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Chat log from R13 of 2015: Sydney vs Richmond

Chat log for Sydney vs Richmond, R13 of 2015

frenzy: evening chaps
wadaramus: Evening all. All one of you frenzy.
wadaramus: Evening frenzy.
SubOptimal: sup
colmullet: Woo Lambert! Get around him!
circle52: evening all
frenzy: howdy again
LuvIt74: gr8 odds on Buddy & Riewoldt for 1st goal
Ozkart13: Gday fellas (or ladies if theres any out there)
Ozkart13: Pumped to see lambert back. I had written him off for the season
Heater: Interesting between Buddy & Rance..!
LuvIt74: Cmon Riewoldt $15 to $1 thank u
wadaramus: Carn Lambert, flicked the almighty Tarrant for you.
circle52: Get a load of Jroos shoes
LuvIt74: damn it thought it was a goal.
danmaio: thank god Rance didnt say anuthing to Goodes
wadaramus: Not sure there was a Buddy free there.
SubOptimal: ground looks real dewy
LuvIt74: Those first goal scoring odds are awesome cash making
Ozkart13: What pos is TMitch playing?
Carnster: Derickx is on fire
Torz: Umpires have a vendetta against Derickx. Not sure what he’s doing wrong?
carlton_99: derrix with 3fa already and -9 points lol
KingPetrie: typical cotchin in the tough games
Jukes82: still better than zeibel though
Cyberdyne: where is menajew
Yelse: this is such a low scoring game in SC
Yelse: mitchel martin JPK lift
frenzy: earth to lambert
casey22: Lambert on the ground?
LuvIt74: Dusty on -1 sc
snake_p: I think he’s at ANZ stadium Casey
Breezey: Derickx heading for a world record. Low that is
carlton_99: how did ctochin miss that
carlton_99: free kicks 9-2 in richmonds favour
Breezey: That’s a free kick to Grimes
carlton_99: lambert gets his first touch
Ozkart13: Mitchell’s position anyone???
casey22: Mitchell sure to be subbed
Yelse: such a F game for my Sc players 🙁
carlton_99: lol lambert and martin equal in supercoach
placebopie: lambert will be minus :/
Torz: Glad I picked Derickx in moneyball. :/
wadaramus: Not a good night for SC so far.
Torz: Mitchell appeared to be tagging Martin.
Elephant: Glad I kept Lambert for 10+ weeks
placebopie: best thing taylor hunts done hit goodes 😀
tamoz: Wtf Dusty!
heppelitis: ugly footy so far
Breezey: Tigers kep
hatters: Have 3 forwards playing for total of 17pts !!!!
Breezey: If the Tigers keep the niggling up they’ll go close tonight. Swans hate getting pushed around
Yelse: wheres mitchell and matin playing
luked98: donut for derickz
wadaramus: Where is T.Mitchell, on the outer?
Breezey: And just like that Derickx has reeled in TMitch
3rdstriker: I knew I could destroy Tom Mitchell by picking him up
willywalks: @elephant, same boat here…
Heater: Go Jack. Looking a nice upgrade so far.
Torz: Titch and Martin are on each other
frenzy: lol Lambert is useless
LuvIt74: carn Swannies kill the tigers +39.5 would be lovely
LuvIt74: Lambert was better off not playing to use as a loophole player
sticky12: Nah cmon tigers +24.5
LuvIt74: Lambert as useful as mammary glands on a bull
willywalks: lambert a soccer, count it!
SubOptimal: last night’s game set the bar way too high for tonight’s viewing
Woodie: Why bring Lambert in?? only played 1 game
LuvIt74: @sticky what odds was that $3?
sticky12: Nah to not lose by more than 24 was 1.90
LuvIt74: Woodie coz there are very few rookies left to chose.
