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Chat log from R9 of 2015: Collingwood vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs North Melbourne, R9 of 2015

frenzy: today rooboys today
iZander: hoping goldy has a big match!!
frenzy: Dumont finally gets a full game
colin wood: Where’s Oxleys plus 1 for his free in the opening minute Montysauras Rex?
Torz: Witts continuing to ruin Grundy’s season.
iZander: surly they missed a goldy +6?
poolboybob: Oxley do something you bum
casey22: Goldy making up for Pendles effort?
frenzy: Missy yay
Heater: Am I the only one who is not convinced with Fasolo??
Paul105: Take the day off pendles and im still a chance this week
ryanbob: do something oxley
Jukes82: swannies sc is shit
Heater: Getting ugly Pies. Lift boys!!
colin wood: Oxley come on mate…
JimChoobs: Jack Frost should have a snowman player icon
JimChoobs: Jack Frost should have a snowman player icon
KingPetrie: roo boys 🙂
eski_liddr: god collingwood look terrible
Bothy: is Oxley allergic to leather today?
Yelse: pies must still be sleeping or they allergic to the cold
Bothy: looks like its cold Pies today
RooBoyStu: Skunks (Coll) are overrated, only beaten Bris, Stk, Ess, Carl and GC, nobody of note
Yelse: p.s. whats wrong with peddles
Jukes82: oxley does this sometimes. he’s not on today.
KingPetrie: pendles?
Bothy: they shold check Oxley for a pulse
Drak: could say the same about Norf Rooboy. Freo massacred them last week
colin wood: Don’t think anyone rated us RooBoy.
poolboybob: Nice efficiency Swan
lozdaleg: come on oxley
Torz: Swan’s had 14 touches, about 10 are kicks off the deck.
RooBoyStu: @Drak last i checked Freo were unbeaten, not in the bottom 6
Dangermaus: Kepp it going Pig, love your work
Drak: that makes no sense to your argument. That just reiterates mine. Thanks.
poolboybob: Oxley well on his way to being subbed out in Q3
casey22: Not a good week to have pendles as captain
Jukes82: whats swan’s sc? must be crap
RooBoyStu: All Collingwoods wins have been to bottom 8 sides
Apachecats: Oxley 1 pos in a half of football
Dangermaus: Waite is overdue for a report . I expect there to be one by the end of this match
Torz: Yes Grundy!
Bothy: is Oxley tagging someone in the grandstand??
KingPetrie: should of been a free kick to waite for below the knees
Jukes82: north have been slaughtered by hawks, freo and crows.
Apachecats: Oxley is tagging himself and doing a good job
poolboybob: Yes they just said Oxley’s name! He is on the ground after all!
Dangermaus: goal coming up for SideshowBob (brown), no wait he missed it
Drak: north have no big scalps. Richmond and Essendon aren’t big scalps. Neither are Geelong anymore.
Apachecats: Oxley just laid a tackle on homself ,4 pts
heppelitis: wow an old fashion sheppard on pendles..dont often see that
Jukes82: swany 18% lol
ryanbob: Lol Oxley can’t catch a break. They gave his handball to Adams for some reason
RooBoyStu: still better wins than the skunks
Yelse: thomas should get fined for the dive
sticky12: I noticed they missed his touch to Sidebottom. That’s 2 they’ve missedof his…he’s going crap anyway
RooBoyStu: Skunks lost to cats
poolboybob: Oxley on a blinder, touched the ball twice in 5 minutes.
casey22: Pendles has to be carrying an injury
RooBoyStu: Skunks also lost to tigers
Drak: up and going Richmond Essendon and Geelong are still better than North.
KingPetrie: pies crowd sooking for no reason
Raspel31: Having lost Lewis and Grundy kinda glad didnt cap Pends
casey22: Pies playing like an unorganised rabble: Job for Mick?
Apachecats: Well he’s well used to disorganised rabble Casey
mijg: the week my opp doesn’t have Pendles typical shit
drapes15: North are still so far off the big boys though
Karmaboy: North beat RIchmond Essendon and Geelong ???? @Drak
The39Steps: Sportsbet have Pies at $16. You have got to op on given the Roos are so soft they should be sponsored by Cuddly.
drapes15: that is a horrible call @drak
The39Steps: *hop
poolboybob: Swan and Pendles on 50 SC – combined.
LuvIt74: Pendles doing absolutely nothing
LuvIt74: There goes my chance of scoring 2300
Dangermaus: what is that logo on swan ?
Koss: The butcher @dangermaus
happytimes: Good question danger
poolboybob: It’s a cleaver, because Swan has been butchering the ball
Fury Ride: Goldy sc please?
heppelitis: pork cutlets
Dangermaus: Come on Dave
Tony9668: That’s twice now Pendles has done Thomas duck
BoredSaint: hahaha the butcher is out
Woodie: Goldy 82sc atm
lozdaleg: get fucked oxley and ziebell
JimChoobs: Oxley subbed out lol
Ben_Gogos: Oxley subbed
dipstick: off fuck. oxley off. nice one bucks you arse clown
poolboybob: Hahaha Oxley subbed out, probably will be playing VFL next week.
