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Chat log from R9 of 2015: West Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for West Coast vs Geelong, R9 of 2015

iZander: lets go jelwood and motlop, make up for last week!
iZander: is selwood on selwood? 😀
tamoz: Harry Taylor head to head with priddis??
dipstick: please please take a fucken mark today nicnat. at least 1
Apachecats: Stevie J due for a blinder
gers: gaff also tagging or meant to have the lock symbol?
drapes15: Jelwood is killing it
ryanbob: I hate jelwood this season
dipstick: sorry nicnat. the novelty is over. you are useless at AFL. tall but useless
LuvIt74: Jelwood on 6sc
LuvIt74: early days
LuvIt74: @dipstick ya gotta keep NicNat he is a keeper…
Dangermaus: everyone said that about NicNat, I traded him out 4 weeks ago, best decision I made all year
LuvIt74: I don’t have him I started with Goldy & Minson but got rid of minson and got Blicvas
Fernyys: mastern 15 touches wow
Dangermaus: alredy much better than last week Motlop
Apachecats: Shuey going up and down on the one spot
OnTheRocks: stop being a useless piece of shit duckwood and do something. You’re not getting tagged, just outplayed by Priddis
dipstick: is jelwood sooking it up lately? he has been owned this year and he’s in his prime?
iZander: i believe in you jelwood
BoredSaint: jelwood SC isnt actually that bad
dipstick: pull ye faacken finger out SJ and lift thineslef ya slacker
BoredSaint: Jelwood on 30SC atm.
LuvIt74: Hope jelwood scores crap and once his price drops below $400k only then will i consider having him in my midfield
dj9343: looks like blicavs has finally flowered off
ryanbob: Blitz and jelwood you are gonna cost me my leagues
LuvIt74: See what i mean about NicNat im sure your not cussing now?
mark621: blicavs SC?
ballbag: @luvit read the chat log. all i asked for was 1 fucken mesly mark. hes like 8 ft 9
elitegod22: Is pridis is ok
LuvIt74: @ballbag not sure if it was u but someone was going off in the first half of 1st about not giving NicNat another chance
LuvIt74: How do i read the chat log from the start?
LuvIt74: m0nty is there a way i can read the whole chat
LuvIt74: cmon swan
ballbag: @luvit nicnat never gets possies. over 33% of his touches today are frees
LuvIt74: Gr8 game
LuvIt74: ballbag NicNat is a gun m8, the guy is almost 7 feet tall but so agile
LuvIt74: very few true rucks are so agile like NicNat
LuvIt74: I’ll be back need a ciggy
ryanbob: Why is blitz on 23 sc? Stats look better than that
Chelskiman: 181 v Priddis (C), who wins?
sticky12: Priddis
Jackwatt$: @Chelskiman if SC Priddis just. If DT 181 just
Woodie: You lose @ Chelsk, Priddis not getting 150sc
Jair: Come on Nicnat bring it home for me
LuvIt74: @Chelskiman Close call, Priddis would need to score 91 which is quite achievable really
LuvIt74: Who has Priddis captain?
LuvIt74: Priddis on 58sc
LuvIt74: @Chelskiman is it DT or SC and are you on 181 or do u have Priddis C?
Yelse: why are the umps wearing yellow. wrong choiceeee. just dumb
LuvIt74: Totally agree
LuvIt74: I backed Cats to win in play on betfair @ $4.40 glad its close still.
Chelskiman: I’m the one with 181 point lead.
Chelskiman: And it’s for DT.
FlagDog: Had a draw in Fantasy this week… with 50 seconds to go, Taylor Adams gives away a free kick, and goes from 100 to 97..
FlagDog: fml :/
Jair: 20 behinds WC dont loose this you muppets
JRedden: jelwood and priddis… ffs
Pokerface: is clark coming back?
Chelskiman: @LuvIt74, my opponent had Lewis as captain and Priddis VC.
spudaroos: Is Clark playing?
ballbag: ohh now clarke has an excuse for his weak effort
rosty63: does my bum look big with this icon
auxDT: only 1 of my mids tonned up this week ffs
ballbag: clarke is a fucken sook. how many frees has he given away this year? whinger
Torz: I’m the same @auxDT. Thankfully it was a big ton (Beams 152)
happytimes: Going to crack 2300 in sc for the 2nd week in row
qiu333: big tons from danger, fyfe, beams saved me. too bad i had pendles captain (94)
auxDT: @Torz was it fyfe?
auxDT: @Torz ignore my comment
ballbag: dont stop taylor, nicnat and motlop. u too jelwood
Chelskiman: @auxDT, same here and that was Ebert. Still managed 2040, but not really convincing that only one mid tonned up.
