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Chat log from R14 of 2015: Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Port Adelaide, R14 of 2015

frenzy: she’s showered herself early tonite
IHateChat: Who are the subs?
frenzy: moore and cunningham
Bothy: must win for Port so are they going to do it?
cobrakai00: booooooooooooooooooooo
Jukes82: give goodes the squirrel icon
Kernahan: Here comes Wad Chinguard!
daniel87: Come on port lets hit them hard now
wadaramus: Is Mitchell tagging Boak? FFS Horse.
zadolinnyj: Yes wadaramus
frenzy: c’mon Tmitch, don’t do this buddy
daniel87: Well done Hoff
Bothy: Mitchells a ball magnet so I think its stupid too
HappyDEZ: That’s at least 3 times this year the first goal of the game has resulted from a Jonas FA.
Jukes82: normally bird would do the tagging but he can’t get a game.
claysymo9: mcveigh +3
heppelitis: Well if titch is tagging…lay a tackle or something..ffs
LuvIt74: JPK on fire
zadolinnyj: Every since I traded Kennedy he is getting points
Jmachete: Is everyone on Goodes squirrel grip watch?
dj9343: stevie j -> jpk worked a treat
KelCO: Maybe I should have put JPK VC
LuvIt74: As a tagger his job is to annoy the living hell out of his opponent, no points for annoying. lol
grossn: Choice as between JPK or Goldy for VC this week 🙁
LuvIt74: if we got points for most annoying player we would ALL have Stevie J as out Captains…lol
frenzy: cape
Yelse: Why would the horse do this to mitchell. Time to move clubs
SydneyRox: loving nankervis!!
Ben_Gogos: Very quick cape for JPK
Vindicate: VC Kennedy is working a treat!
LuvIt74: Nice Krak, he is my F6 this week
LuvIt74: Gray is doing Jack
SydneyRox: another shocking kick from shaw
luked98: what happened to robbie gray, lift!
heppelitis: mitchell to ablett next week probably
m0nty: get up Richards, stop diving
Jukes82: geez I have gray and mitchell, not a good start to the round!
LuvIt74: Why is he called the horse, is it bcoz of his looong face?
daniel87: Well done hoff
dj9343: come on jarrad
luked98: mitchell and gray wow
LuvIt74: @dukes82 Think 90% have Gray so dont worry m8
SydneyRox: hung like a
3rdstriker: A horse kicked him in the head and now he’s retarded
NewFreoFan: Geez I did well leaving Krakouer on the bench
willywalks: yes, mitchell with a kick!
zadolinnyj: Goodes has spent the last two years auditioning for neighbours. Acting when on camera
Chelskiman: Boak on fire with two possessions, lol.
willywalks: is amon a chance of getting a gig anytime soon, rotting away on my bench with daniel robinson…
Ball_Hog15: Come on Mitchell!
painkilla: tmitch needs to leave syd asap career going backwards, even a 18yo rookie can tag, longmire u r a horse
zadolinnyj: If Robinson can’t get a game with two out I don’t like his chances for the rest of the year
SydneyRox: Robinson is injured
BennyCuzzy: Mitchell got no hole
SydneyRox: Titch is better off tagging and playing for a flag at Sydney than spend the next decade at somewhere like cartlon
heppelitis: rocliff…then brodie smith….now gray gonna be rubbish after concussion
SydneyRox: even if he gets 40 a game at carlton
vamos77: Amon will be back in the side next week i reckon
painkilla: flogs at syd holding him back
wadaramus: It sucks to see good ballgetters wasted as taggers.
SydneyRox: nothing in that bump Monty
mijg: First time im playing someone without Gray. Fuck
zadolinnyj: Maybe Mitchell to crows when danger goes
Bazza2014: low possession, high tackle, clustered game i see
painkilla: yep syd have only missed finals 5 times in last 20, and something like 5 of the last 10 gfs too
SydneyRox: Nank the Tank!!
daniel87: Fuckasake port that was to easy
BennyCuzzy: Waste of talent SydneyRox
SydneyRox: playing his role benny. its a team gme
BennyCuzzy: Sydney won’t win a flag for 10 yrs
Yelse: at least mitchell won’t get subbed today with rohan out subbed
luked98: Play Parker out of the middle wow
SydneyRox: Poor Gazza, so unlucky
Chelskiman: Sub made, Rohan off. At least Mitchell gets a full game.
painkilla: at least mitch cant be subbed now
BennyCuzzy: At least sheeran can focus on his music now
zadolinnyj: Surely Reid could be a big goal kicker in another team
gdshifty: exactly. Mitchell might stay in my team depending on his score for the rest of the night
frenzy: Laidler the worst +1 of all time
Bazza2014: shocking deliberate call
BennyCuzzy: Who is Mitchell tagging ? The physio on the bench ?
