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Chat log from R9 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney, R9 of 2015

iZander: who’s doggys sub?
KelCO: To get Bailey Dale or to not
iZander: he looks like a good option today with crameri and stringer out @ kelCO
Pecker: Disagree. Looks like a massive trap.
Tw1tch1n: Hoping that picking Hamling over Clurey pays off
Wends: It’s on early…
Wends: Wallis is on Griffen.
iZander: is there a tag going on? who’s walls on?
Wends: Hamling is no.30.
Andrew37: Coniglio doesn’t tag? Prob just putting extra attention on stoppages and running off him.
Ben_Gogos: @Andrew37 as of last week he does
Wends: Are those stats right? So few still have Dahl.
iZander: wheres trelour playing?
luked98: what number is hamling
tamoz: Lift Whitfield!
Tw1tch1n: I was going to ask the same thing @Luked98
Cyberdyne: footscrazy
colin wood: Brought Treleor in this week… FFS
Dangermaus: booo Minson, I enjoyed having Cordy score some points on my bench
uptoolate: avo all …. Gooooo Doggies !!
Wends: Avo uptoo. Mummy needs to get his mummy on.
Lengunium: doggies only seem to play well as underdogs
Roflcake: News in…Treloar spotted playing on the bench
danmaio: went Bonts to Buddy, opp has bonts, so stay down boy
Tony9668: We’ll done Minson you deserve a “Pat on the back”
Hinchy: Started Josh Kelly in ultimate footy QQ
frenzy: wake up devon
qiu333: griffen 90 pls
m0nty: nice one Tony
uptoolate: Griffen 7 for the match …
RooBoyStu: GWS to choke and miss the 7 aka GC last year
uptoolate: Wallis …. what a quarter !!!
uptoolate: smashem Doggies …..
LuvIt74: I don’t understand the doggies, they look awesome when playing well yet got beat by Saints & Melbourne
LuvIt74: Common Dos
danmaio: doggies were 55 in front of saints and lost,
Perry95: come one dale, get in on the act mate
LuvIt74: Last week when they played Melbourne they looked absolutely shocking
LuvIt74: @danmaio Exactly
Wends: Dahl on fourty six, Wallis fifty six SC
LuvIt74: About time they brought Minson back
HappyDEZ: LOST: 1 x superman cape lol.
Fury: I actually hope Cordy comes back 🙁
Wends: lol HappyD
danmaio: McCarthy got the Rising Star Nom hangover
Wends: Wonder if Jock R still has the skin flute?
Dangermaus: Doggies are so much better when they have Macrae in the midfield
Yelse: wheres bout playing?
heppelitis: go dahlhaus…make up for treloars pathetic score
desmondo: docklands – Melbourne
danmaio: McCarthy needs magnifying glass as well as icicle
m0nty: McCarthy will get the wall if he keeps on like this
Wends: plus possibly a muppet for that missed mark Danmaio
luked98: wow griffen and bont lift
Torz: Everytime I put McCarthy on the field he’s terrible. Scores great on the bench.
uptoolate: Doggies keep biting !
Wends: 20k dogs fans burning eyes too heavy for Griff so far today
frenzy: get sum ball devon
Fury: McCarthy and Tarrant keep screwing me over
iZander: i have griffin, trelour and bont. solid game for me
nic-n-nat: lift Griffo!
uptoolate: stay down Griffen u powderpuff …
danmaio: Treloar will ton up with another 28 handballs
uptoolate: Hamling doing ok in 1st game ! good on him !
Raspel31: Hamling covering Grundy but no Lewis tt-wtf.
gdshifty: hoping by the end of the game Bonts has the hulk icon
Fury: Love that ham
Torz: Why did they take the tackle off McCarthy? Clear tackle..
Andrew37: If Coniglio is tagging Bont, it is one of the softest tags ever.
danmaio: I rage traded bonts, still happy
Chipsy_DT: C-MAC you had one job.. ffs
Chipsy_DT: give HAM them dollar dollar bills ya’ll
gdshifty: safe to say anyone who doesnt have Hamling this round will have him next.
Wends: Hammy on fifty one SC
luked98: stop heath shaw
SaintsMan: keep going heath shaw
Ben_Gogos: Griffen really setting himself up for a mare here
uptoolate: yes gd … but I haVE held him since 1 … goodonya !
tamoz: Keep it up Whitfield!
frenzy: give devon flowering smith one aswell
uptoolate: Bonti getting in amongst it …. bout time !!!
gdshifty: Bonts! Repay the faith young gun!
danmaio: Thanks McCarthy, go gat a fucken haircut and stop looking like a fuckwit
Wends: Sunshine finally on the board.
drapes15: Griffen has to be the biggest under performer this season
bigbaddasa: too many Griffen haters, I can’t wait to pick him up next year for 60K
drapes15: ill pick him up for 60k next year, but its hard not to hate him this season
Jair: Can the Giants do it from here?
uptoolate: no.
