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Chat log from R8 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Sydney

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Sydney, R8 of 2015

frenzy: hour and a 1/4 away from start and m0nty done his hawks subs already
casey22: Welsome back Lewis
Carnster: Need hawthorn to win so the giants stay in 3rd
danmaio: smith spudding it will be great
Carnster: No @Danmaio needs to well in SC for me
casey22: Nervous about T. Mitchell; one bad game & he’s out, I reckon
Jair: Mitchell & Hannebery in for me
iZander: i agree casey, and he’s more of a down hill skier, can’t see him scoring well against the hawks :/ and bird to come back
roshanetw: lewis taking a while to warm up :/
ReaperRage: T.mitchell and kennedy for me this game
iZander: guys don’t start doubting lewis, last time people did monty had to dish out purple names for every1
Wends: I cant watch.
wadaramus: Carn T.Mitchell.
LuvIt74: Gr8 game
casey22: @izander: pity cause I think hes better than most
LuvIt74: bring back the 80’s
runt: Lewis will easily ton up plus a few more
iZander: so do i casey, if anyone from there midfield hasn’t performed this year its jack…and you can’t drop your captain
wadaramus: FYI, Pendles scaled to 135sc.
iZander: he’s still played well but sydneys mid is amazing
runt: bad kicking is odd football
Havacrack: Lewis to Jetta “Where were you last GF?”
runt: plenty of niggle in this game, enjoying it
LuvIt74: wth happend to shaw his face was bright red
Wends: Jetta to Lewis, care for a few more weeks vacay, vajayjay??
Torz: Soft 50. You’re allowed to try and spoil.
Jair: Oh crap why did I trade in Hannebery instead of Parker?
iZander: shiels learning off lewis! great leadership lmfao
carlton_99: cmon franklin pls
danmaio: Keep it up Isaac Smith, just what I need
Wends: Hope swans worked hard on endurance this week 😐
runt: Hannebery or Parker you cannot lose
Redraptor: Lake limping…k-rock fm
Hawks_15: this reminds me of the hawthorn vs port game
Wends: Buddy getting smothered by abt 3 hawks at once @carlton. Will need to hulk it up.
rosty63: @hawks_15 ports 1st quarter was better.
Hawks_15: @ rosty. i agree. it was the best quarter ive seen for a while but not good against sydney
J.Worrall: Loved Buddy’s hair pat for Lake
AngryRyno: 13 swans with at least 20dt, thats huge
AngryRyno: make that 15
grossn: How does Buddy have 2CP but only 1 disposal?
runt: Goodes loves having Buddy take all the defensive heat
LuvIt74: hannebery paying top price though for a ton of elite premiums that have plummeted in price.
Wends: me too Jworrall
danmaio: go for a piss and Smith goes from 3 to 22,
smoochy: grossn he got 1CP and got a free kick which was played advantage for a goal. So he didnt dispose that one
grossn: But doesn’t CP mean Contested possession… he didn’t make the possession…
smoochy: the ball just came loose in the foul to the other swans player
smoochy: he had control before the foul in the opinion of the stats people I guess
LuvIt74: is it just me or is SC not workin
AngryRyno: sc is broken! my ugly round 1 team with unlimited trades is back
LuvIt74: my sc has gone to my original team with 30 trades b4 this season started
Don Gibson: Me 2 luvit
runt: Ted having a good night
J.Worrall: when is exteam back?
runt: I just went for a power and franklin still on 8
Don Gibson: Errrrgh – Brett Goodes is still in my team……
J.Worrall: gotta love teddy – how could the bombers let the lad go?
Fury Ride: Same here with sc
ballbag: @luvit ouch my SC says 1067 with 12 played….youch!
Redraptor: We are missing Hodge big time…
iZander: to be fair the bombers don’t really need backmen @ worrall
J.Worrall: drove through flowerdale on my way home tonight
LuvIt74: i still have B Goodes his break even is negative
Wends: We are not missing Hodge, at all.
J.Worrall: we could use blokes not tainted though!
J.Worrall: no probs, luvvy, me 2
runt: Hawks enjoy lulling teams into a false sense of security
carlton_99: pls franklin, pls pls psl, frankilin, pls pls pls , franklin pls get at least 80
runt: cant say no Franklin no Sydney
Redraptor: Let me rephrase that…we are missing our Captain big time…
iZander: I’m not sure why you’d say that runt, not even there best player
rickyb80: so are we starting again or what?
