up @circle52
travo: go dave
Tony9668: Good game of footy
OnTheRocks: please do a Danebery from last night and get a huge score even though you have an atrocious DE Hodge
rickyb80: cmon oxley ya flog
Jukes82: good work dane
circle52: No problems need him to lift
wadaramus: Should have dropped the VC on Dependlebury.
Slashers: Where did goyne go?
circle52: traded roughead to crisp working OK so far
Slashers: Or should I say BurGONE!
rickyb80: traded out brown this week. has now gone past oxley. that just tears it
Tony9668: Just brought in Adams, already have Pendles and Sidebottom, Happy
Derekcraig: Hawks had lots of easy disposals. SC score are poor
ryanbob: Gibson on 25? Getting robbed hardcore
SaintsMan: ryanbob he was robbed last week as well
ryanbob: Yeah I know it’s getting annoying. High efficiency and gets intercept marks. Not sure what else he has to do, 35+ is fa
Derekcraig: Pendlebury 86SC
J.Worrall: No Frawley forces Gibson to play a role …
fshow: so does Gibsons wife
J.Worrall: What’s her faves fantasy?
SubOptimal: gets him to wear the Captain’s hat!
kangawalla: Gibbo was dating one of the Pussycat Dolls at one stage in his illustrious career off the field.
fshow: she draws a line down the middle of his head, dresses him in black, and he fucks her head first
J.Worrall: You boys!!!
J.Worrall: Cyril Dunstall!
kangawalla: Squirrel Dunstall!!
itsduftime: 5 kicks/4 goals. not bad
J.Worrall: Iball Smitty!
J.Worrall: Baing goes Smith’s Crisps!
SubOptimal: if that’s not HTB what is
Torz: Two debutants tonight, but watch Oxley still get subbed out.
J.Worrall: They’re willing out there!
J.Worrall: Deeeee Pendle Buried!
Grazz: Thats a bit soft that free
gdshifty: nice +12 there swanny
Grazz: paybacks for the Hawks goal
Chelskiman: I give up on Birchall. He’ll get subbed at this rate.
auxDT: poor kicking from collingwood..
lukeball14: Anyone knows what’s happening for do scores from Adelaide game?
Torz: They get their average.
Jukes82: cloke is the worst set shot forward in the history of the afl
LuvIt74: pendles 106sc
auxDT: @luke SC/DT taking best 18, AF taking avg scores
zadolinnyj: Dream team scores for Adelaide and Geelong players will be their average. If new player will go by projection
Fletch91: SC round treated as bye round. Top 18 best scoring players count towards SC score.
LuvIt74: No SC score its considered best 18 scores on SC – I think receiving the average is a better option
zadolinnyj: Sc is considered a bye I think so no good
lukeball14: Cheers
carlton_99: lewis sc a joke
dipstick: incorrect. DT and SC scores are best 18, AF is avges for cats and crows players.
SubOptimal: avg is better as no one has been able to trade ahead of this ‘bye’
colmullet: crap i thought AF was best of 18 to and benched em!
dipstick: godbless Walshy wife and daughter. Horrifuc news
fshow: god. yeah right…and the tooth fairy
Slightly01: Disagree suboptimal-can’t award points that were never earned. This is the only possible way
auxDT: 9.16…abysmal goal kicking from the pies
dipstick: according to rule they should have been donuts
fshow: i think both ways are flawed. only way was to cancel fantasy over this weekend.
zadolinnyj: I hope we can move players after tonight in DT as I put players on bench before they said what they were doing
SubOptimal: @slightly – so punishing players who are Crows/Cats premo-heavy is preferable?
zadolinnyj: Rules did not take into account devastating circumstances
Grazz: Good game this
auxDT: Dave gone missing
LuvIt74: @Slightly01 with the bye rounds we worked around them so we sculptured our team around the bye rounds.
The39Steps: Put the seagull on Birchall now. Saves time in Q4.
circle52: Pies got a great get in the Beams trade with Crisp thrown in
fshow: devestating for eliminator. unfair no matter what they did. so skip the round
dipstick: @zado wait til later when crows/cts miss top 8/4 by 2 pts
LuvIt74: This senario is with having no Crows & Cats players will really effect those with players from these teams
runt: Who’s Scott Pendlebury
zadolinnyj: I would be surprised he team get up for next week dipstick
Slightly01: So by your way of thinking those who are geelongadlaide heavy are advantaged?!
runt: in their team?
Slightly01: I just think giving everyone 18/30 gives the best chance for equal both sides
zadolinnyj: Interesting if it will affect Dangerfield decision?
Slightly01: Zeros/Avgs wouldn’t do that. Whole teams out- same as byes
tigerman28: Lewis sc?
LuvIt74: @slightly no because it would be fair and equitable for all as they will only receive there average score
Hadouken: whos the nob that put C on swan instead of parkers VC score? oh that would be me….
auxDT: vsing a shitty team in SC cash league, he now has a chance of winning because of the bye format
SubOptimal: The logic seems obvious to me but not going to ruin a thread arguing it, the rules are what they are gl
LuvIt74: Otherwise if you want the fairest option, this round should not count at ALL regarding fantasy footy…
LuvIt74: There was no rules, these had to be made on the day.
