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Chat log from R12 of 2015: Western Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Western Sydney vs North Melbourne, R12 of 2015

RooBoyStu: Goldstein could get the Supercoach record today
RooBoyStu: North over 39.5 $3.50 this morning too good to refuse
Redraptor: I just hope Goldy stays healthy and gets a good score…he is my Captain
SaintsMan: goldy,shaw and steele
dipstick: petrie already off with the blood rule before the 1st bounce
Heater: Goldy as skipper 150 plus!! 🙂
heppelitis: kangas on target to kick 200 goals
placebopie: also have goldy captain hope it dont piiss down
nikos: big Rory Lobb junking it up a treat
RooBoyStu: Goldy got a black eye from that swelling already
gogonz: not going to rain in sydney
roo boys!: I know giants haven’t started well but saying junk time has already started is a bit stiff on Lobb!
RooBoyStu: for those not watching he got a fend off/scratch to the face
dipstick: how come lobb has a traschcan
spiggs: Bit on early on the bin aren’t we?
Cyberdyne: junk time. game is already over
DanBlack: Griffen gets ball when he isn’t copping a tag
RooBoyStu: Petrie coming back on looks like Joel Selwood with headband
Raspel31: Who really thought GWS could mix it with the big boys?. And Norff not the big boys by a country mile.
RooBoyStu: Go Roos!
Heater: No matter his score this week, Tarrant is GONE.
dipstick: so waht chance of goldy getting subbed to have a rest?
Derekcraig: I thought GWS in Sydney would be competetive
auxDT: so far the rookies have been shit this week, besides Cripps
DanBlack: I need Missy to do a bit of down hill skiing for me
Derekcraig: i have 5 playing this game and they have had 4 touches between them all
RooBoyStu: No Mummy, Coliglio, Patgull, Davis and Scully = no chance, % booster
frenzy: No reward Lindsey
Raspel31: Shiel derekcraig?. Still waiting.
RooBoyStu: *Patfull
Raspel31: Remember Sainters against Dogs-carn GWS.
deanie: Shiel please.
dipstick: stewart was named as ruck i thought. not a late in
RooBoyStu: Thursday night Phillips was named ruck, then Stewart replaced him.
Hawks_15: Give shiel something for his efforts so far. Icicle i think
Raspel31: Shiel-amazing handball. You rock.
Derekcraig: Ziebell 18SC seems low
HawkTalker: gws is half a team. Season over
dipstick: cant see that bogan shaws name on the list. oh wait there is is down there
casey22: Dermie analysis his typical crock of crap
Hawks_15: Im going well. i have shiel and tarrant in this game
RooBoyStu: but the change was announced Friday
casey22: More: Dermie is the absolute worst commentator ever
deanie: I have griffen so that is points for me, but what a duck that was.
Derekcraig: Dermie and Dunstall equal as bad
Raspel31: Ha Hawks-my only 2 players too.
Jackwatt$: 2 of the best coaches in the league right now are Barker & Crocker. Good call/Bad call?
RooBoyStu: Goldstein already 18 hit outs amazing
Drak: terrible
Derekcraig: Ziebell 24SC
casey22: Black eye improves Goldy’s looks a bit
Pokerface: what was that hit out record that sandi set? looks in trouble
casey22: Should have looped Godly rather than Gray
Jackwatt$: There should be a symbol for players that are getting screwed over by SC scoring system. Like Ziebell now
frenzy: Only an astute judge would have McMillan in their team
Torz: I’ll finally be able to get rid of McCarthy next week.
frenzy: And hand him a cape month
gdshifty: cant wait to get rid of mccarthy and tarrant
frenzy: *m0nty
Redraptor: @Pokerface Sandi’s record is 70
casey22: Why are the players DT details srewed? Ie Price, BE etc
Dangermaus: Hopefully someone (not Goldy) can get injured so that Dumont can come on
pharace: I’m guessing the guy giving SC points doesn’t have Ziebell in his own team then
Grazz: Getting Ziebel at the price i did is a wonderful thing. 🙂
Jair: I’m living in a Tarrant/Dumont nightmare
Dangermaus: redraptor, I thought he broke it last week with 72
frenzy: Monty capes required
casey22: Quickie: Blues performance damning of Mick’s coaching
Dangermaus: what’s wrong with Shiel, can’t handle a tag ???
Redraptor: @Dangermaus Sandi got 69 against Adelaide and then 70 against GC
dipstick: doesnt that flog down there get a donut?
