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Chat log from R12 of 2015: Carlton vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Port Adelaide, R12 of 2015

frenzy: Afternoon people’s
heppelitis: hi all
circle52: Afternoon all
drapes15: anyone give the blues a chance? think it’ll be a lot closer than people think
frenzy: Another tough one to tip Lol
circle52: There a chace when they run onto the field
circle52: If Gray is not 100% ala Zorko lasy year with same condition then Blues a big chance
frenzy: Probs ports last roll would be curtains if they lose
Grazz: Afternoon all
Andrew37: Whats up with Gray?
circle52: had the runs
mijg: I like Cripps down the bottom there.
drapes15: who will dribble more shower? Eddie in the box or Gray?
facebook23: why is walker the sub? he is carltons best utility
RooBoyStu: A BIG watch on Sam Colquhoun def in sc and his 2nd game for 2015 today
Grazz: Eddie closely followed by Russell
dipstick: hahaha Steven Trigg didnt rule out ANG POSTECOGLOU as being Carltons new coach. Blues are a joke
Torz: Good start Crippsy
facebook23: where is ebert?
Torz: How do you drop that Ebert! FFS
Grazz: was a sitter
SaintsMan: lift gray
circle52: Carlton up for this
thommoae: Walker the sub because … er, beats me. Brought him in this week – that must be the reason.
Grazz: Blues have a gem in Cripps
auxDT: cripps doing work
dipstick: hey carrot, go get up wingards alps for a bit
Redraptor: @circle52 thanks heaps for the info on Gray…changed my Captain to Goldy with 2min to go
RooBoyStu: Sam Colquhoun perfect defender downgrade at 188k
Torz: Krakouer is such a good kick
gdshifty: whats the info on gray?
facebook23: ebert- started at the bottom now we here!
Redraptor: @gdshifty rumour is that he has the runs..? Maybe just a rumour but enough for me to change my Captain
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: A risky kick across halfback by Broadbent is spoiled down to Everitt who goals from 35m on a slight angle.
Edders: this is better in 1 quarter of football from the blues than many many rounds under malthouse
RooBoyStu: @Redraptor that explains the brown patches on the grass, cheers.
Arch: Blues 7 frees to 1 keeping them in the game. Brown paper bags still in circulation
dipstick: the runs?? piss off. i work in pharma and theres plenty of meds to prevent the pops. what a crock of shit!!
Redraptor: @dipstick didn’t work for Zorko last year
willywalks: where are the icicles m0nty!
Escapist: @dipstick- do they sell chill pills at your pharmacy? take one.
facebook23: claiming to be a pharmacist, when really just a security gaurd. lol
auxDT: muppet carlile
frenzy: krak 38 sc?
tamoz: Lift Wines!
Grazz: Gastro aint great for athlete keep sweeping that floor in the Pharma mate
Arch: And so it continues ridiculous umpiring
dipstick: gray will have more probs with carrots hanging around his arse than anything else
dipstick: LOL i dont work in a pharmacy. i work in manufacturing
frenzy: drug lab @ dipstik
facebook23: going back on his original lie.
facebook23: @australianfederalpolice
SaintsMan: you guys missed a tackle for gray
Escapist: i actually have no idea why dipstick is still not banned
SubOptimal: Impey prob manufacture more with the pill than dipstick
auxDT: Cripps with a sick fade-away move
dipstick: @subop haha thats quite funny
uptoolate: u forgot to print that I agreed with Escapist, Monty. ..?
RooBoyStu: there are factories that supply pharmacy’s and hospitals medication, I worked for one 5 years ago.
uptoolate: sheesh …
facebook23: nobody cares rooyboy
circle52: Trengove should have had the free but umpires favouring Blues.
Torz: Tackle more Cripps!
