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Chat log from R14 of 2015: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs North Melbourne, R14 of 2015

Sincity: Great, Dumont sub again……..
frenzy: Gaz back
dipstick: @luvit 1403 with 12 played. vc goldy
Ben_Gogos: SMJ returns!
Chelskiman: Goldy C in this one. Also got Brooksby (filling in for Jacobs), Miller and Boston.
Karlpov: Should I play Drew Petrie or take Betts’ 78 in Elite?
circle52: Goldy VC Ziebell and Boston for me
MIJG: Another 150 Goldy
Disco DB: of all games, you’d thin Dumunt wouldn’t start with the vest! pls.
AngryRyno: $5 says ablett injury today
PLACEBOPIE: lets hope goldy gets 150 but north lose 😀 agreed
Brown*Dog: keen to see if Ablett is back. Nice unique if he can get back to full fitness
KelCO: How much cash will Ablett dump today
Chelskiman: 1 of hopefully 80 hitouts for Goldy.
N.Fyfe: Ziebell on Ablett..Not good with Ziebells history of injuring others
circle52: Great Goal
ReaperRage: VC goldstein
colmullet: Gary tentative in traffic still
circle52: How waws that not a throw
AngryRyno: we’re talking about gary ablett, not gary tentative, sorry
Karlpov: Garry still looks very sore
Chelskiman: Mark of the year.
circle52: Agree Chlek
KingPetrie: garys cooked
Chelskiman: Get moving, Goldy.
JDolling69: Daw is stealing all of Goldy’s ruck time
Breezey: If Gaz is fit then i’m the queen. Hanging out of real contact
Ben_Gogos: The Swallow brothers going head to head
dipstick: @breezey if youre the quenn then im a billionaire
Breezey: 2 Swallows hey
jfitty: Might ditch Pittard for Malceski
Breezey: Very happy with McMillan so far
ReaperRage: good last 5 minutes from goldy make the vc pay off.
Schillaci: Goldy is doing alright still. 35SC 1/4 time
JDolling69: bullshit FA for Goldy
carlton_99: did saad go off with a hip problem
Ben_Gogos: Saad coming back on
dipstick: norf such a finals contender sort of team hey rooboy
MIJG: Goldy usually finishes strong so this is looking good for VC
Wends: ABC saying groin @carlton99
Redraptor: Brooksby is a good ruck emergency
Chelskiman: Yep, filling in for Jacobs nicely.
frenzy: seen every thing now ump
J_Pinkman: how can u call play on from a fake handball without moving.
Ben_Gogos: Petrie receives the first muppet of the day after giving away a free kick for shepherding whilst the ball sailed through!
auxDT: why the fuck do i have higgins in my team
Solat: is mcmillan the most unknown player in the afl?
Redraptor: so far so good for vc on Goldy
Torz: Macmillan has been good the last couple of weeks.
Ben_Gogos: @auxDT Higgo on track for a 70~, not bad for a back mate
Wends: I see your mcmillan Solat, and raise you an Aiden Corr.
Redraptor: so glad I traded Tarrant for Steele
Ben_Gogos: Gazza!
Solat: @wends well played sir
LeFtBehinD: This is beyond embarrasing
carlton_99: is dumont going to come on for lindsey
luked98: yes kk! 63 sc and goldy 74
Wends: That would be Ms., but thank u! VC Goldy 75 SC already 😮
Ben_Gogos: I’m tipping Ablett will ton in DT
Redraptor: North need a Dimma spray
J.Worrall: GC happy that the bald one is back!
dipstick: go you good thing rooboy
Carnster: Macmillan 80sc i got him in the week before he got 140sc i
auxDT: @Ben fair enough mate
Carnster: 66sc i mean
Wends: Eski’s kicking radar gone counter clockwise since crossing the border?
Carnster: 71sc now
KingPetrie: y u do dis norf
circle52: Surely a muppet for Malceski now 2 turnovers 2 goals
Pokerface: Sexton icicle? Must be down from those big scores we usually see…
Breezey: Eski has gone cold
Jukes82: i picked up ziebell this week, was very cheap.
Tw1tch1n: Bring on Dumont already! Already been burnt this round by the green vested McIntosh =(
luked98: is saad ok?
Ben_Gogos: @Jukes82 I got him 90k cheaper in Round 6, averaged 98 since 😉
kangawalla: King Petrie-your namesake needs to LIFT!!!
KingPetrie: absolutely he does Kangawalla – terrible start by the great man
Derekcraig: KK 83sc nice
Derekcraig: Godly 77sc
dipstick: higgo 58
Fletch91: KK does not deserve 83SC with only 57% DE
kangawalla: @KingPetrie-I’ve got him in my Ultimate Footy team. Tight match, dragging me down.