Bazza2014: Does Boak know what it looks like?
SydneyRox: @frenzy yeah thats a plus for port
OnTheRocks: hanebery get that atrocious DE up
SydneyRox: there is a shocker to even that out of bounds
painkilla: the umpiring is terrible
SydneyRox: love the look of zak jones
dj9343: Nice colquhoun, you’re my bench loophole
zadolinnyj: That free was for Mitchell being dragged down
simsovic: goodes bog!
Torz: Lol Shaw. What was that.
Karlpov: How was that not ball against Shaw? He had prior!!!
Bazza2014: kick the ball wines!
zadolinnyj: Kicked it karlpov
Karlpov: Round 1, Richmond v Carlton – Troy Chaplin did same thing and was paid as he had prior.
nkoutsou: hey
Fernyys: got kennedy captain
Bazza2014: go parker
simsovic: people in the crowd duck spear attack about to happen!
luked98: good parker
nkoutsou: kennedy what a gun
colin wood: Good boy LP!
Fernyys: Got kennedy (C), Parker, Jack, Mitchell and Hanneberry
Chelskiman: Lift, Ebert. Got you as my VC!
nkoutsou: keep goinfg parker
happylab: why u gotta hav 5 clangers parker
Bazza2014: BOak lifts and port maybe in it
zadolinnyj: 4 Sydney midfielders and 1 forward/mid @Fernyys????
nkoutsou: keep going parker
BennyCuzzy: Gray better have a 90pt 2nd half or his effed
Bazza2014: shocking miss by Kennedy
deanie: $ colquhoun?
luked98: wow stop kennedy
Bazza2014: Sydney wasteful, or just weight of shots will end this?
tigerman28: Kennedy ton! Wowee!
dibbydobby: glad i just traded JPK in LOL
Bazza2014: evryone loves a good IMP!
Chelskiman: Anyone have Hannebery’s SC?
berniebern: nothing to cream your pants about if you traded JPK BACK in
SydneyRox: back to back cape qtrs for JPK. Dont see that often
luked98: toss kennedy the star
wadaramus: Hannebery 61sc.
Chelskiman: Thanks, wadaramus. Threw the VC on him as he’s my only Swan.
3rdstriker: hasnt caped this qtr. only 40dt i believe
wadaramus: Mitchell and Gray recovered somewhat from the first quaarter.
wadaramus: VC looking good so far man.
BennyCuzzy: Yeh
Chelskiman: @wadaramus, yeah SC VC looks good but having Ebert as my VC in DT looks awful! 🙁
Number 8: Watching McLachlan and Bolton discuss Bennell and suddenly feel a whole lot dumber
wadaramus: Ah, don’t let DT worry ya! SC is king!
pies13: why ban a player 4sumfn that hapmd 2yr ago ? khunt dogs his mates in that iks a spud icon write there
simsovic: scparker
Heater: Ebert you are killing me!!
pies13: that is i meant wot hapns off field should stay off field rekn benell shamed 4no reason
wadaramus: Parker 57sc.
simsovic: cheers wadaramus
mijg: Yeah whoever is responsible for leaking them pics and publishing em should ne crucified
dibbydobby: Guns SC points?
pies13: khunt i rekn mij just 2 cover his own arse gr8 mate!
pies13: carn power tipd ya n got $ on ya
daniel87: Cmon port time to surge ahead
Raveneyes: pies13 – your typing makes my eyes bleed
wadaramus: Kennedy 98sc.
J_Pinkman: cool, Ebert on 22sc points.goodnight, I’m going to bed
Sloaneyyyy: lol Raveneyes, I agree
cusch1: Ryder looks disinterested
dibbydobby: ty wada and agree raven lol
pies13: sorry raveneyes havnt got me teethe in or glasses on
Sloaneyyyy: hahaha, just realised i have Nankervis as my bench ruck, miraculously covering for S.Martin this week
frenzy: it’s swan hunting season
Sloaneyyyy: SChulz will go just like Gibbs
pies13: sloaney dont start mate
luked98: 2 weeks
wadaramus: These head slams have to stop.
SaintsMan: you’re joking luked?
luked98: it looked the same as gibbs tackle
cusch1: Tackles like that should not result in suspension
luked98: saints, if gibbs got 2 weeks, that should
IHateChat: Nothing in it.