Grazz: I think AF got it right, award averages. As a Crow supporter doesnt feel right that teams are punished
fshow: neither way is fair. certain that everyone is favouring the way that would have been best for them.
fshow: yup. shouldn’t count luvit
Grazz: doesnt feel right that some teams are punished
SubOptimal: Try to be less of a picky twit, clearly by “rules” i meant what the powers have been have chosen
rooboypete: Dave will have a big last qtr
vamos77: A man has been murdered and you girls are discussing fairness regarding fantasy. Grow up
dipstick: the players get donuts in draft leagues. thats strange
LuvIt74: Its best for me to have top 18 but i feel for those ranked in the top 50 to 200 coz this could really screw them up
The39Steps: How possibly can someone demanding 000ks kick 1.4?
fshow: always one self righteous douche wanting to feel good by taking stuff the wrong way. high horse bull
MIJG: It is what it is. No one cares about your SC in the scheme of things. Get over it
circle52: Both subs on
zadolinnyj: With funeral during the week I would be surprised if crows played next week. Players very close especially danger, sloan
Slightly01: I guess that’s my point – I expected donuts. This seams fairer than that. Agree SubO here’s to a good last Q
vamos77: Agreed 39steps Cloke is a Joke
Grazz: We have a member here “why-not” whose in the top3 i think
SubOptimal: good luck
zadolinnyj: And walker. Apperently he told danger to do what’s best for his future and enjoy the year regardless. That
Torz: The Ox survives the red!
J.Worrall: RDT and SC are true
J.Worrall: Death is not a religiuon, Football IS!
zadolinnyj: Who’s off?
zadolinnyj: Thought Moore competed not bad
Slashers: Witts’ parents should have called him Frank.
The39Steps: We should recognise what a great gesture Geelong Footy Club did today. Shouldn’t be forgotten amidst the grieving.
J.Worrall: Freank? Dimma!
LuvIt74: Swan has done very little since half time.
willywalks: give cloke the butches cleaver already m0nty!
419er: Swan looks like a porker running around the field
frenzy: should of named witts petal or flower
Slashers: ;p
SubOptimal: Elliot throws everything at the ball and gets pinged for it, ty umps
J.Worrall: I’ve seen that 2 fingered gesture before!
Slashers: Yea, F.Witts
zadolinnyj: Should have called witts, sipping. Law and order legend
J.Worrall: Dave you beauty!
auxDT: Dave you beauty!
runt: Magpies should be at least 5 goals up. Bad kicking is Cloke football as the saying goes
Grazz: great game
zadolinnyj: Sippa not sipping. Flower auto correct
Grazz: soft that
LuvIt74: shocking free
Slashers: I got it..
J.Worrall: Cana peas!
auxDT: cmon pies win this for Walshy
SubOptimal: kermit for ump
Grazz: Tackle
MIJG: Good game tough
zadolinnyj: Draw would be good
LuvIt74: The SC live scoring is down.
rosty63: Walsh like game
LuvIt74: Pendles 144sc
Sincity: Underdog Fridays continuing….
LuvIt74: Awesome Rioli
carlton_99: taht evens up the bad umpring decisions
auxDT: rubber ducky, cmon m0nty
J.Worrall: DT live scoring is uP!
zadolinnyj: Quack
meka100: Ox thinks he’s the sub, poor fella
LuvIt74: yup it is now, my end was down for 5 minutes
Grazz: wow
LuvIt74: carn the Hawkers
J.Worrall: Gogo, TheOx
LuvIt74: @Worrall i was talking about SC live scores m8
cusch1: What’s lewis sc?
auxDT: lewis SC anyone?
LuvIt74: Swan do more u hack bloody hell.
LuvIt74: Lewis 117sc
LuvIt74: Wish i put the VC on Pendles
zadolinnyj: Great kick dave
cusch1: How is there such a big difference between pendles and lewis?!?!
auxDT: frustrating pies..shud be at least 5 goals infront ffs
dipstick: 9 tackles
andy59: Tackles by Pendles the diff
LuvIt74: 9 tackles to pendles none for lewis
cusch1: Dammit Lewis tackle son
runt: Brian Taylor wants Collingwood to win this, can hear it in his voice
rickyb80: jesse white lol
auxDT: kick the winning goal pls Dave
AngryRyno: frustrated i neglected pendles for VC
SubOptimal: wish I was listening to BT instead of Carey and McAveney, and that’s saying something
cusch1: What ever happened to Chelsea the goal ump?
LuvIt74: I hate the pies but id like swan to kick the winning goal
kangawalla: Jesse Sh1te
LuvIt74: wth has buckly got swan deep in the forward
rickyb80: thats all folks
auxDT: game over disappointing for the pies
LuvIt74: Oh there it blows pies no 4 points… lol
zadolinnyj: Collingwood should have one but not good enough to finish
Slightly01: Still around cusco
auxDT: atlas pendles
runt: Jon Brown has Shiel in his bottom 6 Hawks players. Dunstall almost laughed out loud
LuvIt74: pendles 170sc
Sincity: Yes $2 Favourites!
The39Steps: Rioli and Breust 8.0 Cloke and White 3.6. There is the game.
runt: 19 behinds against the Hawks is huge
Grazz: Cheers for the Crows insignia’s m0nty, good onya mate
LuvIt74: Pies just died in the orifice the last 5 minutes.
frenzy: Dependlebury
MIJG: Goodvweek forvyourvopp not to have pendlesvhaha
runt: Rioli 5.0 say it all about Cyrils value
zadolinnyj: 31 shots to 25 and lost
Grazz: Great game, Pie’s tried so hard. Just a great game
runt: Phil Walsh Phil Walsh Phil Walsh!!!!!!!
circle52: agree 39 steps that was the game
RooBoyStu: Cop That Skunks!
Jukes82: bad kicking is bad footy
SubOptimal: Pies game to win, too many unforced errors
J.Worrall: Gibson, you plodder!
AngryRyno: cya oxley
J.Worrall: 39 spot on!
LuvIt74: 7 played so far for 840 no captain yet.
MIJG: Aww im gonna cry nice touch boys
Grazz: Wow thankyou Hawthorn thankyou Collingwood brilliant just brilliant
circle52: nice gesture with the circle at the end
Jodd: Some powerful scenes out there tonight boys

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