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Chat log from R11 of 2015: St Kilda vs Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs Melbourne, R11 of 2015

facebook23: first
AngryRyno: anyone else tip saints?
DanBlack: Anyone got odds for time until dipstick says something stupid?
gers: I’m sure most tipped saints given they are favs?
AngryRyno: wouldn’t know, don’t check the odds and couldn’t see either team winning definitively
uptoolate: @Dan … lol …. re Dipnit …. he’ll manage something pretty stupid pretty shortly ….
the worm: both teams are that ordinary, its anyone’s game
DanBlack: @uptoolate You giving me $1.01
uptoolate: not sure I agree wormz …. both are ‘up and coming’ …. but IS a hard game to pick ! … I’m on Dees 1-39
the worm: up and coming means they are good….or not good yet?
uptoolate: good soon
the worm: but not good yet… glad we are in agreeance 😀
uptoolate: up and coming implies a young side ….. ‘rebuilding’ …. 1-2-3 years from being serious contenders ….. it’swhat ha
RooBoyStu: Dees are shower at Etihad, lost their last 20 there and haven’t beaten Saints since 2006
uptoolate: u don’t need to be Einstein to see that Saints & Dees are not in this years race ,,,, … but next years and the one a
the worm: im in total agreeance with you, they are rebuilding and not good yet
uptoolate: :0) … as to who will win tonite …. I differ with RooBoy …. reckn the Dees will get up !
Coutzy: Anything think Lamumba is capable of holding a 90 point lead over Hogan, Newnes and McKenzie?
Coutzy: Or should I roll the dice and downgrade someone to Neal-Bullen?
the worm: im just here to play ff bingo….if i see the words flog, shower, flower, idiot and 5 racist comments i win
miner4pts: mckenzie not playing
Coutzy: Looks like everything is coming up Milhouse, then!
uptoolate: can I offer an early apology for Dipnit. He’d like to be with us but on the turps and fell off his chair ! :0)
uptoolate: @wormz … get over yourself
Rebuild: Still have the last time Melb beat StK taped on my DVR. Not gonna delete it til we win again. It’s been almost 10 years
carlton_99: i went melbourne for this game. carn the dees hope hogan and mcdona;d go big
uptoolate: you kepp dumoing my comments Monty and i’ll keep posting …
uptoolate: 3rd time attempt to back up rebuild …. Dees time is now !
uptoolate: and that’s from a Doggie’s supporter
redwallis: Newnes and McKenzie VS Hogan & 46 points… Bloody McKenzie not playing! Hope Hogan has a stinker just this once lol
m0nty: icon list updated, may need a shift reload
RooBoyStu: Gilbert should have a camera icon, after those pics years ago lol
tor01doc: upTOOLate – hi again.
frenzy: nothing fancy Lolnumba
facebook23: hogan! hogan! hogan! hogan! hogan! hogan! hogan!
SaintsMan: Cmon Boys!
uptoolate: Hi Tor …. 2nd attempt … Monty being a farkwit
RooBoyStu: Steven just need you to raise the bat
tor01doc: uptoolate – m0nty is a Hawk. He is good.
frenzy: whos got this game, monty or his A team
uptoolate: Hogan !
Apachecats: Hogan! You wee ripper!!
uptoolate: Brayshaw c’mon …
uptoolate: @tor …. Monty just is ….. he will delete this …
3rdstriker: Playing someone with hogan and lonie, typical of my luck
tor01doc: Ha. m0nty owns you. Hogan go go go.
SaintsMan: flower off hogan
luked98: Hogan! What a star
stakerz: hoggggggesssssss
facebook23: jesse hogan – most loved player in the game without a doubt
h a mm e r: Up against The Footy Show this weekend. I’m already up by 341 (2075-1734) and have it in the bag. Still have Hogan and M
AngryRyno: hogan and lonie, this a dream start
RooBoyStu: $ already Lonie
h a mm e r: Go boys!
LuvIt74: Wish i kept Lonie now i only have 17 players playing and might win all my league games well 3 for sure.
