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Chat log from R12 of 2015: Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R12 of 2015

frenzy: go big dangerfield
Sloaneyyyy: who the subs ?
Sloaneyyyy: hopefully Rioli will take mark of the year so Bruce can have a stroke at the same time
3rdstriker: good news CEY owners, I just traded him out, he will have a monster game
Redraptor: Carn the Hawks
Sloaneyyyy: hope so 3rd striker
luked98: letd go boys!
Sloaneyyyy: did Hawthorn dig out the worst looking uniform they could find tonight ?
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Douglas burns the ball off halfback with a kick intercepted by Shiels, who immediately finds Burgoyne for a goal.
Sloaneyyyy: Douglas makes up for it with a goal
casey22: The jumper is really, really bad! Good on a ballet dancer
Heizenberg: Hi guys how is everyine?
carlton_99: cmon lewis have u VC
circle52: Not alone ther carlton_99
Heizenberg: Yes go hodge
Sloaneyyyy: shocker kick for Lewis -3
Heizenberg: Just got hidge in
Sloaneyyyy: that shiny brown on their guernsey hurts my eyes
casey22: Imagine if your kid wanted to wear that jumper?
Sloaneyyyy: Lewis will go -3 at quarter time… his only kick so far went out on the full
zadolinnyj: Good jumper for Mardi grah
fruity: all they need are the helmets….go power rangers…lol
Bazza2014: suckers is forward?
OnTheRocks: need Sloane and Danger to spud up tonight
casey22: Go well on a synchronised swim team
zadolinnyj: People look pretty good with leopard skin shorts
Sloaneyyyy: crows efficiency is woeful tonight
dipstick: danger 25%- gees he must be close to 30SC already
meka100: Fuck you Lewis you pig
luked98: pleasse van berlo
placebopie: hello
gdshifty: ummm, TV for Gibson
dipstick: time to retire lewis… pathetic aginst decent teams
pies13: sorry guys got lewis in v sts paid top dollar made him cap 2nite dteam sori i flowerd him apologese!
SaintsMan: your kidding shifty
Bazza2014: hodge 20pts for that mark
pies13: lift lewis 4 flower sake!
dipstick: anyone know if danger is on 40sc with his 25% DE?
Torz: Stop throwing punches Hodgey!
jakem1717: danger 21 SC
jakem1717: lewis on 2SC ahahah
Sloaneyyyy: Talia kicks a bender to score a goal !
Grazz: Ugly is the new beautiful
3rdstriker: jimmy anderson outswinger
SaintsMan: shut up dipstick haha
AngryRyno: 21sc danger
Heizenberg: You kidding dipstick hes avg 32 this year
auxDT: i never looked at hodge the same way after that hit on swallow..dirty player
Yelse: lewis will be sacked from SC team this week. shocking
meka100: Lewis pathetic, goes were the ball ain’t, fucken ugly bold headed cunt
Grazz: Surely Burgoyne took that outa bounds
Fletch91: Gunston isnt doing much better for me 🙁
goes: Van berlo sc
circle52: What does Eddie have to do too get a free kick for high
AngryRyno: nvb 7sc
Bazza2014: eddies a flopper
circle52: Van Berlo 7 SG points
N.Fyfe: Lewis proceeds to double his score. Champion.
goes: Thanxs circle and anhryryno
Bazza2014: lot of lebron anger in the room
boges11: be taller circle52
pies13: wow should have held off lewis will be worth the same as grifn soon haha fmdt! lift!!
N.Fyfe: Lewis blocking out the haters.
Bazza2014: #hatershate
Ball_Hog15: Is Lewis playing a defensive role? What’s going on with him?
AngryRyno: anyone else scoop the mighty andrew phillips this week?
teachrtony: Some really dodgy umpiring in this game.
Ball_Hog15: I bet he still has a bruised shoulder
SaintsMan: dangefield 25 sc
AngryRyno: should’ve chosen hodge > mitchell
carlton_99: i think monty should give us gold names if lewis tons
meka100: Lewis is defending the grass
SaintsMan: freekick wasn’t against danger
Sloaneyyyy: crows are kicking horribly, losing the game off their own boot at the moment
Heizenberg: @sloaney ikr
Pokerface: is brodie smith completely broken as a fantasy player now?
Bazza2014: doing it great as well Meka
Ball_Hog15: Good one meka, grass winning that contest!