Wends: If their non-performers pick it up in 2nd half they’re in with a chance @Jair
carlton_99: no way
uptoolate: correction to previous comment. Bl hope not !
Wends: Already have Dahl in SC, can’t wait to get him in RDT post bye. Set n forget so far this year.
heppelitis: Dahl super consistent…one of my first picked
uptoolate: cmon Big Will …. welcome back & step up !
Wends: Agreed heppelitis, don’t wanna jinx him tho!
willywalks: surely shaw has the best kick to hb ratio of all?
colin wood: stay down grif and keep rising AT17
frenzy: dogs fade out again ??
Yelse: griffen didn’t get any points for the intercept mark and kick on target
colin wood: come on @17 get in it!
frenzy: start a fight, do sumfing smith FFS
danmaio: Why the $ sign McCarthy
Ben_Gogos: Beat his RDT break even
willywalks: cmon ward u flog, i picked u as a point of difference, not to get me a sound 72 for the game…
drapes15: Hes above his BE danmaio
danmaio: ok, thought it was 39, cheers
Wends: Wallis would be at home in an a-ha clip with that hair
drapes15: well his SC is 6
carlton_99: cmon bont get to 70 by quarter end
SaintsMan: wow heath shaw
Apachecats: tossed up between McCarthy and Hogan for bench.No need to tell you result.
Jukes82: Heath Shaw gun.
Roflcake: treloar and ward…
mossssssy: what are you doing handballing it then Shaw…
danmaio: i played McCarthy, emg on McInnes
mossssssy: was happy with 19 straight kicks
SaintsMan: Had shaw since the start, never let me down
Ben_Gogos: Shaw going massive this Q!
luked98: piss off shaw
mijg: shaw killing me. 🙁
Ben_Gogos: @SaintsMan same, he’s been ever reliable
Chelskiman: ffs Shaw, stop! 🙁 Everything is just going well for my opponent today. I do one good thing and he does two!
Cyberdyne: will buntine make it as a player? Y/N
drapes15: Depends if he gets a haircut @cyberdyne
Apachecats: Macrae a shadow of 2014
The39Steps: @cyberdyne..anyone who makes it this far can go on with it is now up to his heart and his head.
danmaio: Minson hits scoreboard twice, as opposed to an umpire
heppelitis: schade is a shadow too
uptoolate: thereb is still some bite in the Doggies !
SaintsMan: missed the table for shaw
RooBoyStu: McCarthy looks awesome marking it etc, but when the ball hits the ground looks like Jayson Daniels
SaintsMan: tackle
Apachecats: Son of Min quite respectable today ,ahead of Mummy at this stage
Ben_Gogos: Wallis should be in the votes, but I reckon Boyd has been better
sticky12: Time to upgrade McCarthy to Dahlhaus
danmaio: no sub pain for tonights games,
Roflcake: when was the last time ward touched the ball?
SaintsMan: cape for shaw
luked98: how does shaw get the cape, bloody cheap disposals
danmaio: why dont coaches throw someone like McCarthy into def on days like today, let them run straight at ball
drapes15: If griffen tonnes up ill buy everyone SC Gold
Hadouken: shaw is single handedly killing me this week.
Chelskiman: The points are flowing for my opponent. He has Dalhaus and Shaw. Also has Mumford as well. 🙁
frenzy: mag glass devon useless smith
willywalks: shaw’s great game has been offset by ward’s flowered game…
sticky12: Me too hadouken…that and McCarthy stinking it up
sticky12: 4th quarter need ward to find McCarthy heaps who kicks 5 goals…
sticky12: …drying up shaw and Haynes.
luked98: griff 5 goals please
The39Steps: Of the 396 players named this weekend does anyone know or has read how many are indigenous?
willywalks: probaly less than 30
willywalks: cmon ward, junk it up in the 4th…
luked98: wallis gun?
Torz: Feel free to put on 80 this quarter McCarthy.
mijg: no doubt if I get shaw next week he will spud it up
danmaio: Hope to see a bin on Mcarthy while Bonts goes cold
sticky12: If Liam jones is considered indigenous I’d 392
luked98: mitch wallis should get the star, if not the gun, tagged griffen well and killed it himself
wadaramus: Keep going Heater, 125sc atm, finish it off!
drapes15: I could tag griffen from my couch, but yes hes been pretty good
Apachecats: Proposition: why can’t we have 21 on the ground in SC and 1 sub..Would save the whole wekend getting wrecked by J Martin
RooBoyStu: McCarthy $ symbol refers to sc as dt he wont get it
uptoolate: @drapes …. lol ….. anyone could tag griffen witha tissue !
danmaio: Griffen to do a war dance to quiet the boos
uptoolate: he cant dance …. or play ….