Yelse: boys is the super coach livescore down?
tamoz: Get involved savage
miner4pts: newnes and flames…. not seen that this season
frenzy: lift enry walt
AngryRyno: so theres 7 jacks playing, and 3 additional jacks were dropped at selection.
rosty63: stretch longer lol.
luked98: steven works so hard
the worm: yep, one possession for newnes earns him flames
iZander: cmon stretch you beast
luked98: lol angryryno
luked98: newnes is a tackling machine today
FishMonger: savage stretch longer..
RooBoyStu: Jack is the most common name in the AFL including both first names and surnames
miner4pts: newnes has gawn savage
RooBoyStu: *most common currently
LuvIt74: Cmon stretch u doncky do more
AngryRyno: st kilda have 7 jacks on the senior list alone i believe
LuvIt74: I know allot of players do Jack u know what?
Ben_Gogos: Ohh wow Gilbert
Costanza: go Devils
dipstick: cmon newnes. all the points you can get please before you disappear in the 2nd half
sticky12: Not sure the live game blog is correct. Reiwoldts goal was kicked thru from the goal square….not deep in the pocket
Jair: bring it home Lonie
LuvIt74: Melbournes away guernsey looks bloody stupid.
grossn: I’m 1717 after 14. Shame I couldn’t field 18 and failed to E Titch after loopholing fyfe. FML
OnTheRocks: cmon Hogan, kick all of the Demon’s goals for max points please
tamoz: Weller should be tagging Jones!
mijg: 1990 last week 2000+ this week with 18 players. Go figure
AngryRyno: don’t tell me! the icon list is updated! no more questions about “what is the +1 icon” now at least…
facebook23: nobody actually cares what ur scores are, random internet people
grossn: @mijg my lowest scoring player is Swanny (sc)
LuvIt74: damn that was ugly
Yelse: is foxfooty SC scores working for you guys?
uptoolate: agreez ith facebook …. we have no interest
LuvIt74: @Grossn 80 your lowest score, how many players do u have playing & what’s your score?
luked98: yelse, nah not for me
h a mm e r: @grossn your players are avg 122.6! CRAZY
RooBoyStu: if Montagna was gonna play every game here on he would be POD
frenzy: Will Gilbert stay fit
runt: Melbournes jumper is pissing me off. From behind I think they are St-Kilda
AngryRyno: jesse really doesn’t get the footy other than for a shot on goal does he
uptoolate: gooo Brayshaw ! … rising star ….
teachrtony: Yelsa, no it is not. Is working on my phone though
LuvIt74: @runt totally agree
h a mm e r: That’s highly unlikely, me thinks you telling porkies 😉
runt: I want to go on record as saying Howe is shit. Can only jump
mijg: Yes they do see. Ignor if you feel inferior.
wadaramus: SC scores working on the moby.
tamoz: Someone please tag Jones!
AngryRyno: hogan 26sc, lonie 24sc, newnes 25sc, jones 49sc
Yelse: yup than guys phone working
uptoolate: dees can win this …!
frenzy: cape Jones
wadaramus: Carn Hogan and Newnes, 100 each please.
dipstick: awesome newnes. will be happy with 70-80 from you
JDolling69: Less FA please Armitage
wadaramus: Wierd thing when I go to SC live scores, it logs me in as Pierce?!
facebook23: jones is so good
auxDT: Hogan needs to push up the ground and take marks
mijg: We all know Loni will finish down the bottom somewhere.
frenzy: Jeffy needs a pink donut
luked98: same here aha
teachrtony: lol, me too wadaramus
facebook23: jeff had a kick, so no.
LuvIt74: @wadaramus what is the site m8?
luked98: fox sports match center luvit, gives you live sc scores
wadaramus: Fox Sports Superfooty Live Scores
mjdub: Newnes is a true Australian hero and one of the finest players of his generation
wadaramus: Thought someone had hacked my account when I saw I was logged in as Pierce!
h a mm e r: To score that from 13 players, each player wld need to avg 126+…highly unlikely. Please name all 13 players
auxDT: newnes on track for a 55
teachrtony: Is weird as has my team, and sometimes has my name but mostlt shows Pierce? Go figure!
wadaramus: Newnes 39sc.
mjdub: On track for 155* I even have the C on him
gswfc: What do we reckon par will be for sc this round? 1900?
frenzy: there’s no par in byes
wadaramus: I eckon it’s a fairly good scoring round, maybe 1950?
tamoz: Kee at it Brayshaw!