3rdstriker: it might be better waiting till next year for smith, confidence looks shot
Bazza2014: eddy is a diver a flopper, and fucking prick
Bazza2014: eddy can suck my extremely large prick
Sloaneyyyy: 10 minutes of hard word for 1 goal for the crows, hawks will probably get the next one within 30 seconds
Sloaneyyyy: work*
N.Fyfe: Bazza please stop.
SaintsMan: lol lewis
Sloaneyyyy: Lewis gives another free kick away
burgz300: lewis in negatives?
RooBoyStu: Give Lewis the burger icon, looks fat and slow, had a good week off by the looks
Sloaneyyyy: yeah I think I’ll stick with Goldstein as captain… lewis is just deplorable tonight
zadolinnyj: Umpires calling nothing. Hope the rest of the weekend is not like this
rosty63: phark teres a lot of whinging happining here ffs.
N.Fyfe: Lewis up and about.
Ball_Hog15: Give Lewis the tag icon and write “tagged by grass”
Fletch91: Gunston on ground?
Sloaneyyyy: why the fuck don’t the crows just kick out to Jenkins after every point…. that kick in went directly to the Hawks
rosty63: there’s
Sloaneyyyy: clearly the crows are distracted by the shiny poo-brown uniform of the Hawks
dipstick: thats it lake- show lewis and the smiths how toscore
RooBoyStu: lol sloaney not the best idea having a white jumper then have brown on it, looks like loo paper lol
SaintsMan: danger hasn’t touched it for 10 mins
Sloaneyyyy: Walker down with a shoulder injury!
3rdstriker: walker in trouble
circle52: Tex down
3rdstriker: might be ok, could be a corked hip
Sloaneyyyy: yeah hip
Grazz: I like the Hawks but they are dirty mungrels
3rdstriker: adelaide looked completely out of this 2 minutes ago, come back strong
Fletch91: Fml Gunston!
zadolinnyj: Dirty flowers hawthorn
meka100: Lewis hitting blokes again, just fuck off and get suspended again
dipstick: yeh lewis will get the vest if the angry flog doesnt change his attitude
Sloaneyyyy: keeps it interesting at least… especially if the crows get the first one or two after half time
goes: How much sc is van berlo on
Sloaneyyyy: crows need to get a lot more tackles if they want to hang in this one
simsovic: sc frawley please?
simsovic: burgoyne sc?
circle52: Frawley 37 SC Points
colin wood: Cyril 55sc at 20% lol
circle52: Burgoyne 63 SC Points
Hawkatack: love seeing Big dopey Walker smashed in a bump by little Mitchell Ba ha ha
colin wood: Cyril just tied his shoe lace up +5
Derekcraig: Rioli 5 touches but 8 tackles
Grazz: Not hard when you lift your knee Hawkatack
fshow: walker can east kick 10 goals. counting to 10 on the other hand…
Hawkatack: @Grazz the big poof shouldnt try and block off the ball
Grazz: haha
nic-n-nat: What’s up with Lewis! He’s my loophole!
circle52: he laernt to block from Gunston
dipstick: better ton up hodgey. i paid top$ for you ruff nut!
Grazz: Time to put on the rubber boots cause the bullshower is getting pretty deep now
kangawalla: Hawkatack arrogance reminiscent of the thei
Yelse: lewis better get his kicking boots on. want a 20 possesion half min
Hawkatack: @circle52 you learnt to spell from dopey Walker
dipstick: lewis tryna corkscrew m0nty by giving us all purple names if he tons up i reckon
kangawalla: Hawkatack arrogance reminiscent of the the Blues fans in their glory days
Hawkatack: were a happy team at Hawthorn ….threepeat only months away
desmondo: fmd..lewis and gunston in gameday 🙁
dipstick: prob. lyon reckons crawley could play finals and it will totally fuck the new freo style haha
N.Fyfe: Lewis for Cape
casey22: Lewsi not a keeper at this rate
frenzy: give Lewis the trash can already
kangawalla: @Hawkatack. You probably should avoid highlighting other people’s spelling errors when you have trouble spelling a littl
leeroy81: Lewis averages 124, scores 80, has a slow start next game and you declare he isn’t a keeper….
casey22: Correct, going downhill
kangawalla: *like “we’re”!
