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Chat log from R13 of 2015: Fremantle vs Collingwood

Chat log for Fremantle vs Collingwood, R13 of 2015

desmondo: hi all…when do we see vests?
Kenny27: Suban and Seed sub
Heizenberg: Hi all
Heizenberg: How is everyone?
Heater: I may be one eyed but I feel an upset in the air tonight. Go Pies!
Heizenberg: Imtipped the pies
Heizenberg: Also have $20 on oxley most,possies in his group
Heizenberg: Ffs its a ghisttown tonight
tigerman28: Fyfe, mundy, pendles, swan and oxley- off to a flyer tonight!
Heater: Fyfe, Pendles, Swan, Oxley all in for good SC nights hopefully!!
frenzy: gotta hate thurday footy, makes it hard to go work friday
heppelitis: Hi everybody
frenzy: pies outta victoria, that’s rare
pies13: carn pies!!
desmondo: dockers by 13points 😉
pies13: pies out of vic no dif 2bombers n co @frenzy
stubba11: everyone have Fyfe as vc?
mijg: Tight one I reckon
Heizenberg: Hi hepp
Heizenberg: Li have tipped pies
Jair: I fudged up and tipped the pies
luked98: ah damn
Carnster: Need Neal and Elliot to score well in SC
luked98: comon pies
heppelitis: hi mate…great teamwork dockers
Heizenberg: How r u hepp?
frenzy: 468 days since u played freo @ pies13
luked98: pressure pies, lay some tackles
heppelitis: ok mate..hanging in there,,,just
rickyb80: just turned on. whats with all the smoke?
dibbydobby: lets go Fyfey
Heizenberg: Hahabokay hepp
iZander: god i like the look of that +1 on swanny
Heizenberg: No idea ricky
luked98: pre game fireworks
luked98: YES broomey
pies13: ok frenzy wots your point? carn pies!!!
heppelitis: served a 2 week suspension for having a dig at you for being tired…lol….
Redraptor: @ rickyb80 pre game fireworks
Jair: Carn Pies!
luked98: wooooooo yes pies
gdshifty: how does Swan have more CP’s that P’s?
Heizenberg: Yeah hepp, anyway all,good now an apology would be apprectitaed but yeah…..
pies13: well done pies keep going!
Heizenberg: I was tired dude yeah
luked98: more tackles and more disposals good
heppelitis: sorry dude…didnt mean to offend
Heizenberg: Thats okay champ, i accept apology bro
3rdstriker: @gdshifty, got a hardball and kick was smothered
auxDT: good game to watch..liking the pies’ gameplan
Heizenberg: Fuck that should have been a goal
Heizenberg: Me too aux their setuo seems good
gdshifty: @3rdstirker. CHeers. Didnt realise smothered kicks werent counter
danmaio: been in my team 12 minutes Alex Pearce, and i regret it already
spiggs: Pendles looks really fresh
colin wood: How bad is basil the commentator
pies13: well done pies keep up the pressure come on! goal it pendles!
Redraptor: Toovey is tagging Fyfe
pies13: go pies keep it up!
tigerman28: I changed fyfe from C to VC 30 seconds before the game started – phew!
RooBoyStu: Fremantle Chokers
sticky12: Don’t worry bout their setup. I tipped pies so they’ll lose! Sorr
Redraptor: Sorry Toovey and Crisp are tagging Fyfe…depending if it is a stoppage
wadaramus: Get Fyfey on the ball ffs.
RooBoyStu: where’s the Jack Frost logo on Pav?
pies13: well done pies keep going!
gdshifty: stats guys missed a short swan soccer off the ground
spiggs: Why the fuck did they review that? Waste of time
pies13: wow need spek savers 4that 1 bud shower replay!
danmaio: Goal ump forgot glasses
berniebern: Star for Swan. 100% for a change
KingPetrie: swanny 100% from 7 possies wow never seen that before
pies13: still gr8 pressure pies keep going!
Torz: Neale has just lifted Freo. Not sure why he’s spent so much time on the bench.
gdshifty: @spiggs goal umpire had a horrible angle on spoil, tv angle was easy to see
heppelitis: Go vc Neale
tigerman28: Tyre!
pies13: flower
Redraptor: Fyfey!
tigerman28: Flower off spellcheck!
bangerz: glad i vc Neale
Torz: Neale VC you beauty!
m0nty: he’s a good player, that Tyre
Torz: Tyre symbol for Fyfe?
pies13: are we talking bout tyre vikery?
