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Chat log from R12 of 2015: Richmond vs West Coast

Chat log for Richmond vs West Coast, R12 of 2015

heppelitis: hi
desmondo: we know the vests?
frenzy: ladies and gents
circle52: Connor Menadue (Tigers) and Liam Duggan (Eagles) the starting subs.
desmondo: tx
desmondo: didn`t need duggan to be vested after hogan an out 🙁 can it get much worse?
ReaperRage: Traded in houli last week and naitanui been strong the past few weeks
Bothy: Is hogan out this week> why?
heppelitis: Hogan out…down to 10 players…managed my team well this year ..hehe
simsovic: need Yeo to have a blinder and a lazy 7 from kennedy!
Cyberdyne: monty or gogos this evening?
m0nty: present
heppelitis: Thx m0nty
frenzy: will be watching Edwards closely tonite, tarrant to edwards next week
circle52: Welcome m0nty
LuvIt74: Evening m0nty and all
wadaramus: Priddis 150 pls.
LuvIt74: This should be a good game…
Fletch91: Priddis 200 pls
LuvIt74: @Bothy Hogan is out due to hamstring tihtness
LuvIt74: tightness
wadaramus: I’ll take 180 Fletch!
circle52: Big score toninght Tosh to give more value to trade in 2 weeks.
Fletch91: Agreed Wada
SaintsMan: yeo and houli
spudaroos: Grimes racking the junk already.
frenzy: why grimes bin already
Rebuild: Grimes is rubbish
drapes15: lol
Jmachete: grimes such a ducker
circle52: Tigers still resting from bye
Grazz: Horrible kicking Tigers
tamoz: Is Yeo playing back this game?
SaintsMan: another bad start yeo
mijg: Just switched on . Is this the tigers under 12s
heppelitis: tiges listened to timmy watson 4 material…better wake up soon
AngryRyno: anyone else with bin martin as c?
LuvIt74: Cmon Edwards i brought u in man do something
heppelitis: loopholed Ryno
Grazz: Dusty
Jmachete: bullshit call by ump, bring him back behind the mark
AngryRyno: yesssss dusty
casey22: Dusty reminds me of Dangerfield
mijg: Trophy bogan. Love it.
circle52: Yeo there is a ball out there go find it
wadaramus: Go Dusty, didn’t VC ya, but go anyway.
colin wood: Made 3 trades this week brown out for Hamling, saad out for Murphy and Clark out for McGovern hope it pays off!
heppelitis: b ellis is a beauty
SaintsMan: murphy? not sure about that and also mcgovern
circle52: Captained B ellis in Match day so keep going
colin wood: Saints in sitting around 5k in SC I like to take a punt haha
Grazz: Oh dear me Maric
meka100: Maric Muppet
heppelitis: you beauty..goal assist maric..big bogan
SaintsMan: No worries mate aha, I’m taking a punt with howl
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Maric tries to gather in the BP and handball for a point but fluffs it, Naitanui pounces and goals!
SaintsMan: houli*
heppelitis: troy muppet chaplin
SaintsMan: nic nat you beauty!
meka100: Chaplin Muppet, both must have NicNat in their team
circle52: Not a nice call there ump
Tony9668: Haven’t had a look yet but won’t be surprised if all my opp’s have Nic nat
heppelitis: dusty beaver haircut…go you good thing
wadaramus: Dusty powerhouse.
mijg: Gotta love the full on bogan.
wtf???: I just tuned in…why the purple trim on Tigers gurnsey?
wadaramus: Square cut mullet full force,
frenzy: Lol dusty beaver
AngryRyno: Alanah & Madeline foundation
RooBoyStu: @wtf Hsrdwick won purple name game last week
heppelitis: lol wadaramus
Bothy: lol traded Dusty in this week…feeling good so far!!
Fletch91: Missed a Priddis tackle in back line…
Tony9668: Tex needs to go back to the mullet…. Hides his Hird ears
wtf???: @Angtry…cheers, I thought that was Rich v Stk later.
wadaramus: Xlnt call Tony, wings of steel required.
SaintsMan: nic nat 60 sc
mijg: Priddis projected 130ish in sc. Hope he gets 90 will counter my 1 les player vs my opp
wadaramus: Houli and Dusty 36sc.