Pokerface: thanks guys, thought it was around that
casey22: Dermie logic: “North forcing GWS backmen to defend”; go figure
Raspel31: Keep it up Shiel.
circle52: agree pharace I bought Ziebell cheap too
dipstick: nice week to have a bye tarrant
Raspel31: The world is excited Robbie Tarrant is a free agent. Hmm?.
dipstick: tarrant you fucken penguin
RooBoyStu: if Shiel doesn’t get a down arrow icon you may as well forget doing icons.
3rdstriker: Shiel must be pretty happy he signed that contract before everyone knew he can’t handle a tag
Raspel31: Move the tagger to Treloar or Ward-pleez?
spiggs: He’s a key back raspel you tool.
The39Steps: This game like watching Jurassic Park – two clubs heading to extinction.
auxDT: wtf is this shit commentary?
Raspel31: Agree 39steps-and was at the G last night. Richmong gawn. But carn Gws.
casey22: Celsea’s looking ok, updated the hair a tad!
HawkTalker: callan ward has fallen right off the pace
dipstick: no waite no norf. says alot. carlton reject master of the team
Raspel31: Thank you spiggs for the kind words.
RooBoyStu: lol Tarrant gets Icicle and Shiel nothing
Dangermaus: come on GOldy, lift
stakerz: shiel has the lock you spastic
RooBoyStu: should get icicle or magnifying glass @stakerz chill mate
Dangermaus: if Goldy doesn’t ton up against a team without a ruckman, i’ll be pissed off
RooBoyStu: seen players with the lock get it as well
frenzy: Come Shiel ur only on Ben Jacobs
Raspel31: Such rudeness stakerz-my, my.
DanBlack: Power!!! I like it.
Dangermaus: and just quietly what the eff is Josh Kelly doing???
m0nty: I haven’t really got an icon yet for someone who completely gets shut down by a tag. The padlock might not be enough.
RooBoyStu: Tarrant coming good now
Hawks_15: heath shaw is the only premium defender in my eyes atm
Torz: Prison bars monty?
SaintsMan: m0nty what about that red button, it signals a shut down
placebopie: under the thumb?
Raspel31: Indeed Monty-but he does seem to finally be working it out.
RooBoyStu: a straight jacket icon would be good lol
nbartos: Griffen haters are a bit quiet today
DanBlack: Handcuffs
Raspel31: Or a Eurovision song contest tag Monty?
HawkTalker: I also vote prison bars
colin wood: Monty how about a cell door
Heater: Come on, Goldy!!
phiz3: @hawks_15. U don’t rate hodge?
gdshifty: goldy popped his mouse
auxDT: Goldy looking like Rocky Balboa
AngryRyno: where is phillips?
DanBlack: @hawks_15, Hodge, Mundy, Boyd and McVeigh not good enough for you?
RooBoyStu: @DanBlack think hawks is talking about sc the game where they don’t change positions during season
Raspel31: Out to go and get even more pissed lads. Enjoy rest of the game.
LuvIt74: How’s Cripps score 136sc will have to keep him for a while if not the season now
phiz3: @danblack. Only hodgey a back in SC. But all those are great DT players.
Raspel31: Why oh why would you not keep him Luvit-scoring more than half the guns.
mijg: How can steele only be 19 SC with 5 tackles and the rest
phiz3: @luvit. Keep cripps till Ablett bottoms out. May not cost too much. Cripps much better minus Judd
LuvIt74: @Raspel that’s exactly what im saying you’ll have to keep him now as his BE will be very low.
SaintsMan: steele has been ripped off
LuvIt74: I wont bother risking GAJ again, I’ll wait until next year for him.
BennyCuzzy: Lift gws
Raspel31: Should I wear a black, purple ,green or red tie tonight lads-with a charcoal suit ?
phiz3: We all say that about Ablett. Till he averages 140…
wadaramus: Ahhh Tarrant, rd 13 cannot come quick enough.
m0nty: back on the game please
mijg: Ziebell 35 sc
nic-n-nat: why is Dumont sub again?!?
placebopie: ball and chain for the tagging monty
nbartos: Ziebell owners would be furious at CD 35 SC v Harvey 82 SC?