Carnster: neale sc
gdshifty: L plates for Tyre
pies13: sorry haha
colin wood: Flat Tyre!
frenzy: spare tyre in defence
pies13: carn pies keep it up!
tigerman28: Tyre looking a bit flat tonight!
BennyCuzzy: Let’s go Neale got $50 on him most touches
colin wood: Ibbo proving to be a great POD keep going boy!
RooBoyStu: give Hannath the icicle to go with the Frost icon hahaha
ryanbob: Lol wtf how is Ibbo 43, mostly just cheap easy kicks
mijg: Neal over fyfe for Vc is laughable
colin wood: Intercept marks ryno
Redraptor: very defensive game 13 cogs…l
Bazza2014: Well that ebbed and flowed
3rdstriker: Tyre’s 26sc at qt is a bit deflating
Torz: Neale has the most time on the bench that quarter of any player. Massive PPM!
bangerz: @mijg whys it laughable?
pies13: carn faz kik the goal
frenzy: c’mon piggy
luked98: faaaassssssooooollllooooo
pies13: yes well done carn pies!
heppelitis: I don’t have Fyfe…so Neale is a good choice tonight
RooBoyStu: McPharlin needs the donut
mijg: Coz fyfe will blitz it you’ll be pretty disappointed I suspect
Drak: Its going to be crushing at full-time.. just crushing. So much hope. So little talent.
RooBoyStu: Penguin now
Redraptor: Interesting that the No.1 ranked supercoach player doesn’t have Fyfe
frenzy: wasting ur breathe rooboystu
3rdstriker: apparently traded him out last week over the bye redraptor
gdshifty: crispy isnt really tagging Fyfe…
Bazza2014: i dont think barlow is as good as we think he is, yes he gets a fair amount of ball, but footy sense then was pathetic
colin wood: How bias is Basil…
ryanbob: Ibbo shouldn’t be 100% efficiency, he clangered a kick before to collingwood
Bazza2014: Basil is thru and thru west Australian, worse than Eddie when he commentated on Pies games
colin wood: Still sooking ryno lol
pies13: well done pies!
simsovic: what is the sign on Hannath???
Redraptor: @3rdstriker incredibly gutsy move!…no wonder he is No. 1
luked98: ibbo, barlow playing well
luked98: but lets go pies, we are looking great
ryanbob: Just calling it as it is, he definitely kicked it to collingwood haha
Redraptor: *or she
BennyCuzzy: I’m gonna be rich after tonight’s game throwing money on hoes
3rdstriker: I think its reasonably common, I recall previous winners trading ablett in and out over the bye
danmaio: hate both sides, but seems umps got on the pies at 1/4 time
heppelitis: Red raptor…sometimes you have to zig..when others zag…
SaintsMan: lift Mundy!
RooBoyStu: @simsovic it’s a Jack Frost snowman icon, he’s playing on Frost.
Redraptor: @3rdstriker I’ll remember that one for next year…thanks
Bazza2014: snowmen, penguins, only missing some icicles on the freo side.
berniebern: swan still @ 100%
Bazza2014: Ballantyne must be close to an icicle.
RooBoyStu: @Bazza2014 and a Bundy “Polar” Bear
Bazza2014: Pearce muppet
Bazza2014: Dunstan was spot on with Hill having a good game, good pick
3rdstriker: thats a pretty harsh call on pearce, dropped a mark running back with the flight under pressure
RooBoyStu: Neale only 53% eff will hurt his sc
LuvIt74: Hope Fyfe’s score lifts allot although im sure 90% have him as VC this week.
frenzy: c’mon jnr pearce find some pill son
3rdstriker: sidebottom on track for the ghosgt
Bazza2014: Im a harsh man, ive tried to ease up, but i cant handle ineptness
wadaramus: Pendles quiet this quarter.
frenzy: young blokes in the west shouldn’t have any trouble finding pills
Bazza2014: even when its a clear throw, Basil states slick handball from pearce.
heppelitis: benched wadaramus most the qtr
circle52: Pendles was off for first 9 mins of quarter though wadaramus
Yelse: peddles quite coz he spend half the quarter on bench
carlton_99: fyfe has hit 50points in supercoach
LuvIt74: Fyfe must have heard me he is on 47sc all of asuddon.
carlton_99: and hes going for goal
3rdstriker: love that fyfey
RooBoyStu: Fyfe!
tigerman28: Tyre!