AngryRyno: thats for maddie riewoldt @wtf
ryanbob: Lol how is nic Nat on 60 points and dusty is only 36? Free points to nic
wtf???: McGovern showing no signs of the corked thigh
teachrtony: Priddis only 24 SC so and I have him Capt, so hope tou’re wrong mijg lol
RooBoyStu: @angryroo Allanah & Madeline foundation, Maddie Riewoldt rd 16 rich v stk
spudaroos: @ryanbob Hitouts to advantage
RooBoyStu: *angryryno
AngryRyno: whoch is exactly what i said, correct @RooBoyStu
wtf???: Thanks Ryno…my bad
heppelitis: they all crap themselves when nicnat is nearby
Slashers: Dusty does the don’t argue without having to raise an arm.
RooBoyStu: my bad angryryno didn’t see wtf post prior to your comment thought you replied to his question
wtf???: nicnat killing Maric at centre bounces
Tony9668: Kennedy, Darling and LeCras makes WC look dangerous
tamoz: Is Yeo playing in defence this game?
las_cons: Where are player 2015 avg scores when you click into their player profiles on the desktop fanfooty site?
ScootD: Nope,Yeo at centre bounces
Tony9668: @las, no he’s going in bursts
Bothy: agree Tony9668 and NicNat is the icing on the cake
heppelitis: cotchin needs to lift
circle52: Slack Tiges defence there no tiger on the line wake up
las_cons: can anyone help? How can you see a players 2015 avg score when viewing the fanfooty desktop site?
circle52: Corey Ellis subbed
Torz: KMac do something.
heppelitis: lol commentators…would have gone 10 feet over sandilands head
wadaramus: Carn Priddis get into it man.
LuvIt74: damn u Edwards move on ya friggen muppet
Tony9668: The “Duck” just called the “Duck”
circle52: Ducking the head rule again open to interpratation
tamoz: Come on X Ellis!
meziare: shocking umpiring
Tony9668: The “Quack” charged him for the “Bill”
meziare: oh you are kidding!!!!
dipstick: thats it dusty. struggle to ton up again mate. youre doing just great at it
Jukes82: dusty won’t struggle, thats in the past. 120 book it
circle52: agree mezaire what was the difference with Rance and that one –
colin wood: Mcgoverns gone to McDonald’s…
masterhc2: dipstick by name, dipstick by nature. has scored 5 tons in 6 weeks SC, 4 dt (2 90s), you spud lol
dipstick: yeh= dusty 40 at Q1 55 at Q2. same disapperaing trick
Jukes82: he plays in bursts
Jukes82: should be happy with a 59 right now, not having a sook.
Tony9668: Dusty still good for 114pts
masterhc2: and you’re complaining about who has scored 15 points in 20 mins of footy oh wow what a shocker, jesus
dipstick: lift yar game martin. youre my C
heppelitis: that fired him up dipstick lol
meka100: Is that second quarter from Martin good enough?
frenzy: dusty the difference
SaintsMan: then he kicks a goal
Jukes82: lol just got owned
willywalks: dipstick, u r a deadset flog
mijg: Haha go Dusty
casey22: Dusty a great decision maker: except for haircuts!
dipstick: @heppel thats it buddy : ) hes my C and he needs to listen and pull his fucken finger out
frenzy: duckers
heppelitis: hes mine too…so prick his ego some more mate
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Trent Cotchin to win a free on Sinclair and kick the Tigers in front.
Slashers: Cotchin! Quack, quack, quack. Flog!
willywalks: this is karma for the last few years where wet toast get all the free kicks for ducking over west
Tony9668: Sure he’s tuned into channel “Diptwit”
dipstick: dont worry. if hes not on 120 at 3Q i will. he needs a bigun tonight!
wadaramus: KMacc stuck on 23sc for the whole quarter.
wtf???: Not wtaching. Is McGovern off? He’s been on 31 dt for basically the whole quarter. Good for me..not my opponent.