RooBoyStu: @facebook23 you shouldn’t call someone a liar without facts mate
dipstick: @uptool banned for what? people have wanted to mute you for the whole year. i just said there meds for the runs fool
m0nty: back on the game please
HawkTalker: port’s season is well and truly over
SaintsMan: m0nty, u missed a tackle for gray
uptoolate: think you are right HT.
HawkTalker: Dipstick is a protected species
auxDT: the crowd is going nuts, great game to watch
Torz: People still think it’s Monty doing the stats? Lol
RooBoyStu: keep it up Boak!
HawkTalker: This is great. I look forward to Port pinching the game in the final 5 mins. There’ll be tears…
leeroy81: Torz, yes was going to say, I assumed the scores would just be based on official AFL stats?
auxDT: @Torz ikr lol!
RooBoyStu: if m0nty did the stats he would give hawks 2 for 1 lol
Torz: They did miss an Ebert kick as well.
circle52: @saintsman think m0nty takes stats from CD and they have missed it as well. AF site has not recorded either
facebook23: saintsMan – no he didnt. all tackles accounted for
facebook23: rooBoyStu making no contribution to the conversation on this game at all.
gogonz: hey everyone
uptoolate: gdat gogonz …
uptoolate: Port really needs senior players to step up NOW !
RooBoyStu: at the start of the game I said to watch Sam Colquhoun in his 2nd game @facebook23
Redraptor: Ever since that funny retirement of Cornes…Port have lost the plot
Heater: Come on Ebert!
RooBoyStu: Kreuzer having a shocker
uptoolate: whatever happened to Gibbs ? …. oh dearr ..
Heater: Cripps could be a keeper…
Torz: They’ve now missed 2 Ebert possessions
circle52: Not wrong Heater – was looking to trade him after the bye may keep him as bench cover.
meka100: Ebert get that massive head out of your arse and get the fucken ball
gdshifty: ebert goes missing when the torch is applied
uptoolate: still think Port will run this out !
Grazz: well done Robbie
Heater: My thoughts too, Circle52
dipstick: damn. werent you on 33 a Qrtime ebert. wtf?
RooBoyStu: Gray should play with a burning ring more often @Redraptor
spiggs: How many hit outs for Cripps? Second ruck stats
HawkTalker: Just last week I was defending Gibbs in a debate about tradebait. Now I have no material
dipstick: @spigss blues have 3 player with HO- port has 6
Grazz: flower
colin wood: Gray knocked out…
Grazz: that is a sling tackle
gogonz: hi lads
stakerz: grays got a sore ring and a sore head now
circle52: Keep going Cripps reached B/e reached so add those $
bombrblitz: tombstone Robbie Gray
spiggs: Well that’s that for grey. Flower.
Redraptor: @RooBoyStu yeah looks that way…oh was that Gray knocked out…poor guy!
wadaramus: That sort of tackle is completely unnecessary.
uptoolate: Gray was winning the game for Port ! was it above board ?
circle52: Sling tackle not wrong.
Torz: No reason to slam them into the ground. Gibbs in strife.
circle52: Will the MRP look at that tackle
uptoolate: @Torz ….. yes … very dangerous practice …
LeFtBehinD: Wouldn’t say it was malicious, but not a great look when arms are pinned
circle52: MRP have a duty of care to players as well
gogonz: gibbs will be fine…
RooBoyStu: Pumpkin icon coming surely for Docherty
uptoolate: Gibbs not a hard man imho …. but in trubble then … ok …
Heater: Ebert! Flowering heck!
tamoz: Wow super long qtr
sticky12: Grey my captain too. Could be costly
Grazz: Gibbs should be sited for that, no doubt about it
JDolling69: Good quarter Ebert, really enjoyed that one….
thommoae: *cited
gogonz: everyone still got Cripps?
Torz: No plan to trade him out soon @gogonz. Gun!
frenzy: thats wot he ced
wadaramus: Yep.