Redraptor: @LuvIt74 I will always have Fyfe as Captain if he is playing…this week no exception
3rdstriker: Tyre on Fyre
LuvIt74: Now Fyfe on 67
dibbydobby: absolute legend all year. incredible player!
danmaio: can you guys mention Pearce now, might have same effect as Tyre
mijg: And bang fyfe hahs
carlton_99: fyfe has somehow jumped to 67 sc points loving champion data:)
AngryRyno: neale quiet this qtr, lift son
AngryRyno: fyfe 72sc now lmao
tigerman28: Tyre really pumped up
LuvIt74: @Redraptor u have fyfe as captain or VC thhis is first game for the week. not putting him as VC is nuts
wadaramus: Thanks for the info, is he ok?
wtf???: Fyfe leading DT points and he’s been quiet until last few minutes…what a player
carlton_99: fyfe on 73
SaintsMan: lift mundy!
wadaramus: Supertread.
pies13: well done pies gr8 goal!
colin wood: That boy definitely has a de goey
3rdstriker: @wadaramus, looks fine
wtf???: enthralling game
wadaramus: OK, thanks man.
Bazza2014: shocking kick from mayne
Bazza2014: He’s dogoeyn alright
auxDT: dumb kick from fasolo..stop trying to be a hero m8
casey22: Is Pearce the new Zac Dawson?
Bazza2014: That mark was completed over the line
wtf???: Sutcliff marked the ball in row D
Bazza2014: does the Sack know what the footy looks like?
Heizenberg: Exactly wtf could have biught a beer he was that far out
pies13: faz!! carn pies!
Bazza2014: Great goal Fazza.
colin wood: We’re getting smashed at the stoppages in the Freo 50.. Almost every Freo goal has come from them
dibbydobby: where has swan gone?
AngryRyno: poor effort neale
gdshifty: muppet for the pies player that dropped that mark that lead to walters goal
Bazza2014: Better goal from Walters
LuvIt74: Fyfe is life
tigerman28: Muppet for the Sack
RooBoyStu: Goldsack only one touch lmao
NewFreoFan: God I wish Sutcliffe would learn how to kick properly and hit a target
Redraptor: I would have been happy with 50sc for Fyfe at half time…he normally gets going in the second half
Torz: Sutcliffe has been horrible this season.
mike944150: Swanny going at 100%. That’s rare
simsovic: hannath sc please?
Bazza2014: any impact though Mike?
LuvIt74: Not sore whether to go TBC-CEY-Lubumba OUT & Lambert-Sloane-Smith IN
LuvIt74: Or TBC-Lumumba-Lever OUT & Lambert-Hodge-Smith IN what do you think?
RooBoyStu: Neale sc score is bullshower as only 50% eff still 56, Barlow should have a higher score
Bazza2014: 32sc hannath
LuvIt74: hannath 32sc
Bazza2014: jinx
simsovic: thanks bazza
NewFreoFan: We’re definitely missing Johnson in defence
Redraptor: @LuvIt74 For me Lambert and Hodge get a tick not sure about Smith’s health..couple of concussions this year
Bazza2014: simsovic, if you scroll downin the feed below, the qtr SC scores will all be on there, just need to find it
RooBoyStu: I’d get Colquhoun before Smith
LuvIt74: @Redraptor I hear ya mate but at his price now that its been a few weeks now since his last concussion so I think he’ll
LuvIt74: average at least 80 for second half of the season
Redraptor: @LuvIt74 He has a game style that gets a lot of head knocks…one more might wipe him out for the season
LuvIt74: Did ya know McDonald Averaged 115 over his first 7 games but over his last 5 games his average has dropped to 80
LuvIt74: That’s a massive decline.
wtf???: @RooBoy…agreed.
