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Chat log from R8 of 2015: Fremantle vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Fremantle vs North Melbourne, R8 of 2015

frenzy: home aloane
frenzy: hope Dumont gets on the park early this time
Wends: Everyone’s over that-a-way frenzy. I cant watch tho.
J.Worrall: Evening all …
iZander: is fyfe being tagged?
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Macmillan intercepts an errant Johnson kick across halfback, runs to CHF and sails through a goal.
Wends: Goldstein stinking it up!
iZander: goldy having a terrible couple of weeks….damn
weca: @wends, ofc every ruckman usually plays poorly against freo
frenzy: fyfe free was for what ?
J.Worrall: great newws, thx kermit!
J_Pinkman: my big footy sc opponent is going to smash me. headin 4 a 2500+ he can’t do no wrong.
J.Worrall: fre was for being Fyfe …
carlton_99: cause the ballw aasnt touched adfter the kcik in @frenzy
Torz: Wasn’t it a kick in that no one touched @frenzy?
J.Worrall: Goldy will always have a tough time with Sandy – who won’t?
auxDT: wtf goldy
Wends: @weca, I twigged just as I posted. Bit slow on the uptake ๐Ÿ™‚
ballbag: @j_pink yeh.. some scored like 2400 rnd 1
Torz: Mundy trying to make up for last week.
colin wood: Goldy and Tarrant lift FFS!
Mcswains: get a touch Tarrant lol
feralmong: I’ve gone Mandy capt and my pop has fyfe. Gonna be interesting.
ballbag: glad i looped you for clarke tarrant
Andrew37: in before fyfe has 70sc for no reason at all.
Redraptor: yay…Tarrant didn’t get a doughnut
feralmong: Damn autocorrect. I did not say that. Lol
Mcswains: 3 clangers to Fyfe ๐Ÿ™‚
feralmong: Should read mundy and opposition.
willywalks: Ohh good, played Tarrant ahead of McInnes…
Raspel31: Lol redraptor
ballbag: @feral. LOL be happy for yourself and your pop. mandy sounds hot
feralmong: Sc app only showing round1. Just me or others nerfed.
Burnsyy: my sc is stuffing up as well, not showing gameday or any other stats
feralmong: Hehe ball bag u could do worse than fyfe if u switched teams.
J_Pinkman: na sc havin a meltdown, showing round 1
carlton_99: ye mine tyoo i thought it was just me
carlton_99: lol i saw ablett in my mid and started to freak out
feralmong: then its with the sc gods who my capt is. I changed it soon before the game.
ballbag: you on app or laptop? SC is fine atm on PC
feralmong: App
feralmong: Mundy 39 sc
J_Pinkman: ah ablett in the midfield. seems so long ago
Yelse: omggg goldy and tarrant will make me loosen my game SC
Burnsyy: what current score are you guys on with how many played for this week? I’m on 1080 with 11 played!
goes: How much sc is Fyfe on
feralmong: Was 28 at qtr time goes
J_Pinkman: fyfe on 41sc
LuvIt74: mines showing 28sc and thats live
J_Pinkman: goldy and tarrant on 12sc a piece
LuvIt74: ok its back fyfe 39sc
LuvIt74: is sandyballs 7 foot?
Burnsyy: i’ll be the happiest person if fyfe scores 134
auxDT: cmon goldy..
LuvIt74: why 134 specifically?
LuvIt74: did fyfe have a gr8 first quarter coz he hasn’t done nothing since ive been watching
Burnsyy: because i originally had him as captain then pendles scored 135 so i did a captain loophole
ballbag: @burnsy even if fyfe scores 150 its only 15 diff
casey22: I hate Dermie: he makes it up as he goes along. NFI
Hadouken: where was this mundy last week ?
runt: รจ barlow davvero indietro ?
LuvIt74: Comon fyfe
Burnsyy: that would be 30 difference because of the double points for the captain
spuditup: fyfe strips a bloke of the ball and credited with tackle…. turn it up!!!
LuvIt74: what was that free kick against fyfe for in the centre what a load of S
Torz: Lachie ๐Ÿ™‚
LuvIt74: fyfe 61sc
Burnsyy: Cmon Mundy, go massive for me
LuvIt74: thats a goal
runt: according to stats Freo are poor in 2nd halves, 5 goal lead not enough tonight
LuvIt74: why the hell is fyfe taping them out
ballbag: @burnsy the C diff doesnt double mate. it doesnt work that way. its still 15 diff
Burnsyy: 3rd man up
LuvIt74: @rant maybe a 6 goal lead will be… lol
Torz: Great half Mundy and Neale. Dumont on at the break please.
mace485: lift tarrent you flog
J_Pinkman: wtf goldy 14sc. that hurts
willywalks: havent seen many pumpkins or spuds this year, need to start dishing them out m0nty…
J_Pinkman: happy with fyfy and neale though
Slashers: Dam it! Should have fielded Krak over Tarrant!
Slashers: And how fast has the Goldy/NicNat combo faded…
3rdstriker: Goldy is the top averaging ruckman and had one bad half
J.Worrall: Goldy will be back, you don’t have Sandi every week
J.Worrall: NicNat his second ton for the year – what drugs you got, Slash – c’mon, share
3rdstriker: Nicnat had a ton today also
J.Worrall: any more wnakers out there?
J.Worrall: long term hair removal – call me – m0nty has the number
frenzy: do U do back sacks and cracks
ballbag: yeh i have nicnat but watching him he has no idea of AFL. great tap ruckman though
naste: prospecting for gold there Jack?
Slashers: Talking about COMBO. Yes, count this game from Goldy. Other rucks killing last 4 weeks.