Apachecats: Greettings to all from across the ditch.condolensces to all at the Crows ,such a sad week.
J.Worrall: Godly is a nice typo for Goldy …
frenzy: he’s got many mates @ Kingpetrie
dipstick: @apache and the other 6 teams his been involved with
Breezey: Good boy KK
Chelskiman: Keep goig, Goldy. I’d love to see at least 100 at 3/4 time!
Derekcraig: KK 94sc keep it going
dipstick: tarrant is the shit streak sitting in my forward line
Derekcraig: Godly a lazy 89sc
JDolling69: Inject Dumont into the game already!
dipstick: @dekkers nah he was on track for 120 3qt. lets stick with that
Derekcraig: I think young Ablett might have a future in this game
Jukes82: is saad on the ground?
dipstick: * @chelks
Ben_Gogos: @Jukes82 yes he is mate
dipstick: sub daw for dumont
HawkTalker: There’s saad right now, Jukes. Dropping a mark in the square to give up a goal. lol
SaintsMan: goldstein sc?
Jukes82: cheers.
Jukes82: Not watching the game thats why I asked.
JDolling69: @dipstick, your wish has come true!
Carnster: dumont on for daw
Chelskiman: Got your wish, dipstick.
Ben_Gogos: @dipstick that change has just been made
Derekcraig: Goldy 96sc
Redraptor: @SaintsMan Goldy approx. 95sc
dipstick: @gogo bout time. im not knockin on daws… but he aint no magic
nbartos: How’s Ablett looking considering long break & tag?
dipstick: @chelks there we go. goldy on track for 120 3QT. just what we need
Chelskiman: Why can’t North play like this when we play them?
Chelskiman: Awesome, @dipstick. Put the C on him over all formats this weekend.
tamoz: Get involved Higgins!
MIJG: Goldy is freak
luked98: kk 103 sc, goldstein 97 yes boys
dipstick: im not not knocking on majaks door… i, i, i, i ,i -guns n roses
Wends: Dodgy review.
HawkTalker: I feel the same way, Chelskiman
MIJG: Geez NM are crap. Give goldy the carrying team logo
dipstick: you got aggits the size of mangoes chelks. only vc in sc for me so far
auxDT: lol only Goldy is on track for a AF ton
zadolinnyj: Muppet matera
Wends: Does anyone know criteria for SC post game scale ups?
HawkTalker: I’m gonna get smashed this week. Every single player of my opponent’s team has gone large
Derekcraig: Malceski 32sc lol
brunckka: SC needs near 3300pts per game to make all games equal. So if they are short they scale up.
zadolinnyj: Anyone got Boston sc.
Redraptor: In SC does the VC loophole work if you put your Captain on a player with the bye?
Chelskiman: End with a superman quarter, Goldy! 😀
CamT: How much are GC paying Malceski ?
AngryRyno: boston 34sc
brunckka: Scaling happens around where the match was won. So if the game is over early, then the first half then those pts go up
Wends: Thx Brunckka – that much I know, but how does CD work out who/how to scale up? Or is there no set criteria
Karlpov: Did Waite touch the ball that quarter?
stakerz: yes redraptor it will work
brunckka: PLayers who score well in the ‘influence’ period get scaled more. Goals and game winning marks/plays also scale well.
IHateChat: Miller and Saad SC please?
brunckka: Junk short kicks back and forth in the last when the game is over may get scaled down.
Redraptor: @stakerz thanks…never done that before but I was told it would so just checking with the experts
auxDT: Goldy SC anyone?
kangawalla: 32 poins that qtr. Thata better Drew!!
Wends: thanks brunckka.
MIJG: May as well put the C on Clark now. Thanks Goldy.
dipstick: @wends CD make it upas they go. way too many inexplicable scores every round
Redraptor: @auxDT Goldy about 113sc
kangawalla: *that’s
Chelskiman: Damn, Brooksby subbed.
Redraptor: Brooksby subbed
Wends: lol dipstick, that was my first guess.
Ben_Gogos: Gazza 😀
Apachecats: Think its going to be the old loophole for Goldy ,estimate 135 sc ,what do you think
dipstick: @apache on track for 150. needs a goal for a boost
ScootD: Sub out your multiple goal scorer and second ruck against Goldstein… that makes sense….
Derekcraig: Kangaroos total DT pts higher than Suns
Costanza: welcome back Gaz
casey22: Lopoed Goldy in Dt so hope he keeps it up
Wends: ANB and Selwood subs for Melb/WCE
Chelskiman: North are cooked.