dipstick: lewis not for SC. 125 avge DT and 105 avg SC says alot and he wont avge 125 DT from here
casey22: Looks sluggish as if carrying injury
leeroy81: Good luck with your ranking sideways trading premos every time they have a couple average games
wtf???: CEY nice user of the ball but needs to find more of it
Hawkatack: @kangawanka Punctuation and spelling are not the same you nuffa
dipstick: if you can slow down sloaney coz im gonna pluck you next week nice n cheap
frenzy: Gee mInty’s quiet tonite
Sloaneyyyy: tex probably going to get subbed, hobbling around like an old lady
3rdstriker: walker might be done
Hawkatack: no ticker Walker going off for a cuddle
wtf???: Jenkins about to do the 1 thing that will get him a game next week
kangawalla: All part of good grammar Hawkatack.
wtf???: …or not…useless player
Sloaneyyyy: yeah sorry, Hawkatack, he probably should have punched more players behind play like your mob
LuvIt74: Sloane dog back to his best on his first game.
LuvIt74: I will be putting him in next week
colin wood: Lift hodge FFS
dipstick: ffs hodge. get in there
Grazz: C’mon Crows
LuvIt74: @dipstick i doubt you’ll get sloane much cheaper then he currently is, especially on SC, im getting him next week also.
fshow: keep going luke
Grazz: Yessssssssss
Sloaneyyyy: what a surprise packet Laird has been this year
dipstick: i dont sideways but youre gone lewis before you drop to the price of a rookie
auxDT: cmon crows beat these dirty mob
fshow: may as well dollar sign van berlo. it’ll be his last week in most teams
Bricktop: Betts is a Poor Man Rioli
wtf???: Hawkws were lulled into thinking this was gonna be easy…now learning a lesson
3rdstriker: some of the crows decision-making has been bewildering
carlton_99: lewis and danger supercoach pls
zadolinnyj: Yet he is kicking a lot of goals @bricktop?? 1 + 1 = 3????
Sloaneyyyy: fuck, i love to watch Dangerfield…
dipstick: heheh you cant $$ NVB until the last qtr when he gets 54 points
Grazz: agree 3rdstriker
jakem1717: lewis 31 danger 89
SaintsMan: keep it up danger
OnTheRocks: dont fking stop now hodge
circle52: Lewis 31 Danger 76
placebopie: shoot out
N.Fyfe: Tipped hawks but would love the crows to win!
wtf???: turning into a great game now
Grazz: its a shootout
frenzy: enjoy his last games sloaneyyy
Hawkatack: Lewis 31 Danver 90
casey22: Game is in good shape with Rioli & Danger are playing
poolboybob: Schoenmakers is a crab
circle52: Great game now – umps still letting too much go imo
dipstick: danger will be navy blue next year i hear
HappyDEZ: 19 individual goal kickers with 0 from Gunston & Roughy.
zadolinnyj: Agree circle
runt: The yabbies at Moggs creek are calling
Grazz: Thats bullshower umpire
Sloaneyyyy: danger will either be geelong or crows next year
circle52: Agree Grazz – Ducked the head and yet Eddie gets pushed in back just before no free
wtf???: Pity there’s no interest in Jenkins…he can go NOW
carlton_99: danger was 49 at half time thats only 39 points not 50
colmullet: bad quarter Sloane come on!
zadolinnyj: Brad crouch was moved into live with walker this year as they think danger is gone and the crouches are the future
wtf???: Hawks and umps sharing the same changerooms?
dipstick: LOL danger at cats. danger STRESSED this is his career. he will go where the $$ at. no judd plenty $$
HappyDEZ: Hodge becomes the 20th.
Torz: Danger would look good in purple.
Grazz: Nice grab
wtf???: Danger will go where the media opportunities are best…somewhere in Melb unfortunately
wtf???: “In Melb” includes Geelong.
zadolinnyj: One things for sure,no one looks good in the Hawks jumper.
runt: Dangerfield will go to Geelong as they have a future, he wont make the same mistake as Judd
Torz: Hodge has gone bang in the last 5 mins.
dipstick: geelong will NEVER pay someone huge $$ its their culture
Grazz: omg umpire
colin wood: Carlton list manager said they’re almost full cap lol
3rdstriker: gee they’ve let a lot go and paid some absolutely shocking free kicks
Sloaneyyyy: QUACK goes Mitchell
LuvIt74: Danger will be going to geelong its a done deal if u speak to the right people
Torz: Not surprising Colin. Big Levi demands big money.
