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Chat log from R13 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Essendon

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Essendon, R13 of 2015

SaintsMan: 1 minute to go and no comment. So dead
Woodie: Hodge & Goddard in this 1
Chelskiman: Kavanagh sub. Ouch. 🙁
Heater: Big games from Hodge, Gibson, Goddard & Hibberd, please!
SaintsMan: perfect start gibbo
Yelse: where is everyone
heppelitis: more output from smack than bellchambers already
mr gor: at the game i reckon
Yelse: comnn lewis liftttt
h a mm e r: Annoyed that I couldn’t undo Rioli who I just traded in 😡
frenzy: arvo peoples
h a mm e r: McKernan!!!
gdshifty: anyone else feel dirty for barracking for Essendon in this game?
h a mm e r: What to feel dirty about? Barrack away!
frenzy: forsale one slightly used ruckmen, goes by the name Belly
wadaramus: Come on Edwards, don’t give them a reason to give you the vest.
Jukes82: c’mon bombers! do it for dank!
luked98: cmon hibberd need a massive score
h a mm e r: Dank? You are sitting a pot that’s already oiled mate. Go read ‘Straight Dope’, and be enlightened
Brown*Dog: OMG Lewis is killing me…
Jukes82: spanger just got injured in the vfl
casey22: Missed any news about Cyril, whats his problem?
luked98: goddard only on 8 sc 🙁
luked98: not gibson or lewis please
h a mm e r: Why was Rioli a late withdrawal? Anyone hear?
Torz: Cyril has family funeral.
Chelskiman: Lewis has gone into spud mode lately.
Yelse: whats wrong with lewis this season seem uninterested
creeker: They only realised 1 hour before the game that Cyril wasn’t there.
meka100: Lewis burger last week, spud this week
Johnnysd: How in blazing hell do you go at 18% efficiency at AFL level?!
gdshifty: wow at Lewis dramatic change in form. Ying yang for season
Chelskiman: @Yelse, it’s really been since he got suspended.
gdshifty: who is doing ruck work for Essendon?
Yelse: u think coz he as no hope for the brownlow doesn’t mean don’t play for team success
SubOptimal: law of small numbers johnnysd
Chelskiman: At least Birchall has rewarded me after I’ve had to bench him for a few weeks.
SaintsMan: loving it gibbo
drumfoot: The bombers have been horrible in front of goal this season. Will cost them here
frenzy: norman gunstan!!!
casey22: Lewis is doing a Tiger!
frenzy: watch how quick the penguin comes out for Liz Hurley
gdshifty: Get into it Heppell!!!! Im already having a shit week as it is
carlton_99: lewis on 18sc points
SaintsMan: gibson sc?
auxDT: dollar sign for
Woodie: Gibson 36sc
theskunk: gibson 36
SaintsMan: thanks mate
carlton_99: cmon lewis, goddard and edwards need something from u guys
Woodie: Cmon Hodge, its that funny shaped red thing
Chelskiman: At least get to 45 at half time, Lewis, then go nuts in the 2nd half.
nic-n-nat: lift Hodgey!!!
meka100: Gibson muppet
Chelskiman: Nope, Lewis is now a lost cause. I’ve given up on him.
Torz: Do something Edwards!
Yelse: where does edwards play?
nic-n-nat: should’ve listened to Warn-dawg and not touch Lewis before the bye rounds!!!
nic-n-nat: Is he playing Yelse? Thought he was in the stands selling burgers
colin wood: FFS Hodge! Get a kick!
Chelskiman: I hope Suckling doesn’t take Birchall’s points.
mijg: Mitchell not touched it this qtr
gdshifty: wow heppell kicked the ball…
meka100: Hodge and Lewis stop doing shit commercials and get the fucken ball
Jukes82: this shouldn’t be this close, hawks getting smacked in the contest
Derekcraig: Essendon trying hard, just to in same class as hawks
carlton_99: i actually hate lewis now
casey22: Jobe: half a kick & half a tackle
Woodie: What was Goddard on at 1/4 time, must be close to the cape
gdshifty: hodge wake the fuck up
Heater: Hey, Hodge! The ball is the oval shaped thing the other players are kicking.
Chelskiman: Awful half of DT.
OnTheRocks: going to have to retire the goose maguire icon now m0nty
RooBoyStu: last night Mitchell had 7 disposals tat half time and got the icicle, Hodge doesn’t because he’s a hawk
RooBoyStu: *at not tat lol
Drak: This Essendon looks better than before the bye, regardless. Imagine if they had genuine fwds like Hawks.
Jukes82: looks like edwards will probably be subbed.
Drak: Don’t be surprised if they cottonwool winderlich
RooBoyStu: who was the muppet last night that said he was glad he got Edwards instead of Lambert? lol
LuvIt74: Bloody hell I brought Hodge in this week
Drak: Thats pretty biased m0nty. You think they are missing coz Essendon are playing keepings off.
LuvIt74: What a royal mistake
Drak: What about a magnifying glass for Hooker, Daniher, Watson and Heppell?
Yelse: this is actually a boring game. the other two so far this round had tough inside footy.
