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Chat log from R9 of 2015: Brisbane vs St Kilda

Chat log for Brisbane vs St Kilda, R9 of 2015

frenzy: need sum serious fails today to get me back into the game
Dangermaus: Need Armitage to have a coronary, and Jack Steven to score 450
iZander: i need rocky to get 150+ in AF 😀 slightly more realistic @ danger 😀
JRedden: carn christensen you freak
willywalks: lets go captain rocky!
carlton_99: rocky three possies in a minute
iZander: who’s weller gone to?
Torz: I’ve got so many in this game. Martin, Rocky (C), Beams, Rich, Newnes
RooBoyStu: Come on Captain Rocky!
drewy75: lets hope for a quiet stef martin today – PLEASE!!!
Torz: Rich on fire!
uptoolate: dont mess with the Zorko !
iZander: rocky being tagged?
drewy75: c’mon christensen – big game from you today – its your round! 80+ please
carlton_99: cmon rocky
jfitty: Rich again!
willywalks: glad i didn’t trade rich out this week, a big one might earn him another week with a lower b/e
Torz: Rocky just needs to start tackling.
Dangermaus: just realised I still have Rich… then I realised I still have Newnes too =(
dipstick: oo ohhh- game nearly over and rocky doing nothing. looks ominous
auxDT: lets go newnes! u absolute fucking spud
spiggs: Biggest dilemma, to keep or to upgrade rich
dipstick: how is it dmac has 6 possies in 5 minutes and then nothing for 20
sticky12: I’m gonna upgrade my forwards/backs before the mids spiggs. Mids score well anyway
jfitty: Rich will be handy in round 12, has the bye round 11 though
Dangermaus: a big F U to Armitage…
Torz: You could’ve done this last week Beams, when I had you captain.
dipstick: @sticky?? you got it backwards mate. def rookies are avging closer to premo defs
frenzy: seems that I’m gunna get pants this week
Torz: Rocky great snap!
spiggs: On ya rocky
Dangermaus: have had 2 players score more than projected in AF this week… absolute shocker for me this week
iZander: is rocky playing forward?
Roflcake: mid Zander
sticky12: Maybe early dipstick but Macintosh 65 compared to MacDonald 111. Upgrade there
dipstick: didnt kmac outscore macdonald? just sayin upgrading def/fwd first is backwards
sticky12: Maybe, but I like to keep rich, Cripps while they are around 100 and trade McCarthy for Goddard for e.g to get more
mark621: come on newnes. pick the ball up!!!
Torz: Newnes finally got to the ground. Must’ve been bad traffic.
mark621: armitage sc?
sticky12: Woohoo arm captain this week because I’m getting thrashed p.o.d
tamoz: Power off Armitage!
Woodie: Armitage 56sc atm
mark621: thanks woodie! 🙂
Kernahan: Harris Andrews reminds me of a young Dustin Fletcher. 400 gamer in the making!
Dangermaus: wake up Steven….
Dangermaus: did the two teams swap jumpers at quarter time ???
luked98: lift rocky newnes and stevens
luked98: not rich
willywalks: cmon rocky, havent touched it in tehe 2nd yet….
tamoz: Do something Zorko! Been stuck on 39 the whole qtr
danmaio: Put C on Rocky and he dose this
dipstick: fucjen idiot rocky. relax ffs. obv you dont give a fuck today
gdshifty: so rockys playing forward… great
iZander: rocky no tackles? really?
luked98: thankyou steven
poolboybob: Lions getting belted this quarter, so they put Rocky up forward away from all of the play.
danmaio: Hard to tackle sitting in the forward pocket, when ball is in Sts forward line
willywalks: lepitsch you deserve the muppet award for putting rocky up forward, complete flowerwit!
Fury: Yeah, FU Leppa
happytimes: Loins resting a mid foward. Rich is there at the moment. Are you cocksuckers watching the game?
dipstick: leppers only a tiny bit smarter than vossy- who did the same
poolboybob: lol nice kick Leuey.
sticky12: Cow lickers?? Haha
sticky12: On ha saints!
Fury: I’m not watching the game and no, I never licked a cow in my life, I swear
willywalks: resting for 12 minutes at a time? hardly cowlicker…
happytimes: Not exactly what I wrote sticky, the Monty translater may have changed it
drapes15: Where is rocky? just turned on game
Torz: Rocky is the second half king. Fingers crossed.
tamoz: Flower off Dunstan and Armitage!
Fury: I licked a beef pattie once…
iZander: i want to know what translates to cowlicker on here lmfao
sticky12: I liked it happy…funny as
Jair: I like licking doughnuts
a1trader: and Luey joins Rocky on 34
Fury: Jack Steven finally got going
gtobin: Rich sc?
luked98: good steven
luked98: steven good, but rocky and newnes are doing nothing