LuvIt74: @sticky so u want richmond to lose by more then 24?
placebopie: lambert on fire kick handball
sticky12: Nah to not lose by more than 24…if they lose by 18 all is good!
carlton_99: richmond only only 8 tackles very poor
LuvIt74: ok so if the tigers lose by 23 points its all good
Chelskiman: Rohan has transformed into Fyfe mode tonight.
LuvIt74: I want the tigers to get hammerd
Breezey: How bad is Tippett. Just not a very good player.
sticky12: Yeah man that was the handicap the bookies thought was even
LuvIt74: Swans skill level a ton better with the slippery conditions.
sticky12: Sydney looking good to get a decent lead before halftime
meka100: Riewoldt the only one having a crack
LuvIt74: thats it Swannies, nice sir JPK
LuvIt74: @Sticky u should folly me m8…lol
casey22: Seems my Mitchell is destroying my Martin & vice versa
3rdstriker: buddy gonna get weeks for that
meka100: Franklin gone
KingPetrie: buddy gone
LuvIt74: edwards injured or is he ok?
auxDT: ffs buddy
casey22: 2 weeks for that one, good one Buddy
mdizzle: 2 weeks
luked98: 2 weeks, wouldve been more if there was an injury
LuvIt74: He’ll get 1 week maximum
carlton_99: franklins one was much worse then gibbs’s will get 3 plus
LuvIt74: Footy has become a girls game, it may as well be a non contact sport ffs
ryanbob: 1 week minimum
frenzy: harden the flower up Dustbin Beaver
_wato: Worse than Gibbs? Hahahahahahh good joke son
_wato: Will only get the one week, max 2 but he shouldn’t
carlton_99: r u serious gibbs one was just a good tackle taht ended up in in jury but franklins eyes were off the ball andstruckhead
LuvIt74: Its all about injury now, if the player gets injured it = weeks but if theres no injury its a fine or a week if bad enuf
God_: At least two. High and intentional. Could have gone the ball but went the man.
carlton_99: buddy’s one is much worse then gibbs does everyone agree?
casey22: Game not good to watch, might watch the beaver zombie movie on foxtel instead
mijg: Fuck buddy. Better get at least 170 now cocksucker
Yelse: game putting me to sleep.
placebopie: 2 weeks minimum cause could of went ball but didn’t and high contact and forceful…..if injured 4 weeks but only 2
Bazza2014: keep it clean mijg
sticky12: Maybe to the rules Carlton but I cringed when I watched Gibbs as he deliberately landed both players weight on greys fac
Derekcraig: Dusty 13sc
mijg: Cow licker is clean. Clean my own ass
LuvIt74: Personally id prefer buddy to get 4+ weeks coz i dont have him.
Tony9668: Why? The ball was within 5 metres
zadolinnyj: Kennedy I hate you. Shower last 5 games and now this.
Tony9668: I don’t have him
Bazza2014: buddys was bad , 2 weeks, mijg was poor one week
zadolinnyj: Pretty sure Edwards lead at buddy’s elbow with his face. Edwards was not even looking at the ball. 2 weeks for Edwards
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj Yeah isn’t it AWESOME
mijg: Need to see a replay
3rdstriker: Medium impact, high contact, careless 2 weeks down to one per John Ralph
m0nty: surely that is low impact, Titch got up with no problem
colmullet: get moving in the 2nd half Maric!!
Bazza2014: zombeavers looks pretty good, but still 2 weeks franklin, one week mijg
3rdstriker: Probably the same result if low impact, intentional conduct. I reckon they’ll want to give him at least 1
Tony9668: As a Crows fan, neither Gibbs or Buddy should be booked, it’s a man’s game!
Jukes82: just because Edwrds isn’t KTFO doesn’t mean it’s low impact. At least medium
Bazza2014: agreed jukes
LuvIt74: yep franklin will get 2 weeks after looking at it again. Although i am dead against the rule if injured means more.