m0nty: I think they are missing because Essendon are playing really well.
Drak: spud for Yelse m0nty. 1 point difference is not boring.
Jukesy: Heppell on track for 30 touches, get off it!
Drak: Fair enough m0nty
Drak: true Jukesy
Drak: Nice defence by Cooney there…. hahahaha
heppelitis: great smack from smack
Jukes82: nice name jukesy
runt: After careful consideration I believe only one team can win this
Drak: Give that man a pulitzer
Derekcraig: Hawks by 40
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Paul Puopolo to draw a free on Hooker with a Selwood-esque arm raise for a goal.
Drak: Great goal, but I reckon the should be a rule. If you lift your arm and pull the tackling arm up. Shouldn’t be high.
colin wood: Double quick for pop
heppelitis: double quack
Torz: FFS again. Please stamp this technique out of the game. Should be play on.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Paul Puopolo to draw a free on Hurley with a Selwood-esque arm raise for a goal.
Drak: And again. Sorry but its not footy.
meka100: Get game Edwards
mjdub: Edwards got no game son, VFL specialty
Chelskiman: Kavanagh in, Edwards out.
mjdub: Elliot Kavanagh, the greatest pick of the 2011 draft, will win the game for us
runt: Fuck I hate Eddies fake ebullience
gdshifty: has the essendon sub been activated??/
Chelskiman: Yes
mjdub: there are two kinds of people in AFL. Those who are elliot kavanagh, and those who aren’t
Roksta: Jobe is a shadow of last year
RooBoyStu: fat lady sings: iiiiiiitttttttsssssssssss oooooooovvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
RooBoyStu: I’m so glad I got Lambert instead of Edwards lol
Yelse: CEY sub in next game this is becoming a disaster
gdshifty: cmon Kav – youve been activated!!!
Jukes82: you’re a muppet if you have either of them
colin wood: What the hell Hodgr..
RooBoyStu: lol downgrading Tarrant as got 6 fwds, not a muppet banking 200k
heppelitis: ive got both jukes…haha
redwallis: How many hit outs for Hale?? Can’t see on my phone
RooBoyStu: 16 redwallis
Derekcraig: Hawks by 60
Jukes82: hawks smashing them in contested footy this quarter
redwallis: Cheers RooBoyStu!! Got $50 on 20+ hit outs
RooBoyStu: odds?
Cyberdyne: did stanton even touch it that qtr
zadolinnyj: @redwallis that’s a good call if you get that
frenzy: um why do I have Hodge again?
gdshifty: disaster round. What do people think par will be?
Jackina: Hodge as my captain makes me teary
gdshifty: ton up Goddard plz! Dont you dare fall short
Buzz67: Mitchell gave the Bombers the injection according to Fox Footy vision
zadolinnyj: Mitchell points to scoreboard then jest urges injecting the arm at hibberd
RooBoyStu: Jabe useless
colin wood: Fair dinkum Hodge..
gdshifty: hodge overtaken by suckling ;(
gdshifty: raise the bat brendan!!
Heizenberg: OMFG HODGE NO WAY just logged on since qr time
Grazz: and i thought i’d go ok in the rnd 13 bye bahahaha
colin wood: There’s hodge…
Chelskiman: Birchall has had 35 points since 1/4 time. >>
Heizenberg: What the hell happened woth hidge guys?
Costanza: junkety junk junk
SaintsMan: terrible half gibson
Jackina: how bad is having kavanagh and edwards, bloody hell
Heizenberg: Hodge*
Heizenberg: They said the same on sen buzz
RooBoyStu: Gunstan x factor no way with 3.4 reckon Puopolo should be 4.1
J_Pinkman: Must be good weather for growing premium spuds
NoButYeah: Have nailed my bye captains, Armitage, Ebert and now Hodge…
bangerz: lewis again
casey22: Seriously, Jobe just looks fat & so slow
Terlob: Junk it up Lewis!
gdshifty: hodge for down arrow i reckon
frenzy: Lewis is the biggest junk yard dog
meka100: Heppell get some junk ffs
RooBoyStu: @nobutyeah, fyfe not capt you deserve it
colin wood: You know you’re going bad when Hodge can’t even junk it up… Unreal
RooBoyStu: redwallis has done $50, only 18 Hale
Jukes82: hodge mare
gdshifty: that $50 bet on Hale getting 20 hitouts looking bit shakey
eski_liddr: goddard is terrible – i dont know why essendon chased him so hard
meka100: Goddard what I like to see, the seagull
RooBoyStu: Ceglar blue moon
eski_liddr: carlisle injured in the last second of the game…in trouble
frenzy: time yet?
RooBoyStu: Goddard 9 contedsted possesions and seagull, no hawk player got over 7
gdshifty: Mckernan for $$ symbol
LuvIt74: goddard 98 sc
RooBoyStu: disregard comment meant no other ess player
eski_liddr: goddard is an outside player..would never go in hard to the contest
heppelitis: thx for those 9 points Edwards
LuvIt74: brought in Lambert, Hodge & Sloane this week so watch sloane do nothing
drapes15: was about to say roughy had 16
LuvIt74: I’ll bring in goddard next week
LuvIt74: gotta have goddard in your forward line surley

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