iZander: i really want to know if fuckers translates to cowlickers
Dangermaus: about time Steven
Fury: do i have to type cunt to get cowlicker?
sticky12: Armitage sc please someone?
Apachecats: Cowlickers are like donkeylickers but they mean well
happytimes: 2nd word suckers
Dangermaus: where are they in comparison to windowlickers
Apachecats: Yeah DM windowlickers are down the scale a bit
shaker: All pale in comparison to buttlickers
happytimes: A cocksucker is very close to a buttlicker
frenzy: armitage 70
Apachecats: Back to the football now everyone
Fury: leuy worth getting as R4? Or is Brooksby better?
Apachecats: Watch Rocky fly home 2nd half
Heater: Come on Rocky!!
Hawks_15: i wouldnt touch leuenberger if i were you @ fury
DanBlack: Christensen is just lighting it up
danmaio: Am watching, waiting, waiting
dcak: Is Rocky copping a hard tag?
Apachecats: Any minute now DM
Torz: Newnes’ skills have been surprisingly good today.
RooBoyStu: Rich has to go if Lewis did
snake_p: he just needs to get more of it Torz. Seems to play in bursts
drapes15: come on rocky 🙁
Dangermaus: how does Brisbane beat Port, but lose to the Saints…
Torz: Like the look of Acres. Not sure why they keep playing him as the sub.
Dangermaus: somehow I still have Geary who should I trade him for ?
Apachecats: Rocky 8 DT pts in 16 mins .I concede ,not gunna happen today
rosty63: waiting till he’s a hectare @torz
DanBlack: Wel done rost
danmaio: Rocky might be saving it for the last Qt
23rookie23: wow just got back is BeamBox close to a cap this qtr?
Torz: Rich hardly touched it since the first quarter.
danmaio: Hang in there Saints, my tipping needs you
Yelse: guys relax rocky will still tone up… but rich too lazyyy needs to go
Apachecats: I never doubted you Rocky
Paul105: Taking the cpt off beams 🙁
Heater: Here comes Rocky!!
lozdaleg: beams and newnes sc???
gdshifty: cant see the game, but i guessing rocky no longer in forward line?
Yelse: rich 44 first 20 mins 1st quarter but now sits on 57. shocking
Jukes82: beams, danger, fyfe,, franklin. i’m having a great week!
Apachecats: Who captains Dukes
Woodie: Beams 107sc Newnes 71sc atm
Jukes82: Played safe and went Fyfe.
23rookie23: Beam BOX is go for 150Sc today!
Fury: C’mon Jack Steven. Go you good thing.
Apachecats: I,ll look for yor name in Mondays paper ,how high are you looking SC
Jukes82: Be close to 2600, my team name is ‘StephCurryTheGreat’.
23rookie23: Beams was a Cape that qtr Monty! robbed!
Apachecats: Cheers Jukes ,good luck ,that is massive
Dangermaus: go Lions
Jukes82: thanks mate.
sticky12: Any chance for holding the keys jukes?
Torz: Cape for Rocky this quarter. Go go go.
willywalks: cape up rocky
mijg: my opp has had buddy fyfe danger shaw laird and gray
Apachecats: Lots of people loopholed Buddy as cap tthen Fyfe trumped them
heppelitis: indegenous top on umpires effecteing their mojo…cant bounce for shit this weekend
Torz: Rocky is running hard for marks.
Apachecats: Rocky gets his sunshine
Apachecats: Rich on 64 pts for 45 minutes
DanBlack: Rich pull up a chair to watch the game did he?
madskill55: rocky, schenider and montagne sc anyone?
willywalks: rich with the yin-yang or fuel gauge, barely sighted after q1
Paul105: 2 points rich for the cape, hes alive..
LuvIt74: Afternoon m0nty and all
LuvIt74: I have Rich in my moneyball side he started off gr8 but then slowed down.
LuvIt74: glad i traded out cripps for Rocky this week on sc
Apachecats: Don,t want to reopen old discussion but Saints starting to lick the lions
HowI Rioli: This rd is flowering my tips. So many 50/50 games I’ve missed
poolboybob: Beams atlas
dipstick: C VC jack is C wack. thans stevens
drapes15: whats Rockys SC?
willywalks: rocky- ghost, beams- atlas, riewoldt- gun, armo- cherries, tags- star
poolboybob: Lewis Taylor blue moon
Torz: Still time to ton up Rocky.
willywalks: muppet for martin with the punch back into his own 50…
Apachecats: Come on Rich you Cowlicker
DanBlack: Did christensen just get a cape?
The39Steps: We need a countdown clock to replace that irritating twitter feed!
Fury Ride: What does beams icon mean?
Dangermaus: I did the same thing LuvIt
alekstah: Newnes finally cracks the ton!
Fury: His icon means get your own name, Fury Ride.
drapes15: THe team on his shoulders pretty much FURY
ryanbob: lol about 20 points generous for Newnes there
Fury Ride: Fury I have had fury ride name for 1 and a half years

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