Ben_Gogos: McCarthy’s RDT BE is 11, source is the official site
RooBoyStu: all GWS brick walls
RooBoyStu: McCarthy AF i meant as used to be dt in the good old days
luked98: bont is red hot
danmaio: fuck off Bonts, get subbed, something
drapes15: Has a side every completed a game without kicking a behind?
SaintsMan: GWS have not kicked a behind yet. o_O
Apachecats: No one liked my proposition ,but it would make the game more like the real situation
The39Steps: GWS – first club ever to finish a game without a behind?
luked98: howd you predict the future
FlagDog: OMG McCarthy got a kick!
luked98: danmaio you freak, and i hate you
SaintsMan: danmaio your dream has come true
wadaramus: Bont subbed.
Torz: Very prophetic danmaio!
Andrew37: Whoever said get subbed Bont, fuk you
gdshifty: fcking gay
bigbaddasa: noooooooooooo Bont
ausgooner: got next week’s lotto number danmaio?
danmaio: now for tonights lotto numbers
FlagDog: ahhh Bont > Dahlhaus this week, winning!
Hadouken: ffs, bont no no no, now i am going to get killed
colin wood: unreal Bonit subbed…
RooBoyStu: Bont has a bigger head than Luna Park
wadaramus: The Bont 75sc.
Ben_Gogos: @FlagDog that’s a sound trade
Tony9668: Could be worse, at least he’s subbed without a Red Cross or tombstone
Hadouken: hope GWS come back now and win
FlagDog: No way bont was reaching BE this week
Solat: anyone have an sc for heater please?
JRedden: m boyd is a star, junk it more get 130
wadaramus: Shaw 136sc, slow last quarter.
Andrew37: Bont is a keeper. No idea why anyone will trade.
Jukes82: hamling SC anyone pls?
Solat: cheers wad
spudaroos: HAHA Bonts, most overhyped player in the AFL.
The39Steps: hamling 72SC.
Yelse: why was Bonts subbed?
colin wood: how is griffen on 52sc… disgusting…
frenzy: devon devon devon chow dude
Jukes82: thanks mate.
FlagDog: Bonts highest DT score in the last month is today with 81…
danmaio: Bonts much cheaper in a few weeks, for when McCinnes peaks in price
wadaramus: I heard the Bont had ice on his quad.
_wato: Wallis SC?? Thanks lads.
Apachecats: The great McCarthy one touch every 15 minutes
Wends: Was hoping to hold sunshine to byes in RDT but will start losing cash now
The39Steps: Wallis 137sc.
danmaio: Kennedy plus 4 while subbed
FlagDog: and McCarthy has now scored less than both subs, bump bow…
Apachecats: Kennedy tackled someone on the bench
tamoz: Junk up Whitfield!
FlagDog: Get ball Haus, hardly touched it
danmaio: Late mark and goal please McCarthy, ffs
frenzy: 7 dreamteam points for the 2nd 1/2 is poo devon
sticky12: Picken nailing it!
Pokerface: icicle for devon
colin wood: ryan griffen 66sc is an utter disgrace….
berniebern: grif has always been useless. not much of a news flash
Apachecats: Picken is the most improved player in AFL bar none
carlton_99: how is griffen only 10 points behind the bont
Wends: Cmon Devon, 3 quickies!
sticky12: Big call Apache, Blicavs?
SaintsMan: Bruce?, Apachecats
Apachecats: Bont went off 20 minutes ago c99
Andrew37: Not improved, just flourishing under a new role.
frenzy: stef martin @ apachecat
carlton_99: it is an absoloute shockeer that griffen is only 10 poiunts behind the bont shoudl be like 100
SaintsMan: Which is improvement
carlton_99: ye but griffens done nothing and bont has done heaps
colin wood: Realistically Griff should be 45ish… but someone @ CD has him most likely so his SC gets bumped up
Apachecats: yes sticky they’re a good pair ,at least I got a reaction
mijg: stay right there heater
Andrew37: 5 contested and 90% + a goal. Not a surprise.
frenzy: ya know ya shower when tom boyd outscores ya, devon
berniebern: griff getting in love from bob…says something
sticky12: Haha Apache, nice work!
berniebern: *no

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