Jukes82: nothing in it you muppets
Bazza2014: 2 weeks
luked98: i agree, i dont think he should be in trouble for that
Jukes82: it’s a shame it was richard and not Goodes ktfo
Number 8: Stoopid tackle, totally unnecessary
Jukes82: *richards
Raveneyes: lol pies13 nice! I aint got no teeth either mate, goes with being a pies man!
pies13: agree jukes82
wadaramus: Stop pinning arms and slamming to ground.
bigbaddasa: gibbs was a better tackle, didnt work out good for him
thommoae: No class, Jukes …
Sloaneyyyy: just an unfortunate incident, nothing else to see here
Wends: Classless wishing injury on someone Jukes.
cusch1: Was
SubOptimal: props to Schulzy for immediately attending to an unconscious opponent
dibbydobby: Jukes with the backward thinking
pies13: haha raveneyes sorry bud lazy typer
cusch1: Wada players are taught to aim to pin an arm when tackling from juniors…it’s just unfortunate that this happens,
Jukes82: grabbing another mans nuts isn’t classy either
Wends: Unnecessary tackle but don’t think he cld see Richards didn’t have the ball.
cusch1: Stuff like this rarely happened in the past
bigbaddasa: stop pinning arms? that is called a great tackle
painkilla: there was nuthin wrong with gibbs tackle either
thommoae: Come back tomorrow, Jukes when you’ve had a good look at yourself.
N.Fyfe: Jukes just stop talking. No one wants to read what you’re saying.
SubOptimal: Gibbs tackle was two clear movements, if I’m not mistaken Schulz is airborne through one tackle movement
wadaramus: Pinning arms OK, slamming head no OK.
SubOptimal: back to viewing game!
Number 8: 2 weeks out of the game says there was, painkilla
cusch1: Do you think he is intentionally slamming him down?
Bazza2014: kennedys gun empty now?
cusch1: When tackling you’re told to bring them to ground as it’s harder for them to dispose of ball
luked98: how has kennedy gone from 98 to 112?
N.Fyfe: I reckon he’ll get a week. AFL will want to continue sending a clear message.
wadaramus: I think there is a clear obvious effort to slam to ground.
wtf???: @Wada….agreed
Wends: He didn’t – shown later to be a wizardry of foxfooty – keep up J82!! Anyway tonite SC disaster – missed early lockout.
luked98: parker hurt
pies13: what did jukes say 2get every1s panties in a tangle? fair takle nufn like gibbs
Wends: Parker in trouble.
luked98: noooooo
N.Fyfe: Parker injured.
Sloaneyyyy: great now Parker is injured too
Chelskiman: Parker injured.
Sloaneyyyy: Port woeful there, they had about 10 chances to hit the ball over the line, but failed to do so
Jukes82: parker tombstone
SubOptimal: imo Broadbent’s behaviour is not a good look for footy at all
grossn: Credit where it is due, Goodes that was phenomenal
eski_liddr: corkie guys take it easy
N.Fyfe: Goodes.
luked98: broadbent you dog
thommoae: Pretty good goal Goodes. Jukes?
painkilla: number8 are u on the tribvunal
wadaramus: Xlnt run Goodes.
IHateChat: Boo
Chelskiman: Ebert is killing me here.
eski_liddr: come on guys a bit of bugger in it makes it interesting
Sloaneyyyy: what happened to Shaw, a few years ago he was a gun with Esky in the backlines
NewFreoFan: Ebert Wines Mitchell and Parker on the field. Krakouer on the bench. Winning.
eski_liddr: Colquhoun a worthwhile downgrade
cusch1: Wtf is Ryder doing
Wends: Did u get him eski?
luked98: what was that free kick, ridiculous
eski_liddr: yeah had to 🙁 too many trades up my sleeve and needing some $$$
simsovic: MORE spears
IHateChat: Goodes is a wanker
boydshow: rubbish call on parker
tigerman28: Got Hannebery VC. Looks like I might use the loophole this week. 🙂
frenzy: port tanking now
eski_liddr: i think thats almost the game right there?
mijg: Good tackle to parker got in the back. Bull
Sloaneyyyy: yinyang for Kennedy… done nothing this quarter
luked98: Goodes 101 sc points
simsovic: does goods get points for a squirrel grip?