AngryRyno: who’s running with jones? no touches this qtr
grossn: I’ll get 1900+ from 16. I am so sad right now
teachrtony: Yeah, with Fyfe going large and a lot of premos 120+ 1950 ish
LuvIt74: Do melbourne know this if called football not hand ball.
tamoz: Weller on Jones finally!
luked98: Weller is tagging jones now
gswfc: Lift Mcdonald
linusp: hopefully jones possys are all contested and he scores 150 then
dipstick: @luvit some people even say they play AFL instead of aussie rules
wadaramus: Newnes 53sc, projected 90, should get there!
teachrtony: Jones 49
wadaramus: Hogan stuck on 26sc, lift mate!
linusp: jones with another 12 contested ball gets and a half dozen tackles will score big.
tamoz: Loving the effort from Montagna!
wadaramus: A real bug bear of mine dipstick.
AngryRyno: spot on, you don’t play Australian Football League your play Australian Football (AF, though the acronym is taken)
SaintsMan: montagna has never not got the ton
wadaramus: We play Australian Rules Football, not AFL!
AngryRyno: who was it who said their name came up as Pierce
linusp: massive difference in tackles
teachrtony: Ryno, sounds like all of us
wadaramus: That was me and a few others Angry
LuvIt74: @dipstick who ever plays Aussie Rules Footy and refers to it as for example “I play AFL” is a idiot
shaker: Jeez there is lot crap talked about on this chat cmon Monty put the foot down
miner4pts: the pirce thing has been coming up for weeks
m0nty: back on this game please
linusp: get a touch jones… least a tackle
colin wood: agree shaker
wadaramus: If you take the crap out theres not much left shaker 🙂
SubOptimal: +1 shaker this isn’t English class, get over yourselves
auxDT: i play NBA
dipstick: the gift, the prince, the man who has the last laugh is a joke. thats you lumumba
gswfc: Newnes hasn’t done anything for 10 minutes #getatouch
colin wood: agree Sub
teachrtony: agree Dipstick
colin wood: upgrading lumumba after next week put him in my mids and trade in for a premo
wadaramus: Excellent call gswfc!
mijg: Whats this +12 bullshit loni.
linusp: not one touch for jones this entire quarter… terrible by the capt.,
AngryRyno: jones no touches this qtr, great job by weller
wadaramus: Doh, Newnes not Hogan.
frenzy: so glad Tmac fell off his perch
stubba11: yes Lonie – go you good thing!
shaker: Yeah have kept Harry till now but I now realize he is a spud
LuvIt74: What is with these players today, with long hair & little dog turd pony tails….
mijg: Yeah Tmac been shit since I brought hom in. Typical. Watched him last week and cant see how he ever got those big scores
auxDT: gonna have to endure lumumbas shitness for one more week then bang bang!
frenzy: and jeffy needs sum thing more than an icicle
gswfc: Great job Newnes, way to cease the flame #lift
elvundir: whats going on with garlet??
Bomberbill: Jones…Superhero to Super Zero qtr?
wadaramus: Top knots LuvIt, they’re the latest trend!
OnTheRocks: just need Hogan to get to 50 to cancel the difference then it’s a race between TMac vs Lamumba to decide if i win
SaintsMan: lone you gun!
elvundir: I got 153 and Garlett vs mcdonald and lonie
wadaramus: Hogan 45sc.
Raspel31: Bushido code Luvit.
linusp: Jones will fire 3rd quarter, when Roos rockets him. He’ll get team mates to help with tag blocks
LuvIt74: They must of found this new hair style from the Topknot Pigeon
linusp: Hogan, absolute Gun
LuvIt74: Actually I can imagine Higgo saying something like that
OnTheRocks: copying Joakim Noah from the Bulls
tamoz: Lift Savage!
linusp: imagine Hogan in a few years
gswfc: YES! Newnes laid a tackle
sticky12: U should win elvundir
Apachecats: LoveGarlett! Anyone have him?