Tony9668: And Buddy’s was split second
Jackwatt$: Don’t worry guys the experts at theMRP will give a penalty that is consistent and fair to all parties like always
Karlpov: I can’t stand adam goodes because he has poor sportsmanship
Tony9668: @jackwatts, tongue n cheek surely? The MRP have been afl muppets for years
casey22: Theres somthing about a rabid zombie beaver that appeals to me
Tony9668: How the fck did we get a “zombie beaver and goodes into the conversation” ?
frenzy: haha concuss test for edwards, bud set up for more holidays
Woodie: Edwards subbed
circle52: Edwards concussion sub so Buddy in deep now
Breezey: Tigers will fight back this half
Jukes82: Yeah doubt Edwards will come back on
frenzy: Kmac on m0nty, for edwards concussion test
Bazza2014: shawshank on 402, buddy 2 , mijg 1
frenzy: forget last post
luked98: parker you star
tamoz: Please Dusty, get involved
casey22: @tony9668; its all about which you’d rather have over for dinner
Tony9668: Some bloggers here need a concussion test
hatters: Hope Edwards gets subbed , means Lambert can’t be !
3rdstriker: tippet may get rubbed out next week too
casey22: Tippett’ one week
circle52: Now Tippett could go as well
Bazza2014: tippet 2, franklin 2, mijg 1
luked98: one weeek
Bazza2014: vickery knocked himself out
KingPetrie: tippet is an idiot
Jukes82: he’ll miss 2
Breezey: Tippett low impact too I suppose
3rdstriker: edwards ok
hatters: I don’t think even the Swans fans will care if Tippshit gets weeks .
danmaio: yes, a rich idiot
casey22: Lambert will be out for more weeks than Tip & Bud combined
m0nty: I can confirm that Lambert will not be subbed.
SaintsMan: edwards back on
circle52: How the f did cotch kick that
m0nty: I can not confirm than Lambert will be subbed.
SaintsMan: We got it M0nty
heppelitis: bogus info merchant m0nty
tamoz: Get in there Jetta
travo: da farg?
danmaio: wtf , what a joke this is becoming
Chelskiman: That’s such a stupid and harsh rule. That was basically a 200m penalty.
Tony9668: Tippett a disgrace, Tippetts old man a disgrace, really disappointed it’s not working out for them at Swan land
Acho15: Worst umpiring ever!! They have no idea what is going on
colin wood: Take the icicle Off dusty FFS… He’s had the 4th most touches for the Tigers..
iZander: its the players and fans that don’t know whats going on, they do
Tony9668: Not that I’m a bitter Crows fan at all
danmaio: how many people would know that coming back on from concussion sub before 20 minutes would incur that penalty
iZander: doesn’t the confusion sub have to be on for 20 minutes?
Chelskiman: @iZander, it was Richmond’s fault, but I think the penalty is too harsh.
Bazza2014: swans in trouble
heppelitis: if i was watching afl tonight for the first time..i would never watch again
Bazza2014: what penalty Danmaio?
iZander: oh was that the issue danmaio? well since they are an afl team id say they should
Chelskiman: The other team gets a free kick from the centre, no matter where the ball is, and THEN get’s an extra 50m’s on top of
Chelskiman: that
iZander: know the rules and it isn’t a problem imo, the 20minute rule is there for safety reasons. they should follow it
danmaio: taking kick off Vickery plus a 50
casey22: Great game to watch last night: this one feels dead
3rdstriker: buddy very quiet since the report
heppelitis: maybe they were confused about the 20 minutes and the half time break?
Jukes82: is richmond playing better or swans distracted by incidents?
frenzy: tigers trying to bulldung the buddy report
zadolinnyj: This game as turned into a circus
Acho15: Swans season unraveling
Tony9668: Ling has lost the plot
3rdstriker: umpiring tonight has been shocking and highlighted a number of terrible and confusing rules
mijg: This is where Martin comescin
Tony9668: Totally agree Zado
3rdstriker: titch finally
Bazza2014: yellow and black
stubba11: umpires have actually got all those decisions right
Tony9668: Totally agree 3rd striker
Torz: Parker what a barrel!