circle52: Hawks still out tackling the Crows
meka100: Sloane shithouse quarter
Grazz: Warnock is the Blues 3rd highest paid player its laughable really
zadolinnyj: Apparently wants to have a family so will move to Geelong to be around his. Money won’t be driver. Crows will give him $
runt: Hawks quieted the crowd down
colin wood: Carlton at full cap and refuse to move Gibbs, yarran, Murphy etc…
happytimes: Do the Hawks still have some buddy money leftover?
dipstick: @colin no more juddy and they can piss of a couple over paid drips
LuvIt74: He’ll be getting minimum $800k but more realistacly around $1 Mil a year
zadolinnyj: My sources close to the crouch family said that Sloane actually siigned in jan
Sloaneyyyy: either way, i’ll enjoy this season while he’s still at the Crows
runt: If Carlton make Dangerfield captain/coach he may consider going there
zadolinnyj: Apparently asked to delay the announcement to take the pressure off danger. If true, Rory is a legend
LuvIt74: and rightly so, he deserves getting at least $1 mil, compared to all these young kids that are on huge salaries.
dipstick: danger is a million $$ man and he knows it… and he wants it
jfitty: Jacobs only on 60, wow
J_Pinkman: it’s hilarious carl @ full cap. Warnock 450k say what???
wtf???: @Zado…gee, that’s not like the Crows to stage manage an announcement…lol, but thats extreme even by their standards
zadolinnyj: Danger plays similar to Jude so will be a good early trade but probably will have a bashed body by 28
auxDT: schoenmakers subbed out apparently
zadolinnyj: Apparently Sloane is a flowering great bloke
vamos77: Danger is agun no doubt but has the skills of an over zealous 14 year old, not worth a mill a season
frenzy: billy the kid is on for shoey
LuvIt74: If u or anyone including myself have proven themselves to be one of the best midfielders in the comp ud want it too
LuvIt74: I know i would
dipstick: blues can give gibbs and trade for danger easy done. plus juddys $$ and piss off a few other slackers
wtf???: Why do they continue to give the ball to Jacobs…slowest bloke on the ground who inevitably coughs it up
LuvIt74: @vamos77 if Ward, Boyd and all the others are getting $1 Mill per year that means Danger should get $2 Mil & GAJ $5 Mil
zadolinnyj: Clearly Carlton no chance. He also stated success is important
LuvIt74: its a joke what some players are getting
Raspel31: Great gallery opening -wot’s going on guys. Fill me in.
Bricktop: um..have any of u guys ever heard of a salary cap before??
LuvIt74: @dipstick Danger wont go to a crap side like carlton, are u nuts
Grazz: agree LuvIt74 some getting way overs
LuvIt74: Danger wants flags
dipstick: hahaha lebronis worth $54 million or 5 AFL teams salary cap
wtf???: Board position at Visy waiting for Danger?
wtf???: game, set, match.
m0nty: bit early for the fat lady
Hawkatack: pow pow pow goodnight Crows
Sloaneyyyy: yep game over now… bad lucky crows, another good fight
placebopie: will win by 40 now
casey22: Tissues for Bwuce
runt: Crows have fired all their shots
Grazz: ouch
placebopie: how about now monty?
Hawkatack: traing session for the lat 15 minutes
zadolinnyj: Cameron misses and the dam breaks
circle52: fat lady gargling now
dipstick: i need 130 vc please hodgey
m0nty: okay now
Sloaneyyyy: can blame Cameron for missing that earlier easy set shot… completely turned the momentum
casey22: m0nty will at keyboard next week in one of those jumpers
Raspel31: Are Hawks fans perhaps the worst winners-no dignity at all.
Grazz: Good to see you fire up Hawkatack you been quiet for 30 minutes
wtf???: minutes Vs goals…#thedreamsstillalive…lol
RooBoyStu: Down Arrow for Lewis
LuvIt74: @Bricktop the salary cap works overall as a club, not individuals.
frenzy: lift danger
Hawkatack: Gold jumpers reserved for champions
Grazz: Frontrunner
Sloaneyyyy: Lewis going to leak cash for the next 3 weeks at least
LuvIt74: sloane will go up next week i reckon at this rate
RooBoyStu: Lewis is so far off his break evens it’s not funny
Sloaneyyyy: Poo-brown jumpers reserved for dirty players
zadolinnyj: Looking forward to the return of otten and brad crouch
placebopie: danger gone after spray from camporeale 😀
sticky12: Rasped.