Rebuild: North are cooked
KingPetrie: fk north disgraceful effort
dipstick: we are norf melbun norf melbun that is.
auxDT: RooBoy is awfully quiet tonight
rosty63: roo’s cooked, suns coked
IHateChat: Saad heart.
casey22: Norf heading South
Wends: The God Particle?
Hawks_15: give goldstein the atlas or heart
Apachecats: Its ohhver North mothballs
danmaio: or give Goldstein a rest, he caused me enough damage already
IHateChat: Wow.
dipstick: GAJ the SC gods son
Chelskiman: Cherry for Ablett on his return.
danmaio: 3 donuts for Schade
Karlpov: ablett masterclass
Yelse: will you guys pick up ablett is SC
J.Worrall: Gazza’s back!
Jukes82: where is rooboy! hahaha you flog.
carlton_99: goldstein has just stopped
Wends: Heart for all GC boys after their NewsCorp clickbait induced horror week.
Ben_Gogos: Gazzzzzzzaaaaaa
J_Pinkman: this is a kinda a bit funny. Saw G.C last week anf they were horrible. Norf supposed to be vying for finals
danmaio: the whole North team has stopped, not just Goldy
LeFtBehinD: no.1 draft pick here we come!
auxDT: Goldy gave up on his useless team
Apachecats: Got a spot for Gazza in 2 weeks!
Chelskiman: Don’t give up, Goldy. Push to 130!
dipstick: GAJ ave 103 aint all bad. he is a lil genius
MIJG: Norf the new whipping boys haha
Wends: Liking Anthony Leach’s tweet to the right of the page 🙂
Kicks: Was hoping ablett wouldnt ton up today. Looks like his price may have bottomed after this weekend.
danmaio: Swallow gets b/e, ablett in 3 weeks
Redraptor: Well done GAJ, a ton in SC in your return game…soon to be back in my team
dipstick: GAJ get 100 flat will drop 40K
Chelskiman: What a goal from Dixon.
dipstick: hey norf you stink like a busted alps hole. pretenders
J.Worrall: Go Gary go!
Wends: Goldy on 125, I’m taking whatever he’s got after last week’s VC debacle.
Breezey: GAJ tons up with still a sore shoulder
colmullet: Bin up Goldy!
Apachecats: What happened last week Wends?
Ben_Gogos: Extraordinary has returned with Gaz back
Karlpov: kim kardashian well deserved star
Wends: I ignored the ‘bird in the hand’ rule @Apache, cost a league win.
dipstick: been agood selection all yr higgo
RooBoyStu: North we may as well pack up 2015, finals no chance, if we make it, same exit as last year a spanking
Costanza: gotta love the Saad
dipstick: @rooboy that towel paper soaks up a whole lot more tears than tissues
IHateChat: Too early with the star I think.
SaintsMan: dixon easily gets the star
casey22: Long time since I’ve captained a ruckman but well done Goldy. Happy enough with 240 odd.
zadolinnyj: Had risca in DT all year. So happy with him. Was bad last year but great this year. good POD
Apachecats: Goldy SC anyone
dipstick: zado
Wends: A canny pick @zado.
RooBoyStu: does a number2, chucks membership in and flushes.
Jukes82: north the biggest joke in the afl.
Raspel31: Just home-what a massacre.
dipstick: gaj most touches on ground. gun
danmaio: Is something wrong with Schades score, been stuck on 10 since qt time
zadolinnyj: He was amazing two years ago. So cheap this year
J.Worrall: so sad rbs you glof
Redraptor: Goldy about 135sc
dipstick: !zado +1 got him too
Raspel31: Who else was lucky enough to get Pendles cap onthe loop ?
Wends: Rooboy, kudos for coming back despite the carnage.
J_Pinkman: gaz just a lazy 114sc points so far, def upgrading cripps for him when it’s time.
Breezey: Very happy with McMillan and KK
frenzy: nine possessions and still have’nt got it out of defence
zadolinnyj: Must be frustrating RooboyStu. they are like a yo yo. There good is good enough which is frustrating
zadolinnyj: Nice Dip
Apachecats: Thaks RR 135 will do me
Breezey: @Raspel31. I had Hanneberry on the loop
carlton_99: ye i got vc pendles so a good 368 points from pendles
carlton_99: goldy on 140
J_Pinkman: got pendles , got Goldy, but i went Ward VC. Ha Ha, go fyfe
casey22: Norf; same old same old, need a new structure. Havn’t changed for years
Fury Ride: I got pendles in this week and made him cap with loop 368 points that excellent trade got me
Costanza: thrashed by the bottom team’s B side
AngryRyno: goldy being fed 149sc
Schillaci: Goldy=Legend!
J.Worrall: godly is everyone’s captain this week …

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