YoungGun: anyone have nicnats live sc?
auxDT: @Chelskiman i had fyfe..priddis and selwood are still playing though, fingers crossed..hoping to hit 2100
happytimes: Clark gone for the day
dipstick: 2193 in AF with nicnat, motlop and taylor still crankin
dipstick: yeh mitch clarke is done for the year. poor attitude.
dipstick: who was bitchin bout blics? will easily win cats bnf this year
dipstick: fucken idiot nicnat
Pokerface: m0nty you should have a mute button so you can ignore chat from certain people
runt: Eagles leading by 18 behinds hard way to do it
willywalks: cmon mcinnes, holding a 1 point lead and my opp has motlop against me…
DanBlack: +1 pokerface
ballbag: should go close to 2250 dispstick. ill be lucky to get that in SC 🙁
ryanbob: wow…blitz only given 23 points for that qtr. robbed by about another 20 points
carlton_99: Taylor plus 34 V selwood in supercoach who wins (im taylor plus 34)
ballbag: +1 @poker so we can mute you
the worm: here here pokerface
LuvIt74: Naitanui a freak damn his good
ballbag: blicavs in every team next yea. the bloke is a gun
ballbag: nicnat is a great tap ruckman and nothing more.
pies13: collingwooood!!! sorry still pumpd on our effort get a ton sj
LuvIt74: @carlton99 Taylor + 34 = 92sc currently & Selwood is 69sc mate.
ballbag: lol pies. great win in the end
colin wood: Stay down Nic Nat
LuvIt74: @ballbag you must be watching the wrong player. He is allot more then a gr8 tap Ruck. the guy kicks goal and moves fast
pies13: i did spell wood write it must hav got edited 2many oooo
Kenny27: i hear ya pies! keep the beers coming haha
Jogr: is clark done for the night
LuvIt74: He’s practically a ruck/rover and 7 feet tall. Very few ruckmen are agile as he is.
dipstick: @luvit youre a huge nicnat fan i guess. the bloke is so underwhelming aside from his awesome apart work
dipstick: *tap ruck
Jogr: i need 300 sc point between priddas, nic nat and clark, possible?
pies13: 4sure @kenny go pies!
LuvIt74: I don’t have NicNat in my team due to him not having a pre season, im just calling it how it is.
LuvIt74: I have Blicavs & Goldy
ballbag: @jogr youll be lucky to get 15 sc from clarke with 4 frees against
Apachecats: Jogr ,wouldn’t get to op
qiu333: clark 35 sc
Apachecats: No way Jogr
happytimes: Alright for a tap ruckman only
LuvIt74: @ballbag See that CASE closed.
LuvIt74: That’s what i mean by agile, what ruckmen can do crazy stuff like that?
SaintsMan: take a bow nic nat
ballbag: did he even hold it? he got a mark? yesss go nicnat. wont see a mark for another week now
LuvIt74: “only good as a “Tap ruckman” what a twit.
berniebern: TBC is queen of the tap ruckman
Judd Magic: Can someone give me NicNat, J.Selwood and Priddis’s sc scores thanks
happytimes: Don’t forget the goal
Rilian: Kennedy star, NicNat X factor I would’ve thought..
ben31215: Selwood sc?
LuvIt74: Nothing against u mate, but some of your comments are beyond ridiculous.
Pedrominat: need 129SC from Jelwood and H Taylor, how am I looking?
LuvIt74: @JuddMagic NicNat 139, Selwood 77 & Priddis 98 sc
Apachecats: Go close PM
ben31215: Blicavs sc?
Judd Magic: Thank you LuvIt74
Jackwatt$: Gotta feel for my opponent, he thinks he is cruising to a victory, up by 277 with NicNat vs Selwood but
Jackwatt$: I also have Read and Yeo there. Yeo will be backed by McIntosh 98
pacman77: need Priddis and Clark to get 135sc – almost there!
Jackwatt$: Read will Be backed by Goldy 130 and Buddy’s 149 will be doubled
Jukes82: omg I’ve had 6 players score more than 140 in sc.
BFAsh: sc’s for lecras and gaff anyone??
happytimes: Selwood on the trade table befor his bye I think
Andrew37: how long left?
Apachecats: LeCras couldn,
willywalks: cmon mcinnes, just need a tackle here to win my round…
happytimes: 3 min
Apachecats: ….couldn’t get a kick in the 1st quarter
runt: 4n20 Eagles
Yelse: need total score over 182
Apachecats: Baked in a pie,Runt
Jukes82: I’ve cracked 2500
LuvIt74: @Jukes great score, I think quite a few would have this week
ryanbob: how much did nicnat get for that goal? no way that was a 50 point qtr, especially with the game over

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