LuvIt74: Glad to hear that Victorian horse racing will now be on channel 78 starting from tomorrow its about bloody time
3rdstriker: luvit, id be reluctant to pick up a guy that hasnt cracked 75sc since round 3, even if he is 320k
frenzy: got smith as luxury bench this week
sticky12: Luvit74, before last weeks shocker (36) the previous 5 averaged 98. He’s going ok
LuvIt74: @3rdstriker he had 2 concussions.
LuvIt74: @sticky im talking SC guys sorry
3rdstriker: true, but hes only had one year scoring 90+, he should be able to average 80+ from here tho
sticky12: Me too
LuvIt74: Guys who have had serious concussions generally need at least 3 games back b4 scoring what they usually do
zadolinnyj: I chose smith. He is the only running half back left and Henderson and otten are about to return. Will help him
LuvIt74: @sticky Broadie Smith scored 68sc llast week not 36
Bazza2014: the sack got his second possie, round of applause please, round of applause.
BennyCuzzy: Neale get on the field or I’ll end my life
sticky12: Oh I was talking about MacDonald sorry
zadolinnyj: Think he meant McDonald @Luvit74
LuvIt74: oh ok yeah he scored 38
frenzy: the sack makes brown look good
casey22: Pearce definately Zac-like
LuvIt74: A Pearce done jack
Redraptor: Crozier subbed
3rdstriker: apeace avoids the vest hooray
frenzy: avoids the red vest though
NewFreoFan: Mare for McPharlin
LuvIt74: Really liked the way apearce played a couple of weeks ago but tonights a shocker.
Torz: Cloke hasn’t kicked a goal. Don’t think McPharlin doing too bad.
danmaio: pearce was never going to get subbed, as bad as he has been, no talls in def
NewFreoFan: Watch him every time he gets the ball, he falls apart
m0nty: no scores at all for Cloke and White, so McPharlin and A Pearce have done their jobs
AngryRyno: so long as he isn’t dropped, i’ll accept this from apearce, but will be ‘pearced’ if kmac outscores him
3rdstriker: would have thought hannath would get subbed
zadolinnyj: Swan dissapeared
LuvIt74: lol Ryno
simsovic: bad effort main
LuvIt74: Fyfe on 87sc
NewFreoFan: Bloody hell Fyfe
wtf???: Fyfe-tastic
dibbydobby: fyfe incredible
SaintsMan: mundy sc ?
danmaio: should give Fyfe the old bridgestone tyre man symbol
m0nty: Tyre on fire
Redraptor: Fyfe is seriously strong…stood up after two tackles!
pies13: go pies!!
NewFreoFan: That Toyota ad chick is so hot
zadolinnyj: Mentioned swan and now he’s on fire
sticky12: Geez I owe some pie fan on here an apology. I labelled pies pretenders for not beating any1 good
LuvIt74: Fyfe tons up on SC
AngryRyno: i’ve missed something, why is nat tyre?
sticky12: Win or lose from here and they’re contenders
LuvIt74: @Sticky its true, they haven’t yet
tigerman28: hopefully Tyre doesn’t do a burnout
wtf???: @Sticky…i
zadolinnyj: Fifi fype should have a pink poodle logo
ryanbob: Who is doing Ibbo lol are you missing his clangered kicks?
wadaramus: Tyrepower!!
LuvIt74: The “Tyre” comment went over my head also
zadolinnyj: Heavy shepherd on Ballantine
wtf???: Buckley developing into a very very good coach
Bazza2014: great mark blair
pies13: well done degoey!
NewFreoFan: Geez that was a decent mark by Blair
danmaio: how did Toovey dispose of that
zadolinnyj: De gooey looks very good
frenzy: sumbody typed fyfe and flowering spellcheck changed it to tyre
Redraptor: @LuvIt74 someone’s spell check over corrected Fyfe to Tyre
colin wood: I reckon Oxley will be subbed lads
LuvIt74: cheers Red
RooBoyStu: next time you put air in your car tyres, think of Fyfe lol
danmaio: Pearce just needed a half to get warmed up after the bye
Bazza2014: Maybe got hit by a varcoe truck
sticky12: North and gws aren’t great but they have been on fire lately and playing well tonight against the favourites luvit
NewFreoFan: Bloody Walters!!
zadolinnyj: That sets it for a good last qrt
Heizenberg: Omg fuck off walters
NewFreoFan: Get around him!