Bazza2014: red and white…lol
Chelskiman: That hurts. Two goals in 10 seconds.
casey22: 50 mters; absolute crap decision
danmaio: right decisions dosnt mean right for the game
zadolinnyj: Lambert subbed I think
stubba11: can see Lambert being subbed soon
Bazza2014: actually 57 seconds
casey22: Agree about Lambeet
auxDT: so glad i went s.edwards over lambert this week
Bazza2014: icicle franklin
Havacrack: Fluoro green
frenzy: so what does lambert actually bring to the team
meka100: Taylor Hunt is shit
Tony9668: If umpires stay out of this tigers will win this
stubba11: Franklin rattled by the report
danmaio: Lambert brings back memories of the previous Lambert
casey22: One of Jack’s very few good games
Breezey: Umpires ruining the game. No coincidence that Razor Ray is out there
sticky12: Riewoldts played well all year casey
Bazza2014: sukked in tipdog
3rdstriker: lambert still on
SaintsMan: lambert isn’t subbed
heppelitis: lambert still out there!!!
colin wood: Hulk for Cotchin
Jukes82: Jack averages 99 in sc, solid year
frenzy: m0nty’s had a mare
Tony9668: C’mon Richmond stick it up the cheating turds
Jukes82: riewoldt i mean
mijg: Riewoldts a joke sticky.
Bazza2014: yellow and black
Carnster: Anyone know Ellis and Grundy sc
zadolinnyj: On the commentary in the background it did say Kane lambert to be subbed
3rdstriker: another shocker against buddy
Bazza2014: did franky touch it this qtr?
KingPetrie: anyone have cotchin sc score pls?
circle52: Ellis 70 Grundy 57
Tony9668: There is a game of footy going on guys? It’s not the fckin Kane lambert channel
circle52: Cotchin 89
J_Pinkman: not having a good night sc wise, titch, dusty, buddy, ivan. kennedy the only one.
Bazza2014: Franklin 695
Roksta: Got Kane lamberts sc
luked98: hah so good franklin
mijg: Ramadan symble for Houli. Useless
circle52: Lambert 21
Chelskiman: Junk your way to 80 please Houli, Dusty and Mitchell.
auxDT: @mijg hahaha good one
frenzy: tommy subbed
Terlob: Mitchell subbed for Sydney
carlton_99: guess what i just heard: edwards came on 1.40 min to early on his cocnscussion sub, i wonder if some sort of
carlton_99: compensation will be given to syd
circle52: Hopefully free up Martin to get to 80
carlton_99: mitchell subbed
Torz: Mitchell has a slightly quiet game to usual and gets subbed. Horse really doesn’t like him.
Chelskiman: Not good signs for Mitchell then for the future. It was fun while it lasted.
Yelse: worst SC year ever. Sub rule the worst. too many injuries. and bad player position distribution
stubba11: should’ve subbed Goodes
Bazza2014: slightyly quiet, he’snly had 10!
3rdstriker: that will be the last time we see mitchell
Havacrack: Want Tigers to win to stick it up Umps sphincters
Heater: Spot on, Yelse. Sub rule is a killer.
Tony9668: Horse a tosser, Hope Crows let Danger go and pick up Mitchell
carlton_99: well imo richmond had the umps on their side int he first half
stubba11: Mitchell would be a gun at any other club
J_Pinkman: i hate subs, worst invention ever
casey22: I am wrong? Mitch off & Dusty starts to run free
carlton_99: has lambert been subbed
Jukes82: dusty mare
m0nty: I barely ever give out spuds any more but two in the last two days.