Edders: as a Blues fan, there is nothing I’m hoping for more than a speedy recovery for Gray, hope he can bounce back soon
Grazz: my bad cited
circle52: Yep
gogonz: yes…. looking like a very genuine M8
dipstick: @gogonz- nah i traded him out. 95SC avge and 80 DT is way too low for a mid
gogonz: have we confirmed the sub mad? or is it just concussion sub with Gray?
Redraptor: Cripps is the least of my worries…he’s staying at M8
Grazz: Cripps should increase his avg with no Judd
Slashers: Will Gray come back on? Missed the incident.
m0nty: sub is not final at this stage, only concussion sub
gogonz: @grazz will be loopholing him for the rest of the season I think…
Grazz: just a concussion sub at the minute, can’t see him coming back though tbh
gogonz: Rance has re-signed with Tiggers…. watch them capitulate from now.. 😉
Slashers: Sorry to hear your a blues fan Edders.
frenzy: Gray 64sc
gogonz: upside is he’ll get nearly an hour for them to change their mind if they like. small chance, but a chance.
Grazz: Very handy gogonz now, i have to decide at some point if my M9 will be Cripps or Wallis, good problem to have
Grazz: both will be making some good money
Roksta: Given the game situation the docs may let Gray play on
gogonz: agreed grazz. both good M9’s.
Derekcraig: 2 years ago Gray would play, there is no way known we will see Gray again today
Grazz: yeh but one will have to go at some point, they’ll be making coin thats the good bit.
RooBoyStu: why does ricciuto always lose his voice on the telecast? Is it too many beers night before or
vamos77: Gibbs what a smug looking cunt.
Derekcraig: Gray gone for the day, will not be risked
SaintsMan: gray gone
gogonz: @derekcraig if the game is on th eline… and port’s season… he might get back…
Slashers: Fuck off Gibbs! SA doesn’t want you back!
gogonz: steady on @vamos77… no malice in it
Derekcraig: Everyone has Gray, so no drama, except if have him as C
SaintsMan: i am so stiff in this game, of course i have him as captain, unbleivable
Grazz: agree Derek no biggy and he has two weeks to get over it.
frenzy: damn it Dumont sub
Derekcraig: Nope, they won’t risk him at all
vamos77: Sling tackles should be an automatic 6 weeks, potentially very dangerous. Snapped my arm in half in one last year
circle52: Tom Scully a late out for GWS in next game
Grazz: I think the Docs would get a please explain if they Gray back on.
dipstick: gray massive price drop for those who dont have him
Derekcraig: Cripps 71SC thought he might be more
Grazz: ouch Vamos
Grazz: *let
RooBoyStu: You watch Gray still raise the bat in sc 64 at half time, they’ll raise his score
frenzy: grey running the boundry you experts
SaintsMan: why’s that roo?
RooBoyStu: cd always raise the score of the guy subbed early every time
Harmes37: Gray vested?
gogonz: will be impressive if he make sit back… and good for gibbs!
Grazz: @frenzy i have him like many but really common sense should prevail and mothball him for the day
RooBoyStu: look at Mumford last week
gogonz: lol… cripps gets 10 tackles because he keeps dropping the ball!
Hadouken: seems no malthouse = no worries
dipstick: he should be mothballed for sure
circle52: umpires still going with blue eyes onbious push in the back missed,
uptoolate: agreez …. Carlton has only one direction from here …. and clear to do it …
Grazz: wonder what Malthouse would be thinking, Gee i did suck would be my tip.
SaintsMan: Is gray out the game yet?
circle52: Gray into track suit now so common sense prevails
Slashers: Gray, have a good few weeks off bud, you too Gibbs… Maybe more?