_wato: McGovern looks real sore
SaintsMan: @colling wood, what happened to mcgovern?
wtf???: Hang on…he just lost 3…lol.
burgz300: at least kmac cant be subbed out
masterhc2: i agree WC do get a good run in perth, but it’s weird cos it’s mainly vic umpires who do those games lol
meziare: how much has Richmond or the AFL paid the umps for a Vic result?
colin wood: Yeah I fucked up lol
wadaramus: Good pointburgz, hopefully he can get to 60 at least.
h a mm e r: mcgovern in injured from last week.
colin wood: McGovern will get the vest 🙁
heppelitis: B Ellis very consistant…great POD
LuvIt74: Got Martin, Houli, Priddis & Edwards. I brought in Houli & Edwards this week and Ed is killing me
frenzy: Maric 26 SC will still ton up
desmondo: Martin SC?
wtf???: McGovern started on fire…then Q2 pain killers must have worn off and he’s hit a brick wall
SaintsMan: maybe
teachrtony: Martin 70
LuvIt74: Whats Ellis worth why cant i get his price when i click on his name?
LuvIt74: Martin 70sc
frenzy: Dustin Beaver 70 SC
heppelitis: lol frenzy
circle52: 550k Luvit just scroll down a little and you should see it.
wadaramus: Priddis 54sc, need a big second half!
LuvIt74: @circle52 i can’t find it, do i click on there name?
circle52: Just hover mouse over his name above
LuvIt74: darn it Houli hope that corky isn’t gonna cost me a week
wadaramus: If he runs the game out he should be OK LuvIt? Hope so!
LuvIt74: @circle52 ok now i see it, I didn’t have my page maximised thanks
Carnster: evening fellas
Carnster: Anyone know Ellis and Yeo SC
SaintsMan: yeo 39 sc
Carnster: thanks @saintsman
AngryRyno: b ellis 46sc
SaintsMan: no worries
Carnster: only 46 @angryryno
SaintsMan: 82 efficiency?
AngryRyno: 54 after those last few disposals
HawkTalker: mcIntosh. LOL. How do you get 2 possessions in a half
Carnster: cool
heppelitis: not many cps or cls..for ellis
wtf???: KMc BE 28…will he get there?
Carnster: true @heppelitis
tamoz: Wonder how B.Ellis would go under a tag, dont think i’ve seen him cop one too often
mijg: Priddis 50+ sc at ht. With a de of 55ish. Blow me
itsduftime: just looked at my team and somehow don’t have a captain selected
wadaramus: KMac going backwards in SC.
h a mm e r: come on KMAc! C.Ellis has scored more than you and he’s subbed
wadaramus: Priddis just running around pretending he’s interested.
casey22: Why do commentators make excuses for Rances bad play?
frenzy: fat chick clearing her throat
HawkTalker: Richmond not finals material. Way too many loose errors
masterhc2: “just pretending he’s interested” with easy the most conteseted possies on the field is he wadaramus?
simsovic: tigers of old
AngryRyno: they spent all of half time talking up rance, they don’t want to backflip on it
wadaramus: No argument he gets contested possies, but all I can see is him trotting around atm.
wadaramus: 60sc is not enough at this stage in the game.
3rdstriker: vickery ko
mijg: How does ninat do the ctr bounce then go for the ball in the fwd 2 secs later. Freak
meka100: Kamdyn gets a fucken kick wtf
heppelitis: side show bob seeing stars
masterhc2: yeah ok mate was just saying hardly fair to say he’s not interested when he’s clearly having a crack
dipstick: hey- 120 at 3Q dusty
Jukes82: if you still have h-mac you’re a muppet
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
tamoz: Power off Yeo!
Torz: Except when you get injuries every week Jukes. Forced to stick with him
heppelitis: crack that whip dipstick
dipstick: nicnat already 15 HO to adv. has he tonned up already?
wadaramus: He just seems like he’s happy wandering around, get some ball Priddis!
Jukes82: lol, the roos are flogs though lmaoo
SaintsMan: i think so dip
dipstick: @heppell our C is on track so ill ease up for now
wadaramus: Dusty 98sc, should have stuck the vc on him!
heppelitis: give him heaps
SaintsMan: Good Yeo!!
wtf???: Tigers win against Freo was a new high in building supporter hopes only to pull the rug
3rdstriker: mare for edwards
auxDT: the game is too free flowing for priddis
frenzy: thank flower I didn’t jump on Edwards this week
wtf???: @Frenzt…me too. Went Dahl.
Bothy: priddis will still get 100 sc
wadaramus: Agree auxDT. He is in lose don
mijg: Stay down priddis. Under a hunge
LuvIt74: U can all blame me for edwards crap
RooBoyStu: Pumpkin Sinclair, if you could give the brick wall icon to a 2nd year player he’d get it
wadaramus: Was hoping for 180sc Bothy.
heppelitis: me too wtf….reversed…changed everything…got picken in backline
frenzy: bluemoon Dustin Beaver m0nty
wadaramus: Stop it mijg.