Redraptor: @Raspel31 same as GF’s undies…l
LuvIt74: I wonder if Higgo will sing another song on Higgins if he scores 100+ on the Podcast. lol
LuvIt74: @nbartos how many clangers has Ziebell had? The SC scoring system is flawed
RooBoyStu: $ just Kelly
LeFtBehinD: How is SC flawed, if you kick it straight back to the opposition you shouldn’t get points
colin wood: someone tell tarrant to get a touch
RooBoyStu: I agree and I’m a North supporter and Ziebell’s ball use has been shower cd correct
circle52: Dale and Mitch Robinson subs in Lions/Dogs game
LuvIt74: Where can i find the exact possessions of players including clangers so I can figure out the score discrepancies.
LuvIt74: And then place it all on a spread sheet
frenzy: Umps have lost the plot
wadaramus: Tarrant handball!!!
RooBoyStu: report will be thrown out
dipstick: haha higgo ” shauny higgins… my my…”
masterhc2: why is dumont always sub from what i’ve seen of him he’s clearly norfs best midfielder
dipstick: @luvit right infront of your eyes are clangers, CP, CL HO etc
happytimes: Sub goldy please
RooBoyStu: what’s the hit out record for a guy with one eye? Goldstein has it
dipstick: ooooo fuck you tarrant. i needed your BE for trades next week you zombie
frenzy: Hansen has no idea at times
happytimes: Giants any chance?
RooBoyStu: Ziebell again kicks to gws ffs
dipstick: 18 shots a piece but youd think this crappy norf rabble would hold on
colin wood: attention one Robbie Tarrant touch the effing thing will ya!
nbartos: if teams tag Shiel from now on Griffs a keeper
DanBlack: My DT would very much appreciate Dumont getting to run around a bit
meka100: Get Dumont on you cockhead
Redraptor: I have Tarrant too…all you can do is laugh
masterhc2: have got gws +22.5 last leg of the multi, come on boys couple more goals
dipstick: @rooboy wifout waite, NDS and higgins norf is nuffin. nuufin you hear
luked98: wow i just traded griff
colin wood: @raptor true mate!
jfitty: Tarrant > Steele after the bye
Dangermaus: Goldstein wants that record !
tamoz: Lift Higgins and Whitfield!
colin wood: massive Q from my boy Treloar!
alexw: robbie tarrant needs to stop scoring so quickly
gdshifty: dumont on!
Dangermaus: Dumont just came on, Brown subbed
dipstick: gees if norf wanna raise money they could use the coach as a pingpong clown at the show
Cyberdyne: only an idiot would have tarrant
mijg: Should of subbed tarrent
luked98: goldy will beat the record for most hitouts in a game, he need 70
Redraptor: Tarrant has an av of 75 and has made 159k before today so he is tolerable but I can’t wait to trade him
wadaramus: Heath Shaw took the third quarter off, come on man lift!
RooBoyStu: dipstick the kid would be the number 1 customer as only he knows what they look like
mijg: Kick a few goals Goldy VC
RooBoyStu: what’s the hit out record?
wadaramus: Amen to that Redraptor.
SaintsMan: steel got 40 that quarter on sc
Dangermaus: Goldstein will smash that record tonight
Dangermaus: Would love to get Steele, but will he keep his spot ?
mijg: Dale with the green vest:(
LuvIt74: Goldy 103sc
AngryRyno: 70 HOs i believe is the record
jfitty: 71 it is – Sandi got it a few weeks back
Redraptor: Solid game from Goldy…thanks heaps
Grazz: nuh 90 something now i think
Dangermaus: what happened to Hamling?
Grazz: Didnt Sandi break it again shortly after he got the 70
RooBoyStu: x factor McMillan
Grazz: could be wrong haha
LuvIt74: With all GWS injuries u would think Steele has to make top 22 going by his debut
jfitty: He broke it with 69, then a week or 2 later with 71
dipstick: danger does it matter once full premo? im gettin lambert has chep swing for m9-d7 bonts next week
RooBoyStu: is Hamling in this game?
LuvIt74: I’ll consider bringing in Steele in round 15 or when he is on the bubble
Grazz: ah ok cheers jfitty
tamoz: Is Goldstein about to break the record for hitouts?
pies13: who else has got grif dt? wot 2do now was garn trade him next wk not sure now
LuvIt74: @rooboy Hamling is playing tonight for the dogs
Grazz: Must of had alot of beers that day
tamoz: The big question
Derekcraig: Shaw 64sc, steel 65sc
BennyCuzzy: I hate nth Melbourne
dipstick: give goldy an eyeball icon
RooBoyStu: the easiest money I’ll ever make North $3.50 this morning over 39.5
RooBoyStu: @LuvIt74 I said this game lol
jfitty: Sorry the record is actually 70, but Goldy going to smash that
LuvIt74: @Rooboy never count your chickens b4 they hatch
bigbaddasa: dont count the cash yet RooBoy
Redraptor: Goldy now has hit out record
colin wood: bin for shaw
AngryRyno: shaw 86sc
Dangermaus: 9 touches and 71 hitouts, lmao!
dipstick: @rooboy wow $3.50 you can bye 3 shots at the pingpong clowns or 66% of a bigmac
LuvIt74: @rooboy i know what u said, “is hamling playing in this game”?