Hawks_15: Hogan looks good because melbourne are lacking forwards. No one to kick too
Bomberbill: Melb vs Port…Colonel Hogan at one ens…Sargaent Shultz at the other
colin wood: Gus Brayshaw looks to be a potential ‘Bonti’ pick next year
linusp: hogan has 100 DE, 4 goals from 4 shots… looks good either way
gswfc: Max Gawn got 98 last week is currently 60 sc
runt: @Hawks_15 Bullshit, Hogan can play
ryanbob: brayshaw has been my cover for rockliff, have been very happy with his efforts
colin wood: nice ryan!
OnTheRocks: Hogan capable of 8+ haul?
Hawks_15: @ runt. didnt say he couldn’t. He is great but Melbourne need forwards
Apachecats: Very good to hear none of you have Garlett (or admitting to it)
shaker: Hogan is just at the start the only one I can see cracking the ton in the future
runt: With more good forwards Hogan will look even better
Hawks_15: agreed
shaker: I have him AP but only in DT and AF
OnTheRocks: going to be impressed if Hogun gets his BE
Jukes82: whats his BE?
runt: just for some historical fluff on 19th June 1915 St-Kilda were 1.1.7 at qtr time and finished on 1.1.7
DanBlack: Gogos can you give me purple if Jack Steven tonnes up?
m0nty: I will give everyone purple for life if Garlett tons up
LuvIt74: +74 with Hogan & Stretch vs Lonie & Newnes who do you think wins?
LuvIt74: The Ungifted one will be lucky to make his SC Break Even
Raspel31: You know you think you’ll win Luvit-you just want to hear it
23rookie23: Guaranteed half the people are not adding the best 18 up correctly. Happens every year so use a calculator to be sure
LuvIt74: @Raspel hope so coz Stretch isn’t doing mutch
Raspel31: True Luvit
DanBlack: lol M0nty. You’re no fun!
Raspel31: Steven-not the game to take a holiday.
Ben_Gogos: Gilbert is horrendous almost weekly
runt: Gilbert is IQ challenged
mijg: Only have 18 so think its good.
Hawks_15: b.stretch for the cape already
jfitty: I guess McDonald just raised the bat in SC?
runt: McDonalds goal was just him exorcising some personal demons
frenzy: its all about contested possies, oh wait, forget that
the spud: montagna tackling like a man possesed. Great for my elite team
RooBoyStu: lucky Gilbert doesn’t play every week, today is his first game since rd 22 2014
stakerz: hogannnnnn
tor01doc: Go you skanky Ho’ Gun!
willywalks: toumpas for the blue moon already!
runt: Sandy Roberts keeps calling Toumpas, Toomp arse
LuvIt74: Carn the Dees, I really enjoy giving my mate some crap about the Saint’s
facebook23: how does hogan not have the target icon?!
RooBoyStu: @runt expect Adam Goodes to make a statement about that.
tamoz: Go Brayshaw!
RooBoyStu: if Hogan was Roughead he’d get the target icon
runt: Sandy Roberts has made the adjustment and dropped the arse
Hodgeey: Tmac supercoach anyone?
23rookie23: Currently watching this from Spain on holiday! Newnes and Prince SC?
shaker: Garlett turns out he is the same as he was at the blues ….laz
runt: All you hear is Toumpas, Toumpas , Toumpas
frenzy: gotta feel for all those that went ANB early
tamoz: Lift Savage!
runt: @23rookie23 The artist formerly known as Vince?
shaker: I will just finish that Garlett is just lazy
happytimes: Fuck off frenzy
23rookie23: Na the fucking Turd LOWnumba:-)
tamoz: Well done Joey!
frenzy: Lol happytimes is one
happytimes: Newness not looking good and yes
runt: “Get the feel of the Melbourne coaches box”. Have to get rid of that particular phrase if a female ends up coaching AFL.
luked98: delaney subbed
Derekcraig: Newnes 68Sc. Linumbumma 49sc
RooBoyStu: time for dinner
runt: Sandy back with Toumparse again out of nowhere
kangawalla: Raise the bat Toomp. Still got a way to go to beat Ollie W tho!