Grazz: Good
RooBoyStu: @frenzy hardly running sitting on bench in tracksuit he’s done for the day
m0nty: Gray not officially subbed for the day as yet
dipstick: yeh gray is subbed out
dipstick: @m0nty he has to be 20 mins has gone
circle52: Port need to switch on now. Time to forget the Gray incident
Torz: Hopefully Gray wearing the tearaway tracksuit.
m0nty: they waited until 5 minutes into Q3 to sub him…
SaintsMan: bye gray, bye port
Grazz: 20 mins of game time though isnt it or am i wrong there
circle52: 2 dipsick does not include half time – still about 9mins left
sticky12: The fact the blues are performing now is a reflection of their laziness and bad performance not malthouses coaching
RooBoyStu: I’ve never seen in 35 years a player take the tracksuit off and comeback
JDolling69: Ah chee didnt come on till 17th minute mark of this quarter
Andrew37: Gray was having a ripper as well.
m0nty: I agree it doesn’t look good for him to return but it’s not official yet
dipstick: oh ok my bad. i thought it was time in total
gogonz: if gray doesnt come back… port are goooooooone… not just the game
circle52: bad miss ebert
frenzy: Ebert #5 on ports table with a mag glass Lol
happytimes: They are gone already, go the blues
m0nty: the club must be trying to time it to give him until 3QT to maybe make it back for Q4
gdshifty: ebert with magnifying glass on 60 halfwya through the 3rd?
Grazz: he only had one kick in the 2nd qtr though
RooBoyStu: waiting for docs signature on paperwork lol
Torz: We have high standards @gdshifty.
Grazz: thats why he had the mag glass
gogonz: cripps on target for a 140+
auxDT: ebert was 33 at HT..he had a massive 1 qtr and went missing in the 2nd
dipstick: im giving you an eff for effort ebert
RooBoyStu: Schulz having a mare
Jair: Port need a full length mirror
gogonz: get ready for the atlas on Boak
gogonz: there’s a pulse….
Redraptor: Gray subbed
auxDT: Marc Murphy SC anyone?
Grazz: to easy that
RooBoyStu: I think after Port’s bye Coquhoun will be in at least 10% of teams as a defender in sc
RooBoyStu: *Colquhoun
Harmes37: if the blues can hold on gibbs getting weeks will be worth it lol
gogonz: $200k rooboy…. not likely
RooBoyStu: @gogonz 188k
RooBoyStu: I did say sc supercoach
wadaramus: Murf 90sc.
Grazz: Any chance Eddie wants the Blues to get up :/
vamos77: 18 frees to 9 dont know why blues fans are booing umps
auxDT: @wadaramus thanks
happytimes: Cos we can vam
doogz: Power is a shadow of its former self from last year
gogonz: $188k is a lot for a def rookie
Slashers: I’m with ya Vam.
Jair: Seriously Port?
frenzy: krak68 sc hows that ?
Harmes37: Judd retiring will help cripps’ quick development
Fury: How are Port getting buttfucked by Carlton?
Slashers: This commentary team SUCKS!
Grazz: agree slashers horrible combo that lot
Torz: Reckon they’ve been good Slashers. Lots of passion.
happytimes: I’m sure it’s better than k rock slasher
LeFtBehinD: Chuck on Triple M Slashers, it’s the greatest!
Drak: How does a team go from the hardest running by a mile in 2014…. to this in 2015….
RooBoyStu: he’s no rookie mate, played 10 games for PA prior had ACL last year, been unlucky.
Raspel31: Just home-the season of upsets goes on.
Torz: Lift Ebert!
Grazz: Nice kick
gogonz: Who wins it boys???. note now….
dipstick: nice effort simpson and ebert ya lazy flogs
Slashers: So do the umps. Terrible free against westy!
circle52: and of course a free kick for a through to the ground against port
Grazz: Blues think theyve done enough
Raspel31: Was at The G last night-Richmond do not look the goods.
gogonz: vote
sticky12: Port
Grazz: wrong
circle52: Only see about 1 in 10 of them ever paid
deanie: Does Colquhoun have decent job security?
dipstick: Triple M?? LOL brayshaw the high pitched tool is the worst. triple M? hahaha
Grazz: Get to 80 simmo
RooBoyStu: Wood on the pine subbed
RooBoyStu: @deanie yes in this form and they rate him highly so I hear.