Slashers: NicNat gets no possessions!
wtf???: Have Neale as my Capt loophole..opponent has gone fyfe…go Lachie
ballbag: @WTF whos your no playing loophole?
goes: How do you get purple red and blue ?
wtf???: Have the C on Grey but can swap him with Webb (WBD) who is not playing.
goes: How can you get sc for free and does anyone have Fyfe sc
J_Pinkman: beautiful play dockers, that would have been a beauty
wtf???: looks like Suban went the Reiwoldt school of tackiling
ballbag: @wtf fack good choice. have to wait n see what lauchie scores SC wise
AngryRyno: neale & fyfe both 84sc
wtf???: thanks Angry…much appreciated
ballbag: fyfe has a truckload more CP and possies though.
runners47: C’mon Tarrant – you’re on the field, show us you can make the most of the opportunity
luked98: comon goldy
luked98: hopefully fyfe will get to 95 by the end of the 3rd
mike944150: Barlow back to hid best
AngryRyno: stay with him Neale
poolboybob: Was Ziebell on the ground at all that quarter?
LuvIt74: whats going on with Goldy what a shocker
ballbag: ohhh tarrant. dont get dropped rom the team please
ballbag: shauny higgins- youve deserved another song from higginbotham
luked98: everythought of touching the ball fyfe
ballbag: tarrant youre a disgrace
Slashers: Tarrant, straight to the bench next week!
luked98: why is goldstein on 25 sc? going at 80% eff?
kangawalla: Yep Luvit, time to ditch Goldmember
luked98: though hed be on 60 odd
willywalks: getting thumped this week, opp has tex, parker, lewis, neale, steven, swan, bennel and kolo. all of which i dont have…
Carnster: night fellas have g day
Fletch91: Petrie with no goals… has kicked at least 1 in his last 30+ games
Burnsyy: i’m currently on 1080 with 11 played, i will be getting an extra 135 on top of that once pendles get his x2,
ballbag: @burnsy the C diff doesnt dble in your score
Torz: How good has Neale been this year? Knows how to go big.
Burnsyy: it does because i’ve got my captain on a wbd player who is meant to play tomorrow but isn’t playing so it hasn’t counted
Burnsyy: i’ve done a loophole
FlagDog: screw you fyfe, touch some ball
LuvIt74: carn fyfe score 130
Mash: fyfe 21 handballs and five clangers but yet still on 105, yeh cd aren’t bias
andy59: Neale “A” grader!!
colin wood: Fyfe sc?
AngryRyno: fyfe about 105sc
wtf???: Neale going LARGE….and will be my Captain
willywalks: tarrant got to 25, u beauty!
Torz: Nice junk Mundy
andy59: Junk it up Ibbo !!
feralmong: Mundy nice job.
AngryRyno: neale about 122sc
danmaio: cmon Tarrant, 1 more kick for you b/e
wtf???: Opponent has Fyfe as Capt…like 85% of others
FlagDog: Take the C off Mundy and give it to Fyfe and this happens
Fletch91: Clancee SC?
kuraban: My opp has Pav on the field. Sad. ๐Ÿ™‚
wtf???: 122…will that get scaled up much?
jakem1717: Clancee 97
AngryRyno: fyfe sc above mundy
AngryRyno: c pearce about 91sc
luked98: neale is a jet, why isnt he in my team
luked98: cripps or CEY to neale this week
wtf???: Neale….then daylight
danmaio: Bookies will love all the man love for Fyfe,
LuvIt74: Cripps
LuvIt74: Cripps just made his break even exactly
wtf???: I got Neale in this week….breakout the cigars
luked98: goldstien having a good qtr
FlagDog: At least i put Mundy back into the D this week, finally got a decent Def score…
mike944150: neale, steven such good value at start of season…spewing i went Griffen
LuvIt74: goldy was my biggist disaster this weekend so far
Carnster: good night fella’s going to a place with no wifi (but foxtel) for the weekend so will talk next week. Bye
LuvIt74: goldy only 45sc
ballbag: whats with messages getting blocked?
Burnsyy: I’ve got blicavs, steven, kennedy, mundy, fyfe and pendle all scored really well, as expected
colin wood: Lol at the Fyfe tackles. All he does is rich them and it’s a plus 4..
eski_liddr: ffs goldy i tarded u in for nic nat 4 weeks ago im bloody cursed
luked98: i had steven at the start, but also had griff
buddy4pm: Barlow ! Lot cheaper than Fyfe/Neale.
LuvIt74: what about armatige best value
eski_liddr: *traded
LuvIt74: Griffen at least done well this week
ballbag: @burnsy if fyfe got 150 v pendles it would be 300 + 135 vs 270 + 150. still 15 diff
LuvIt74: fyfe on 122sc
luked98: tom mitchell may be the diff between me winning and losing this week, was expecting a ton
LuvIt74: sorry fyfe 126sc
luked98: id take 126
eski_liddr: Barlow worth it? cheap as chips considering
tabs: 13 dockers over 90 in SC
LuvIt74: 15 played and im on 1638 on sc
luked98: including your capt livit?
LuvIt74: my lowest score so far is goldy
ballbag: goldy 46? yeah fuck of CD
Jair: No tarded was right
knickers: norf are shit
LuvIt74: @luked 96 yeah had Fyfe
eski_liddr: how is goldstein score so low?
ballbag: goldy 46 = total 9 HO to advantage? what about tackles, possies and other HO? F off CD
Burnsyy: @ballbag, 150×2 = 300 for fyfe, 135×2 = 270 for pendles, the difference would be 30 if fyfe scored 150…
luked98: nah im bringing in barlow next week
luked98: 100k cheaper than neale
Burnsyy: I’m comparing fyfe and pendles difference individually, not together.
LuvIt74: Beams, TBC, Lumumba, Gray, Martin, krakouer & McIntosh to play
Mad Doctor: brnsy u owe me a beer

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