Yelse: oxley been subbed out every second week its like its pre planned unless injuries
Jair: Oxley ffs I was going large this week until that
lozdaleg: get fucked buckley you flog
dipstick: current 1700 in AF with 7 in play in AF. finally
dipstick: *1700 overall. gonna rank no 1 this wk. yeehar
dipstick: hahahaha who said pies at $16? did ya have the pills to put on a lazy 5? Norf.. NORF… hahaha rooboy
Ben_Gogos: What a comeback!
dj9343: @dipstick – 1847 with 5 left and priddis as C – #beatthat
dipstick: EXTRA- dipstick up to 1400 overall AF just like that 🙂
dipstick: @dj 1906 with 7 in play
dipstick: ive got these tissue things rooboy… theyre for wiping eyes etc
mijg: had to play Brown this week “( and oxley:(
JimChoobs: Petrie swung to the backline
Tony9668: North have no on field leadership
rosty63: I think @rooboystu has been bitten by a skunk
LuvIt74: m0nty was oxley subbed out just to give De Goey a run?
Ben_Gogos: @LuvIt74 Oxley’s JS is shaky now. Great goal review btw!
dipstick: @dj whats your live AF rank?
Koss: How late was that review? Lol
dipstick: @gogo you think over brown?
Yelse: @koss they review every goal by time it gets to middle. they realised and overturned it
Jackwatt$: Sidebottom upto 104 DT, Brad Scott’s blood pressure upto 164!
BFAsh: jebus. Crisp is killing me.
Koss: Ah fair enough @yelse. cheers
redwallis: Flame Swan
pies13: gr8 quarter pies keep going!
mijg: ok cape time pendles
Yelse: sidebum will be a good point of diff
Jukes82: where is rooboy! hahaha you flog.
Yelse: why are some ppl with colored names
Ben_Gogos: @dipstick Oxley and Brown are two different types, Brown’s JS is rock solid
dipstick: dont let pendles catch you swanny. swim swanny swim and lift higher
Ben_Gogos: @Yelse FF workers get coloured names mate
mijg: indigenous week yelse
pies13: goal!!!
dipstick: so glad grundy is playing. all bonus pts. someone said grundy was out this week
kuraban: Sidebum killing it and Oxley subbed off. I might sneak across the line for a win!
pies13: think they were talking bout heath @dipstick
ballbag: dont shout too hard @pies. u dont wanna shatter that tooth. hows ya bin? good game hey
LuvIt74: yea Brown will never be dropped his role very similar to Prestigiacomo.
pies13: carn pies!! all good @ballbag you?
iZander: if north win this, goldy star for sure!
Tony9668: Great game
pies13: shower carn pies!
RooBoyStu: Jukes92 what did you call me mate? I called someone that 2 years ago and got banned
ballbag: you on the edge of ya seat i bet. i hate pies but gees i hate norf too
ballbag: @rooboy i got these kleenex thingys for your eyes.
Koss: Great bump from Williams
pies13: yep its tense! go pies!
pies13: next goal huge
Yelse: where the frees to clokeeee
RooBoyStu: wont need them @ballbag
eski_liddr: god those 3 blokes behind the goals in the collingwood cheer squad need to b kicked out. absolutely feral
ballbag: cmon swanny, goldy, higgins. i needs ya to step up
heppelitis: oink
mark621: come on north, no one likes those ferals
kuraban: C’mon pies, take out the armpit sniffers!
Chelskiman: Go Swan, nice +15! Need Pendles to do something like that now.
ballbag: cmon swanny. get to 120 and ill get triple bacon on my burger later
pies13: flower!
RooBoyStu: Petrie!!!
ballbag: nice game tarrant
RooBoyStu: here come the rain
pies13: wot a game carn pies!
jvcfalcon: Pendles SC ?
Chelskiman: Pendles as VC is killing me. Why didn’t I put the VC on Hodge? 🙁
ben31215: gibson spud
pies13: flower good effort
kuraban: Pies could end up taking this 1 behind at a time…
Woodie: Pedles 58sc atm
mijg: pendles done nothing this term
jvcfalcon: Thanks Woodie !
pies13: swanny!!
FlagDog: oink oink ink oink oink oink
casey22: piggy at his best
Koss: Oink!
ballbag: cmon swanny. make me have a triple bacon burger
casey22: That would turn around his SC scors
Tony9668: Piggy loves the wet
mijg: kick the sealer pendles
kuraban: North taking to these conditions like a duck to water.
pies13: well played pies come on!!!
Woodie: Swan 97sc
pies13: yessss go pies!!
ballbag: yiu can have some of these kleenex free of charg @rooboy. im a nice person
Andrew37: Give Steele the star. Put the pies back in it in that third.
iZander: give swanny the star!
RooBoyStu: sack Brad Scott 6 years of this
ballbag: if swan is 97sc then pendles cant be more than 60sc
mijg: good turn around there from Swans 17 be earlier.
Pokerface: how many times do you want to try and use that joke ballbag
gers: swan has actually done quite well to get his efficiency up to a staggering 50%
Kenny27: Wheres that useless plow Rooboy
pies13: you flowering beauty well done pies!!! gr8 3rd quarter!
Woodie: Swan 104sc Pendles 66sc atm
ballbag: @poker its no joke. its a genuine offer. he said he wouldnt need them. he can take the whole pack
boofy: sack scott, malthouse is free i hear
Drak: Yeah blame Brad Scott for a team of mediocre players
ballbag: ohhh yeah swanny. triple bacon it is… go goldy and higgins. nice!!!
auxDT: youre right @RooBoyStu, after this win..pies still havent beaten a good side. roos are all spuds
Jair: Oh yea Maggies!

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