Grazz: Onya Goldy your a beast
mijg: Goldy goin to be in that tough VC call territory in SC?
m0nty: nominations for star please
RooBoyStu: $3.50 for every $1 didnt just have $1 like you mate
jfitty: Goldy clearly
placebopie: goldy eye cut still 72 hitouts
RooBoyStu: Goldy star easily
SaintsMan: goldy, m0nty
luked98: macmillan?
RooBoyStu: gun nicky dal
dipstick: 23 HO to advantage at 5 points a pop. nice SC coming up goldenbeast
LuvIt74: $3.50 were the odds he got them at u fool so if he had $10 he gets $35
luked98: goldy only the 10 touches tho
colin wood: star for goldy for sure. Guy just broke a record lol
mijg: NM now in VC keeper territory
pies13: $3.50 is gr8 odds @rooboy
RooBoyStu: nicky dal 1st game back 31 disposals needs gun or magnet
jfitty: Would Lobb qualify for the witches hat?
bigbaddasa: comon GWS, three late goals to lose by 34……lol
dipstick: 2 records you. most HO ever and most HO to advantage ever at 25
saltysalts: whats goldy sitting on for SC? He’s my VC and Beams is currently C
luked98: macmillan 3 goals, 10 marks, 26 touches and going at 84 DE
LuvIt74: goldy 128sc
RooBoyStu: $3.50 over 39.5 thats what i thought
Derekcraig: Golds record should have a little * next to it
LuvIt74: @salty lock goldy as your c m8
saltysalts: cheers lovit you’re a gun 😀
Derekcraig: * no opposition
ryanbob: Surely goldy should be about 150 with 25 hit outs to advantage, well according to the new rules anyway
pies13: agree @rooboy easy $
colin wood: magnet for nicky dal
dipstick: goldy has 25 HO adv. theyre 5 sc each or 125pts alone. he has to be way over 128
colin wood: cherries for macmillan
jfitty: Ziebell gun, Dal magnet, Shaw cherries?
fshow: junk it up higgo
colin wood: guys you forget the ones that don’
FlagDog: Goldy and Stef Martin as Rucks, Could set them as C and VC every week
LuvIt74: goldy 130sc now
colin wood: guys dont forget the goldy taps that dont go to advantage he loses pts on..
Redraptor: Goldy approx 130 sc he has made a few clangers as well
RooBoyStu: Giants gone, aka GC 2014
Dangermaus: so glad I locked in Goldy as captain this week
colin wood: guys don’t forget the ones that don’t go to advantage he loses pts on..
LuvIt74: i would never put a ruck as c with the new SC rules.
Grazz: Thanks Goldy
phiz3: Anyone got Missy’s SC. Think he’s already gone home…
dipstick: hopefully they mothball goldys eye in a pirates patch for the next 2 weeks
Redraptor: Goldy corrected to 141 atm
Tony9668: Got Goldy as Capt plus Ziebell and Steele, happy
LuvIt74: higgins 74sc
RooBoyStu: Watch out for the Roos after our bye boys/girls/kids we are back! Go Roos!
jfitty: Hit outs that aren’t to advantage are 0 points aren’t they? Not negative
frenzy: Macmillan ur a flowering star brother
phiz3: Thanx @ luvit
Ball_Hog15: Junk it goldy!
Redraptor: @jfitty yes. But disposal clangers are negative as are frees against
mijg: Whohoo goldy ledge
colin wood: not a bad debut by steele
jfitty: 80 hit outs, wow!!
Redraptor: An even 80 hit outs for Goldy
Roksta: Ziebel on 78sc
LuvIt74: Goldy’s shiner looks like a frog
frenzy: Shaw was shower house mOnty
Heater: Smith 50!! What a great “upgrade” that was!!!
LuvIt74: thats a haemoglobin on goldy
jaxx: Blue moon for Griffen.
LuvIt74: goldy 150sc but should get close to 160+ after scaling
Jukes82: LOL roos are not back, 9th.
dj9343: ziebell you are crap

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