dipstick: fat lady just threw up coz she saw how fucken useless lewis is in her SC team
LuvIt74: @RooBoy im finding it very funny. lol
Hawkatack: Hawks fans prop up the AFL with final ticket sales year in year out
sticky12: Oops raspel I find Hawks supporters at work the worse…not bad on here but arrogant bastards at work
zadolinnyj: Lol dipstick
wtf???: Crows on the phone to Danger upping their offer
Heizenberg: Lol luvit
RooBoyStu: think Lewis stayed at Robbo’s house over the week off and had too many frothies
vamos77: Dangerfield would make a good corn farmer, he’s the best in the game at hacking
LuvIt74: Might end up getting Lewis in round 14 or 15 coz he might be worth $150k lmao
Sloaneyyyy: lol wtf???
Hawkatack: Hard to be humble when your lathered in glory
frenzy: wtf? danger
wtf???: Danger to go beserk for the next 10 minutes…240 SC points
Heizenberg: I work woth a hawk supporter and shes cool
Torz: Danger playing as a glorified runner this quarter.
Heizenberg: Lol wtf
Raspel31: Lolsticky-lot oflolgoing on.
Heizenberg: Lol,yeah raspel
zadolinnyj: Weird that laird being played as midfielder
Heizenberg: Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Heizenberg: Joke plz dont ban me
Raspel31: Lol Heizenberg.
happytimes: Weird that danger spent 10 min on the bench
sticky12: Lairds been scoring well…will that stop when b smith comes back healthy?
Heizenberg: Hahahah
LuvIt74: Did u hear bruce, his arousal curve done a 360 REOLIIIII
zadolinnyj: Worst market ever Rioli. Bruce’s lube on the fingers
simsovic: hahaha the burger has mae
simsovic: made a rare appearance!
Grazz: haha
Raspel31: This was the round I’m prepared to lose. But interesting.
RooBoyStu: touch the ball Hodge, you’ve stopped
auxDT: would anyone take Jacobs’ score as VC in Fantasy?
Sloaneyyyy: VB having a shocker tonight
sticky12: Me too raspel but my opponent had the same idea and I’m projected to win by 200 points, stoked
RooBoyStu: has anybody ever got the burger and the bin before? Lewis might lol
jfitty: Give Lewis butchers knife too, he might need that to cut up his burger
wtf???: Fantasy scores tell it as it is…top 10 from each team pretty even, but Hawks bottom 10 clearly superior
zadolinnyj: Game gone passed van berlo. Gone soon from crows I think
m0nty: nominations for star please
OnTheRocks: Lewis = Superman Burger
redwallis: Burgoyne star
casey22: I’m sure there was a point of time when the Crows just gave up!
carlton_99: shiels for star
3rdstriker: smith or hodge
Grazz: Danger
Sloaneyyyy: 32 pt quarter for crouch… will do very well when he can avoid the vest
RooBoyStu: Hodge star 88% eff
wtf???: Yep…give it tp Jacobs = turnover
Raspel31: Dropped Fyfe for Gunston tonight. Mistake. ?
fshow: hodge for star
redwallis: burgoyne easily imo.
frenzy: magnifying glass for dangerfield, or yin yang
happytimes: Might of got 33pts. But not convincing
colin wood: Ish smith X factor
wtf???: That’ll be enough for Jenkins to get a game next week.
zadolinnyj: Matt crouch has a discipline off field problem and has for 2 years. Will be a gun once a
zadolinnyj: He matures
wtf???: unfortunately
dipstick: oggh bruce loves a bowl of cyriol in the morning
Grazz: Your a ripper Sloaney
Grazz: all heart
casey22: Team effort from hawks but star to mitchell
meka100: Lewis fucken useless, at least Slone’s been good
LuvIt74: I’m glad i missed out on Gunston
frenzy: danger already doing his cool down
wtf???: LOL…Jenkins has no idea…no feel for the game
LuvIt74: Well at least Sloane wont go up in SC now
Grazz: Well done Hawks to much class across the ground
Hawkatack: threepeat locked
LuvIt74: Sloane 15sc and his break even was 118
Sloaneyyyy: pretty happy with that from Wright, considering his price
RooBoyStu: Breust x factor 3 goals
frenzy: she’s shut down on ya m0nty
RooBoyStu: m0nty asked Bruce for x factor lol Cyril

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