23rookie23: @happytime Newnes not good????
JDolling69: do something armitage ffs
23rookie23: Cheers derek
happytimes: Looked like he was limping
LuvIt74: ok Neal-Bullen
luked98: muppet hogan
wadaramus: Newnes corky, strapped up back on the ground.
LuvIt74: Nice to see lumumba surpass his break even
Ben_Gogos: Hogan receives the muppet for that horrible effort at goal taking the advantage and then missing from point blank range
facebook23: why the muppet on hogan?!?!?!
facebook23: oh ok. thanks
runt: Melbourne winning the Jack Cup so far. close though
LuvIt74: The umps carnt be bothered blowing the whistel
FlagDog: Lonie, not a touch for the qtr… flog
runt: This is an absolute cliffhanger
the worm: why all the lumumba hatred…averged 70 last year, and the same agin this year…i dont get it
colin wood: step up armitage…
SaintsMan: knick off flapdog
Jair: Lonie for the winner
SubOptimal: cause mumbler was supposed to lift in a poor team that would have the ball in the defensive half for an entire season
LuvIt74: @the worm i think his attitude has allot to do with it. After all he believes he’s the Prince
FlagDog: spudding it up nicvely 😉
shaker: Lumumba had a balltearer preseason his season has been crap
23rookie23: @worm no one had him last year and this year heaps do due to club change and pre season form. Pretty obvious dude
Yelse: this year has taught me if weller plays newnes a started if not benched
frenzy: Toepus in un-chartered terrortory
LuvIt74: I’m only keeping Lumumba till round 13 then trading him out for Houli
sticky12: Lumumba and newnes were (supposedly) SuperCoach gems this year…neither delivered so they burnt me 2 trades early
runt: Steven and Armitage both need to play 1 more top qtr and then have a well deserved rest
colin wood: moving lumumba into the mids and trading for my last premo mid thinking priddis
frenzy: people like paying nothing for supposed keepers
Derekcraig: Newnes 83, tmc 83, hogan 79, lumumba 53sc
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t be complaining about newnes he has done ok the past 5 rounds or so
Raspel31: Agreed runt
the worm: has paying attention to the preseason ever done anything other than ruin everyone’s teams?
23rookie23: Your a champion Derek cheers mate
Derekcraig: Need to trade 2 of Saad, newnes, KK or Ibbotson?
23rookie23: @worm you must be ranked in the top 10 on the back of that wisdom!
runt: In colouful French “Pull your bloody fingers out!” Armitage and Steven!!
3rdstriker: Surely the icon you were looking for for Toumpas is the blue moon, even that understates how rare this is
sticky12: Newnes has stepped up, I traded him for MacDonald and early it was great but McDonald needing a break I reckon
the worm: no, cos i get sucked in too….
LuvIt74: Sense it became the NAB challenge the pre season means squat
Derekcraig: I need newnes to get 99sc and I’ll get 2000 this week
runt: My political auto correct feature always dilutes my meaning
LuvIt74: @sticky u traded McDonald to Newnes, what round did u make that move?
man0005: I need newnes to get 99sc and I’ll get 2000 this week
Apachecats: Glad you’re no in my leagues Mano
gswfc: Don’t hold your breath @man0005
sticky12: Luvit nah newnes to MacDonald about round
sticky12: 4, they compared his stats to ranches in the sun and they were very similar but he was a lot cheaper
AngryRyno: newnes 82sc
LuvIt74: ok Sticky that’s a better move, yeah mcdonald has been a little quiet of late but still a top defender
gswfc: Get a touch Mcdonald and Newnes pls
pies13: i need lamumba 2score well sumtime this serason will that happen? haha
shaker: Garlett what a disgrace
LuvIt74: This year if u can find 6 defenders that score 85+ week in week out then your killing it
pies13: season
frenzy: put the muppet back on Hogan
auxDT: newnesy’s flame died
runt: Dont worry Pies13 nobody expects you guys to be able to spell
pies13: @luvit agree
pies13: haha thanks @runt
teachrtony: TMac tons up SC
roshanetw: jetta with the big fly
tiges4ever: lumumba sc?
sticky12: True lovit, I’ve still got Oxley and mcintosh who are inconsistent
runt: @Pies13 Sorry that was rubbish by me.