J_Pinkman: 61sc not enough Lachie, get efficient son
pies13: carn pies playing well keep going come on!
sticky12: Free have kicked 2 goals in the final combined 14 seconds at the end of the last 2 quarters…lucky/well played
heppelitis: cracking game of footy
SubOptimal: Walters and Hill the kings of jagging stuff
Roksta: Think freo will end up winning by 4 goals
luked98: freo just make goals from nothing, not fair
tigerman28: What is Tyre’s SC please
desmondo: Fyfe SC anyone?
Bazza2014: 7 Nat Fyfe 106 5 Garrick Ibbotson 96 31 Aaron Sandilands 91
SaintsMan: fyfe 106 sc
frenzy: tyre 106
Bazza2014: 10 Scott Pendlebury 90 29 Tim Broomhead 81 13 Taylor Adams 77
AngryRyno: 106sc for tyre
desmondo: wohooo ty
NewFreoFan: Only three DT points between teams shows how close it is. Cracking game.
mijg: Fyfes last qtr dominance coming up
AngryRyno: pig has 72sc, and ox has been subbed on 49sc
SaintsMan: oxley subbed
DangerCrow: anyone know ibbo’s SC score? 100% effi would help
Roksta: Time to cull the ox
Hadouken: did i just hear oxley sub?
casey22: What logic?: Oxley subbed!
J_Pinkman: really? confirming upgrade from Oxley
gdshifty: just knew oxley would be subbed with Seedsman the starting sub
AngryRyno: did ox hit his BE? what was it?
Redraptor: Fourth time Oxley has been subbed this year …has always come back with a big game the next week
h a mm e r: Oxley Subbed? DISASTER!!! Goldsack has been in a sack all game, sub him! Gez the logic
Heizenberg: Omg fuck u buckley i own oxley and had money on him for most possies
happytimes: Ox generally gets subbed every 2nd week
luked98: hard to sub ox off, he hasnt played that bad, but the right decision i think
luked98: heizenberg he was never gonna get most possies
Yelse: jess white should have been subbedd
h a mm e r: Freo will win from here on. Pies need the Ox running free at back
tigerman28: Oxley subbed? WTF? Hope the pies lose.
RooBoyStu: Sutcliffe is the biggest Seagull, also hates going for the tackle
gdshifty: ox getting subbed changes my trades for next week. BE at 400k will be hard to get
Heizenberg: In his group luke was only 2 behing hill
h a mm e r: Jesse White is the new Chris Dawes of Wollingwood
sticky12: Ryno his b.e in SuperCoach was 6
SubOptimal: Goldsack should’ve been sub imo
AngryRyno: yesss neale, pump him the points sc
J_Pinkman: onya Lachie
luked98: he is playing an important role angryryno
AngryRyno: cheers @sticky, should be a decent price for an upgrade, as for who to…
wtf???: With a DE of 50% i’m surprised Neale didn’t miss that goal
ryanbob: Seriously how is Ibbo on 100 % lol. That kick didn’t even go to a freo player
casey22: Not seeing a loop hole winner yet
RooBoyStu: Raise the bat Adams
SaintsMan: lft Mundy! OMG get a flowering touch
zadolinnyj: I’m with you @ryanbob. I have him 75% at best tonight
carlton_99: fyfe on 112 cmon get to 150lol
J_Pinkman: money important for Oxley, cause definitely upgrading,
pies13: yes carn pies!!
zadolinnyj: Surely Elliot should have a little ET logo
pies13: come on pies!!!!
kangawalla: SaintsMan- Mundy is a burn man! Spasmodic performances are frequent with him. Avoid
spiggs: Pearce with the epic muppet!
frenzy: sidey will be cheap
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: ClCLancee Pearce kicks high across the backline on an attempted switch, but Seedsman sniffs it out, spoils, goal!
zadolinnyj: Bring out kermis Monty
willywalks: in Sarah Wiggums voice.. “Clancee!”
AngryRyno: i assume the capital CL in clancee eludes to a clanger
RooBoyStu: Barlow!