Bothy: priddis is like 100 -120 consistent…never too over the top
heppelitis: cracking me up @frenzy
wtf???: @Hepp..nice choice…had the Pick for a while now.
Carnster: Yeo and Ellis SC
colin wood: Much better McGovern
RooBoyStu: zombie icon xavier ellis
colmullet: Maric making me a sad panda
wadaramus: Priddis, Brownlow Medallist, I expect weekly 150’s!
wtf???: @Colin…McGoverns half time jab will wear off soon and that will be him done for the night
bombrblitz: thanks DT Captain Dusty
Bothy: lol @ wad…you expect too much!
RooBoyStu: @wadaramus so expect the same from Swanny & Cooney?
simsovic: hurn sc?
colin wood: All good wtf as long as he gets through this week the bye will do him good next week:)
wadaramus: Maybe a trifle too much, I’ll take 140.
mijg: Ok. Actually 105 for prid so my opp takes it as VC
Carnster: Need a massive SC quarter from Sinclair
wadaramus: Swanny yes!George Clooney…not!! Good call RooBoy!
placebopie: said no one ever
heppelitis: well dom kmac…doubled yur output that qtr…lol
wtf???: @Wada…and 300’s for Ablett and Goodes (dual Brownlows)?
teachrtony: Wadaramus, just wish Priddis would kick once in a while would help.
circle52: Kmac just got his B/e
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Dylan Grimes to get a free for high contact by Shuey.
wadaramus: Double points for dual brownlows=yes fukn please!
SaintsMan: what does ‘quack’ mean?
burgz300: Grimes made a mockery of the High tackle rule just then
masterhc2: naitanui must seriously take the fewest marks of any ruckman ever, liam jones would take more lol
Carnster: what is the rubber ducky
wadaramus: Priddis gets plenty of handballs in close, more kicks please.
wtf???: @Circle52…(the sound of party poppers)…and great relief
fshow: noise ducks make
willywalks: ducking for free kicks
dipstick: alright dusty a 140-150 minimum is acceptable
colin wood: Can we get a down arrow for Cotch??
wadaramus: Bath toy.
Tony9668: Umps love Richmond
RooBoyStu: could just see m0nty singing the rubber ducky song lol
dipstick: 100% agreed. nicnat couldnt mark his jocks if he tried
wadaramus: Houli skirting the packs, get in and gt dirty man.
burgz300: never seen a player penalised for giving the ball to the ump to ball up. WOW!
heppelitis: get up you french flopper
wadaramus: NicNat skidmark, surely!
HawkTalker: Did anyone else think Vlastuin was gonna have more impact this year?
ScootD: Yeooooooo, tons it up
RooBoyStu: blue moon scott selwood, how long since he has tonned up?
Slashers: Yeeeeeeo!
kangawalla: @Tony. Umps love Richmond?? 2 absolute howling decisions against them in last 3 min!!
dipstick: dont let players overtake you now dusty ffs. its 4 qtrs not 3 periods you hear?
Tony9668: Got Yeo @ 440k, good value
simsovic: yeeo yeo!!
Tony9668: True Kanga, the Rance one was a shocker
fshow: yeah tony. got him at 400. perfection
runt: McIntosh is so bad you can only laugh
masterhc2: surely wall for mcintosh
dipstick: a 2nd DT ton for the year would be nice nicnat
frenzy: thank flower Dusty tonned up at 3/4 time
fshow: carn nic nat. finish the job, go 3 figure
kangawalla: Has Kmac had. The wall icon yet this season?
dipstick: yeah dusty about 115 at 3Q and fuck all after is expected when a games ever on the line. so repetitive
RooBoyStu: fat lady sings it’s ova
dipstick: @fshow its hard when he never gets marks or kicks
auxDT: lol at people complaining about dustin’s score
simsovic: ton up turn!
runt: I think Martin cant be blamed even one bit. Hes just got no mates
preki1: @kangawalla – yup, kmac hit the wall in rd.2
simsovic: hurn
fshow: martin has been awesome all day. agreed runt.