Jodd: Need a big Hawks push to save the multi
runt: cant say no franklin no Hawthorn either, in fact is franklin actually needed at all?
iZander: certainly not at hawks, there forward line is nuts
ballbag: franklin was never gonna be the main man at swans but hes still pretty damn good
iZander: yeah great player for sure
runt: Lewis may be given DPP action as a ruckman if he keeps this up
iZander: hahaha he always gets a lot of hitouts lmfao
Havacrack: Give Sydney some credit. At least they turned up for a qtr this time.
runt: Ted’s great adventure has hit a reef
LuvIt74: IS your SC working guys/girls?
iZander: big cocky for a team with 3 losses this year mate
auxDT: BT is going absolutely nuts
ballbag: you on app or laptop? SC is fine atm on PC
Redraptor: FYI…k rock fm reported early in the first q that Buddy might be hurt…not confirmed since
LuvIt74: thats coz in the 80’s this is what real footy was like each week, these days they may as well make it a non contact spo
runt: big cocky? strange choice of words
carlton_99: cmon franklin do sometjing
ballbag: thats prob why lewis SC so crap. Ineff HO lose pts
berniebern: J Lewis. Dirty possesions. Dirty player
LuvIt74: can someone please let me know if there SC is down?
meka100: Come on Lewis you twat
LuvIt74: id love to know if its the SC site or my end
LuvIt74: its ok now its back
AngryRyno: kick the goals titch
Dasherman: last kick given to Hannebery but it was Tichell
iZander: i noticed that to dasher
SydneyRox: what a game!
SydneyRox: rioli is ridiculous
J.Worrall: it is your end, Luvvy – what an end!
Dasherman: will they correct it @ 1Zander who does it?
iZander: no idea mate, the correction normally come just before the 3rd quarter i think :/
uptoolate: Goodes is not anywhere done yet. A champ carries on !
willywalks: goodes for the zombie!
snake_p: you’re kidding uptoolate. He’s miking the club now
Jodd: They correct the scores throughout the game and again at the end. Seen it 15m after the siren before.
snake_p: gone one 1 year too long
Hawks_15: i agree with uptoolate
iZander: do the crowd boo goodes or are they saying goodes i can never tell?
rosty63: at least goodes has earned his salary, not like Tippett way way overrated.
J.Worrall: me too
LuvIt74: @iZander they yell out “It’s DON it’s Goodes”
ballbag: pple boo goodes after aust of the year said Aust day is a blight on our history and he doesnt celebrate it
LuvIt74: gr8 game
Torz: Get Titch in the middle.
J.Worrall: luveet on the ball, as ever!
ballbag: noo dont slow tmitch i need a 1 fitty
jvalles69: they boo goods because he is the worst recipient of aussie of the year
J.Worrall: nice work in there, Poppy!
J_Pinkman: this is the problem with titch, plays he’s best footy in the guts but competing against some good’uns for the swans
J.Worrall: jval, you are a dikchead
iZander: so true
Carnster: who is titch
J.Worrall: a little Lake magic!
LuvIt74: swans midfield has to be the best in the comp
J.Worrall: What a goal there for the Swans!
jvalles69: so jworrall you’re saying he deserves it over the millions who do so much good for our country, like scientists invent?
LuvIt74: a little late more like it. Can’t stand Lake. Gr8 grab though
J_Pinkman: @carnster Tommy Mitchell, aka Titch
Torz: Titch = Tom Mitchell. Just got the clearance.
J.Worrall: “You cannot play on or pay advantage from a mark …”
J.Worrall: No, jval, just saying you’re a dikchead
Carnster: thanks torz
iZander: 100% agree with jval
Carnster: and you pickman
monkebuket: really jval? dont be a wank
jvalles69: lolz, another keyboard warrior
LuvIt74: breradin look alike in the final when he broke his ribs
J.Worrall: you are, so what am I?
J.Worrall: jval, you are a racist
J.Worrall: jval, you are a numbnut
LuvIt74: Brereton
ballbag: goodesy is an arrogant flog. great player but dirty as fuck
iZander: your a disgrace to humanity worrall
J.Worrall: I will now cease all abuse of jval – but any other comments will be welcome …
m0nty: back on the game please
Jukes82: gwt of rioli’s nuts, uncontested mark that’s all
ballbag: Jworral racist is a powerful word. dont throw it around ya flog
J.Worrall: Luv you too, Izandeerov
Redraptor: Carn the Hawks
rosty63: you know this chat log has really deteriorated over the last season.
Hawks_15: cyril is playing one of his better games
J.Worrall: Mr goodes is ahving a fab game. I’m glad we have aussies of the year playing footy
ballbag: hey m0nty give me a purple name if lewis reaches 150
J.Worrall: If Mr jval, or Mr ballbag aver watch NITV, I’d like to hear …
Mozza42: Hanna and parker doing way too good, go away
Carnster: what happens when you go purple @ballbag
J.Worrall: I love how our great game can go right down to the wire –
knickers: lol purple ballbag
Hawks_15: im voting michell the gun already
ballbag: @carnster when you go purple whoooahhh yeah!!!! you just love it
casey22: Sam. M – the best game he’s ever played
Carnster: ahhh ok @ballbag
rosty63: lol knickers talking about ballbag
casey22: By the way – where’s my 10000 m0nty coins gone?
ballbag: @carnster its when your name is purple. there used to be a game for it. we all had it the other week
casey22: 10 thousand m0nty coins, that is, not 10
J_Pinkman: i miss my coins
ballbag: hahaha FF coins. i remember when m0nty used to launder then through us all
rosty63: Bring back the PURPLE NAME GAME like and share if you agree
Redraptor: Hale subbed
FlagDog: Like this post and $1 from each l;ike will be donated to m0nty to bring back the purple name game.
wadaramus: Had so many m0nty coins, but nothing to spend them on?
goes: How do u like it
rosty63: Lets all get behind @flagdog.
ballbag: i was trying to sell my FF coins to a guy in china and the pooof- they disappeared.
