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Chat log from R13 of 2015: Carlton vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Carlton vs Gold Coast, R13 of 2015

frenzy: arvo peoples
Preston007: How do I get rid of the Ads that cover up player names??
SubOptimal: sup
rosty63: eski sub?
SubOptimal: @rosty they prob still managing his knee injury
drapes15: malceski potential pick up ? once he is fully fit
SubOptimal: dunno when that will be, has some cyst on his knee that bursts then stops him from being able to kick :/
circle52: Surprised Raines tagging Cripps
miner4pts: keep it going kk 🙂
SubOptimal: isn’t Carrots tagging Rischi?
KingPetrie: is yarran playing?
m0nty: Flash Casboult petulantly chucks the ball away to concede a dumb 50m. Lynch makes him pay from 45.
auxDT: Raines tagging Cripps..really? oh boy
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Casboult petulantly chucks the ball away to concede a dumb 50. Lynch makes him pay from 45.
SaintsMan: muppet for boston
SubOptimal: boston with a steamer
circle52: Not wrong Saints man agree
LuvIt74: 1557 with Simpson, Saad & Boston vs 1747 with Cripps. Not looking likely
circle52: especially with a player running toward goal
auxDT: i thought boakhorst was playing
LuvIt74: This round has been a disaster
circle52: Nice goal Harley
LuvIt74: Cmon Simpson ffs
circle52: and not wrong luvit
LuvIt74: How many of you brought in Sloane either last week or this week?
JDolling69: Has anyone even seen Simmo on their screen?
miner4pts: i went to sloane this week
Jair: I’m a victim of the Sloane
circle52: Common Simpson lift do not want to have to take lamberts score
thommoae: Çommon’ Simpson? His Mum takes exception to that – he’s one of a kind in her eyes …
circle52: Also Cripps break that tag. Had 60 points = Cripps v Bennell
Jukes82: cripps tagged over murphy lol
KelCO: Day and Lemmens donuts?
Jackwatt$: Anyone know who Boston supports in the NBA?
drapes15: celtics!
eski_liddr: @jackwatts – yeah the folks in the forum area of that sport do
eski_liddr: supposedly he likes the nets
eski_liddr: my god where are you cripps? any word on why his not getting the pill? hard tag or an off game?
circle52: Hard tag by Raines on Cripps
simsovic: Saad sc please
Tonche: Simmo seagull
JDolling69: Good from you, Simpson
iZander: are you sure simpson is getting tagged? he has had 1 CP and had 14 disposals?
KingPetrie: yarran & simpson 🙂
frenzy: bout time I got a return on my investment, Bennell
Woodie: Saad 50sc atm
zazzman77: cmon krooz, keep going
colin wood: here comes bennells usual 2nd half fade out
RooBoyStu: can the blues hold on?
carlton_99: how is that a free kick
carlton_99: he touched his jumper
Torz: Gees some soft umpiring in this game.
drapes15: rough free kick wow!
JDolling69: Evener upperer there
Breezey: Free kick. My god
circle52: Crappy umpiring here umpires losing control
drapes15: just about to say that dolling
zadolinnyj: Umpires been discusting all week. Time for an umpire bye
carlton_99: what is wrong with these umps
Jukes82: They also have been disgusting
SaintsMan: lets all celebrate that the byes are finally over!!!
tiges4ever: raines playin a blinder lol
colin wood: get a move on murph… wanna crack the top 1k this week
Woodie: FFS Miller, get the ball
carlton_99: Dixon subbed
Woodie: Dixon subbed
circle52: Crwod influencing umps
carlton_99: how the umps have not been favouring us? did u see tasht free kick against white for touching his jumper
circle52: The Casboult “mark” and 50 metres was BS
circle52: then Boston gets thrown in goal square no free
carlton_99: its was not as bad as the white jumper hold
carlton_99: that resulted in two certain goals after each other
carlton_99: menzel subbed
SaintsMan: not watching but what happened to dixon?