Mcswains: I would love 120+ from McDonald
luked98: watts muppet
LuvIt74: Gift on 61sc
AngryRyno: draw om the cards?
SubOptimal: the muppetry in Q4 is at an all-time high
23rookie23: Seriously can McDonald die! Far out
LuvIt74: I got rid of Mcintosh for Pearce this week.
AngryRyno: newnes 92sc
pies13: nah least it wasnt the u got no teethe comment somthing dif i liked it haha@runt
Jukes82: good recovery from jack steven.
happytimes: Any danger of goal
sticky12: Good move lovit, I went brown to Hamling.. After a week of changing between Pearce and Hamling…probably blew it
frenzy: captains goal coming up
sticky12: Especially after pearces score this week
JDolling69: first and last time you are my capt, armitage
tor01doc: Roooob
carlton_99: how long left
LuvIt74: @JDolling69 Don’t u have Fyfe?
tor01doc: Roo oob
RooBoyStu: heart Riewoldt
SaintsMan: 4 mins
LuvIt74: 5 minutes
23rookie23: Newnes or The Prince please kick the winner I don’t care who!!!
stakerz: how is that a freekick
Hawks_15: Give montagna something, he is ultra consistant
JDolling69: Nope, this is fantasy im talking about
dipstick: hey fuck you garlett
LuvIt74: Saints should have been at least 3 goals up but inconsistent
grossn: Why call the free against Viney? Don’t ruin the game umpire
Mcswains: McDonald goal would be delish
stakerz: hogannnnnnnnnnnnnnn
frenzy: inside last 2 mins
auxDT: hogan no clutch
stakerz: misses
Hawks_15: I hope garland gets the sealer, that way monty gives everyone the purple name
colin wood: time left?
dipstick: 1 min left
RooBoyStu: ying yang Tyson
Raspel31: 90secs
carlton_99: howe goal;
dipstick: 3- secs
carlton_99: howe goal woweeeee
stakerz: their is 30 points for howe
auxDT: cya l8r saints
SaintsMan: no way they deserved this! Umpires won em the game
rickyb80: 41secs
LuvIt74: Saints inconsistency could cost them, lets hope so
carlton_99: how long left
23rookie23: Crack the ton Newnesy!!!
Arch: sooky sooky saintsman
carlton_99: saints goal
stakerz: farrrrk
auxDT: oh shit!
SaintsMan: omg yes
carlton_99: montagna goal
dipstick: 19 secs
LuvIt74: unreal
kangawalla: Cmon Demons!!!!
AngryRyno: if your username was something other than ‘SaintsMan’ i’d believe it
happytimes: Go sainters
luked98: Steven won them the game
rickyb80: 19secs
frenzy: Lemontagna
Bomberbill: Steven the beast
runt: Well done Steven, champion effort
dipstick: newnwes on 99 for 15mins and still cant ton. useless flog
23rookie23: Howe just had his 30sc points reversed lol
RooBoyStu: I said pre game Dees are shower at Etihad and now have lost their last 21 games there.
luked98: steven you absolute gun
SaintsMan: montangna with about 70 sc points added on
Rebuild: that’s it guys. i’m retiring from football
Jair: It’s a miracle!
Bomberbill: feel for nathan jones though
RooBoyStu: x factor Steven
frenzy: Tmac 123SC bullshower
luked98: steven ton, newnes shame
ryanbob: lol wtf, how did mcdonald get 123
shaker: well harry is confirmed as useless
frenzy: gee billy Longer aint no Mummy wtf?
sticky12: I’m a saints fan but feel for dees. No goal all quarter then 2 in last minute…unlucky

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