Tony9668: Hope Mitchell leaves, not getting a decent go at Swans
LuvIt74: nope, lamberts just a flog
pies13: mitchell sub thats flowerd why does longmire hate him?
meka100: Give Dusty the mare
J_Pinkman: martin havin a shocker
Heater: Dusty playing a dog of a game
danmaio: Horse gets his sub advice from Buckley
Brent007: I traded in Mitchell 10 minutes prior to game. Gave him the C after Pendles got 100, now this!!!!
Tony9668: @Monty, that’s because you can’t give a Spud a coach, Longmire
RooBoyStu: I want every muppet on Monday to trade out Mitchell, as he will stay in side
Pokerface: I miss Brett Peake. Spuds every week
RooBoyStu: Has to play against a fast running Power.
luked98: mitchell subbed off fark
Heater: LOL! Brett Peake. Loved his game in the 2010 GF Replay 🙂
Yelse: has richmond officially made the sub?
colin wood: Ying yang for Buddy
auxDT: doesnt matter, most good teams have titch and dusty @yelse
Tony9668: Last 5 mins good footy, stay out of it umps!
auxDT: @luked98**
RooBoyStu: Swans look in 3rd gear, will still win this
zadolinnyj: Macca on
Jukes82: richmond are the best 4th quarter team statistically
Bazza2014: swans gone, poor call rooboy
m0nty: Horse is off the bit
sticky12: Mitchell subbed…dam he won’t play again this year!
RooBoyStu: Derickx goal assist as a spud lol
Havacrack: Umps to have last day
RooBoyStu: *point assist lol
Tony9668: I used to have a liking for Sydney….
Roksta: Cmon swannies
KingPetrie: rance bog if tigs win
Roksta: I like Goodes more than jroo
SaintsMan: riewoldt gonna win it for them again…..
carlton_99: jones might havbe lost them the game
meka100: Riewoldt star
Pokerface: leigh brown was always good potato material
Tony9668: Become a bunch of pretentious wankers
pies13: well done horse the sub mite loose u the game
casey22: Brilliant Horse, sub Titch & Zak may lose you the game, ffs
Acho15: Dirty dirty night for swans
frenzy: let me guess razor ray
Jukes82: rooey star
3rdstriker: probably should have subbed franklin instead of mitchell
zadolinnyj: Cotchin heart
Tony9668: One more tigers
RooBoyStu: John Longmire’s sister Emma is a trainer and she won a race at Kempsey today
meka100: Maric soccer background pays off
Roksta: Cmon buddy
Havacrack: Horses’ sister trains horses? Coincidence, I think not.
RooBoyStu: *Canberra not Kempsey
Pokerface: kick the winner bud
pies13: horse sister trains horses how ironic
Hawks_15: Miles magnet, riewoldt-X factor and Cotchin-heart
Tony9668: Stick that up your a’rse, swans
RooBoyStu: I can tell you being a North supporter there is a good reason he’s named horse lol
danmaio: kmac cruises past his whole score of last week
stubba11: huge game for Miles… and the cherries on top
Havacrack: Suck a fat one Swans
zadolinnyj: If Pakistan cricket team did the sub like horse tonight there would be a match fixing investigation
Tony9668: Well done Horse, run away Mitchell
Bazza2014: told ya rooboy
pies13: well swans soft 2nite lets see how they respond with out buddy n tip n titch
Roksta: Will lose to bottom 8 and finish 9th
Arch: Umps won the game for tigers again. Wayne Campbell head of umps not just a coincidence
SaintsMan: mcveigh wth 69??!?!?!? absolutely ridiculous.
RooBoyStu: Horses wife would be happy to put it cleanly
Jukes82: give rance the rock!
Tonche: Ying yang Buddy, went backwards in H2
Tony9668: @Arch, yr a flog, I’m an interstate supp and tigers got rough trot with umps tonite
RooBoyStu: Parker should be 150
Karlpov: @Arch umpires didn’t give tigers a 50 point turn around.. Swans put cue in the rack @ HT

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