Torz: Yes Krak!
Grazz: either a goal or Monfries free kick take your pick
Jukes82: if power lose this, no finals.
gogonz: monfries should of got a free but… u reap what you sow….
Raspel31: Power won’t losefrom here.
dipstick: im a blues fan and we have led cats, hawks, syd in the 4th qtr last few years always to lose. no diff here really
Hadouken: is simpson alive?
Grazz: whats the point of Walker being sub
dipstick: until salary cloggers like cupcake gibbs and yarran are gone its tough
Grazz: gives them nothing sitting up forward
circle52: Free kick count now 20 to 0 Port have to beat umps as well
Grazz: Kick it
Raspel31: Don’toften agree dipstick but-yep.
Jukes82: simpson has scored 13 since half time
Grazz: agh
RooBoyStu: schultz did nothing for 3 qtrs
deanie: Thanks RooBoy, Might have to get him in
dipstick: simpson ZERO points in 4th Q so far
RooBoyStu: @deanie just google him and read the stuff on port website, he was killing it in SANFL etc
Raspel31: Well,young Mr Bell-you’ve earned a reprieve.
RooBoyStu: Murphy corkie
Grazz: Nice goal, c’mon Port
dipstick: still no pts in a close game simmo ya lazy potata
3rdstriker: Is kade on the ground?
colin wood: Put 50 on the power at 2/3 time they were paying $9!
gogonz: mcguire’s going to shit his pants
Grazz: yay simmo got a touch
Heater: Next goal wins it???
dipstick: Kade last score at 16min mark of the 3rd. really weak in a close game
Jmachete: umps love carlton
Raspel31: Yep gogonz-hopefully a heart attack first.
Heater: Is Cripps eligible for the Rising Star?
RooBoyStu: have Fox Footy got a defibrillator ready for Eddie lol he’s going nuts
gogonz: @heater… spot on
gogonz: anyone got Cripps as captain?
Grazz: Eddie “umpires been great this qtr” what game is he at
DanBlack: Star for Cripps? Clearance and CP king
gogonz: anyone want to gues Cripps score?
Jmachete: umps again
Raspel31: Shut thef up Eddie.
sticky12: Gutted I traded Cripps the week before just got hurt knowing he gets heaps more without Jude playing
SaintsMan: thats ridiculous umpire decisiom!!!!
Grazz: OMG can it be anymore obvious
Tonche: Had $20 on Cripps at $17 for Rising Star when he had that ripper NAB Challenge game
circle52: Where was the touch there crap umpires
Tonche: Should’ve gone $50
Jmachete: umps wearing navy
Raspel31: Doubt it gogonz.
RooBoyStu: Mitchell is a spud 3 errors last qtr cost Port, he wont get a game next game
Costanza: Mick shakes his head
SaintsMan: disgusting umpiring, know what it feels like from a saints perspective
Raspel31: Shut up Eddie !
meka100: Boak I hope you are enjoying the yearyour having
gogonz: 165+ for Cripps
N.Fyfe: Docherty X-Factor?
Jmachete: 14+ free kicks to carlton
RooBoyStu: Carlton’s first win in Australia in 2015, other win in NZ
grossn: Umpires ruin 2 games in a row “sorry” they will say and it will happen again next week
SaintsMan: who’s the bloke that said gray would get a ton?
Jukes82: called it.
frenzy: krak 90sc is baffling
Grazz: agree grossn, shocking
ryanbob: Lol how did Docherty get 91. Took a mark at the end that went straight to him , must’ve gotten 20 points for that
auxDT: at 4:20 pm my live fantasy rank was 420..its a sign
deanie: he would of had he not been taken out
gogonz: lol… norf… dumont sub again but atley, macmillan, nahas, gibson all starting….
gogonz: rubbish… umps never changed the result of a game…..

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