NewFreoFan: You’re a sharp one Ryno 😉
zadolinnyj: What has happened to Barlow this year?
m0nty: Barlow playing off a HFF, just not in the play as much, sheepdogging it
RooBoyStu: muppet Seedsman
spiggs: Lol seedsman
zadolinnyj: Thanks monty
AngryRyno: i’d love a shat himself icon
SubOptimal: Seedsman true muppet
casey22: Follow Dons but “Go Freo”
h a mm e r: Great work White! Sub yourself off next time to save the embarrasment
Yelse: oxley should have been the plus one this quarter bucks fail
colin wood: Here comes the umps
RooBoyStu: Go Dockers, beat the skunks
LuvIt74: Carn Freo
NewFreoFan: Walters you beauty!!
carlton_99: no that was an obvious free kick a hold surely
AngryRyno: blatant free, nothing to complain about
RooBoyStu: clearly a hold there
danmaio: X factor Walters with 4
LuvIt74: Freo, Freo, Freo
NewFreoFan: He had him in an arm bar Colin wood get your hand off it mate
wtf???: not very smart
carlton_99: just to let u guys know ffye is on 126 and ibbo at 124
danmaio: here come the excuses,
Roksta: Collingwood winning the free count by 3
NewFreoFan: Pies are definitely contenders though, played bloody well this game.
thommoae: Dopey free, Frost.
colin wood: Settle guys was a joke… Lol
zadolinnyj: Side bum has not been the same since returning. Will be cheap soon but is it worth the risk
danmaio: the worst decision made tonight was by Buckley
wtf???: Pendles needs to insert himself….if thats possible
casey22: Looks like 2 Fyfes are playing, he’s everywhere
RooBoyStu: Adams a great POD
zadolinnyj: Had Adams all year then dropped him two weeks ago. Been bog last two weeks. Flower me
happytimes: Time to retire pav
sticky12: Don’t miss white
NewFreoFan: Pav deserves a flag
sticky12: Fuck
danmaio: lol
RooBoyStu: hahaha White muppet
carlton_99: white should have been subbed what an absolute dud
colin wood: Weak as piss white…
meka100: Jesse White you dud
luked98: jessie you retard
Roksta: Ouch
frenzy: been to the tragic choke kickin school
travo: white youre a SPUD!
Jukes82: worse than dawes
h a mm e r: Jesse White = the new Chris Dawes
happytimes: Pav might cost you a flag
willywalks: white should be made spud worthy after that effort
NewFreoFan: Not like Pav is holding anyone out of the side
pies13: that did hurt flower!!! played well 2nite but for no pts bad luck pies
zadolinnyj: White spud farmer
RooBoyStu: what a great way to lead into the weekend, skunks lose on Thursday = Beautiful
danmaio: seedsmans been great, wtf
LuvIt74: Nothing better than seeing Collingwood get beat by any team.
mijg: Yep pav started yhe season well then turnedvto crud
Roksta: Would have liked a Collingwood goal at the end there
frenzy: bucks muppet out coached subbing OX haha
colin wood: Nothing better then seeing a great game of footy. Pity we lost but I’m happy with that game from my boys
luked98: good effort boys
luked98: do you takes fyfes 134?
h a mm e r: Front Page News should be – ‘Bucks cost Pies game with poOx Sub Choice’
LuvIt74: They will be serving Sandwiches at this years grand final because there wont be any Pies that’s for sure.
NewFreoFan: Send em down below!
SubOptimal: Walters/Hill X factor
frenzy: long flight home pies
SubOptimal: White kermit
luked98: dont understand barlow 117 dt, 85% DE and only 99 sc
iZander: everyone here knows ibbo isn’t getting the 3 votes, but good game by him
thommoae: Getta new joke Luv
AngryRyno: i’m not sure if i like pies getting thumped or beaten in a close one, both are entertaining
zadolinnyj: Lol Luvit
Pedrominat: take Pendles 111 for captain?
pies13: haha @rooboy hilight of the year seeing your mob crumble against the pies how much were you up by n still lost?
ryanbob: Lol generous for Ibbo with points and efficiency. Definitely had kicks to opp
LuvIt74: Those things on the roof look like some phallic symbol.
luked98: sorry, 115 sc is understandable
Derekcraig: Fremantle along way behind Hawks and swans
tommy10: Ahaha luvit
LuvIt74: Agree Ryno
colin wood: Still going at it ryno lol

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