Tony9668: Fancy b!tching about Dusty’s score
tamoz: Martin has played consistent 4 qtrs this game
kangawalla: @preki. Cheers:)
dipstick: yeh dusty has been pretty consistent all year
heppelitis: wow cotchin just punched his way out of a paper bag,,,,just
fshow: he may not mark or kick but damn thats some tasty ruck work. has made maric look schoolboy
runt: Cotchin is like a chihuaha yapping at a rotweiler securely chained behind a high fence.
frenzy: Beaver cuts SCPls?
heppelitis: haha runt
kangawalla: @runt. Champagne comedy!
heppelitis: lol frenzy..luv it!
RooBoyStu: star nic nat, gun yeo, blue moon selwood and x factor kennedy
dipstick: hey kmac my grandma just got her 50th Sc point and shes disabled
RooBoyStu: magnet Gaff
m0nty: nominations for star please
Slashers: Young gun Yeo.
dipstick: nicnat gonna go huge. hes got a ton just from hit outs 🙂
heppelitis: beaver cut star
willywalks: dusty for star, no eagle stood out enough in my books
frenzy: surely Beaver for star
fshow: your granma is either not disclosing her true identity to the league or has a penis
auxDT: yeo/dusty
wtf???: @Dipstick…so McGovern is your Grandma?
Slashers: NicNat star
Tony9668: Star, Martin + Gaff
wadaramus: Dusty star.
SaintsMan: Yeo, dusty
willywalks: dusty gets the atlas if not the star, ellis gun
tamoz: Come on Xavier, almost there
burgz300: nicnat star
Solat: dusty easily
fshow: u should be able to say p e nis. its what it is. what if i had a medical emergency and everyone was giving tractor advic
dipstick: @fsho LOL…. they call her Caitlyn
RooBoyStu: zombie ellis
SaintsMan: yeo gotta get something
frenzy: nah Yeo gun, dustin beaver star m0nty
burgz300: nicnats tap work has been the difference maker in the game
ryanbob: Lol nic Nat star, really? Hasn’t done much in second half
Slashers: Who old get 3 votes? Maybe Gaff for star?
LuvIt74: wish i went with Dusty, i chose Danger as VC and C on Priddis
Tony9668: No real X factor tonite
dipstick: nicnat is the star for sure. dusty magnet
LuvIt74: only 96sc
heppelitis: wow m0nty gave a star to a guy that cannot mark the ball
grossn: I would say the umpires have been the difference maker in this game @burgz300
runt: I got my plow stuck in the mud once couldn’t get it out for 2 hours
runt: The star goes to Nic Klomp
fshow: heppelitis with our nightly dose of tall poppy syndrom. douche
LuvIt74: priddis just tonned up on sc
stakerz: 31 possies 3 goals only lost by 20.. will get the 3 votes
SaintsMan: k mac could get dropped
heppelitis: gold runt
RooBoyStu: down arrow Hurn
burgz300: there was some very inconsistent and strange decisions
LuvIt74: Eagles killed the tigers
LuvIt74: Tigers = Pretenders
kingcarey2: umpires were rubbish to both ends. Eagles copped rubbish calls too
Grazz: well done Dusty
frenzy: champ data reckon nic nat BOG also ?
kingcarey2: nic nat best player
devize: how does ellis only score 91
LuvIt74: @burgz u must be a tiger fan…lol
facebook23: dusty surely BOG
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
LuvIt74: it’s silly blaming umps
dipstick: pretty happy there @heppel. great coaching tonight
kingcarey2: every possy of nic nats is contested. Always scores well in that regard. No cheapies
Cyberdyne: toothless pricks
LuvIt74: Priddis 105sc now…lol
Cyberdyne: vickery DUD
circle52: As an independent there were some crap decisions that went both ways
frenzy: Kmac a little over scored?
heppelitis: tap work brilliant…athleticism great…marking a basic of the game that he doesnt do
heppelitis: good boy dipstick
LuvIt74: it might continue to climb once all scaling is done. SC scores are BS this year, last time i pay for all this.
facebook23: how does someone with 4 kicks and no marks get BOG?!
LuvIt74: NicNat is the most agile Ruckman in the comp, some guy on here told me he’s just god to tap the ball
kingcarey2: doesnt mark true. but goes and gets his own ball in contests
burgz300: i was talking in general – both ways. and unfortunately im blues
AngryRyno: pleased with bin martin as captain
kingcarey2: might needed to have watched the game facebook, he killed them
dipstick: nicnat 136? he got 100 just from HO, + 2 goals and mostly contested. should be 150+

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