Breezey: Suns are gone. Can’t do enough to score
Jukes82: will gazza turn on his phone this week?
circle52: Ankle injury to Dixon I think
frenzy: bluemoon Leuzer
luked98: piss off simpson
circle52: to be fair Carlton umpiring has been consistently poor for both sides
carlton_99: ye i know lol umps are just bad consistently especially this round in general
frenzy: don’t flowering believe this, now Bennell injured again FFS
jasonjjh: can someone please tell me simpson SC
SaintsMan: simspon 67 sc
tabs: junk time cripps
jasonjjh: thank you
wadaramus: Yeah, carn Cripps, junk it up man.
deekay: holman two very effective fwd 50 entries.
zadolinnyj: Opponent has saad, Cripps and everitt. I have 237 in sc. am I a chance. Mitchell and hodge killed me
PLACEBOPIE: do i have a magpie
drapes15: should have the logos all the time
luked98: i need saad and kk +13 points to score more than Cripps and Simpson to win, atm im up by 9 points
Breezey: I bet the Sune players that KHunt put in will be a little nervous right now.
_wato: Bennell injured again? Frenzy, can you add to that pls
Jukes82: you’re gone
frenzy: MMM said patella injury to knee and not looking good, down in rooms at last break
Terlob: 6 frees against Raines
zadolinnyj: And that’s me gone
carlton_99: raines reeported
Costanza: wow hard tag and report vs a 10 game rookie
drapes15: if cripps could kick straight would be nice
brunckka: Bennell is back on the field now. Doesn’t look like an issue.
zadolinnyj: Get Cripps a tissue. Weak
drapes15: anyone know the lowest score for a bloke whos played the whole game?
carlton_99: how is that weak, got punched in the gut
zadolinnyj: Don’t know Drapes but jake Kelly would have to be close from yeaterday
auxDT: how the fuck are you supposed to react after getting punched in the gut without expecting it
zadolinnyj: Betts and Cameron got the same from Hawks with no frees.
Jukes82: just a rib tickler.
carlton_99: exactly @auxDT
zadolinnyj: Gentle tummy massage
Heater: Bell has to be the SC surprise packet of 2015.
drapes15: Malceski done alright since he’s come on
Breezey: KK looks a class above most of the Suns players
Terlob: Why on earth would you have Malceski as sub
shaker: Hey Zad could have said the same with Walker ater a little clash with Mitchell what a big he is
drapes15: offers no run through the mids! confusing terlob
jasonjjh: simpson SC?
carlton_99: Carn The Blues!Take that Malthouse
zadolinnyj: For sure Shaker. It’s afl not netball. You get hit you get up.
circle52: Simpson 76
OnTheRocks: nice DE Touk
shaker: Ha ha It’s easy for us sitting back having a beer
zadolinnyj: 5 minutes and this bye rubbish is over
drapes15: the whole afl needs to toughen up i think, would rather seem harder hits than not
zadolinnyj: Sure is shaker.
drapes15: see*
shaker: Who said Bennell was injured going fine looks like out on the piss tonight for him
zadolinnyj: I’m jus t bitter shaker I’m going to lose a sc game
shaker: Just 1 Zad the worst bye rounds ever for me
auxDT: did someone chop everitts man bun off?
carlton_99: what a dog that defender tunneling
drapes15: Holman looks like a handy footballer
zadolinnyj: Just 1. Top in paid league
m0nty: nominations for star please
drapes15: that happens, just unfortunate @carlton
willywalks: bell in some career best form, 3 tonnes in 4 games…
zadolinnyj: Holman makes good decisions. His tank not right apparently
shaker: Roll on round 14 Zad
frenzy: thank flower them BYEs are behind us
drapes15: yea doesnt seem a bad kick either zado
zadolinnyj: Didn’t realise how tall Cripps is. Going to be solid
drapes15: The best sides never run with a hard tag
carlton_99: bell or murphy for star
zadolinnyj: Leg is very good.mthey like his balance
eski_liddr: GC, BRIS will battle for bottom now
eski_liddr: or ESS with a late run for the spoon
zadolinnyj: If these scores hold I win by 2
shaker: Good win to the Blues Mick is just a distant memory
heppelitis: awesome..bye rounds OVER!!!!
luked98: pre scaling ive won by 6 points
frenzy: 70sc to get dished out yet

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