Carnster: Good night fella’s going to a place with no wifi (but foxtel) for the weekend so will talk next week. Bye
Koss: Bugger off umpire
Carnster: lol typo it just came up randomly
luked98: parker drooped off slightly
luked98: naht
luked98: 3 pnts in the 3rd 🙁
goes: Koss how r u blue
FlagDog: any chance Tmitch gets to 90?
AngryRyno: cmon bloods! i need a free whopper
runners47: Raise the bat for the ton, Lewis – and keep on going
Koss: @goes, I’m a match commentator 🙂
Redraptor: Cyril!
luked98: angryryno did you tip gws?
gdshifty: whose this commentator? Is it luke darcy?
Carnster: RIOLI that has to be insane supercoach
ballbag: anyone confirm if bruce has cracked 1 through the covers over rioli?
AngryRyno: i did indeed @Luked
goes: Oh thanks kiss
goes: I mean koss stupid auto correct
luked98: im impressed
ballbag: @luked 3rd on the ladder. how can you tip against the GWS lineup in the next 7 or so yrs?
Carnster: @ballbag are you going to tip GWS for every game for the next 7 years
AngryRyno: crows have a now undermanned backline, and even with cameron having a bad day they were dominated
mossssssy: star for mitchell already, his clearances have been the difference
iZander: agree mossssssy
AngryRyno: GWS will be in, if not win a grand final within the next 7 years, why not tip them every week
ballbag: @carnster just look at their team list… and those who play in the 2nds. dont be surprised if they make the GF
FlagDog: Some flogs daid that last year about GCS…
Carnster: they will not go undefeated for 7 years
Carnster: Mate i am a giants a fan and i don’t think they will make the gf. Finals yes but not GF
Torz: Mitchell following mitchell now.
AngryRyno: ceglar bkue
AngryRyno: blue moon* is harsh, thats 2 weeks in a row now
ballbag: and hawks wont go undefeated… or freo- you gonna tip against them regularly?
luked98: carnster is being more realistic
ballbag: @carnster if youre a GWS fan then you have alot of good years ahead. that team list is ridiculous if they stay together
Carnster: Thanks @luked98
ballbag: and i said dont be surprised. i never said theyd make it.
AngryRyno: x factor mcveigh if swans get up
Carnster: @ballbag i think the
iZander: i think star for mitchell regardless of result
AngryRyno: titch on the ball, thats better
Carnster: @ballbag, sorry I misread it. I think they will make the gf in 3 yrs if they keep shiel treloar Cameron and others
ballbag: cmon titch. late goal
FlagDog: Follow Parker Tmitch… please :/
colin wood: Buddy useless.. Has buffered my massive score up this weekend..
AngryRyno: put the whistle away umps, this is a ripper
luked98: clutch goal for parker
ballbag: @colin awesome. buffered. have to remember that term 😉
LuvIt74: parker on 116 gr8 pick up the guy has stepped up
AngryRyno: titch sc about 75
Jair: Same Colin, my SC week was going great guns until Buddy failed to show
luked98: wow burgoyne
Jair: Kick the sealer Buddy and all is forgiven
ballbag: @luked did you here about burgoyne at jockeynolds r
eski_liddr: omg cyril missed a sitter! almost muppet worthy
Burnsyy: Sydney have won
FlagDog: Hawks lost that, 2 great chances to win.
colin wood: Thanks buddy u ferret
AngryRyno: parker cherries, mcveigh x factor
colin wood: Arrogant Hawks lose again 🙂
iZander: thats correct flagdog, and sydney won it
AngryRyno: sam mitchell was BOG
luked98: nah i was just saying that his clearance there was amazing
eski_liddr: cyril is a gun btw just missed a hand pass that he would usually eat up
eski_liddr: and get a certain goal
LuvIt74: gr8 game but hawks nothing like they were
meka100: Titch u get the pill but r the most ineffective flog I’ve everseen
luked98: will parker get clutch time points for that goal
Hawks_15: cyril played the game of his life
Carnster: night fellas have g day
Slashers: I want that game of war chic!
eski_liddr: missed a golden opportunity though Hawks15
eski_liddr: Mitchell BOG too
Mash: Breust gone back to two years ago, needs to sort out his goal kicking agai

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