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Chat log from R9 of 2015: Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R9 of 2015

frenzy: krapouer sub hurts
SaintsMan: really hurts
the dud: Hurts so bad
AngryRyno: amon for a big one today
Andrew37: Who has Vince gone too? Boak, Hartlett or Gray?
Burnsyy: Krakouer with the green vest, ugh ffs.
SaintsMan: Neither, Wines
OnTheRocks: R.Gray?? please do something
Jair: my opponent has Krak, but I have him in reserves, sweeet
AngryRyno: hoooogannnnnnn
jalapenoh: Can Vandenberg outscore T Miller?
Perry95: not loving boak’s )5 efficiency and gray’s lack of possession…
OnTheRocks: cmon Hogan, Gray and McDonald!
Perry95: boak’s getting the ball well enough. just needs to use it better ffs
snake_p: vanders continuing on from last week
creeker: A stat would come in handy thanks Robbie.
deanie: TMAC please
auxDT: i torture myself every single week by keeping lumumumumumbia
Jair: Seriously Port you can’t lose this one
AngryRyno: theres a goal for ya @auxDT
Dangermaus: keep going Vandenberg… you’re my Lewis replacement
Dangermaus: great effeciency Hartlett…. NOT
mijg: why Mcdonald. shit since you came in last week typical
OnTheRocks: what has happened to Port, so much promise at the beginning of the year and this is the best they can dish up?
creeker: You dont see that to often, Lumumba with that flashy thing beside his name. And now it’s gone !
mijg: port looking for a new coach?
Dangermaus: McDonald is only worth having in SC
Dangermaus: Port sneak a goal just before quarter time
auxDT: lumumumumbia
Dangermaus: swapped Bellchambers to Spencer this week… probably one of my better trades this year
luked98: Traded Lubumba out this week, the dog better not have a big score
luked98: Anyone got hogans and vandenberg sc?
Perry95: get an effective touch boak. cmon man
frenzy: lift ya game m0nty, Clurey needs a doughie
Jukes82: port are stuffed!
willywalks: cmon amon, i traded u in this week for a reason!
jddd: rip port
matthius: Ebert is massively over rated.. No work rate at all
Derekcraig: Johan 48 venders 37
SaintsMan: who else tipped the dees?
BFAsh: Can someone throw a rock or something at Hartlett and wake the bastard up!!!
auxDT: clurey head 2 head with dixon
matthius: Ebert 1 handball for the qtr.. lol
frenzy: will Watts drop himself again this week
mijg: melb stopped
Jackwatt$: Amon has replaced Kornes so we can expect Kornes like numbers from him
Jackwatt$: Kornes averaged 112.6 back in 2007. Just saying.
Jackwatt$: By the way m0nty u still have Kornes listed as a current player when he has infact retired
willywalks: wow, port were no where and come back 20 minutes later and look, what happened!?
Ball_Hog15: With lewis out I have krak as emergency and Amon as non-scoring mid, flower!
freakme: does gray still play.? thanks
auxDT: is lumumumbia gonna have the last laugh?
matthius: hogan started so well but can’t get near it now
Costanza: a team based in Alice better than GC. Great zone to recruit too.
colin wood: brayshaw impressive with 10 CP!
luked98: Fuck off lumumba you shot cunt
mijg: what A waste of money Macdonald would of been better keeping hunt
SaintsMan: no your not mjjg, hunt is useless
RooBoyStu: sub Howe off, been useless today, icicle/mare game
Jmachete: You’d lock your car at this game hehe
bigbaddasa: my god, don’t tell me Lumumba finally got score after I dumped him…..typical
Jukes82: If the Dee’s have a clue, they would bring on Viney now.
willywalks: cmon amon, find the footy again!
Dangermaus: i’m guessing Fitzpatrick will get subbed
rosty63: you should be banned for that comment Jmachete
sticky12: Mijg – had McDonald since round 3 and he’s been solid as. 5 scores over 120 he’s awesome give him a chance
colin wood: about time gray…
colin wood: why rosty? You should always lock you car.. bahaha!
Dangermaus: Neville Jetta subbed
12iglooman: Boak gray sc ..please
frenzy: suppose Tmac is on about 90 SC
HappyDEZ: Release The Kraken!!!
mijg: got mac last week sticky so not too impressed
RooBoyStu: Bruce is hoping at somepoint in Round 15 Krak plays on Sidebum
sticky12: Yeah that was his lowest…before today. Hope for both our sakes he has
sticky12: A good last quarter
willywalks: yin-yang for vandenberg, done nothing in the 2nd…
matthius: cmon hogan 80 would be nice
iZander: have port not made their sub?
SaintsMan: no clangers for gray
luked98: need hogan to get a few goals, having a bad week so far
luked98: hogan is my only player looking like getting a decent score
colin wood: 100 bucks says Lumumba doesn’t score past 80 from here. My kinda week…
redwallis: Monty trying to figure out a headline for when this game is over, seeing as “Suns play Hawks back into form”
gusjojo: Get Krak on the ground!!
SaintsMan: I’m pretty sure gray has cracked the ton in sc
Yelse: why mcdonald whyyyyyy
matthius: keep going ebert
Dangermaus: carlile subbed
Dangermaus: I mean Amon
Costanza: VDB doing a Bennell
ballbag: anyone got grays SC?
matthius: think eberts on the bench.. not sighted him for ages
ballbag: whats grays SC score please. anyone know?
Tony9668: Wines is heading for the Hulk symbol
matthius: @colinwood – you’re gonna be right about mumba
tamoz: Junk up Pittard!
Andrew37: No idea how people rate Fyfe about Gray. Gray is the true best player in the comp
rosty63: I agree @andrew37
carlton_99: lumumuba on 79
carlton_99: gray on 108
carlton_99: and mcdonald on 58
heppelitis: gray 107 scrotum
carlton_99: hogan 74
Drak: Please tell me that was a troll Andrew 37
mijg: harry was on taget for an easy 100 ffs
frenzy: Andrew requires a spud, thanks m0nty
Andrew37: Gray is better than Fyfe. No trolling. Fyfe is the new judd. Everything he does is overhyped.
Drak: I think Gray is amazing but Fyfe is the #1 by a mile
Dangermaus: how was Judd overhyped, he won a brownlow, a few premierships… nothing hyped there
SaintsMan: Completely your opinion Andrew
gers: what have port got against giving Amon a decent crack?
Tony9668: Need Boak and Gray to make up for Bennell and Saad
Drak: ok well… that handball take was pretty mental just then….
ballbag: @andrews i bet half those commenting here rarely watch port and freo games and prob go by SC pts
Jwow: gray is magic
Ball_Hog15: Lumumba and Vandenberg have just stopped
matthius: mumba MIA
Andrew37: Judd overhyped because everything he did was a “big deal” Yes Judd is a champion and amazing player, but was overhyped.
Drak: I watch almost every game
Drak: Notice that Carlton fell to pieces when Judd wasn’t able to stay fit?
poolboybob: Hogan dollar sign
Andrew37: Honestly thought Judd being overhyped was popular opinion…
mijg: so disappointed in bennell mac and harry today. downer
Jwow: I’m with ya Andrew, absolute star, but over praised for doing things other players did week in and week out
Tony9668: Gray more dangerous with disposals but fyfe is a contested ball beast
bigbaddasa: I still see Judd do things which I think is just amazing
Vossy086: Traded out Lumumba for Savage to generate some cash on Friday morning. Didn’t have a chance to recheck my team again 🙁
Andrew37: Gray is just way more damaging. Obviously can’t reject anyone who thinks Fyfe is better.

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