Jukes82: K.Jack must be very close to the cape.
luked98: mijg, it was a joke, horrible umpiring
tamoz: Lift Wines!
mijg: Yup
Wends: All swans points going up exponentially: no-one left on interchange.
wtf???: Is Colquhoun out thee this quarter? Score has hardly moved if at all.
luked98: hahahaha goodes
SydneyRox: mighty qtr from Goodes and the Swans
eski_liddr: Colquhoun had a few
Heater: Random question: how many SC trades has everyone got left? I have 12.
grossn: yingyang for JPK? he got 21 points
tamoz: Port will come close in the last qtr
grossn: I have 14, heater
gdshifty: Parker should be +11 but stupid ump paid in the back against him
desmondo: I have 12 trades left as well..
Wends: Good pick up eski. I missed lockout – oxley to Colquhoun. Plus left E off Krakouer.
wtf???: Thanks eski…I reckon he had about 50sc at half time, 54 now
tigerman28: 42degrees in London yesterday. That should wipe out half the population
mijg: 3 goals to gray would’ve been nice.
OnTheRocks: destroy Power Parker!
Tony9668: Maybe Port’s run’n’gun game style of last 2 years has worn them out, they look stuffed
Chelskiman: Superman quarter from Parker and Ebert, please.
LuvIt74: Bloody hell got JPK, Parker, Gray & Krak playing in this game and i’ll be seriously upset if i dont get 400+ on SC
OnTheRocks: haha, More On
LuvIt74: Gray disappointing
wtf???: Colquhoun gets nothing for the smothered kick?
wtf???: a kick is a kick on the stats regardless how ineffective
thommoae: As much as Goodes got for the tackle, it seems…
luked98: wines comon man, lift!
eski_liddr: CD doesnt have him
ryanbob: Why oh why did I get wines
wtf???: (yes, I’m desparate for points)
tigerman28: C’mon Titchell. Need you to ton up.
willywalks: junk it up mitchell..
LuvIt74: Wines 80sc
gdshifty: parker for heart?
LuvIt74: Mitchell 88sc
painkilla: syd have stopped
LuvIt74: @painkilla You have to keep Parker mate are u ok?
Paul105: Tmitch released off the tag
Sloaneyyyy: you beauty Gray
tigerman28: Robbie!
LuvIt74: cmon Gray well done son
LuvIt74: Glad i chose to put the krak as my F6 this week
painkilla: wtf luvit
LuvIt74: The krak tons up & Gray does too on SC.
LuvIt74: @painkilla sorry m8 i meant that for gdshifty
Sloaneyyyy: i tipped Sydney by 6 pts… might be closer than I hope
luked98: comon wines get the ton!
Pedrominat: what a seagull
painkilla: np m8
HowI Rioli: Thank goodness I put the (E) on Krak
Chelskiman: Push to 90, Ebert and I’ll accept that.
LuvIt74: @gdshifty hold on to Parker>
wtf???: kennedy 134sc
LuvIt74: @gdshifty hold on to Parker.
LuvIt74: why is it doubling my messages
Sloaneyyyy: Horse should have left Mitchell on Boak…
luked98: wines parker and gray comon!
gdshifty: @luvit also got krak as F6 and very happy
grossn: Jack would have to be Xfactor at this stage
gdshifty: parker for the heart Monty!
Wends: Arggh I have to go, killing me left E off Krak for buddy!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Wines handballs from a stoppage at the Swans hotspot but it’s straight to Cunningham who snaps truly!
tigerman28: Port gone. No finals this year. Yeah!
gdshifty: Goodes x factor
luked98: jake loyd blue moon
LuvIt74: JPK, Parker, Gray, Krak well done boy’s, im happy now 438 sc points so far.
Sloaneyyyy: game over Power
luked98: junk it up parker
gdshifty: Jack the star
wtf???: LOL Kermit
Sloaneyyyy: Hannebery the star, Jack the cherries, Kennedy Gun
SaintsMan: jack easily gets the cherries
runt: well done Mitchell
cusch1: Jpk dominated early when it mattered, but Jack when it mattered, could go either way
luked98: wines 92, get that ton pls
gdshifty: Gray gun?
luked98: surely jake loyd blue moon
runt: McVeigh not so….
gdshifty: krakouer dollar symbol
Jukes82: mitchell, jack, gray. happy with that
frenzy: Pyke had more kicks in the warm up
_wato: JPK star, 33 touches, 11 clearances, 8 tackles, 2.3 and 20cp’s or close to it?
SydneyRox: Big win! well done boys
qiu333: LuvIt74 that is cool
LuvIt74: its been a while since i scored 4 100+ from all my players.
qiu333: nice
dibbydobby: killed it this game

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